Savannah Chrisley Details Moment Her Parents Todd & Julie Chrisley Were Found Guilty In Court: “We Were Not Expecting That”

“Just don’t forget how white our teeth looked and how wrinkle-free our faces were in that moment…”

Todd and Julie Chrisley began serving their years-long prison sentences nearly two months ago, but the couple’s 26-year-old daughter Savannah Chrisley can still vividly recall the moment the Chrisley Knows Best couple were found guilty. 

Savannah recounted details of her parents’ conviction on the latest episode of the Off The Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe podcast, People reports, with Savannah claiming she “will never forget the moment,” which came after a four-week trial and an additional three days to deliver a verdict.

Todd and Julie, waiting to find out if they’d be swapping their athleisure wear for jailhouse jumpsuits.

“I will never forget when they stood up to read the verdicts and it was like, guilty, guilty, guilty, like over and over and over again,” she said. “And I just saw the looks on my parents’ faces and just everything, they were just in tears. We were not expecting that, we were like, ‘There’s no way.'” 

As The Ashley reported in November, Todd and Julie received 12- and seven-year prison sentences, respectively, after being found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud crimes.

The Chrisleys are appealing their convictions later this month, Savannah confirmed, noting that she believes–– along with Todd and Julie–– that her parents are “100 percent” not guilty and appealing will show “the errors within the court.” 

“I hope that this appeal will show those things because we were never given an evidentiary hearing by the judge,” Savannah said. 

While Savannah has stepped in to be the legal guardian of her 17-year-old brother Grayson and Todd and Julie’s adopted daughter Chloe while Todd and Julie are locked up, the Unlocked podcast host said “there’s no resentment whatsoever” towards her parents. 

“And that’s why you’re my favorite child, Savannah.”

“I know the things they have and have not done,” she said. “I know the witch hunt. When the government wants someone, they want someone. They’re going to do whatever it takes to make it look how they need it to look. There’s no resentment whatsoever.” 

Savannah’s recount of her parents’ guilty verdict comes just days after a third member of the Chrisley family landed behind bars.

“It wasn’t me!”

As The Ashley reported earlier this week, Kyle Chrisley–- Todd’s eldest son and the biological father of Todd and Julie’s daughter Chloe–- was arrested for felony aggravated assault on Tuesday in Smyrna, Tennessee, after allegedly pulling a knife on a supervisor at his place of employment. Kyle bonded out after posting a $3,000 bond, but not before serving up a brand spanking new mugshot. 

A fine mugshot offering from Kyle…

Kyle is due back in court on March 20. 

Savannah and the rest of the Chrisley clan have yet to address Kyle’s arrest. 

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(Photos: USA Network; Instagram; Rutherford County PD) 


  1. Oh sweet delusional Savannah. Evidence proved their guilt… not because the government “wanted them” you ding dong.

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