EXCLUSIVE! Family Source Says Farrah Abraham Lying About Abusive Childhood

Couples Therapy
Is Pinocchio Farrah at it again?

Last week, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham came forward with a shocking claim that she had been abused during her childhood by her parents Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham. In a revealing interview with In Touch Weekly Farrah says that her parents got physically violent with her when she was a child.

“[They] would beat me with a belt if I acted out. I had cuts, bruises, welts, swelling and scars,” she told the magazine.

An insider tells The Ashley that the interview was orchestrated by Farrah herself, and she received a hefty sum for it.

The only problem? It’s not true, says a very close family source.

“Absolutely not,” the insider, who is very familiar with the dynamics of the Abraham household during Farrah’s childhood. “She’s nuts. [There was no abuse] that I can recall.”

While the source did confirm that Farrah’s mother was prone to violence, it was rarely if ever directed at Farrah, who she views as her “golden child.” We saw examples of this violence during ‘Teen Mom.’

The Ashley reached out to both Debra and Michael to get their sides of the story. Debra declined to speak about it (unless she was paid…like mother like daughter, eh?) while Michael did not respond to a comment request.

Last month, Farrah talked to The Ashley about the current state of her relationship with her father. She revealed that Michael is living with her in Austin, Texas.

This is not the first time Farrah has been called out for lying. She continues to insist that her sex tape was actually a “leaked” personal tape between her and her boyfriend. However her partner, James Deen, blabbed that they were never in a relationship and the plan was always to release the tape.

She’s also been called out for lying about being in a relationship with DJ Brian Dawe, who she insists ditched her right before they were to go on Couples Therapy. Brian revealed to Starcasm that he was never in a relationship with Farrah and that she’s lying about what went down between them in regard to the show.

In the article, Farrah also revealed that she was drugged and raped repeatedly during the time period she toured the country to promote her sex tape at adult conventions and strip clubs. While The Ashley would never usually doubt a person that has come forward to claim that she was sexually abused, The Ashley does find this hard to believe.

Before you leave The Ashley mean comments, think of this: would Farrah, who cannot seem to get enough attention from the media, etc, really want to miss out on all the attention a public rape trial would bring her? If she really was raped, as she says, why wouldn’t she bring charges against these people? Of course, some people would not want the attention a rape trial would bring, but we are talking about Farrah here. She would eat it up. If this really took place, shouldn’t she be reporting it to the police, rather than In Touch magazine. Just sayin’….

As The Ashley always tells you Roundupers, take everything Farrah says with a grain of salt.




  1. She is most definitely lying. This girl is SO INSANELY DUMB that she says whatever comes to her PRIMITIVE MIND. She’s a fame whore who needs attention in every aspect of her life. She needs to stop molding her vag and asshole and start taking care of her daughter. Did I mention she’s DUMB AS A ROCK? Hands down the most simple minded individual I’ve ever had the displeasure to witness on various media platforms.

  2. Ashley,

    Rape survivors feel shame after their assaults. Even Farrah could have felt enough shame that she waited to say anything about it. There are sleazy and scary people at those events! I’m not saying I automatically believe her, but you did just gross me out quite a bit with your words.

  3. Farrah would call the cops if she thought she got a bad haircut. She would have called the magazines,photographers, webmasters.makeup artist. She would eat it up. Hell no she never got raped. No guy wants her nasty rotten crotch. She’s ugly inside out. Perhaps she will off herself!

  4. We’ve seen Debra completely lose her composure and physically lash out at her daughter . This is the woman who raised Farrah after all , the girl didn’t raise herself . So sure Farrah could probably benefit from continued therapy ( like many people could) but in my honest opinion Debra has been abusive to Farrah ( just seeing how she treats her publicly on television ) also Debra was arrested for assaulting her. Debra should be taking an honest look at her past behaviours and how those have helped shape the daughter she raised.

  5. After watching CTherapy & Farrah throwin her poor mom undr the bus again w/lies (like evry othr TV show shes on2) of $abuse, physcl abuse, vrbl abuse, I think its time 4 Debra 2 write a “Tell All Book” bout her self absrbd, self destrctv daughtr now! It would b a best sellr!! & she would deserv the acclaim aftr the publc punchn bag Farrah has made outa her.

      1. Are you so degrading that you have to go out of your way to insult someone based off their choice of spelling? Rude much?

  6. I know rape victims. Unfortunately, I also know some twisted people who have cried rape or justified certain familial scandals with the line “it was practically rape!” despite having no way of knowing if this could be true. People all over the world are being told they must have encouraged their attacker and people like Farrah are the reason why! Despicable! She has posted so many keeks with her at these porn events and just as many back at her hotel room (well, what I think are her hotel rooms…) after themplus countless idiotic pictures of her self proclaimed “hot” poses. Why on earth would a sexual assault in victim do such things? There’s no answer to that except she is a disgusting, deplorable excuse for a human being!! I am saddened she is given continued press after she made these allegations. I worry for our future generations with trash like this as their example.

  7. Farrah brags that her dad lives in her “guest house” But I read from anothr family source that she lives in an apartment!! LIAR!
    Vivid will surely b granting her the “Trilogy” she boasts bout having 2 every1, by puttin 2gthr 1 more skin flik ala Farrah butt hole. This frm a woman who’s proud of sellin plastic molds of her cootch! Sophia will b bullied & tortured in skool, nice mom!! (sarc)

    1. Can this story get sent 2 Dr Jenn’s Facebk pg? Cuz Farrah has brainwshd this doc in2 blvn all her lies. Thnx 4 assitnce w/that.

  8. Not that I hope anyone ever gets raped. But I hope she was for the sake of rape is not a subject to lie about to get money or accuse people of. It is sick and disgusting that she would go to a magazine(who’s paying her) about a rape instead of the police. She is screwing up her daughter life whether she thinks so or not. Eventually she’s going to see all this stuff. She also lives with her now so who knows what kind of lies she’s being fed now.

  9. Ashley, I just wanted to say you’re a great journalist and are always very good at sorting the facts from the rumours, so I hope you know that we appreciate what you do!

    1. Agreed! There is a way to present an unbiased statement of fact with a respectful opinion added, and this is it. It is much more plesent to read that predictable, bashing or ass kissing sites.

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