Michael Cardwell’s Fiancé Writes Heartfelt Letter to Anna Cardwell’s Daughter Kaitlyn As He Prepares to Battle Mama June Shannon For Custody

“Justin may have to pawn one of his gold chains to help me pay for a law-yer!”

Michael Cardwell is preparing to battle his former mother-in-lawMama June Shannon, in court next week for custody of Anna Cardwell‘s oldest daughter Kaitlyn, and on Monday, Michael’s fiancé London Smith expressed how much she, Michael and Kaitlyn’s sister, Kylee miss Kaitlyn.

As Mama June: Family Crisis fans know, Anna passed away in December after a nearly year-long battle with cancer. Days later, Michael filed for custody of Kaitlyn. (Michael is the biological father of Kylee, so she immediately went to live with him after Anna’s death. Although he is not Kaitlyn’s bio dad, Michael would still take both girls— not just Kylee– during his custodial visits.)

After Michael filed for custody of Kaitlyn, June also filed for custody of the 11-year-old.

As The Ashley previously told you, Michael and June are set to go head-to-head in custody court on July 18, where a judge will decide if Kaitlyn will stay with June, or if she will go to live with Michael, London and her sister Kylee. 

In her post to Instagram on Monday, London expressed how badly they want to be reunited with Kaitlyn.


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“We just miss you so much sweet girl!” London wrote in the caption of a photo of her, Michael and Kaitlyn. “There is no one in the world that will ever be able to explain the hurt and the pain we feel since you’ve been gone. We have prayed hard and we are fighting and will continue to pray and fight. You are a piece of our souls our hearts. You’re loved by a village that’s big enough to take over the world and we all miss and love you so much! NEVER forget.”

In the comment section of the post, London revealed that they haven’t seen Kaitlyn since December. She also revealed that they have limited contact with Kaitlyn.

“We text her tablet and we may or may not get a response,” London wrote. “I think they monitor her tablet with like parental control.”

On a recent episode of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ (that was filmed before Anna passed away), Anna revealed that she actually wanted her husband, Eldridge Toney, to get custody of Kaitlyn. Eldridge, however, did not file for custody but has stated that he sees his stepdaughters as often as possible.

June, however, claimed that it was Anna’s “dying wish” that Kaitlyn live with her, and expressed her opinion that Michael only wanted custody of Kaitlyn for financial reasons.

London, however, made it clear that Michael has considered Kaitlyn to be his daughter for years. 

“I don’t understand why it’s been done this way,” she told one person in the comment section of the post. “Michael has been dad to Kaitlyn since she was 8 months old and she calls him dad. It’s just so sad. Neither of the girls deserve this. But y’all just keep praying for us. Court is July 18th.”


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A post shared by London smith (@londonsmith0812)

Michael stated in his custody lawsuit paperwork that he is against June taking custody of Kaitlyn, declaring that June has been “inconsistent” in Kaitlyn’s life, due to Anna’s long periods of estrangements from her mom.

“Both [Michael and Anna] understood, acknowledged, accepted and behaved as though [Michael] is a parent of the child and accepted full and permanent responsibilities as a parent of the child without expectation of financial compensation,” the documents state.

Way back in 2015— while Anna and Michael were still married– Anna proclaimed in a vlog that she will always consider Michael to be Kaitlyn’s father, even if he’s not her dad biologically. 

“Kaitlyn’s father is Michael, and that’s where it’s gonna be at, and that’s where it’s gonna stay at,” she said.

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44 Responses

  1. Wasn’t June recently on-line trying to get followers by saying if she got to a certain number she would show some “pink”? Kaitlyn was right there laughing. Michael needs to get custody so the girls can stay together, they lost their Mom and they need each other. The court can order visitation with some or all of Anna’s family if it’s deemed appropriate.

  2. The lady literally was just on crack,
    Stole her daughter’s college money, explored her child for money. Sold there house and all the stuff inside for crack. Yet she is still on TV makeing money because she used her estranged dying daughter for a storyline. This all pretty sick to me. Why she even has a kid in her custody and their family is ok with that shows that non of them are fit to have this lil girl…. America wants a felon for president and crackheads for movie stars and entertainment
    America is great again fucking joke.

  3. The fact that this man is even fighting for custody of Kaitlyn says it all. He has absolutely no legal obligation and has nothing to gain financially. He just wants his child back. He wants his child’s sister back.

    I realize it’s bad form to speak ill of the dead, but I cannot understand how Anna didn’t make a plan for Kaitlyn and how that plan didn’t include her dad and sister.

    1. Michael is Kylees dad so yes he gets her when Anna died, Anna stated on video recording that she wanted Kaitlyn to go to Eldridge. Both Eldridge and Michael have been great dads to Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn absolutely loves London, so I hope she goes to Micheal and London, that’s my opinion

  4. June literally signed away her rights to Alana over money.. how the hell does she think she’s fit to raise an 11 year old? It’s not a do over June. Michael has acted as Kaitlyns father for years & continued to do so even after the split… that says something right there. The man stepped up. Her sister is with Michael why separate the 2 girls? And if June was any kind of descent person she’d see it that way too. I’m sure they could come to some sort of visitation schedule where the girls can still see June, Justin & their Aunts & cousins.

    1. Not to mention living with her daughter sex offender after he got out of jail of from sex offended 💔

    2. Yes she can collect SS since her mother has died. Children get SS when their father dies and her father was never in the picture. So since her mother has died she can collect it because of this. This is what was said before. Just wish her and her sister well. They are so young and to lose their mother is so hard. God help guide them.

  5. I hope the judge appoints a guardian ad litem to advocate for the child and her wishes and preferences. Her mother’s gone and all anyone should care about is what is in her best interests. June has done some shady things in her past including selling her daughter’s car out from under her, raiding her daughter’s bank account and hitching her wagon to a crackhead.

    1. Hannah is troll. They always post some crazy stuff on TheAshley trying to get things stirred up. Dont worry about them! No one believes them anyways!!

      1. Screw you

        Nobody on here believes me because yall are a bunch of heartless bastards and karma will get you ALL

  6. Yall make me sick…if this had been one of Ryan’s (who has issues with drugs and alcohol in the past just like Michael and June) “loved ones” that wrote a letter then yall would be booing him to the bank…so why the fuck not Michael?

    1. Michael has had drug issues in the past?? And I would like to point out that June and Ryan have had more than just drug issues. Ryan destroyed his childrens home and threatened murder. Junes boyfriend molested her child and then she got back with him when he was released from prison for it.

      1. Yes Michael had issues. (he did drugs, he drank, he cheated on Anna)…and yes Ryan fucked up and do did June, BUT if you hate on them then you should hate on Michael too.

        Thats my point, if you hate on one (or two, or half a damn dozen) then you should hate on everyone who has made mistakes.

        OR you could be a decent person and realize that not everyone is perfect…we all mess up…but we all deserve forgiveness so that we can learn from our mistakes

        The choice is yours to love or hate but don’t be surprised that karma comes at you when you choose hate over love.

        1. You are purely sticking up for June JUST because she’s a woman and you hate men… Do you expect anyone to take you serious right now?! LOL you are off your rocker

      2. Luis, You’ll have to excuse Hannah. She’s completely mental and apparently thinks that June should have custody simply because June is a woman and Hannah hates men. Apparently also, Hannah thinks molestation of children is acceptable and forgivable when a woman is responsible for it and that drug and alcohol issues, when it’s a woman, trumps a man having the same issues LMAOOOOOO

    2. Honest-to-God question here, Hannah: Are you June or someone closely related to her? Because I cannot for the life of me figure out why you find anything she’s done excusable or why you have the insane notion that she should have custody of any child? Are you just an equally scummy person that doesn’t see any fault in a mother choosing the side of a man that molested her daughter and then bringing her younger daughter to hang out with him in a motel room after his release from prison? Or using her children for money and fame and then spending their money on her crack addiction before finally selling all their stuff and their home? Does a woman that has said point blank that she’d prefer to completely sign away her rights to her youngest child rather than pay $800 a month in child support to her other daughter to raise her really even have a leg to stand on when it comes to demanding custody of another child?

      You have all these claims about Michael, but are any of them substantiated? He continued to pay for Kaitlyn’s schooling when he had no legal obligation to do so. He took Kaitlyn along when he had Kylee, and Anna allowed that for years and never tried to keep the girls away like one would assume she’d do had your claims been true.

      1. Anna was a good person that forgave her mom and apparently Michael too, im on the side the woman (June) not the “man” (Michael)…men are WORTHLESS and bring nothing but heartache and pain…women on the other hand are one’s who give the men children, we wash their clothes, we clean their house etc…we’re basically slaves to them.

        They would be NOWHERE without us though!!!

        1. Your seriously need therapy, ma’am. There are shitty men and there are shitty women, there are good men and there are good women. If you sincerely believe that all men, just by virtue of having a Y-chromosome, are somehow whose than scum-of-the-earth women like June Shannon, you have some real issues.

          Have you ever considered that you only attract useless men because of your personality? I had a useless, pain-causing husband and I left him, worked on myself, and eventually found an absolutely wonderful husband that provides, protects, is an involved father, and helps around the house. I pray you work through whatever has led you to this awful point-of-view and one day find happiness.

          1. I have 3 sons. I’m offended by very little in life. I really don’t like someone saying men are “useless.” That means my boys are too. My husband is the hardest working person you could ever meet. He owns a trucking company and farms. He’s the mechanic, load coordinator and also does the paperwork. He is nowhere near “useless.” I don’t work and we have 5 kids to support and care for.

          2. Oh I’m sure your husband is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and has a dark side you are just to blind to fucking see…and I choose not to attract any men because all but 1 male role model I’ve had in my life was a POS…I’m single and LOVE IT!!!

          3. @hannah ~ it’s doubtful you ‘choose not to attract any men’. 🤣
            i’m just gonna go ahead and assume your belligerent, nasty attitude and weird antiquated views take care of that all on their own…
            (not to mention your ‘clever’ comebacks and ‘sparkling’ wit)

          4. You know what they say about someone when they assume don’t ya Gary Boy?

            Well if ya don’t let me enlighten you, when you assume something you are making an ASS out of U and ME.

          5. @hannah ~ oooh, SICK burn. 🔥
            SO hurtful. 🤣😹😂
            and also SUPER original; i’m sure no one here has ever heard that one before. 🙄

          6. @ya mum- 100% agree. I have one daughter and four sons. The first three are from my awful first marriage, but my husband has completely stepped up to be their father is we’ve started the step-parent adoption process. He’s been amazing to us all from the start and is completely dedicated to being a good husband and father to five kids (which is no easy thing in this day and age). He works hard so I can stay home with our twins until they start school, he pulls overtime to pay for the oldest two’s cheer and football, he prefers to spend time with our family over friends. For the first time in my adult life, I feel safe and secure because I know for a fact he’s going to do anything he can to protect and provide for us. I literally could not ask for a better man. Hannah’s comments definitely make it seem like she’s just always had an absolutely unbearable personality and no decent man has ever even approached her because of it.

          7. This response is actually for Hannah since it won’t let me reply to her comment directly…
            Hannah- Funny you say “You know what they say when you assume” to garysbeldenlinemanteeshirt, you ASSUME all men are terrible because of your experience with one. You also ASSUME that Ya Mum’s husband cheated on her when not only, you have ZERO proof of that, but you don’t even know her OR him! You need to be booted from commenting here. You’re a sick person. Clearly also, we ALL share this opinion of you.

      2. I feel like Hannah makes poor decisions in life and probably gets taken advantage of frequently… She’s on The Ashley defending June AND Gypsy (on the other article about Gypsy’s pregnancy) of all people. Are you high? What is your deal, girl?

        1. She thinks my husband is a piece of shit who cheats on me apparently. I’ve been with him since I was 16 and I’m 41. He’s never had another gf and never slept around. So, she is just obviously in a very bad place mentally.

          1. Hannah, I didn’t want to have to get nasty with you, but I’m really sick of your mouth. So what if your ex husband was an ass. That doesn’t make all men bad. I was severely abused by my stepfather. To the point I have bpd, bp, cptsd and anxiety/panic attacks. Somehow, I’m more sane than you. Probably the meds and therapy I’ve done. You are a horrible horrible mother. You are completely unhinged. You have serious issues. I don’t care who was “mean” to you. You need to seek help and you need it very badly. You are ruining your sons by bashing their father. You also hold everything you do for them over their heads. You want to talk shit about men? Take a look in the mirror. You’re a miserable, terrible person. Men aren’t the problem, you are.

        2. I guess she doesn’t realize it’s actually abuse to tell kids horrible things about the other parent. So, she’s a child abuser. My stepdad always called my mom vicious names. It only made me feel like I was bad because my mom is a part of me.

          1. I guess you don’t realize thst my ex says shit about me to them…and they believe his crap

        3. I just went over to look at that article after you said something and I’m so saddened to find out she has sons! Her saying that she males sure they know how useless they’ll always be and how they’ll have to attach themselves to a woman just to be taken care of is appalling! I sincerely hope she’s just a dumb troll and none of that is actually true, because if it is, my heart breaks for those boys.

  7. I hope he gets custody. June has such a rough past from being with a man that molested Anna down to years of drugs. She even GAVE her youngest to Pumpkin.

  8. The last person that should have custody of a child is June… The woman who literally chose a convicted pedophile over her own child. What kind of person reunites with the pig who sexually assaulted your own child?!? A garbage human being, that’s who. All kids should be kept far away from that scumbag ‘mother’

  9. Anna had years to make it legal before she even got sick. Why didn’t Michael adopt her if everybody considered him her dad? Doesn’t make sense. All the Shannon women just can’t seem to think of their kids’ future, it baffles me

  10. I hope and pray that they get custody. How cruel is it to keep Kaitlyn from the man that she calls “Dad” and her little sister. She lost EVERYTHING and June doesn’t give a shit about Kaitlyn.

  11. I hope to Moses that he wins. Hopefully June’s history of choosing pedophiles over protecting her own children will come to light.

    1. Exactly! Plus her own custody issues! But, wouldn’t let ol 2 chains new teeth go on the papers?! It’s such a joke.

      1. I actually like Justin. He doesn’t put up with lies. He advocates for the girls and he took care of Anna and also the home he and June live in. I actually believe he’s too good for her. Regardless of his past.

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