New Video Shows Ryan Edwards Being Arrested in February For Violating Wife Mackenzie’s Protective Order; ‘Teen Mom’ Star Shown Arguing with Cops

Ryan being arrested in February. (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

New video has surfaced showing the arrest of Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards back in February, when he was picked up by cops for violating a protective order filed against him by his estranged wife, Mackenzie. At the time of his arrest, Ryan was also found to have drugs and drug paraphernalia on him, causing him to get additional charges.

Ryan was initially sentenced to rehab, but chose to leave early. Days later, he was arrested (again) for DUI and drug possession, all charges he will face on Thursday at his court hearing. 

On Tuesday, The Sun obtained body cam video showing Ryan being arrested the same day cops went to the Edwards’ home, which had been totally trashed. At the time of Ryan’s arrest, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ dad— who was named a suspect in the police incident report—denied having any part in the destruction of his home. His denial can be seen in the video.

“I did not do that. I got evidence. This is crazy. The officer said I can move my stuff out… I’ve been to my house, I saw what was done to it,” Ryan said in the video as he is being handcuffed and led to a waiting cop car.

A cop then asked Ryan who destroyed the home if it wasn’t him, and Ryan blamed the guy he thought Mackenzie was dating.

“I’m just glad he didn’t try to blame this one on me.”

“The person that is with her I guess. I stayed at my parents’ house. I left my mom and dad’s house. That’s what I saw Thursday. It was like that yesterday. I have my camera and SD cards,” he said.

“Why would I destroy my own stuff?” Ryan said. 

“That’s a good question. I’ve been wondering the same thing,” one of the arresting officers responded.

Ryan denied having anything to do with his house being trashed. (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

“Do you not think she’s lying?” Ryan said. “[Mackenzie] has an order of protection against me. She’s called you guys three times. Three times I have not done anything to her.”

At one point, one of the officers asks Ryan why he’s “so angry” about being arrested, considering he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest, and that he had been instructed to turn himself in but failed to do so. 

“You were told you had a warrant and you didn’t do anything about it. That’s it. OK?” the officer tells Ryan. 

The arrest video also shows Ryan being searched. The officer told Ryan she knows he is a “heroin user” and asks him if he has any needles on him. A very annoyed Ryan denied having needles on him and told the female officer— who he had been arguing with— that he doesn’t use needles. 

The cops then search Ryan’s shirt and ask him to take his hat off so it can be searched. 

(Photo courtesy of The Sun)

When they attempted to search his pants, Ryan can be heard yelling, “Get off!” 

Ryan’s boots are then photographed. We can assume it’s here that the cops found the white paint that appeared to be the same as the white paint that was used to vandalize the Edwards’ home. As The Ashley previously reported, in the police incident report, the officer noted that, “Upon searching Mr. Edwards, I observed white paint on the tops and sides of his boots which appeared to match what I observed on the floor of the Edwards residence.”

Once Ryan was placed in the police car, The Sun reports that the cops searched his wallet and found two white substances and drug paraphernalia. When the officers asked Ryan what kind of drugs they were, Ryan stated that he didn’t know. 

Click here to see the arrest video.

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(Photos: MTV; Courtesy of The Sun)

19 Responses

  1. At this point, prison is the best thing for Rhine. Hopefully it’ll be the wake up call that he desperately needs.

  2. He is off his face in the video. Though I can’t help thinking that he is being arrested at work, his employer must have been really desperate for workers!

  3. Why on earth would the guy she’s dating destroy all her stuff, but not Ryan’s?! He is SO insane! He needs to be put away and I honestly do not say this often, but I don’t believe he will ever change and that rehab won’t do anything for him.

  4. This goes well beyond a drug addiction. In prison, he will find that drug addicts are on the low end of the scale of criminals. It’s a lot easier to steal from family and friends than other, harden convicts. Prison may help Ryan more than his usual rehabs because it will force him to listen and be humble for his own physical safety.

  5. Ryan I’d like to introduce you to consequences for your actions.
    Mom & dad should have made this introduction years ago.
    What an over privileged , spoiled, rotten, manchild


  6. I really hope his parents tell him that they are done helping him & that he has to do his time & get clean before they will even consider talking to him again.

  7. This guy is nuts, lock him up! (I don’t think that will straighten him up but at least he will be locked up for some time…If he has no will to change, even a year in prison can’t change him…hope he gets more!)

  8. I don’t want to blame Mack with this, people stay too long, she was pressured to save her marriage but… what the hell has been going on in that house in the past years and what did those kids and Mackenzie go trough?

    God does not wish for you to save a marriage with a person behaving like that dear people. Not if they don’t check in to rehab, stay there for everyone’s wellbeing and don’t come home until it’s healthy and safe.

  9. If you watch the video he keeps saying he didn’t do it, but the officer is like what didn’t you do?

    He’s like that to my house. And they were like, how would you know that happened, you’re not allowed at the house. The was like yeah I am, to get my stuff. The female officer was like you knew, in the PFA it said you can only enter the house for 45 mins and you MUST be escorted by an officer, and Mack can’t be home. So you are admitting to breaking the PFA.

    He keeps blaming the person who’s with her, trying to make it look like she cheated on him. And her CURRENT boyfriend did this. And then admitted that he threatened Mack’s father, and they were like the PFA protects her and you contacting people to get to her. HE’s like what?! THis BS.

    Like they keep telling him how many rules he broke and he keeps telling on himself.

    The police don’t believe a word coming out of his mouth. I’m glad.

  10. I tried to find the video but did not see it in the link. This is crazy. Poor Mackenzie. Ryan needs help.

  11. What a dick.

    Gonna argue as if they’ll just leave him alone.

    Doesn’t know what the drugs are? What a dick. Could have been fentanyl or something they weren’t prepared to handle.

    Lol at the cop knowing hes a damn junkie. Lol. Cope and seethe Jen and Larry.

  12. i realize it’s a serious post ~ but that close-up pic of the dog gets me EVERY. DAMN. TIME. ??
    (also, rhine is obvi a menace to society)

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