‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Files Police Report Against Baby Mama Jen Harley; Claims She Chucked An Ashtray At His Head

“I feel very concussed!”

Another day, another battle between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his on- and off-again ex, Jen Harley!

TMZ reports that the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star filed a police report on Thursday, alleging that Jen threw an ashtray at his head during their big New Year’s Eve fight. According to Ronnie, the ashtray hit him in the nose hard enough to break the skin and leave visible injuries. (According to an update by E! News, Ronnie’s nose was bloodied and he left the club “covered in blood.”)

This comes just one day after TMZ reported on the couple breaking up on New Year’s Eve after getting into a big fight (that reportedly started when Jen spilled a drink on Ronnie’s shoes), and Jen coming home to find her home ransacked. She reportedly told police that she believes Ronnie was responsible for the damage, which Jen says included a smashed big screen TV, and broken photo frames and a vase.

E! News reports that “Jen was apparently watching the destruction the entire time since she was FaceTiming Ronnie.”

While police told the site that Ronnie is not being considered a suspect in the burglary, as there is no evidence proving that he was the culprit, they did tell TMZ on Wednesday that they’d like to speak to the ‘Jersey Shore’ star.

Ronnie stayed uncharacteristically silent after that story broke. However, his filing the police report against Jen may be his retaliation.

“That does it! I’m wearing this next time I go around Jen. Safety first!”

In his police report, Ronnie reportedly stated that he wants Jen to get “professional help” and that he is worried about the safety of Ariana, the nine-month-old daughter he shares with Jen.

“On Jan. 3, 2019, [Ronnie] came to an LVMPD substation to file a Battery Domestic Violence report against his girlfriend,” the Las Vegas Police Department’s Public Information Officer told E! News in a statement. “According to [Ronnie], the alleged battery occurred on Dec. 31, 2018 at approximately 11:43 p.m. inside of a business located on the 6000 block of Dean Martin Drive. This alleged battery is currently being investigated by detectives.”

This latest incident is just par for the course with Ronnie and Jen. For the last year, the couple has broken up, aired each other’s dirty laundry on social media, and then reunited. Some of their fights in 2018 were brutal and often required police intervention, and, sometimes an arrest.


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In early December, Ronnie accused Jen of cheating on him and posted on Instagram that he was worried that Ariana is not his child. Two months earlier, the cops were called while Ron and Jen were fighting, and Ronnie accused Jen (via Instagram) of extortion. Jen retaliated by posting a video of Ronnie and his “crazy” aunt trying to withhold Ariana from her. (Two days later, though, the couple was back together and boating on a yacht with friends.)

Other altercations between the ‘Jersey Shore’ stars include another October incident in which Ronnie insinuated that Jen had given him a black eye, while she accused him of being a drug addict. In June of 2018, Jen was arrested on charges of domestic abuse after allegedly dragging Ronnie with her car while he was exiting her vehicle during yet another fight. 

Jen has not responded publicly to the police report Ronnie filed…at least, not yet…

UPDATE! Us Weekly has posted photos of Ronnie’s battered face. Ronnie claims he obtained the noticeable injuries from the New Year’s Eve fight with Jen.

UPDATE #2: TMZ has obtained a video of Ronnie smashing Jen’s “Ring” doorbell camera in December, as well as photos of the inside of Jen’s home, following the New Year’s Eve ransacking incident.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Sounds like the Sammi saga.
    It’s funny that every chick he’s with, he brings out the crazy out of them.

    And him? Roid rage

  2. This poor baby does not deserve this. Time to grow up. Quit acting like children. If your focus was your daughter, then none of this would be happening. Quit being pieces of crap and fix yourselves before your daughter is old enough to remember this.

  3. And im sure they are back together already.

    This is so great for the baby. So much better than breaking up. This way their daughter can see them together, watch mom drag daddy with the car, throw ashtrays, hit & spit on him while daddy smashes the TV & other stuff in the house.

    This is so much better than breaking up & going to spend time at dads house then going to moms and splitting holidays. Who needs that when they can be together & see the cops so much you think they are family

  4. A judge needs to order these 2 to get drug tested, and have no communication. Let other family members exchange their child. I hope for their daughter’s sake they will grow up before they ruin her childhood with their petty BS!

  5. That child needs to be somewhere else and those two need extensive therapy, anger management classes, and parenting classes before they get that girl back. This child is going to be messed up if they don’t.

  6. I’m so glad you crazy people decided to have a baby together to raise to be just like y’all. No really. Society thanks you. INSERT EYE ROLL HERE

  7. Ugh, these two. Just STOP! It doesn’t do anyone justice, especially their child! One day one of them will end up being killed or in hospital with serious injuries! Why is it so hard to just break up forever?! Their kid will certainly benefit from it.

  8. He is nothing but a drugged up controlling abusive little man and she’s exactly the same. Bet Sammi is glad she got away from that mess.

    1. Yep, he’s the reason she didn’t do the reboot of Jersey Shore. She seems to be have a long term boyfriend and looks really happy with him! Money isn’t worth the disturbance of inner peace!

  9. Can someone please step in and get custody of this child. They both need help. She’s crazy. I don’t know why he keeps getting back with her. Their daughter doesn’t need to be in this situation.

  10. Something tells me Sammi is feeling like a million bucks knowing thst the best thing that ever happened to her was ending her relationship with Ronnie as well as not returning to the show. He is such a hot mess it’s kind of amazing he managed to find someone who is somehow messier!

    1. I was just thinking that. At first, it didn’t seem right not to have Sammie, but not joining was the sanest thing she did. Who knows what Ron would have done and said to piss her off and create more havoc.

  11. Of course he did. And of course she did. Because they’re both fucking crazy. A pair of unstable, violent drunken idiots who should have restraining orders to prevent either of them from contacting the other, ever.

  12. That bitch is crazy. That cheesy ass mug picture is bananas. BANANAS.

    She really is crazy, and he isn’t much better. Ronnie isn’t that bright and seems to have been struggling with various substance abuse.

    Do your kid a favor, end the relationship. It’s terrifying for children to witness their parents being violent.

  13. Look, Ron is a hot mess, but I feel like he’s at least aware of it. I have more hope for him than I do her. He needs to step up for his daughter and end this dumpster fire of a relationship. It might stabilize Jen, but if not, he can try to get custody

  14. Will someone besides one of them please try to file for custody of that baby?…Their dysfunction is in a whole other level, and it ain’t cool. Ron needs to realize this girl isn’t Sam, and she’s not gonna put up with his shit. Jen is crazy as hell, and I don’t think she’s one to eff with. It’s only a matter of time before she seriously injures him or kills him. She already said she doesn’t give AF if she goes to jail, right before she dragged him with her car….The girl gives ZERO fucks.

  15. Where I live, Children services is automatically called when police respond to domestic violence calls. Where is CPS? They are both messed up, but Jen is nuts. Ron, get your shit together, get therapy, and get custody of the baby.

    1. I’m not for airing public items, but if he is THAT concerned, then get a paternity test done. I’m sure that when your daughter grows older she going to be thrilled reading a) You didn’t think she was yours and b) her mother messed around with a bunch of people and you felt the need to broadcast it.

  16. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Sami be happy you got out when you did. I bet he’s the problem.

  17. They are the perfect example of people who post perfect family pics but you know they are a MESS. They need to stay away from each other and coparent through the courts. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And an ashtray? Hard to get any trashier but I’m sure they’ll try.

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