‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Baby Mama Jen Harley to Walk Free After Domestic Violence Case Against Her Is Dismissed

“Until next time, guys!”

Jen Harley is not only free of her baby daddy Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, but now the Jersey Shore Family Vacation baby mama is free of her legal troubles, too!

TMZ broke the news on Monday that Jen—who is the mother of Ronnie’s daughter Ariana— has had her pending domestic violence charges dismissed. This comes as a surprise, as Jen was just formally charged a few weeks ago with a felony and misdemeanor, stemming from her arrest in June for alleged domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon.

The arrest came in June, after Jen was accused of hitting her boyfriend, Joe Ambrosole, and pulling a gun on him in Las Vegas.

TMZ reported that the Clark County District Attorney’s Office did not give a reason for dropping the assault with a deadly weapon and battery charges that had been filed against Jen in August.  

“So…..I’m off the hook? Say what you want about me and Ron but we have some good lawyers!”

In case you’ve forgotten the details of Jen’s arrest, it came after she and Joe allegedly got into a nasty argument about parking and Jenn’s drinking. (This argument took place in the parking lot of the Crazy Horse 3 strip club in Las Vegas, naturally.)

Things allegedly escalated and strip club security gave them the boot. The couple kept arguing and, allegedly, Jenn eventually began “wailing” on the back of Joe’s head and threw his cellphone out of the car. When Joe went to look for his phone, Jenn reportedly drove off and left Joe in the middle of the street. Joe claims when he finally made it back home, Jenn allegedly pointed a gun at him, threatened his life and used a racial slur.

She was eventually arrested and booked into Nevada’s Clark County Detention Center.

After her arrest, Jen checked into a rehab program, and her attorney vowed to get the charges against Jen dropped, proclaiming that she was innocent of the crimes she was accused of.

“We believe the charges are unsubstantiated and that overwhelming mitigating evidence exists that Jen did not commit any crime,” the statement released by Jen’s attorney read. “We look forward to our day in court and having all charges against Ms. Harley dismissed.”

Last month, Ronnie made it clear that he wants to stay as far from Jen (and any flying ashtrays and/or moving vehicles she may possess) as possible.

“We will continue to social distance! Safety first!”

“We don’t talk,” Ronnie said in an interview. “I’ve moved on. She lives her life and I live my life. That’s basically what it comes down to.”

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  1. I didn’t know much about her but recently I FINALLY watched The Las Vegas Jersey family vacation and Jen is straight up INSANE. She is SCARY. I’m not saying Ronnie is an angel but that chick is manipulative AF. Totally strikes me as someone with Narcissistic personality disorder. She twists everything and you can tell when she’s talking to the fam, when Ronnie is at the lawyer getting legal advice, that she tries to play them like a game of straight chess.

  2. Another break from the legal system, so she can go forth and harm others with the court’s blessing. Hope “rehab” helped, but I doubt it. Stay tuned!

  3. Way to keep it classy – both Ronnie and Jen have been accused of physical violence against their new significant others. I guess that’s their idea of “moving on”.

      1. Some things are certain in life. Taxes, death, and Nibs replying inappropriately to a blog post and signing it “Stay Lit”.

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