Lisa Vanderpump to Star in New Spin-Off Show About Her Dog Rescue; ‘Vanderpump Dogs’ Coming to Peacock Streaming Service

Puffy seems to be unsure how he feels about the new spin-off show…

Lisa Vanderpump‘s pups will finally get their moment in the spotlight, thanks to the Peacock Streaming Service!

‘Vanderpump Dogs’ will air on Peacock– which is the newly launched streaming service from NBCUniversal, the parent company of Bravo— People reported on Friday. Little is known about the show at this time, including when it will debut.

Lisa is the co-founder of The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation, a dog rescue and advocacy organization with a mission of helping creating better world for dogs, and The Vanderpump Dog Rescue & Retail Center, a West Hollywood adoption center, groomer and dog boutique that’s been regularly featured on Vanderpump Rules.

An official show announcement hasn’t been made. Instead, Peacock included a clip from the ‘Vanderpump Dogs’ opening (which looks very much like the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ opening) in a promo that aired during the special ’30 Rock’ reunion on NBC Thursday night. Fan accounts later shared the clip on social media.


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Is #VanderpumpDogs a thing? #lisavanderpump might be getting a new series on the Peacock streaming service #RHOBH #realhousewives

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Lisa confirmed on Twitter Friday morning that the show is coming.

“Well good morning …I’ve known about this for months lol… Thought it was supposed to be secret, but apparently it’s announced!”

She told one of her Twitter followers that the ‘Vanderpump Dog’ shows will “shine a positive light on the importance of rescue.”

This is a bit of good news for the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who’s had an otherwise challenging year so far. The release of the ‘Vanderpump Dogs’ clip came less than a week after Lisa confirmed that her flagship restaurant Villa Blanca was closing its doors. And, back in January, a Vanderpump Dog Foundation employee filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the foundation. A court date was initially set for March 13 but there’s been no update on the case since February. 

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8 Responses

  1. NBC is rewarding LVP with another tv show?
    I still cant get past LVP forgiving Max, Brett and Jax behavior.
    When it comes to bad behavior, LVP always gives the men on her show a pass but the women are always held accountable

  2. The audience for this = The people who DON’T change the channel when the first three notes of the Sarah McLachlan song come on, and you know what’s to come….

    1. Exactly! I won’t be watching. The only thing on Animal Planet I watch is “Too Cute”. Kittens and Puppies playing. Isn’t Lala (the blow job for Gucci sandals) the star? I shelter elderly rescue cats. I have 11 at the moment. There is a lot of sadness.

    2. I’m an avid adopt-don’t-shop animal loving vegan but I don’t have ANY desire to watch this show. First off, I’m sick of LVP. I liked her on RHOBH but I’ve had enough of her forced appearances on VPR and no desire to see her here either. The scenes from Vanderpump Dogs were some of the most boring on VPR and we had to sit through a whole season of Puppygate on Housewives because of this establishment. Ugh.

      Besides, they aren’t trying to find home for the animals that need it the most. Cute little purse-sized designer puppies have no trouble being adopted. They should make an effort to find homes for older, larger, and mixed breed dogs that aren’t as Instagram-worthy but are just as worthy of love and being saved from a kill-shelter. Knowing LVP, I’m sure she’s making plenty of money from this endeavor and isn’t doing it out of the goodness of her heart.

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