Todd & Julie Chrisley Report to Federal Prisons to Start Serving Their Sentences; Todd Hides From Press Outside Prison Entrance

“Will the jail cells be assigned according to fame and/or teeth whiteness level?”

The Chrisleys have officially traded their luxury frocks for jailhouse jumpsuits.

Todd and Julie Chrisley both surrendered themselves on Tuesday to begin serving their years-long prison sentences. After having their request to postpone their surrender date denied by a judge last week, the Chrisley Knows Best stars were seen grocery shopping days before their surrender date. The couple then went their separate ways to surrender, with Todd heading to Federal Prison Camp (FPC) Pensacola, a minimum-security facility. 

Julie, meanwhile, arrived at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. (She was originally ordered to report to FCI Marianna SCP, a minimum-security satellite camp for female inmates, but had her location changed in recent weeks.)

According to photos and video taken by Daily Mail, Todd was not happy to see a group of paparazzi and newscasters set up near the prison entrance. As he was driven into the prison entrance in a Range Rover with blacked out windows, the Chrisley patriarch held a pillow in front of his face to hide from the media trying to take his photo.

Julie arrived at her facility in the backseat of a black Cadillac Escalade. She was accompanied by her father, Harvey Hughes, who left the facility very upset after dropping Julie off.

“Approximately 15 minutes later, the luxury SUV was spotted leaving the property and a visibly upset Harvey Hughes could be seen sobbing through the window,” Daily Mail reported

As The Ashley reported in November, Todd and Julie received 12- and seven-year prison sentences, respectively, after being found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud crimes. The Chrisleys are currently appealing their convictions.

On Monday night, Todd received plenty of support online from his children. His daughter, Savannah (who will reportedly take custody of her younger brother and sister), wrote in the comment section of his final post.

“I love you daddy,” she commented.

“I love you daddy,” Todd’s oldest son Kyle Chrisley wrote. “This isn’t over.” 

Now that Todd is locked up, the notoriously appearance-conscious reality star will be forced to follow a strict daily routine and dress code. He will wear the same uniform as his fellow inmates–- green pants and shirt, white socks and black steel-toed boots. 

“Does anyone care that I don’t look good in green? I’m an autumn!”

Todd’s day will begin at 4:45 a.m. and breakfast will be served from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. By 6:30 a.m., Todd’s bed will have be made military-style and his room will need to be completely clean. Todd’s work day will start by 7:30 a.m. and end between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., during which time he will work at one of the many potential prison employment positions, including cook, plumber, librarian, landscaper, dishwasher or laundry worker. 

Todd and his fellow inmates will eat lunch at 11 a.m. and eat dinner at 4:30 p.m. Daily mail call takes place until 8:30 p.m. and it’s lights out at 10:30 p.m. When Todd isn’t complaining working or eating, he will have the opportunity to partake in various sports at the facility, including softball, flag football, basketball, soccer, volleyball and weight training. He can also enjoy music, horseshoes or crafts like art and woodworking.

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(Photos: USA Network; Facebook)

16 Responses

  1. After listening the Bravo Docket podcast episodes about the Chrisley’s crimes, I am appalled and a little offended they have the gall to claim that Jesus would save them from jail. Not eternal salvation, just avoid consequences for their actions saved. As a Christian, I believe in repentance and redemption but there is no redemption without penance and personal responsibility.

    It baffles me that the family claims there were falsehoods told during their trial. I’m not an attorney, but if testimony or evidence was false, shouldn’t their attorney have objected or provided evidence to refute? Did y’all just not hire a very good attorney?

    Oh, and Savannah, hon—the reason Jen Shah’s sentence is shorter than your parents is SHE PLED GUILTY! Unlike Todd and Julie, Jen Shah took responsibility for her crimes. Also, the government cares a whole lot more about banks and taxes than retirees losing their life savings. Death and taxes are the two inevitablities in life. Please stop talking, Savannah. You are proving the rest of us right about your family.

  2. So, I mean, to some people (cough, cough- PARENTS) this place sounds like a vacation LOL. Three meals a day, sports, crafts, music… doesn’t sound like much of a punishment…

  3. Doesn’t sound like much of a punishment, tbh.

    Not to the rest of us anyways.

    I think the “having time for leisure” would be a draw for a lot of us. Arts and crafts. I dont even have time for that as a free person..

  4. Will they stay in the dorms or paid private rooms?

    I have read that some jails offer nicer rooms and services for those that can afford it. Probably a good income stream for the jails but not a fair system. Especially when the money has been made with crimes.

    1. Even if the places they go offer such things, neither of them can afford it. Well, they won’t be able to, given how much money they now owe in restitution and fines.

  5. I’m not sure what the purpose of this incarceration is (and I’m not condoning what they’ve done). Prison is meant to protect people outside and to rehabilitate people inside. But a decade long sentence for bank fraud? Wouldn’t be more useful to just take ALL OF THEIR MONEY and use it to help people in need? They are of no use to society being locked up

    1. They have to pay 17.2 million now and more later.
      They cost society over 30 million, just in fraud, what they cost the taxpayers because the law had to investigate and prosecute them is unknown.

      It won’t cost 30.5 million to keep them in jail for 7 and 12 years so it is cheaper for society to remove them from it.

    2. They have a $17.3 million restitution, which I think means the government has enough to put a lien on their $9 million house, which I mean, they won’t be using anyway. They had a specific amount that had to be paid before they entered the jail.

      Normally jail time is a punishment not only for the perpetrators but also to hinder other people from committing the same crime.

      Also, their victims are 8 banks and the government. It’s not like the woman on RH who actively stole from old people or that other on RH whose husband stole from widows and orphans. So it’s not like it would have that much of a direct effect on one specific entity.

        1. I remember my mom was obsessed with the show when it came out. I didn’t really get it.

          I just remember saying, he’s a fraud, I don’t know what he does for work and he’s living in that house. How?

          I always knew it was a little off what he did to make money. I mean I never expected this but, I’m not surprised that he was a little crooked.

  6. I am amazed at how their over-privilege children think they’ve been wrongfully accused. Accept reality guys! Your parents are crooks!! They should have received more time for refusing to accept responsibility for what they did. The proof was there or they would not have been convicted.

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