‘Jersey Shore’ Family Vacation’ Season 4B to Premiere Next Month: Troubled Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Missing From Season’s Trailer

“Um…guys? Did I miss the shuttle to the Poconos or something?”

The Jersey Shore gang is back!

Well…most of them anyway…

The new trailer for the 4B season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation dropped on Tuesday, showing the ‘Shore’ crew and their significant others vacationing together in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. However, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was mysteriously missing from the shenanigans shown in the trailer, causing fans to wonder if the ‘Jersey Shore’ star was edited out of the season due to his recent legal troubles.

Ronnie— who was arrested last month for domestic violence against his girlfriend Saffire Matos and may still be facing charges— is nowhere to be seen in the trailer, which shows the roommates snow tubing, partying and sharing their recent life announcements. It appears that Ronnie either didn’t go on the ‘Vacation,’ or is having his footage left on the editing room floor. 

“I still get paid though, right? RIGHT?!?”

Viacom and 495 Productions (the production company behind ‘Jersey Shore’) have yet to comment on Ronnie’s arrest, charges and his absence in the trailer. It is not known if Ronnie will get completely edited out of the new season, just as Dee Nguyen was edited out of a season of MTV’s The Challenge after she made racially insensitive comments on social media last year. Siesta Key star Alex Kompothecras got the same treatment after his past racist and sexist social media comments went public. Both Dee and Alex were fired from their shows, but it is unknown if Ronnie will get the boot, too. 

While Ronnie is M.I.A. in the trailer, there are plenty of fun moments to look forward to, including the surprise return of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who quit the show back in December 2019. 

“Party’s heeere…but apparently Ronnie’s not!”

“The entire family is back together,” Deena Cortese says in the trailer. “It is everything!” 

We also see Jenni “Jwoww” Farley announce her engagement to the group. (Jenni and her boyfriend Zack Carpinello publicly announced their engagement back in March.) Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife Lauren do their gender reveal party during the season, with Mike excitedly telling the group that he’s expecting a son. 

“Fist pumps all around!”

While many of the cast members have posted the trailer to their social media accounts, Ronnie has remained silent about Season 4B and the new trailer. 

‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Season 4B premieres Thursday, June 3 on MTV. 

Watch the new trailer below!

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

24 Responses

  1. I didn’t watch last season. The show became too boring AND too orchestrated – a very bad combo!

  2. You cant be racist but domestic violence is ok.
    Hey MTV both are traits of a disgusting person.

    1. MTV should only film Ronnie at an anger management meeting. He shouldn’t get to earn more bail money for himself to keep beating on people.

  3. If MTV fires Ron for domestic violence they better keep that same energy for Amber Portwood from Teen Mom. She has been arrested and charged twice for DV.

  4. For those interested, there is an active change.org petition to fire Ronnie from Jersey Shore.

  5. When they were young and in their 20s, I didn’t like them but gave them a pass for being young and stupid. We all were once. Now this shit is just pathetically sad. A bunch of middle aged or almost middle aged people leaving their small children for a month or two at a time to do nothing but party, drink, and behave like middle school children…or in Ron’s case a drunk MMA fighter with anger issues. Can’t wait to hear about the Jersey Shore: 30 Year Family Vacation. They’ll all be suffering liver failure or from the effects of decades worth of bad plastic surgery (seriously, Jwow, fucking STOP!).

    1. I agree, but come on we know why they all do it $$$ they only film for about a month, then have to spend about a week promoting it and get paid six figures. It’s pretty easy and do any of them actually work? Other than Pauly?

  6. Snookie’s back. Oh yay.

    Guess the outside job opportunities that existed 10 years ago no longer exist and this is it. Jersey Shore IS her paying gig. No spinoffs or other networks, no promos or green shit tea ads will pay what MTV and JS do.

    See you for the next 25 seasons, there, bud.

  7. Soooo, if Safire had Ron’s baby in her arms while Ron was beating her up, Ron gets a pass?? Is that how this works, MTV??? That’s how MTV made it work for Amber!

  8. So Ronnie gets edited out, but Amber Portwood still gets a platform to complain on MTV?
    Make this make sense.

    1. Amber is a female, is this why?

      She isn’t the big draw on TMOG (is there one?), her storylines suck, she isn’t a hottie, she isn’t funny or entertaining… So why do they keep her?

      1. Because MTV’s purpose is to normalize dysfunction on behalf of the corrupt politicians that want a gov’t dependent population. There’s no other explanation. Only when they go too far and the outrage is too overwhelming do they pull back.

      2. The only reason I can come up with, is she MUST have something on MTV and they’re scared if they cut her she’s gonna spill. Like.. that’s the only logical thing I can come up with of why they’d keep her. She’s got Dr. Dumbass so far up her ass that he just turns a blind eye to the OBVIOUS nod she’s on during the reunion (the lashes aren’t keeping your eyes closed hunny). I used to be on Team Amber, but I can’t with her bullshit anymore.

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