Ronnie Magro’s Baby Mama Jenn Harley Arrested For Assault with a Deadly Weapon & Domestic Battery

“I hope they saved me my special cell!”

Jenn Harley is not about to let her often-arrested ex Ronnie Magro have all the behind-bars fun! Over the weekend, Jenn was arrested for domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon.

TMZ broke the news that the Jersey Shore baby mama was booked into Nevada’s Clark County Detention Center on Saturday night on charges of domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon. 

According to online court records, Jenn is no longer in custody; however, it is unknown at this time who Jenn’s alleged victim(s) are.

She is currently dating a man named Joe, but he had not mentioned Jenn’s arrest online as of press time. He did, however, post a photo of himself and Jenn out to dinner on Saturday night in Las Vegas.


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As for Ronnie— who, as you may remember, was arrested back in April for domestic violence but had those charges dropped— he spent Sunday at Disneyland with Ariana, the daughter he shares with Jenn. He posted photos of their trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.


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Some of Ronnie’s fans joked about Jenn’s arrest in the comment section of his post.

“Happy Father’s day. Stay strong,” one person wrote. “Your baby momma gave you a gift today too. Karma is not just a club.”

“You at Disney with ur baby while the baby momma in jail today lol…” another person wrote.

This is not the first time Jenn has been arrested for domestic violence. During the Summer of 2018, she was arrested on charges of domestic violence for allegedly hitting and dragging Ronnie with her car. On New Years Eve of that same year, Jen allegedly threw an ashtray at Ronnie’s head, resulting in her May 2019 arrest on an outstanding warrant for domestic violence – a charge she was cleared for that July. 

“OK, it’s your turn to be arrested next, Ron…”

She also has several other domestic violence and/or assault arrests. In 2009, she was arrested for battery after she allegedly kicked another woman while the woman was lying on the ground. (The case was eventually dismissed.) In 2013, she was arrested  for allegedly assaulting her ex-husband. Radar Online stated that her ex claimed Jen punched him in the face threatened him with a baseball bat. Jen claimed she acted in self defense and that case was dismissed.

In 2016, she was arrested for battery and domestic violence for allegedly scratching her boyfriend at the time. That case was also dismissed.

Jenn has yet to speak out regarding her most-recent arrest.

UPDATE! More details have been released regarding what happened on the night Jenn was arrested. Click here to read more, and to see her latest mugshot!

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21 Responses

  1. Someone needs to take her car away, she uses it like a weapon. She needs one of those little tykes cars, she can’t kill anyone with that. Crazy is very deep in this chic.

  2. Wtf is she trying to do?? Go tit for tat with the TM franchise?? At this point it’s like the battle of the shows…who’s more violent??…In one corner we have the ash tray throwing psycho, who will spit in your face and drag you with her car, in another corner we have the machete wielding nut bag who has no problem punching your head into a wall while the child you share is in the vicinity, and in another corner we have a dog murdering wife and child beater.

    Jen acts like she has nothing to lose, and those are the scariest types of people. I’ll never forget when Ron “threatened” to call the cops on her after she hit him and spit in his face, and she got up in his face and was like you think I’m afraid to go to jail?!…well, it now seems like that was a rhetorical question and she is indeed not afraid to go to jail.

  3. I’m so annoyed with the messages supporting Ron. It wasn’t him committing assault and domestic battery *this time*. He’s done it before and will again. And so so will Jenn. These two are both a dumpster fire inside of a train wreck, with the impulse control of a drunk toddler. Neither should be allowed any parenting time.

    1. Yea, Ron IS NO SAINT…he’s just the one that didn’t get arrested this time. The last time he was arrested Jen was looking like the better parent, and now look. They’re both the same.

  4. I was noticing how happy he is with the new chick and drama free from what I know (well, besides the one issue in April) and thought “it has to be Jenn” and lookie here what I see today…
    She seems like a train wreck, Not that he hasn’t had his issues but she’s a woman and has had more than a handful of assault arrests. Needs to get into some therapy and anger management ASAP. If I was Ronnie, I’d take that baby ASAP.

  5. Where TF is CPS?? Those violent POS can’t be responsible for a cactus, let alone a child. Seriously, they’ll f*ck her up. Doesn’t any of them have parents or siblings or something? For f*** sake

  6. I cant believe that Ronnie’s fans are acting like he is any better than her! What I also can’t believe is that that weirdo even has any fans… these two are equally terrible and that poor sweet little girl needs to be removed from both of their care.

  7. Between this poor little girl and those poor kids on the land it’s getting to be a very scary world. There needs to be a child protection agency just for reality tv children because it’s clear these kids are in trouble

  8. She seriously couldn’t be more vile. In other words, she’d be the perfect candidate next time there’s an opening on Teen Mom.

  9. Just imagining that little girl scared beyong belief when crap like this happens around her is just awful to think about. The damage that these 2 have done to her is something that they don’t even comprehend. Poor child.

  10. That poor baby. She deserves loving parents and a stable home. Do either of the lunatic parents have anyone in their families who could take this baby girl?? Praying for her.

  11. Assuming Ronnie was involved in this incident and is Jen’s victim, all I can think is that eventually one, or quite possibly both of these people, are going to end up dead. Ronnie and Jen are toxic and it is terrifying. Something DRASTIC needs to happen to keep these two apart.

    If Ronnie wasn’t involed here and it involved someone else, Jen is toxic and needs help. Ronnie is toxic and needs help.

    Both Ronnie and Jen are abusers and this is scary. It’s sick that people are telling Ronnie in comments that Jen getting arrested is karma. It’s not karma! Jen is sick and a serious intervention needs to happen asap. They are BOTH abusers and are a recipe for disaster and tragedy. Jen and Ronnie’s daughter is being traumatized by her dysfunctional parents. She deserves to have two loving parents who haven’t been arrested multiple times for abusing each other.

    I feel like it’s just a matter of time until I see a headline saying Ronnie Nd Jen are dead in a murder-suicide or that one os dead and the other has been arrested for the murder.

    1. Ronnie was in Disneyland with the baby.

      So this was probably her lucky new guy or some other innocent victim.

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