“90 Day Fiance” Couple Paul Staehle & Karine Martins Are Reportedly Back Together & Turning to OnlyFans to Pay Lawyers Amid Their Custody Battle with CPS

The rekindled romance literally no one was hoping for…

Here we go again… 

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins, one of the most tumultuous pairings to come out of the 90 Day Fiance franchise, are “officially back together,” according to In Touch.

“Paul was in Brazil, Karine begged him to come back,” a source told the outlet. 

While Paul and Karine have reportedly reunited with each other, neither parent currently have custody of their sons Pierre and Ethan, with Paul confirming in July that the children were in CPS custody

Now, the tumultuous couple is reportedly raising funds– via Only Fans— to try to get their kids back.

Paul, running to make vomit-inducing OnlyFans content…

Paul has noted in the past that Pierre and Ethan may live with his family at some point, though it has not been confirmed whether or not this has happened, or if the kids have remained in foster care.

The news of Pierre and Ethan being in CPS custody came after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported that Pierre had been missing since early June, possibly “in the company” of his father. Paul denied kidnapping Pierre, insisting he had taken his son on a job-finding trip…one which happened to take place right after CPS was granted custody of both Pierre and Ethan. 


Months before getting back together with his ex, Paul told “90 Day Fiance” blogger John Yates in November that he and Karine were working “as a team” to fight for custody of their children. Paul also stated in the interview that legally, he isn’t permitted to see his sons until they are 18 years old. 

In an effort to obtain legal representation regarding the custody battle, Karine launched a GoFundMe in November titled, “Lawyer to get my kids back.” The online fundraiser remains active, though Karine hasn’t received a donation in a month. Fortunately–- for someone, though we’re not sure exactly who at the moment–- Paul and Karine have turned to another revenue source cover their legal fees. 

A source told the outlet that Paul and Karine have returned to OnlyFans to help pay lawyer fees amid their custody battle against Child Protective Services (CPS). 

Karine, doing the “two-kids removed from my home two-step” in the hope of earning some coin.

“The new OnlyFans videos were recorded more recently,” the source said, claiming that Karine filmed the videos within the last few months. “She signed documents in 2022 to approve the release of the videos. They are continuing to produce.” 

While Paul and Karine previously turned to the subscription site to earn some extra cash, a collaboration between the two hadn’t been shared to their joint OnlyFans account in months. However, given their recent reconciliation, the turbulent twosome have resumed producing content together. 

Everyone’s face when they think about Paul and/or Karine on OnlyFans…

“Paul and Karine got into the adult stuff to help pay for lawyers,” a source told In Touch. “Money has been a problem. One lawyer is wanting $12k for family law stuff, another $10k.” 

Two weeks before Karine and Paul’s OnlyFans return, Karine dropped a restraining order she initially filed against Paul in December 2021 following a physical altercation between the two.

Karine had filed the retraining order while in the process of divorcing Paul, and after the decision of the court was made public, it was revealed that she had accused her ex of forcing her “to have sexual intercourse without her consent multiple times,” with the alleged incidents recorded and posted online. Paul allegedly engaged in other abusive behaviors and threatened to have Karine deported.  

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17 Responses

  1. LMAO Who would want to watch these two? Between Karine’s active bitch face that always looks like she just ate a lemon and Paul’s….well Paul. If I want to see an unenthusiastic handjob then I know where to look I guess lol. Wow these two make some of the most crazy decisions so suddenly, it is hard to imagine that substance abuse is not also involved cough cough.
    Anyway, I hope they don’t get their kids back. Hope they get sent back to Brazil and the kids do too as wards of the state. Paul has pretty much squandered what I would consider to be his and Karine’s share of social security on their ongoing drama with CPS and section 9 along with the other SNAP and living monies the county and state shoveled their way because of the babbyses. Their only acquired cumulative skillset seems to be getting pregnant and fighting so this is the downward spiral career longevity that reality tv of this caliber seems to crave…

  2. Do they think that their only fans account will show a family court judge how stable and responsible they are? There is domestic violence allegations on both sides, several that were recorded with their screaming children in the background. There was a video of the oldest locked in a closet that Karine put on SM to show that Paul put him in the closet. They are the definition of dysfunctional and unstable. Those innocent boys deserve better!

  3. Hopefully the children are with decent foster parents and won’t be placed with Paul’s family. I have seen how badly that goes, only for the children not the fucking awful parents.

  4. I do not support either of them getting those kids back. They are both obviously VERY unwell and thrive on the drama that is each other. At times I felt bad for her because clearly he is crazy and she is being manipulated and abused but she has been removed from him many times now for extended periods of time so for her to beg him to come back just shows she thrives on this. She’s equally as crazy. Disgusting! Those kids deserve SO much better and should have NEVER been brought into their dysfunctional BS. I’d be ashamed of BOTH of them if I were either of their parents.

  5. I wish nice foster parents for the boys and a judge that won’t allow his parents to take them in. His mom ain’t all that either.

  6. Those kids have a snowballs chance in hell with those two as parents. I pray they find a stable home and therapy for those innocent boys. One thats hopefully far away from these psychotic morons.

  7. Yeah, I’m sure a judge will see the history of these two lunatics, violence, promiscuity, allegations of s3x trafficking and now they see how they are so broke they need to turn to s3x work to raise funds for lawyers and think “surely these two level headed individuals are perfectly capable of taking care of their two young children”.

  8. Wait, I don’t watch the show but I read these updates. Isn’t this the couple where she said he forced her to come to America in a sex trafficking situation? Or was that a different couple?

  9. A litmus test to see if you you’re the ultimate loser of the universe: Would you pay to interact with these two stupid POS? I sincerely feel sorry for anyone that would.

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