EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Edwards Allegedly Trashed Home He Shared with Wife Mackenzie & Kids: Graffitied Walls, Shattered Windows, “Fecal Matter” Smell & More

“You call it ‘destroying,’ I call it ‘remodeling!'”

Ryan Edwards is currently in rehab, but the damage he is suspected of doing before going off to treatment remains.

In paperwork filed by Ryan’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Mackenzie last month, it was reported that Ryan had caused damage to the Tennessee home the couple had shared with their kids. However, The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the house was more than just “damaged.” In fact, according to the officers on the scene, it was “completely destroyed,” allegedly by Ryan, who was listed as the “suspect” in a police report exclusively obtained by The Ashley.

According to the police report, officers who arrived at Ryan and Mackenzie’s home on February 10 were met with an incredibly disturbing scene, with the reporting officer— Deputy Madyson Hazen— writing in the report that the home had been “completely destroyed,” with spray-painted walls, ruined appliances and nearly everything in the home trashed (except for Ryan’s possessions and his kids’ things).

Officers arrived on the scene one day after Mackenzie had taken out a temporary restraining order against Ryan. The order— served on February 9— stated that Ryan was not allowed to be at the home, unless it was with a uniformed officer to retrieve his personal items. (Mackenzie and Ryan had already split by this time, with Mack listing their separation date in January in the divorce filing.) 

Deputy Hazen reported that, upon arriving at the Edwards’ home, she immediately noticed that several bedroom windows had been shattered, and that personal items had been thrown all over the front yard of the home. 

Inside, the damage done was even more shocking, with spray paint, markers and paint being used to destroy the home’s fixtures, walls and possessions.

“The refrigerator was tipped over and leaned against the counter, and the doors were open and had been written on in permanent marker. I observed a loaded AK-47 style rifle on the kitchen counter,” Deputy Hazen wrote in the report. “The microwave had been spray painted blue, the dining room table was flipped over and had been spray painted with profanities, as had the patio window and other walls in the house. There was also writing in black marker on the walls.”

Ryan allegedly used a knife and other items to punch holes in the home’s walls. 

“I observed white paint smudges across the floor, as well as a knife stuck into the wall holding a note,” the officer wrote. “I observed several other holes in the drywall, and several pointed metal objects also stuck into the drywall. I observed the couch had been placed upside down against the front door.”

Ryan– who had previously been making social media posts accusing Mackenzie of cheating on him— allegedly wrote about Mack cheating all over the home’s walls.

“Most of the graffiti on the walls were allegations of infidelity against Ms. Edwards,” the officer wrote. “There was also glass all over the floor as several windows had been broken. Deputies observed a wedding photo hanging in the hallway had also been written on.

“The doors of the cabinets had been removed and were lying on the couch, and one of the doorknobs to a closet was broken off,” the officer wrote in another part of the report.

Things got downright disgusting in the master bedroom, according to the officer’s report.

“Deputies also observed the master bedroom had an odor consistent with fecal matter but nothing was located,” Deputy Hazen wrote.

“Please tell me you didn’t do what I think you did…”

The officer reported that black marker had been used to write on the walls near the bed, and broken glass was scattered all over the floor.

“The bedroom also appeared ransacked. The master bathroom had been damaged
and items strewn about,” the report reads. 

In addition it was reported that the power “had been turned off or cut” because none of the lights in the house were working, and the house was “cold.”

The only parts of the home that appeared to be untouched, according to the police report, were the bedrooms belonging to Jagger and Stella (the two kids Ryan and Mackenzie share) and the garage, where Ryan kept his tools and other possessions.

“My dog bed better be spotless or there will be hell to pay.”

“Upon entering the garage, I observed none of Mr. Edwards’ property had been damaged, including a Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower and other tools,” Deputy Hazen wrote. “Also Mr. Edwards’ gaming system, driving setup for a game, and gaming TV were not damaged.”

Deputy Hazen wrote in the report that Ryan was wearing some incriminating evidence when he was arrested at his job later that day.

“Upon searching Mr. Edwards, I observed white paint on the tops and sides of his
boots which appeared to match what I observed on the floor of the Edwards’ residence,” she wrote. 

(Deputy Hazen seized Ryan’s boots as evidence.) 

The report does not say whether Ryan admitted to doing the damage to the house, or if he denied it was him. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Mackenzie filed for divorce from Ryan last month. On March 14, Ryan pleaded guilty to the harassment charge against him related to his treatment of Mackenzie over the last month.  

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Man if I was her and I went home and found the mess before the police, I would’ve destroyed EVERYTHING OF HIS , then called the police and tell them what hed done. I’m sure hes so fucking stupid and selfish that that idiot would say something incriminating like “MY stuff is destroyed? Hang on, I made sure to only destroy her shit, I didnt touch mine! I wanna press charges against her for that!”
    Fucking psycho.

  2. She did exactly what we all knew she would do the moment she married him HIGH AS A KITE. He finally realized it. This is the aftermath. He loved her. She loved fame, and she stopped receiving fame. Way to bring children into it Mack. Was it worth it?

  3. By destroying their home Ryan has succeeded in traumatizing his children and once again proves that you can look like a grownup, but behave like a child no matter your age.

  4. Wow. This is just devastating. Thank God everyone is alive and well (including Ryan). Drugs ruin people’s lives. Please don’t ever do them, folks. Just say no.

    Prayers for everyone involved…Ryan, Jen, Larry, Mackenzie and all the kids.

  5. Rehab does not work for everyone. It’s true that the addict has to want to stop but many rehabs don’t address addicts mental health issues. Ryan probably has something else going on, in addition to the drugs. Butch once admitted in a episode, he’s been to rehab 20+ times. This isn’t as unusual as you would think.

  6. So, He didn’t destroy his children’s actual bedroom and their things, but I mean… this is completely disrespectful towards them as well and that is their HOME. Their “safe” space… and they depend on things like the couch, the table, the fridge… to use as well. And even if he tried to deny it was him, he definitely made sure it was obvious due to the specific damage and also, not touching any of his own things. Ryan is the complete epitome of a spoiled brat man-child that will never grow up and I do not think he will ever know how to be an adult OR parent. You just do NOT act like that. I don’t care if she cheated or not- there is no excuse. Also, I am willing to bet he hasn’t been faithful either- whether at the same time she was or just during the marriage at some point. If I was Jen or Larry, I would be completely ashamed, embarrassed and honestly, angry with him. What he’s done, will not go well for him when it comes to the divorce, and it definitely won’t if he is going to try to obtain some custody of the kids. Hell, he probably did it to ensure he won’t get custody because he probably can’t handle, or just doesn’t want the responsibility of caring for the children. He’s ridiculous and I hope that Maci AND Mackenzie do everything they can to keep all the kids away from him until he can get his s**t together. How embarrassing! Truly!

    1. Oh, I guess you didn’t see the articles from years ago, that Rhine was on Tinder. And meeting up with women at bars. And also sending d*ck pics, and asking women if they were DTF.

      But Mack didn’t destroy the house when she found out….

  7. Agree with others that Ryan appears to be suffering from a case of serious mental illness in addition to drug addiction. I’m also hoping that both Mack and Maci use all measures available to keep those kids away from him WITHOUT supervision.

    Cleary, if he can trash and destroy where two of his kids live along with defiling it with feces — who knows what else?

    It’s truly just a sad and pitiful shame that this chronically sick man can’t get more than a mere “slap on the wrist” in order to get the true recovery he so badly needs.

  8. This guy has to be the biggest piece of sh*t that ever lived. The fact that he was allowed to father multiple children infuriates me. His parents are total failures.

  9. This is just plain sick. Everything Ryan has done is sick and depraved, but destroying the home your hound children live in like this is depraved. How are your babies supposed to live in a home with no working appliances, no power, smelling of feces, and with knives shoved in the wall? I agree that this is more than drugs. You can only blame so much on the addiction and being high. Doing this to the home your babies live in…doing this to your children…is deplorable. Lots of love and prayers for Mack. I sincerely hope Ryan is made to pay for what he has done to this home.

  10. That’s not the result of just drugs. That’s serious and apparently danger to others mental illness too.
    I hope he never gets unsupervised visits and that McKenzie can keep an order of protection for many years cause he won’t take care of his mental health

      1. No, I think they dismissed all his charges instead of going to court.

        So he probably took a plea deal, go to rehab and stay X period and we will drop charges. Charges can be brought again if he hasn’t been tried for them, so if he leaves rehab before the time period he was supposed to, they can just charge him again.

  11. Thank god Mack and the kids are safe. And not home when this happened. Knives in walls, loaded guns everywhere. He would have k!illed her if he could.

    I really think he needs jail time. Just as a way for Mack to be able to sleep at night and make sure she and the kids are safe. I don’t think it would serve any other purpose.

  12. Ryan is giving David Eason a run for his money in the unhinged department. I hope he takes rehab seriously this time around. All of his children deserve a clean, responsible and present father.

    1. The real question is, how do you trust someone who did this to you again? Especially around you kids.

      So what, he’s on drugs, it doesn’t absolve him of his behavior. He still did those things, he still tried to k!ll her. How do you even move past it, let alone let your kids go near that monster again??

      1. My ex-husband was a lot like this. I got a protection order (DVI) and was granted 100% custody of the kids. He went to jail for a little bit after that for threatening to kill me and admitting to trying to kill me numerous times before in texts. Then he got out on felony probation and broke it by smoking meth, and was let off with time served. 🙄 But our kids haven’t seen or spoken to him in three years and we’re all much better off for it. I’d probably end up in jail before I let him back into their lives. My fiancé is hoping to legally adopt them after we get married so it won’t ever be a worry again.

    2. I was literally thinking the same thing when I read this! He is giving off David Eason vibes, and that’s saying A LOT considering all the shit David has pulled. The only thing he hasn’t done that David has done, is pistol whip someone, and pop his wife’s collar bone…that we know of!

      1. True – they have both killed innocent animals. Ryan always seemed too disinterested in his kids and so low energy that I couldn’t picture him physically harming them, but he’s certainly capable of it.

  13. This is why you don’t marry anyone in the throes of a very serious drug addiction and bring innocent kids into this effed up situation!!

    Rhine is showing family annihilator behavior, and Mack needs to stay far far away. If he has no problem murdering cats, and destroying his home out of spite, I don’t think he would have any problem murdering or destroying Mack. That was a very serious and frightening message he sent. He basically said I will destroy you Mack, and everything around you.

    And just think, some other fame whore is dating him! This new girlfriend better learn from Mack’s mistake, and understand that Rhine is dangerous, and she needs to run far away FAST.

  14. Did he shyt in the bed? Or just wipe his ass with the blankets? This guy is a real piece of a shyt! Mack is looking great and will have no problem moving on.

  15. Somewhere, Jen and Larry are still mumbling something about Maci being his “trigger”.

    What an immature little brat. It’s not the drugs, it’s not all of his alleged triggers, it’s not the pressure of being on reality tv, it’s HIM. He needs to grow up and have some self-control. There are millions of drug addicts and people with mental health issues and people on television who would never act like this in a million years. This is a temper tantrum. What a baby.

  16. Must be nice to have enough money where you can completely destroy a nice home just because you’re having a toddler tantrum. I’d give my left arm for a nice home and I’d do whatever I could to keep it nice. Damn Ryan, grow TF up – you’re damn near middle-aged and you’re still acting more immature than 2nd grader!

    1. Rhine has never had to take accountability for anything in his entire life.

      Again and Again, Rhine has made reckless and dangerous decisions and everyone but Rhine has had to deal with the consequences.

      This is no exception. He destroys the place but doesn’t damage his things. And then he moves out and goes to rehab to avoid jail. The bed in the rehab if fine no biohazardous waste there. And now Mack is the one pricing out if she can afford a new fridge. If insurance will cover any of this, since the owner of the home caused the damage. Seeing what furniture she can salvage and what she can’t. Getting quotes from handymen to fix the work.

  17. I have an ex who once destroyed his own apartment in this same fashion: knives shoved into walls, things thrown through windows, holes kicked and punched in doors. He broke apart a wooden dresser in front of me by punching out every drawer and eventually putting his fist through the top of it. I remember thinking that I was going to be next, after he got done with that, but I couldn’t get out of the apartment. Obviously, I lived to tell the tale, but that was also the end of our relationship. I found out months later that he had been using heroin for awhile, and he was eventually diagnosed as bipolar.

    I am not a Mack fan but she definitely has my sympathy as she navigates this tenuous, volatile situation. She should have walked into this marriage with her eyes wide open, but she sadly believed things would be different and that she could change Ryan. It’s sickening, horrifying, and devastating to realize you cannot love someone enough to make them give up drugs; they have to fix that part themselves and they have to *want* to fix it – which Ryan obviously doesn’t (because he never has believed he is the problem about any situation in his life). I do blame Mackenzie for bringing an innocent child along as she embarked on this shitshow, and then adding two more kids to the mix – two kids who will have to deal with Ryan for the rest of their lives (or until they cut him off due to his behavior).

    1. I’m so sorry to hear you went through that. Nobody deserves that. Im happy to hear you got out of that situation.

      I’m not a Mack fan either but she has to protect herself and the kids and like I said, nobody deserves to be treated/abused like that.

    2. I’m so sorry to hear you went through that. Nobody deserves that. Im happy to hear you got out of that situation.

  18. An official excuse from Jen is coming in 5, 4, 3… Larry is sitting on a couch chewing his cud and staring off into the distance wondering why Ryan hasn’t returned that wrench he borrowed in 20012. Meanwhile, Ryan is telling everyone in lockup that it’s all Maci’s fault.

  19. What happened to his beloved dog?? I’m scared to know the answer. I hope the pup is ok. What a monster! His poor kids are innocent bystanders in this mess. Why ruin their home too?!! Loser.

  20. So Jagger and Stella’s rooms weren’t touched, but what about Huddle, Mack’s son? We’re his things messed with?

    Ryan needs serious help. This is downright psychotic.

  21. Reading all this, i think he got very, very close to killing her. If she would’ve been there, she wouldn’t have made it out.

  22. sad–his parents enabled, pampered and covered for him for years and years–I know they thought they were helping but they only added to his demons. I feel the worst for Bentley who just decided to try again to build a relationship with his dad–Ryan is a mess and is not willing ready or able to get better

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