Street Brawls, Bottom Feeders & a Cheating Bombshell: TLC Releases Trailer for Season 3 of ‘The Family Chantel’

…is what they should’ve named this show.

The third season of The Family Chantel premieres next month, and, while it doesn’t appear that any dining room tables will be harmed in the upcoming season, there will be plenty of fighting and, as always, entirely too much family meddling.

The Season 3 preview starts off on a positive note, as 90 Day Fiancé couple Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno reveal they are on the hunt for some new digs. However, things turn sour when Pedro suggests his family shack up with the couple, which Chantel will only agree to if her mother-in-law Lidia and sister-in-law Nicole are kept downstairs in a crate…naturally.

Meanwhile, Chantel’s brother River reveals he has a serious girlfriend, and right on cue, The Mother Chantel Karen begins asking questions and (seemingly) wondering how she can insert herself and cause drama in yet another one of her children’s relationships. 

Someone better hide Shockey the Taser, just in case.

…and speaking of the Everett siblings, Chantel’s sister Winter has reunited with her boyfriend Jah, much to The Family Chantel’s dismay. To make things worse, (for Winter and Jah) the couple now follow “a biblical diet” that does not allow them to eat shrimp– which Karen takes very personally for some reason.

This group usually starts fighting and throwing food/furniture around, so you probably won’t get the opportunity to eat anyway.

After probing the couple on their food preferences, Karen insists she isn’t a bottom feeder just because she likes to indulge in a shrimp cocktail on occasion. 

…for you to take off that hat? Because 1990s Paula Abdul called and she wants it back…

Things with Pedro’s family aren’t much better, due large in part to his sister Nicole’s long-distance relationship with the still-married Alejandro. In the preview, a run-in between Pedro and Alejandro ends in a full-on street brawl, as Alejandro insults both Pedro and Lidia. 

I suppose he hides his bull**** detector in that hair…

This season we’ll also get to see Chantel, Karen and Winter take a trip to the Dominican Republic, coincidentally when Pedro is there visiting his mom and sister in an attempt to get more information about his father. 

Apparently a random pageant queen and Carmen Sandiego were also invited on the girls’ trip?

Nicole uses the “family reunion” as an opportunity to– once again– try to break up her brother’s marriage. This particular stunt involves Nicole telling Chantel that Pedro “had sex with Coraima“– aka the recipient of Pedro’s dirty dancing back in Season 1. 

“That’s what you get for suggesting I sleep in a crate.”

At this point, yet another family brawl breaks out– this time, ending with the police being called. 

Season 3 of ‘The Family Chantel’ premieres October 11 on TLC.

Check out the preview below! 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. “Apparently a random pageant queen and Carmen San Diego were also invited on the girls’ trip”
    I’m dead. As Sir Nibs would say, Stay Lit

  2. I haven’t had to go to my niece’s school for two years to see terrible acting in scripted performances for two years due to the pandemic, what makes TLC think anyone would want to have to watch something like this garbage?

  3. I have not watched a single episode of this show. I can’t stand the family. I am happy they are not in any of the 90day spin offs. Seems like this recap let us know about the entire season. No need to spend another second thinking about it

  4. These two families are such trash, but I will say, Karen’s tiny cowboy hat remains one of the greatest accessories I have ever witnessed on reality TV. 🤠🤠

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