Brittany Cartwright Says Husband Jax Taylor Needs to Change “Some Things About His Life” In Order For Her To Reconcile With Him: “I Deserve Better”

Brittany calculates how much beer cheese she’ll need to sell to get a place of her own.

Brittany Cartwright isn’t rushing to reunite with her estranged husband, Jax Taylor.

One day after TMZ found The Valley and Vanderpump Rules star moving items out of the home she once shared with her husband Jax, the outlet caught up with Brittany at LA landmark Chateau Marmont and asked about the current state of her relationship.

“Listen, I love Jax so much, I really do,” she said. “I just want the best for me and for my son, at this point, so that’s, like, my main focus. But, for sure, if he switches some things and changes some things about his life, then maybe we can get back together, but right now, I just don’t know.”

Brittany was in LA with ‘The Valley’ costar Michelle Lally when she was approached by TMZ. The friends laughed off speculation that Brittany and Jax’s split is a publicity stunt to promote the new Bravo show.

“No, absolutely not,” Brittany said. “This is definitely for my mental health. I think that’s been one of the hardest parts right now is that people are speculating that, like, I am doing something for the show coming out, because no.”

As The Ashley reported earlier this week, Brittany announced that she had separated from her husband of four years. Jax has downplayed the news, even lying claiming that he and Brittany were once again living together.

“We’re actually living together, living in our home right now,” he told Page Six. “We’re trying to figure it out. It’s all fresh and new.”

Despite Jax’s claims on Thursday that all is well on the homefront, Brittany was photographed on Friday moving her stuff out of their shared home, with a source claiming Britt only came home on Thursday because she was in between short-term rentals. The source assured Page Six that Brittany and Jax’s split was very much still on.

The separation appears to be a long time in coming.

“You know, whenever you fight with somebody for so long, there’s only so much that you can take and, you know, I deserve better, [our son] Cruz deserves better, we want, like, a good co-parenting relationship and I think that me moving out and taking space to figure out if this is what I want is the best situation for me right now,” Brittany told TMZ.

While their romantic future remains uncertain, Brittany said she and Jax plan to continue working together on their many projects.

“We’re going to make everything… we have businesses together, that’s, like, very important,” she said. “The podcast is still happening, our bar is still happening, the show is still happening. It’s just a lot going on right now.”


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Jax hasn’t commented yet on Brittany’s latest statements. His latest Instagram Story showed him spending Saturday morning in bed watching hockey and a movie.

Brittany even confirmed in her interview with TMZ that Jax is currently putting in minimal effort to reconcile.

“It’s Jax, so he’s not really trying that much right now,” Brittany said. “I’ve asked him for a while to do certain things and nothing has come from that yet…so…hopefully. I mean, we’ve been together for nine years now.”

Brittany added that, as people watch the first season of ‘The Valley,’ they’ll be able to see why she and Jax are at the place that they are.

You can watch Brittany’s full interview on Saturday with TMZ below! 

(Photos: E! News; Instagram)



  1. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.
    KFC. He showed you, the audio recording showed you
    And you watched the show before you went to Las Vegas to meet him.

    Jason =. 💩🤢🤮

  2. I couldn’t tolerate Brittany’s voice and goody two shoes act or Jax who is so conceited (and has no reason to be because he isn’t a catch) and his incessant lies. Why anyone would make a show starring them is in very poor taste.

  3. Don’t spend time with/marry/have children with those who you KNOW to be idiots!!! She should know she’s trapped into dealing with him for the rest of her life. Cruz is the one who will suffer most from her poor life decisions.

  4. WHAT? Jax is the same POS he was before she married him? We’re all /shocked

    This is nothing but VPR 2.0 with the homophobes and racists brought back for a quick payday. 🙄

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