‘Sister Wives’ Star Mykelti Brown Reveals Brown Family Siblings “Aren’t Close”; Confirms Marital Issues Between Kody & Meri Are Real

The number of seconds Mykelti waited after this Q&A to turn off her phone in order to avoid calls from her family.

Weeks after Sister Wives siblings Paedon and Mariah Brown took their political feud with one another to social media, another sibling from the family has come forward to discuss how the 18 Brown Family children “aren’t close.”  

The statement was made by Mykelti Brown, daughter of Kody and Christine, during an Instagram Live Q&A with her husband Tony Padron on Sunday. According to The Sun, Mykelti blames the strained relationships among the siblings mostly on distance, admitting the older kids were once “really, really close.”

“Funny you should say that… I have the perfect solution to bring us all back together!”

“The older kids are little bit closer, well, sometimes,” she said. “When we were younger, the older kids were really, really close. But the hardest part of maintaining a relationship with any of your siblings or parents is if you decide to move away. 

“The distance makes a strain,” she continued. “It makes it hard. I am close with most of my siblings. I wouldn’t say all because I barely know Ariella, Solomon and Truely because they’re just so young.” 

Truely, Soloman and Ariella, the youngest of the Brown kids, are 10, 8 and 4, respectively. Truely is the daughter of Christine, while Soloman and Ariella’s mother is Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn

Mykelti went on to reveal she’s “best friends with a couple” of her siblings and says she still has love for the ones she’s not close with. 

“We’re related so I have to love them,” she said. 

When asked about the feud between Mariah (daughter of Kody and Meri) and Paedon (son of Kody and Christine) – ignited by the half-siblings’ conflicting political views which resulted in Paedon claiming online that he and Mariah “can’t stand each other” – Mykelti said she goes to breakfast weekly with Paedon, and assured that Mariah is not estranged from the family. 

“Everyone has their own beliefs,” she added. “Everyone has their own opinions. It’s up to them what they decide to do and share with it.” 

Shortly after her feud with Paedon, Mariah shared on Instagram that she was no longer associating with President Donald Trump supporters because she feels he has “taken away” her rights as a gay woman.

“ … Remember that if you make the choice to vote for Donald Trump, you are making the choice to no longer have me in your life,” she stated online. 

Paedon and Mykelti’s sister Gwendlyn, 18, seems to have beliefs that align with half-sister Mariah’s, reposting a screenshot to her Instagram Story this weekend that criticized Trump supporters. 


“If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room,” the post read. 

Gwendlyn went on to add her own text to the screenshot: “And a  homophobe, transphobe, sexist, white supremacist, etc.” 

Neither Mariah nor her fiancé, Audrey Kriss, are following Paedon on Instagram at the moment and Paedon only appears to be following an old account of Mariah’s and LulaRoe page belonging to Audrey. Mykelti continues to follow one of Audrey’s pages; however, she also appears to be following Mariah’s old (unverified) page.  

In addition to spilling the sibling tea, Mykelti dished on the marital issues between Kody and Meri seen on ‘Sister Wives’ when a fan asked her and Tony if the drama was in fact real. 

Kody and Meri when they realize they haven’t made their hatred for one another obvious enough.

While Tony admitted the tension between Kody and Wife Number 1 is “real, but it’s blown up,” Mykelti added it’s “a little bit of both, I would think.”

She went on to backpedal a bit, claiming she doesn’t “know their personal life.” 

Allow Meri to sum it up for ya…

” … Between any of the siblings, individual siblings, individual parents or whatever, we really don’t know a lot of what goes on,” she said. “We know what’s between us and someone else. Yes I know what’s going on with their houses. If they’re moving. They’re not! But we don’t know the rest of that.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC)

23 Responses

  1. What is with these people? It’s alright to strip a person of their right to choose who they vote for by threatening them. But it is not alright to strip her of her right to love whom she chooses? This is EXACTLY why masses of people look down on those who ‘fight for rights’ under their clear hypocrisy.

    You are either one for all or all for yourself. This entire clan if all for their individual selves— they cannot even stick together as a family.

    1. Its hard for people to believe that their own family member support a bigot racist. I would still love the family member but would suggest that we never talk politics again.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This is still a free country. Mariah has no right to tell others how to vote and use threats.

  3. Meri gave up being legal wife to Kody was a very heartwarming act, for Robin’s benefit. It seems like Kody and wife number 4.think the world revolves around them since that happened. Sister wives was so enjoyable to watch before they made that silly move to Flagstaff, and since then , as a fan I don’t see sister wives the same anymore. It’s heartbreaking there all scattered around and you basically only hear about Kody and Robin, very little about Kody and christine. Janelle and Beautiful Meri. Or see all those beautiful children together . Shame on Kody

  4. Look who’s talking and going off about being a trump supporter that you could be racist and all that. Looks like in sounds like she’s the one that could be racist. There are Trump supporters who are not racist and support gay rights. All she has to do is come out and say she doesn’t like Trump instead of going on a rant rave what a spoiled brat.

    1. Dixie anyone who supports Trump is a bigot racist. Everyone should support equality for everyone not just for the so called majority in this country. Everyone should want police held accountable for killing unarmed people. police have done this to white people too fyi which is why we should all be concerned black or white. Police are not judge jury and executioner and they are certainly NOT GOD. You trump supporters seem to think that just because everyones not rolling over agreeing w what trump says, they’re dividing the country. Calling militia and white Supremacist “fine people” are things that are divisive. A 17 year old white man can walk right next to police holding an AK 47 (Kenosha on video) but would a Black man be able to? A Black man wouldve been shot dead if he were holding an AK. THOSE are the things people are angry about, double standard, privilege. White people get away w doing things that Black people would instantly died over. Everyone should want the ENTIRE Constitution to be upheld and abided by: ALL men are created Equal not just “some men”. This post wont see the light of day but i hope the moderator get something out of it.

  5. I live in newzealand and I feel real bad for what’s going over the us Trump is such a dumb idiot anything that comes out of his month crap he does not know what he is talking about all those poor people that have died from the virus and the man does not care at all it’s me me I’m important notas long as you praise me that all he cares about himshel

  6. bitches in this comment section sure are salty about being called on the carpet by “vapid” children

    way to prove that point

  7. I’ve always found it interesting when those who claim to be open minded and tolerant only extend that belief to those who share their same views!

    1. Things you can be open minded and tolerant about: Pineapple going or not going on pizza

      Things that you cannot be open minded about nor tolerate: Racism, Sexism, someone’s sexuality <– these things are not up for to debate. Either you're racist or you're not. Either you're sexist or you're not. Either you're homophobic or you're not. There's no in between for any of these things.

    2. I agree whole heartedly with you. You aren’t really tolerant if there’s no room for someone else’s opinion.

  8. Why can’t folks keep there sexual preference, politics, and religion to themselves anymore. I dont care about her beliefs, anymore than she cares about mine, so let’s all just shut the fk up and live our lives without shoving our beliefs and opinions down others throats.

  9. It is funny how I(who think that Trump is a liberal “globalist” bought wimp) am a horrible nazi since I think that there are more to people than their politics, that different opinions just make more interesting conversations and I support all my friends in their opinions since…democracy, you know…

    I am soooo narrow minded. We are lucky to live in an era when opend minded young girls on the internet get to decide which values and opinions are ok and which are “hateful”.

    1. Oh, totes. If all of those straight people would stop shoving their sexual preference in everyone’s faces, the world would be so much better. I don’t care what they do on the privacy of their own homes, but why they gotta be flaunting it all the time? Like, if some woman wants to decide she’s only gonna do one guy for the rest of her life, I support it, but why can’t they keep that shit private? It’s disgusting how many of them have a big public ceremony, making us all think about their sex lives, and, then, as if expecting hundreds of people to get expensive outfits and give them gifts of household items–like, can’t they earn their own stuff? They’re so lazy, expecting others to subsidize their lives–they continue to force it down our throats for the rest of their lives. They put pictures of their spouse with them in publically-accessible places, like desks and facebook, where you can’t avoid it, and, like how am I supposed to explain this to my kids? One of my daughter’s teachers not only publically committed herself to a member of the make sex, but then she took his last name AND changed her honorific from Ms. to Mrs. so it’s impossible to avoid knowing her status and a claimed monogamist. I don’t think it’s right my child is being exposed to this in public school. I should be able to tell her about things like heterosexuality and monogamy when *I* think she’s ready, but it’s like she’s being brainwashed and forced to acknowledge her teacher’s sexuality every time she wants to ask a question in class. I really wouldn’t have a problem with her being straight or monogamist-acting, if she kept it to herself. But kids can hear her say she has a husband all the time, and what are they supposed to think? And, as if that’s not bad enough, she and other flamboyantly, in-your-face hets expect for the government not only to help document their lifestyle and make it official, but they want special rights as married people that those of us who can control our urges and keep our sexual preferences private by not making a big public thing about it by getting married, don’t get. I think it’s fine for married people to have equal rights, like they shouldn’t be able to be fired or thrown out of the military we nuthin’ if they’re discreet but someone finds out about or suspects their proclivities, but it’s those special rights and protections to which they think they’re entitled that makes it hard for me to support them. If they put this idea into my child’s head, and one day, she comes out to me as straight or monogamous, of course I’ll still love her; she’s my child, no matter what lifestyle she chooses. If she can’t keep it to herself, though, or expects some big soiree in which it’s celebrated, that’s a little more questionable. I’m not sure I could support such overt, public displays, like holding hands in public, so everyone knows, and I’m sure not gonna say it’s ok by accompanying her from the door to her other-gendered partner for them to ceremoniously claim they’re never gonna screw anyone else. It would help if they’d stop with all that propaganda in the media (did you know there’s a whole genre of film committed to normalize this? They call them rom-coms, even though it’s obviously meant to publically promote this one kind of sexuality), like including these couples in commercials and just promoting their lifestyles all over the place, when that should stay private, in their bedrooms). It’s just divisive and I don’t care about their beliefs any more than they care about mine, so let’s shut the fk up and stop shoving our beliefs and opinions down others’ throats, because the exchange of differing opinions has no place in public.

      1. Eliza, what’s wrong with having a wedding, taking your spouses name or displaying pictures with your significant other? As a human being, I’m sure you’ll daughter will love to that some day, no matter who she decides to be with. That’s not a right we should take away from people, but extend to everyone.

    2. Ellen, I am all on board for having conversations for the sake of hearing and wanting to learn about differing opinions. However, some of these stances are not a matter of opinion, but a matter of equality and ethical treatment of people; either by race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. When we have political leaders that use every platform at their disposal to degrade individuals (or in several cases, entire nations) based upon those differences, it then becomes less about their “political” view and more about their lack of tact, care and concern about a large percentage of the world. This isn’t about transparency; it is very evident where many (not all) of these supporters stand-they have been screaming it from the roof top since the election. Speaking in defense of minorities and equality isn’t narrow-minded; it is quite the opposite. Everyone deserves to live the life they chose to live; free from rage and retaliation by people that believe their way is the only “right” way.

  10. Wow, these children are so vapid. Gwendlyn obviously is part of Mensa with such intelligent blanket judgements of people who have different political beliefs than she does. Because of course 18 year olds know everything about everything, especially politics. What a chode.??

    1. What is the right age to have an opinion in regards to politics? Since at 18 you know nothing, what is that magic age?

      1. Hey Mimi, when you’ve been around 60+ years you’ll understand the stupidity of youth. If you cant see it yet,it’s because your still in your stupid years. If you make it to your golden years, you’ll understand. Until then, I can explain it, but I can’t make you understand it.

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