Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Baby Mama Jenn Harley Was Arrested After Allegedly Pointing a Gun at Her Boyfriend & Hitting Him in the Head: See Her Mugshot!

Sounds like an eventful weekend was had by all…

As Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was pulling out an engagement ring to propose to girlfriend Saffire Matos on Saturday, his baby mama Jenn Harley was allegedly pulling a gun on her boyfriend.


TMZ revealed that the mother of two and her boyfriend Joseph Ambrosole pulled up to the Crazy Horse 3 strip club in Las Vegas on Saturday, allegedly while arguing over where they should park and about Jenn’s drinking. Things between the couple reportedly got so bad that security had to ask them to leave, and while they did, the two continued to argue on the way home.

During the drive, Jenn allegedly “started wailing” on the back of Joe’s head before throwing his cellphone out of the car, forcing him to pull over on the side of the road to look for it. While outside the car looking for his phone, the site reports that Jenn hopped in the driver’s seat and took off, leaving Joe stranded in the street, where he had to find a ride home. 

Once Jenn and Joe were both back at home, Jenn allegedly pointed a gun at Joe and according to the arrest report, used a racial slur while threatening Joe’s life.

Jenn was booked into Nevada’s Clark County Detention Center and according to online court records, she is no longer in custody.

As for Ronnie, he has yet to post any comments about his ex’s arrest, though he and his bride-to-be have made sure to share plenty of post-engagement photos in the last 48 hours, which we’re sure haven’t bothered Jenn at all. 

Joe and Jenn have yet to comment on the alleged incident. 

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29 Responses

  1. That bitch is straight evil. Look at that mugshot. Take that baby away from her and please give her to other family members who are stable.

  2. These guys better ditch her quick unless they want to end up on an episode of Snapped! She seems extremely unstable and has been like this for years. Her mugshot also looks like she does hardcore drugs. Smh

  3. Wow. After some googling around, I discovered that Jenn is older than I thought, almost 34 years old! (She was actually over 30 years old when she decided that procreating with Ronnie was a good idea!) This is NOT how a single middle-aged mother behaves! She needs to put a poster-size copy of that horrific mugshot up on her wall and meditate on it every day! Yikes!

    The other sad thing is that both of Jenn’s parents are now deceased. She has no backup from them. (If she ever did, I don’t know.). She needs to sober up and get a LOT of help right away or who knows what will happen to her kids! I know the fear of losing custody of my baby daughter to RONNIE would permanently sober me right the hell up!

      1. Bless you, child! Nope, much older than that. Anyway, 34 plus 34 is 68, so Jenn is around her halfway point, IF she changes her ways! It looks like both of Jenn’s parents passed away in their early 50s, so that is alarming.

      2. Lmao their comment made me feel old as hell. I’m like whoa whoa slow it down. I am still going. 34 this Sunday and feeling young and full of life still lol.

      1. Bless you too, child! I guess my concern is if both Jenn’s parents died in their early 50’s, she should try to get it together NOW. She’s got 15 more years before her baby is even 18, and most kids need a lot of support way beyond that point.

      2. Lol at someone living to be 120. Places start giving senior discounts at 55 and AARP starts at 50. Middle age would be 35- 40 ish. Most American ppl live to be 70- 80.

  4. The always classy, Jenn ? In all seriousness though I’m very concerned about their daughter’s wellbeing considering both her parents both have substance abuse and violent tendencies. She needs to be in a stable household without yelling.

    Jenn also stole/drove her boyfriend’s car drunk, so that’s concerning for not only her safety but the safety of the other drivers on the road.

  5. why do girls thinks being crazy and toxic is cute? i never liked her but the fact that she said a racial slur with the hard r just shows what type of person she really is, disgusting.

  6. This makes me believe that all of those altercations with Ronnie were probably her initiating them. I’m interested to see if Ronnie stays out of the headlines now that he has moved on. I used to think he was the psychotic one, but now it seems like Jen was the problem. BTW she looks possessed in her mugshot. It’s pretty clear she has a problem with alcohol, and possibly other mental health issues. Hopefully she realizes her children deserve better, and gets some help!

  7. What kind of mother is this??? So drunk and obnoxious that she gets thrown out of strip clubs? Assaulting and pulling weapons on her boyfriend?? Giving NO thought to what will happen to her children if she is incarcerated??? Disgusting. She is seriously unhinged.

    1. This!!! Does she not consider that she has 2 kids who literally depend on her? What happens when she is in jail for these stupid offenses? I do not understand how parents don’t get it- every action you take affects your children!

  8. On the bright side, I respect a babe who is up for the strip club! Lets think positive here kids.

    stay lit

      1. This time she was. But she’s been around the violence, drama, chaos, screaming, etc. her whole little life.

        Imagine having all that money and opportunity for an amazing life, but then choosing to prioritize plastic surgery, fake Instagram poses, designer clothes, perfect makeup, strip clubs, alcohol, guys, drama, fame, social media likes, and guns over a precious baby girl who loves you more than anyone on this earth. What a waste of a life.

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