‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Returns to TLC Next Month With 2 Returning & 3 New Polygamous Families: Watch the Season 5 Trailer

Ready or not, Seeking Sister Wife is back for another season!

Seeking Sister Wife returns for a new season next month, following couples, “throuples” and families of four (or more) who are looking to add someone new to their polygamous marriage.

Season 5 of the TLC series will feature some familiar faces from seasons past, while introducing viewers to three new plural-marriage hopefuls, as well as an all-too-personal look at one family’s “Boom Boom Room.” 

Personal space? Never heard of her.

Meet the Season 5 cast below: 

The Merrifields 

“Go ahead and count us in for next season in the likely event that we get it wrong again…”

Returning for yet another season are Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield, who are back on the plural-marriage dating scene after splitting from sister wife Roberta “Bert” Pache, according to In Touch. 

Garrick and Dannielle may be down a spouse, but the polygamous pair are far from out, as Season 5 will see the two courting the new sister wife in their life, Nathalia, of Brazil. 

Nathalia, aka Bert’s Backup.

“Some people live this lifestyle just to have sex freely, but that would be wrong and evil,” Garrick says in the Season 5 trailer. “No, those aren’t the reasons guys.” 

Sure, Jan Gar. 

The Davis Family

Nick, counting all of his wives. (Probably.)

Also returning to the series are Nick, Jennifer, April and Danielle Davis. (As viewers may recall from last season, despite the fact that both April and Jennifer consider Nick to be their husband, they are actually legally married to each other; Danielle joined the throuple in Season 4.)

This season, viewers will watch as the quad adapts to life with a new baby, while also considering adding another wife to the mix. 

Seeking Sister Wife AND a bigger hot tub.

“There are far more people who can’t do this than there are who can,” Nick says of his family’s polygamous lifestyle. 

The Ryans 

“I’ve been putting up with this man by myself for long enough.”

Joining the ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ family this season are Justin and Becky Ryan, who have been married for more than 25 years, but currently have a girlfriend who is struggling to commit to their unique lifestyle. 

Enter Yary, a woman who appears to be a solid match for Justin, but may be also questioning the Ryans’ controversial relationship preference.  

The Sherwoods 

These two Sherwood like to go from couple to throuple this season..

Newbies Shane and Ashley Sherwood are expecting their first child, and because this IS ‘Seeking Sister Wife,’ after all, the pair is also hoping to bring another wife into the fold. 

Ashley believes she may have found the ideal sister wife, but there’s just one issue with the potential newcomer: she isn’t into Ashley’s husband, Shane. 

“Hey Shane, would you mind seeking your own table and leaving us alone? Thanks.”

Viewers will also be introduced to the Salahuddin Family  in Season 5. 

Fifty percent of this couple are definitely on board with this idea.

The new season of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ premieres Monday, March 4 on TLC. 

Watch the Season 5 trailer below!

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Dannielle and Garrick are the new Meri and Kody. He’s using this as a work around to divorce. She is obviously only doing it to hold on to him.

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