‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9B Episode 13 Recap: Dissing People on Instagram & a Disappointing Gender Reveal

“Another girl? Sigh…throw her on the heap…”

Oh, hello there! It’s been over a decade and you’re still here? It’s good to know The Ashley isn’t the only one who has no life and is still watching these spawn-shooters complain about finding maternity pants with pockets big enough to stuff all their MTV cash into.

It’s time for yet another season of Teen Mom OG!

The wombs are stuffed, the producers have been coached into what to ask and Amber has been properly turned in order to prevent her from getting couch sores, so let’s get started!

We kick things off in Indiana at Amber’s house. (I love how they make sure to let us know that it’s “Amber’s RENTAL” and not her “house” every time they show it. I mean, duh, guys, we know that’s not Amber’s house. After all, there are no machete whack marks on the doors!) 

Producer Anne Marie arrives and seems surprised to see Amber upright. She says she’s making an Easter basket for “Bubby.” (We can assume this is not the OG “Bubby,” who is Amber’s brother Shawn, but Bubby 2, who is Amber’s son James.) 

“Back in my druggin’ days, it would have been ME rolling on the floor!”

While Amber will be seeing James Bubby, she says she most likely won’t get to see her other kid, Leah BooBoo, who wants nothing to do with Amber (or her annoying nicknames) right now. Amber says it’s no fair that Leah BooBoo thinks she’s a bad mom. To prove that she used to do “Mom things” with Leah (when she wasn’t on drugs, shoving Gary down the stairs or hanging with her cellies in gel), Amber busts out the Ye Olde Photo Album to show Producer Anne Marie some photos of Baby Leah BooBoo with the Easter Bunny.

“She doesn’t remember this I guess,” Amber says snarkily.

Amber then gives us a recap to explain why her relationship with Leah BooBoo is currently in the driveway crapper. She says that, after spending 17 months in gel, she “tried to make up for lost time.” (Of course, she did this in between giving her soulmates lie-detector tests, getting knocked up and trying to bitch-slap Farrah for making fun of Matt “Don’t Slip In My Hair Grease” Baier.) 

“But in between all that, I was Mommin’ so hard! I should have gotten one of those Mom T-shirts Kail always wears!”

We also get to see the clip from last season of Leah BooBoo telling her dad Gary that all Amber did “was give birth to me.” (The Ashley is still trying to get over watching that birth. If she sleeps with the light on and drinks enough, she doesn’t see Ambie yakking up Taco Bell while in the birthing stirrups.) 

Just then, Amber’s own mom, Tonya, calls to inform Ambie that she’s got everything set up for Sunday’s Easter festivities. Amber, true to form, then launches into a talk about how hurt she was about what Leah said about her. Tonya tries to comfort Amber as Amber insists that Leah’s being brainwashed by somebody

“Unlike that dern Kristina, who is just a woman who takes care of my kid.”

Next, we swing over to Michigan to see what Catelynn has been up to. As you may remember, the last time we saw Cate, she was pissing in Tupperware containers, trying to get pregnant with The Spawn of Tyler. She’s now pregnant with Baby No. 4, and they’re all pretending like they don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl. (We all know that, no matter how many protein shakes he downs or Batman tattoos he gets, Tyler only shoots girl sperm.) 

Producer Kerthy is feeling quite randy, and asks Cate and Tyler how they’re gonna bang when they have an infant sleeping in their room. Ty and Cate insist that Ty will keep giving Cate that [7 point] Hot Beef Injection all the live-long day because babies don’t know when you’re banging. 

I think that’s nice….

And they wonder why their kids spit up so much…

We then rehash Tyler’s obsession to have a male spawn. (I suppose he wants a boy so badly because he wants a male heir to that Tierra Reign kids clothes fashion empire?) They talk about how they considered doing gender selection for their next kid, but Catelynn wasn’t willing to shell out the dough it would cost to pick through Tyler’s sea of female swimmers to find a male one.

“Do you KNOW how many packs of ciggies that money could buy?”

Tyler and Cate assure Producer Kerthy that, even if this baby is another girl, they will not keep trying. Catelynn says she is going to do a test to find out the baby’s gender the next day. Tyler, meanwhile, is off drooling in the corner of the kitchen, dreaming of finally getting a boy.

The next day, Cate goes to her appointment (and is doing a bit of foreshadowing by literally wearing a “Girl Mom” sweatshirt). 

“Hopefully it’s a boy!” she says.

Spoiler alert!

Umm…let’s just say don’t throw that “Girl Mom” sweatshirt away, Cate…

Over in California, Cheyenne and her (newest) baby daddy Zach are preparing to welcome their first kid together. Cheyenne– now six months pregnant– says she and her growing family are (still) allowing her sister R You Ever Going To Move Out? to crash at their place, along with R’s son, Baaz. 

“The second she starts asking for a weekly allowance, we’re pulling the plug on this arrangement.”

Cheyenne isn’t thrilled about being pregnant in the middle of a pandemic (if only there were some way to prevent pregnancy!) but with the help of FaceTime, she’s able to keep her family involved as much as she can in her doctor’s appointments, while they sit at home waiting for her cue to start planning another over-the-top party. 

Due to pandemic safety protocols, Zach is also banned from Cheyenne’s appointments, but he’s trying like hell to get in on that family video chat in order to feel like he’s somewhat a part of this whole pregnancy thing.  

When you have to check your girlfriend’s sister’s social media to find out how your unborn son’s appointment is going.

Once Cheyenne and Zach arrive at the doctor’s office, Cheyenne heads inside and Zach runs to the bathroom. While Zach is off flexing in the mirror and whatnot, Cheyenne’s producer JC hears the baby’s heartbeat, as Cheyenne is still mic’ed up. By the time Zach and his tracksuit make it back to the car, Cheyenne’s appointment is nearly over, and Zach realizes Cheyenne didn’t FaceTime him during the appointment as she told him she would. 

When Cheyenne gets into the car, Zach starts grilling her, while grinning, and trying his absolute hardest to not lose his cool on camera. Cheyenne tells Zach she didn’t FaceTime him because her doctor was talking and because they didn’t end up doing an ultrasound. Zach– still attempting to hold his smile– isn’t satisfied with Cheyenne’s explanation and the two begin arguing. 

“Can’t a man take a pee without missing out on hearing his kid? Damn, bro.”

Cheyenne accuses Zach of not supporting her, while Zach can’t let go of the FOMO he’s experiencing. He does, however, let go of that smile he was trying so hard to maintain throughout this argument. (Is anyone else confused as to what they’re both mad about? Just me? Ok…)

“Smile one more time, I dare ya!”

As things escalate– and by “things” we mean the volume of Cheyenne’s voice– Cheyenne tells Zach to pull the car over so she can kick him to the curb (literally). Cheyenne then hops into the driver’s seat and leaves Zach on the sidewalk. 


Cheyenne turns off the cameras in her car, but the mics continue to pick up sound as she calls her mom to vent about Zach and the fact that she’s currently “carrying the weight of the world.”

UM…it sounds like Chey’s been hanging out with Ambie a bit too much…

Meanwhile, Zach is forced to hitch a ride with JC, who is clearly dealing with a guilty conscience over the argument that just transpired over the fact that his ears work…or something…

” …if I offer to show you some REALLY embarrassing footage of Cory, can we agree to put all of this behind us?”

Zach instructs JC to take him to Cheyenne’s mom’s house so he can get his keys out of Cheyenne’s car, but when they arrive in JC’s super-fly minivan, Zach realizes Cheyenne’s car is locked, which forces him to tuck his tail between his tracksuit and ring the doorbell.

Cheyenne’s mom and stepdad come outside to hear Zach’s version of what went down, after just listening to Cheyenne scream her own version of the story inside. (Seriously, WHAT went down? Can someone create a flowchart or something?)

Zach tries to get Chey’s family to see his side of things, but Cheyenne’s mom, Margaret, argues (and mimes, for some reason) that Cheyenne is pregnant, therefore she gets a pass to do whatever she pleases, including leaving her baby daddy on the side of the road.

“Don’t be so dramatic, you could’ve jogged home. I mean, you’re clearly dressed for such an activity.”

Almost on cue, Cheyenne storms out of the house to show just how “crazy” her hormones can get. After launching some F-bombs directly at JC and his working ears, Cheyenne throws some more at the crew, demanding they stop filming. 

And thus concludes JC’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day of work.

Next we go over to Tennessee. At House of Oopsie Babies and Open Bud Lights, we find Maci & Co. celebrating Easter as all families do– with a room full of strangers and a film crew. 

“Don’t ‘ugh’ the cameras, Mav… you LOVE having them around! Now get your mullet out of your eyes and put a smile on your sticky face– it’s showtime.”

Maci and Taylor mark the holiday by inviting a masked bunny into their home to toss some candy to the kids and force hugs upon them. While Maci and Taylor show little to no enthusiasm during this scene, we’ll give them some credit for not making the bunny hand out “Things That Matter” gear via t-shirt cannon. 

When you find out you aren’t actually allowed to eat your Easter candy because your mom is worried you won’t make weight for wrestling…

Maci reminds viewers at this point that things are always still a hot mess between her and Ryan, as well as Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry. We then get a fun flashback of the reunion face-off between Ryan’s parents and Maci and Taylor, and yes, it’s just as awkward as we all remember. There’s Taylor, all red-faced and shouting, and here’s Larry, balling up his fists and getting ready to charge Taylor like a raging geriatric bull.

We also get to hear Maci’s version of the reunion sh*t show-down when she recounts the mess to her friend Ashley. 

” …and spare no details because I actually have a life and never intend to watch the episode when it airs.”

Maci tells Ashley about all the finger-pointing, teeth-gritting and shouting that Larry did, and how Taylor “didn’t do anything wrong”– besides allowing his son and stepson to continue rocking those unfortunate haircuts, of course. Ashley asks Maci if Bentley knows how to read and use the Internet what happened at the reunion, to which Maci admits she and Taylor told him.

Maci claims Bentley probably “knew it was coming,” and that she isn’t worried about what Ryan or Ryan’s parents think, because she and Taylor were only looking out for Bentley’s best interest. 

After pulling off such a hoppin’ Easter celebration, Maci and Taylor keep the festivities going by organizing a dinner for Taylor’s friend, who is getting ready to become a new dad. 

“Oh, is he going to force his kid to appear on a reality TV show, too?”

Naturally, Taylor hypes his buddy up for fatherhood by talking about himself and the fact that he didn’t conduct himself the way he planned to at the reunion. Taylor tells his friend– who is undoubtedly regretting his decision to come over for a free meal– that he’s planning to talk to Bentley to explain his side of the reunion debacle. 

Taylor, are you going to have this little heart-to-heart chat on-camera?

We next head over to Florida, where Mackenzie is still living and working on her fitness career, and hoping people have forgotten about her son taking a crap in her boss’s garage last year. (Spoiler alert: they haven’t.) Things with Mackenzie and her former rodeoing husband Josh are going well; however, Mackenzie says it’s hard being in Florida and not getting to see her dad, Brad, often. 

Mackenzie calls her dad to find out why she isn’t able to randomly spy on him through his Alexa anymore, to which Brad insists he doesn’t need his Mackenzie or his other kids to meddle so much. 

Maybe Mackenzie should focus on watching these three instead?

Brad says he’s “filling” alright, but doesn’t “fill” complete– and hasn’t– since Mackenzie’s mom passed away. Mackenzie tells her dad she’s coming to Oklahoma for the weekend to visit him without her energy-suck of a husband or her wild and crazy kids… or so Brad thinks. Mackenzie actually plans to surprise Brad by bringing the whole crew– a bold choice, given Brad’s history of heart issues. 

By “him” she means Josh, who won’t have to stay in Florida with the kids by himself.

When the McKee Circus arrives in Oklahoma, they– except Josh, of course– make a mad dash to the front door to greet the family while completely terrifying all witnesses in the process.

Me, running to refill my birth control after watching this scene…

Before Brad arrives, Mackenzie gets to meet her new niece and gets overcome with Baby Fever. This makes everyone panic at the thought of more McKees making their way into the world to poop in the carports of America. 

Gee, I can’t imagine where they learned that behavior…

Brad soon arrives at the house and is nearly tackled to the ground by his grandkids. 

Later on, Mackenzie and her siblings sit down to talk about their dad’s house and how concerned they are that he isn’t monitoring his diabetes and instead, is sneaking food from his snack-stash in the bedroom. Mackenzie’s sister decides they should stage an intervention, and naturally, they decide this should go down 1) on-camera and 2) while Josh and the kids are away… stuffing their faces with donuts. 

When Brad comes in to talk to his kids, they explain how concerned they are that he isn’t eating healthy or exercising. The kids propose having prepped meals delivered to him each week, to which Brad says he just wants to eat something that tastes good. He also reminds them how much he misses their mom, revealing that he cries at least once or twice a day.

Mackenzie tells Brad eating healthy helps her with her depression but Brad says he isn’t sure he’s actually depressed. He also admits that his doctor has recommended he start talking to someone about his grief. 

“And, Mack, please keep Broncs out of this garage. I’ve got enough to deal with without havin’ to scrape feces off my gym equipment, OK?”

Back in Indiana, Amber is angry that Gary won’t respond to her about making Leah BooBoo come over for Easter. Instead of just taking the “L” on this one, Amber decides to “help” the matter by throwing on her “ranting robe” and jumping on The Instagram. She begins to rant about how awful Gary and Kristina are, how Kristina doesn’t do anything for Leah (I think I just peed myself from laughing, guys), and how that harlot Kristina stole GarBear away from her while she was in “gel.”

“When you’re a wh0re, you’re a wh0re!” Amber declares.

(All in favor of changing the name of this show to that, say “I”…)

“Next time Kristina does my grocery shopping, I’m gonna make her get me eggs so I can dye one and write ‘Wh0re’ across it!”

(Remember, these are the people who wanted to literally move Amber onto their property so she could be closer to Leah. These are the people who always called Amber and asked her to come on family outings so Leah could be with her mom more often.)

Amber seems quite pleased with her rant, but, surprisingly, Gary and Kristina are not thrilled. The next day, Kristina informs Gary that Ambie “has went on Instagram rants again.”

I mean, nothing says Easter Time Fun quite like your baby mama screaming on The Instagram that your wife is a wh0re, am I right? That’s a Resurrection Day to remember!

Kristina rattles off all the rotten things Rantin’ Ambie said about her, and says that, so far, she’s ignored it.


“You best be slappin’ a muzzle on your baby mama, Gary!”

Gary assures Kristina that she’s neither a wh0re or a homewrecker, because Gary says he told Amber six months before she was released from the clink that he was going to the boneyard with Kristina. 

Gary assures Kristina that Amber only hates her because Leah hates Amber and likes Kristina. Got all that?

Gary and Kristina realize that Leah now has access to The Interwebs and will likely see Amber in all her rantin’ glory and be embarrassed.

“…and firmly planted on her Lazy Boy deluxe couch, we’d all better off!”

Later, Amber decides all that rantin’ and screamin’ has worn her (and her trusty couch) out, so she books a hotel downtown for a “change of scenery.” As you do…

She gets herself all nestled in that rented bed and tells the Producer that she’s very stressed so she deserved this “vacation.”

(Apparently, when you’re Amber any day not spent in your own bed is a “vacation” day? I guess how you categorize days when you don’t have a job?)

Personally, I think Ambie ran away from home because she was afraid GarBear was gonna come over angrier than a prison cellie who had her Top Ramen stolen, and tell Amber to cut the crap.

Producer Anne Marie slyly mentions that she saw Amber on Instagram the night before.

“I wrapped my head in toilet paper so no one would recognize me!”

 Amber admits she may have “overdone” it a little. She says she deleted the video, and is mad that it still got “f**king blasted everywhere!” 


Does she not realize that people like The Ashley are literally just sitting there, waiting for someone on one of these crap shows to do something like this?! (Yes, I know I’m pathetic and no, I do not care.) 

Not surprisingly, Gary and Leah have been ignoring Ambie’s phone calls and texts. This broad is actually mad at them for ignoring her. 

I can’t….

Amber complains that she texts Leah all the time and never gets a response. (That’s a hard head underneath all that toilet paper, guys.) Again, she blames “other people” for getting into Leah’s head to make her hate Amber. 

I can NOT….

To get an answer to that question, literally look up “Amber Portwood” in the search box on my site…

Bless Producer Anne Marie, though. She’s sitting there in Amber’s sad “vacation” hotel room, and not pointing out that Amber caused all of this on her own by ranting about Leah’s loved ones, choosing men over Leah for most of Leah’s life and being selfish. She tells Amber she’d like to come up with a way for Amber and Leah to become close again.

“We are close!” Amber shoots back.

Um… you’ve been left on “read” for months, girl. You ain’t close…

Over at the Edwards’ house, Jen and Larry are still in shock over the “hostile situation” they walked into at the reunion. (By the way, this footage was filmed before the Edwards Gang was fired. The Reunion was filmed in February, and this scene was filmed shortly after that. The firing happened in March.)

Jen says getting called out for babying and making excuses for her grown ass son did nothing but make things worse for everyone. 

“I mean, is it really that hard for everyone to just admit that Ryan is a standup guy and basically the Second Coming?”

Later on, Maci picks up the Oopsie Babies from school while Taylor picks up Bentley so he can apologize for yelling at his grandparents on TV about how much their son sucks. 

” …and we plan to keep talking about it until the next reunion rolls around.”

Taylor tells Bentley (who looks like he’d rather eat his own mullet than be part of this convo) that he didn’t intend to lose his cool, but at the same time he felt like he needed to defend Maci against Ryan’s enablers– whom Bentley can still visit, if he wishes. 

Later on, Taylor tells Maci he apologized for making things a bigger mess for Bentley than they already were, to which Maci admits they all “lost their crap.” Taylor then starts disputing all of the claims Jen and Larry made on the reunion, while a nearly-coherent Maci tells him she feels no pressure to have a relationship with the Edwards fam, at least not any time soon. 

In other news: water is wet.

Back in Michigan, Catelynn and Tyler’s gender kit has arrived. Thankfully, it doesn’t require Catelynn to pee, so there’s no need to break out the family’s good Tupperware for the occasion. She pricks her finger and has the results emailed to Producer Kerthy. 

Later, as one of their many girl spawns are just gnawing Fruit-by-the-Foot in bed (as you do), Cate tells us that Producer Kerthy got their test results back. She brings in a “gender reveal popper” for them to pull and find out if their baby is a prized boy or just another girl to throw on the double-X-chromosome heap.

“We could still name a girl Tyler Jr….right?”

They finally pull the buzzer popper thing, screaming “Don’t be a girl! Don’t be a girl!” They think it’s broken because no colored confetti pops out. All of a sudden, though, it begins to spew. Pink confetti sprays everywhere.

Tyler, talking about his testes, which seem to be physically unable to make boy sperm…

“It’s another girl,” they both say disappointedly.

(Um…maybe don’t show Baby Tylerella this episode when she’s older…)

Tyler’s over there, deep breathing in the corner, trying not to freak out. They’re both super-disappointed, and Cate even asks, “What are we gonna do?” (I mean, they could always dump it on Cate’s mom April to raise, like they did their therapy pig?) 

They decide they’ll just have to add another girl to their family. 

“Who knows, maybe it might grow a penis?” Cate suggests hopefully.

“Yeah, right…and that quesadilla was really only seven Weight Watchers points, Cate…”

Tyler just keeps staring at the pink confetti, almost like he’s willing it to magically turn blue. 

That’s all for this episode of ‘Teen Mom OG!” Click here to read The Ashley’s other reality show recaps! 

(Photos: MTV) 


75 Responses

  1. Bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance and can run in families. Family issues can make it worse but don’t cause it
    Gary is against counseling for Leah because she doesn’t want to go.
    Amber only wants Leah to go so she can get get own needs met, not Leah’s.
    Once again, it’s all about Amber.
    BTW to the poster ..not you .
    who wrote that Mimi.. Ryan’s mom was a saint should rethink that
    She’s highly manipulative and an enabler. Very warm & loving but uses the tears when it suits her and is very weak.

    1. If you watched Tuesday’s episode closely, Ty talked about how his grandpa, dad, sister, and now him have bipolar (not bisexual Sir Nibs ????).

      He’s already in previous episodes expressed how Nova is showing signs of the learning disabilities he has (ADD ‘or maybe ADHD’, and dyslexia)

      I see tantrums from Nova that seem Bipolar to me.

      1. You are not seeing “bipolar” tantrums or tantrums that are indicative of a bipolar diagnosis in a young child. Bipolar disorder, along with depression, schizophrenia, some anxiety disorders, and personality disorders are generally diagnosed during the teen and young adult years because that’s when the brain has developed enough for symptoms to start manifesting. The brain chemistry of a child is widely different than the brain chemistry of a teen or young adult, so the type and level of chemical imbalances that one would associate with bipolar disorder are not really even able to happen inside the brain of a child, and thus a bipolar episode with bipolar symptoms can’t happen. The brain is just not at the state of development yet where it can have the type of chemical imbalances needed to be bipolar or depressed or schizophrenic.

        A tantrum is a tantrum in young kids. Tantrums can be turned on and off quickly sometimes by young kids for a variety of reasons including how people are reacting to them, if they’re getting the response they want, or if they get distracted by something else or suddenly remember something that they want to do or ask about. Tantrums can be set off by anything in young kids and something strange setting off a tantrum isn’t indicative of any kind of mental illness. If a kid is having a lot of tantrums or mood swings, in my experience as an early years child care provider, it usually means that child is not getting enough sleep. Or they’re sick, which is making them tired and leads back to the sleep thing.

        1. I’m talking about demonic screaming and throwing things

          Tantrums that I too thought were just typical childish tantrums until the other night when I found out that not only is Ty bipolar but so was his grandfather and so are his dad and sister.

          Then I started putting 2 and 2 together and I see a future in being bipolar for that poor little girl.

  2. I feel it is possible for a parent to turn around their relationship with their kid after really letting them down from addiction, gel, etc. But you have to PUT IN THE WORK! And it has to be on the kid’s terms. You may not realize fully the scars they carry from YOUR destructive path, but you sure as hell should care. You should care a million times more than your own damn drama. Otherwise just call it a day and stop presenting to your child that you’re trying. You are further hurting them by trying to convince them this is what trying looks like. Thank goodness for Kristina and Gary!! Amber is still unwilling to look at herself. She throws a fit (publicly too) because her feelings are hurt because her daughter has sense and boundaries and doesn’t want to spend time with her?! Ridiculous. Then knee-jerk reaction she blames the people who are raising Leah for this outcome. Girl, denial is deep with you. Since you haven’t been able to be honest with yourself, this IS the outcome that YOU created.

    Ashley – love your recap, as always. You are amazing!

  3. Leah may be a well rounded little girl right now but I’ve been noticing alot lately (between clips of Gary/Kristina and Amber) that she spends alot of time in her room alone on her telephone.

    With age comes more freedom.

    So you mark my words, if 16 and Pregnant is still airing in 3-4 years shes gonna be one of them!!!!

    1. She’s a teen? Teens are notorious for being on their phones all apathetic and in their rooms. Besides, Leah IS involved with her family, she spends quite a bit of time with her parents and siblings, it’s all over their IG.

      1. So did Chelsea and we see what happened there.

        She meets A-d-a-m and wham, bam, thank ya ma’am here comes Aubree 9 months later.

        All I’m saying is, things may be all well and good at the moment but in a few years, who know?

        And if Amber’s illnesses are hereditary, history may be gonna repeat itself.

        1. The girl is like 13 ..
          You said it yourself: look at Chelsea. She met the wrong guy and got pregnant even though she is was “normal” and from a normal family.

          Leah is what? 13? Ofc she’s in her room on her phone … Are you really judging a young girl for something that had happend yet because of her shitty mom? If so: f you

          1. I’m not judging her, I’m judging the situation.

            Yes teenagers are often on their telephones too much but the stakes are higher for a vulnerable girl like Leah, the questions arise of “who are you talking to?” “Is it a girl or a guy?” “Is it someone from school or is a creeper you met online?”, the list goes on and on.

            Shes not a typical 12 (almost 13 year old), her life has been plastered on tv from before birth!!!!

          2. I’m judging the situation and her parents!!

            Wtf happened to Gary’s police officer job???

            So, we have Amber and Gary (the bio parents) that aren’t doing anything of a financial nature and Kristina (the saintly “bonus” mom) that’s always wanted a career in nursing and is willing to achieve that during this virus crap?!!

    2. Because her phone is going to grow a penis and impregnate her while she’s alone in her room with it? What on earth does being on your phone have to do with getting pregnant as a teen? How do you logically make that jump? A possible logical conclusion might be: “I noticed Leah spends a lot of time on her phone. In a couple of years, if 16 and Pregnant is still on, she’s going to have fast enough typing fingers to do real-time Twitter updates of that show.”

        1. And what would those things have to do with you sensing that *she* is making some kind of bad decisions that will lead to her getting pregnant? If she’s a victim of stalking or cat fishing or abduction, the amount of time she spent on her phone isn’t why she was a victim. Neither is the fact that you think she might inherit Ambers mental illnesses. If someone else chooses to do something illegal to her, she is not responsible in any way for that and she could not have prevented it by being on her phone less, or hanging out with her parents more, or doing whatever else people think she should be doing to be a “good girl.” You’re comparing her to both Amber and Chelsea, two teens who willingly made the decision to have sex with their boyfriend and ended up getting pregnant. You were hinting that she would follow in those footsteps and get pregnant that way. A naughty girl doing naughty things that leads to a pregnancy. But now you’re going with she might end up pregnant after some creep abducts her? Anyone might end up pregnant after some creep abducts them. Being the victim of a child abductor would not be Leah’s fault because she spent a lot of time in her room on her phone. Spending time in your bedroom on your phone is not inherently unsafe, risk taking behavior that makes it more likely you will get pregnant.

          Sometimes I think that you must be a troll based on how weird and outrageous your comments are, but the fact that you don’t recognize the jokes of your fellow troll Sir Nibs and the fact that you always respond to him in the most earnest and outraged way possible, makes me think you really do just hold these weird, backwards beliefs about….basically everything.

          1. First off, getting pregnant at any stage of life is not “a mistake”

            I know anyone on the internet is subject to something happening to them, but with age comes smarts (sort of a the older the wiser type thing)

            But shes an almost teenager, she needs to be monitored better, especially if she models what’s she knows.

            Shes not a typical child, there are predators out there. Predators that feed on the naive.

            The only mistake would be if something happened to her that could have somehow been prevented

            And I only reply outraged to the disgusting posts from Sir Nibs. Some of his/her posts are decent and I have replied decently to them.

    3. 1. How incredibly naive you are. Getting pregnant can be a mistake for many people, in many situations – that’s why civilised places are pro-choice.

      2. You have no idea how Leah is being parented, so you are being very judgemental and quite nasty about a child who has had a rough time of it due to her bad luck in having Amber as her biological mother. I haven’t watched the show in a while but I find it hard to believe she has enough airtime for you (clearly an expert in child development!) to draw the conclusion that she will be pregnant at the age of 16 because she spends time on her phone.

      1. I never drew the conclusions that she WOULD be anything, but considering her past and considering who her mom is, I just said she MIGHT be.

        And how is it civilized to murder an unborn child. A child that never asked to be brought into this world in the first place.

        A child that no matter how or when they are created is NEVER a mistake!!!

        Every child is a BLESSING!!!

        1. ‘Every child is a BLESSING’

          You are free to have that opinion, however, the law in most forward-thinking places disagrees with you and respects the woman’s right to choose. It might be a blessing to you but you’re not going to help that single teenager on a council estate look after her baby once it’s born, are you?

          ‘I never drew the conclusions that she WOULD be anything’

          That’s exactly what you did. Allow me to refresh your memory:

          ‘So you mark my words, if 16 and Pregnant is still airing in 3-4 years shes gonna be one of them!!!!’

          Your words, go back and read them. See how judgemental and holier-than-thou you are.

          1. ‘So you mark my words, if 16 and Pregnant is still airing on 3-4 years shes gonna be one of them’ meaning that she COULD be.

            I mean look at the past, he mom was a teen, some teens model what they know.

            And the remark about history repeating itself means that since bipolar is hereditary she’ll probably repeat that behavior too.

            I don’t know this, I’m guessing.

            You’re not in my mind when I type this stuff so how can you possibly know what I mean.

            You form your own opinion and I’ll form mine.

            Every child is a BLESSING.

            There are people all over the place unable to have kids that would love to have these babies that people are killing just so aren’t burdened with responsibility.

            So all these “forward thinkers” are selfish in my opinion.

            And I am a taxpayer so if the mom (teen or not) goes on welfare, food stamps, any kind of government assistance, yeah I’m pretty sure I’m paying for it.

        1. You’re correct, I can only try to get your meaning from the words you type, so perhaps you should try and be clearer in how you speak/type. To me, you are judgmental, small-minded and lack empathy, but that’s just my opinion based on the words you write.

          You think people who have terminations do so because they don’t want to be burdened with responsibility? You really should open your mind and heart to the terrible situations women find themselves in backwards countries all over the world, they are not as lucky as you and you shouldn’t judge them for it. Try and put yourself in their shoes – someone lecturing you about infertile people who want a baby is probably not going to make you feel better when you are a single mother with no money, support, or prospects, with people abusing you and calling you selfish and a murderer. Have a heart for these destitute women, instead of forcing them to have a baby that could make them suffer physically and mentally. It’s not just about the baby, she is a human being too.

          And fyi I never said you weren’t providing welfare for the baby through tax, I said you weren’t going to HELP raise the child you have made her have. You’re not going to provide emotional and physical support, babysit so she can get some rest, cook for her, give her a lift to doctors appointments, provide child care so she can go back to work/school, she is ALONE and the few pence she gets from YOU is not going to change that because people like you are not interested in how the mother fairs after the baby is born, all you care about is making sure she has that baby. You couldn’t care less about what happens once it’s out of the womb and you justify it to yourself by saying you pay your taxes.

          Don’t know why I’m wasting my time, you can’t see past babies being ‘a blessing’.

          1. Maybe its not WHAT I type so much as how its read? I can’t control the way a person reads my words and the thoughts/opinions they form based on the tone/reading between the lines in which they hear while reading the words.

            I can only control the words I type and what I mean when I type them.

            And yes you did say “help raise the child” but to me there’s more than one way to help raise a child: there’s the physical, one on one way of helping, and there’s also financially helping.

            I know things happen to impregnate girls, HORRIBLE things but that doesn’t mean they should kill the baby because they don’t want it. Carry it to term and place it for adoption, give THE BABY a chance just as well as yourself.

            Just because the baby isnt a blessing to the person having it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be to a person who cant have children and wants a child.

  4. I really don’t know why Cate and Ty didn’t do an IVF cycle to have a boy. When you have the means to and you are basically only having another child to try for the gender you want why leave it to chance? A clinic around them probably would have done it for free if they filmed it. I hope they do it for their next child (we all know there is going to be one) so we don’t have to watch this play out again. It is really upsetting to see how disappointed they are with a beautiful, healthy new baby.

    1. IVF is kinda leaving it to chance also, I mean yeah drs can separate the X and Y chromosome but just like with the Dilly sextuplets, Keith and Becky Dilly thought through the whole entire pregnancy that they were having 5 babies but one was hidden. So cang a drs make a mistake during IVF?

      And as far as not being happy for a healthy baby, THATS CRAP!!

      They’ve said numerous times that as long as it was healthy they didn’t care about the gender. And Tyler has expressed why he wants a boy, it’s not only that he would like a boy (most dads do) but its because he wants to prove to himself that he can do better raising his son than Butch did with him.

      Girls scare him, I get it. But he does love them!!!

      1. My mom said that my own father (who has 3 girls as well) even said, “Damn another girl!!” after he found out about me.

        I don’t speak to him to now but he used to love me and I used to love him.

      2. No, no. Now they take the eggs and mix the sperm and start the process in a test tube so that they know which fertilized egg is a boy and which is a girl and then they stick the male ones in you and see if they take.

        If you pay enough, you can completely genetically decide how your child will look. It’s fucking creepy.

        1. You said it EXACTLY right, IF they take.

          I’d hate to pay 20 grand to guarantee a boy only to find out the fertilized egg(s) didnt take.

          If Catelynn can only make girls which seems to be obviously true then the fertilized egg(s) for a boy may not take/be viable.

          So it seems like a gamble either way.

          1. When I tell you some women are not capable of carrying the opposite sex, I’m speaking from experience. Every time my mom was pregnant with a boy, she’d miscarry.

          2. I’m sorry you experienced that.

            But that’s what I said to Jaclyn down below, maybe the 2 miscarriages Cate had were boys but her body was just not healthy enough/incapable of carrying a boy.

          3. Why the fuck would anyone downvote Mimi’s comment?

            Shes expressing personal experiences!!!

            Such immaturity!!!

      3. Gender selection IVF is not leaving it to chance. They literally put a girl embryo in you. They know it’s a girl embryo. It’s not like they just shoot a pile of mostly boy sperm into your body but there’s a possibility that a girl sperm might have snuck in there too and might be the one to make it to the egg. And I think there’s a big difference between not being able to see a baby because it’s hidden behind 5 others (if the doctor put in 6 embryos, there’s alway a chance there could be 6 babies in there. Only seeing 5 is more of an ultrasound tech issue than a doctor making a mistake with the IVF issue) and accidentally putting girl embryos into someone who has asked for a boy. That’s not a mistake that’s going to happen.

        1. My point is, what if she spends the money for boys embryos and they either dont take or she goes halfway through the pregnancy and miscarries?

          What is she supposed to do then, spend another 20 grand for another roll at the dice?

          1. Yes IVF is a gamble but it is how much of a priority it is to you. I have had all my kids through IVF and we make far less money than C&T but it was something we couldn’t live without. I could live without new cars, new clothes, vacations etc. but not without being a mom. They have very good fertility basically that of donors not IVF patients they would have above an 80% chance of having it work. They would quite likely have 8-10 healthy embryos. Realistically as for the money Reproductive Endocrinology is more competitive than plastics. I know of several clinics that would charge about 10K rather than 20 but given their fame there is definitely a clinic in the US that would do it for free if she looked hard enough much like Dr. Miami. As for her not being able to have boys that is most often an old wives tale. The likelihood that they both carry a recessive gene that makes male embryos unviable is almost nil. And in the event of a recessive gene not all embryos would be affected. Having large bunches of the same gender is just chance. You have a 50/50 chance each time. If you look at many large families there are often runs of the same gender before getting the other the difference is they keep having kids so they eventually get it. The Duggar’s have 6 boys followed by 4 girls. I know a family with 9 children – 8 boys followed by a girl. If Cate and Ty keep having children they will likely get a boy eventually but given that they don’t seem to want more kids, just a son, continuing to roll the dice seems foolish. It is more expensive to keep having children you have to raise that aren’t filling the void in your life then to spend whatever amount on IVF, get your boy and be done.

          2. I’m not saying IVF doesn’t work.

            People successfully have their miracle babies all the time.

            I’m just saying that a 20 grand (or more) gamble is a roll of the dice I wouldn’t personally want to take.

            What if the 2 miscarriages shes had were boys and she miscarried because her body isn’t healthy enough to carry a boy.

            I dont know if this is true but I’ve heard from acquaintances that your body carries boys differently than girls.

            So I can’t blame them for that not wanting to roll such expensive dice, because it’s sure fire that if they keep having girls to get a boy they’ll keep needing a bigger house, a bigger car, etc.

            I predict they’ll try probably try once more for a boy and quit.

            I dont know why it’s so important for her to physically have a boy, why not try a surrogate or even adoption?

            A child is a child even if it’s not physically yours.

    2. I thought IVF wasn’t needed. I heard of centrifuges used to spin sperm. The lighter sperm (boy producing) on top and the heavier sperm (daughter producing) on the bottom. They could have removed the lighter sperm and inseminated her with that. Or at least that what heard of.

      1. That isn’t approved in the US. Some countries like Cyprus do use it. But you only have about an 80% chance of getting the gender you want. IVF with PGS is 100%.

  5. Stop making fun of little Broncs accident. It must have been so hard on him and this is the sort of things kids will pick on him for. You,theashley, can at least behave like an adult.

  6. I just don’t understand Catelynn and Tyler. This is their 5th child (including Carly who was adopted) and NONE of them have been girls. Tyler makes $25k per episode and Catelynn makes $500k per season and they’ve been on TV over 10 seasons. Yet they don’t want to spend $20k to ensure they have a boy, when it was obvious they’ve continued to have children to have a boy. The $20k to choose a gender would have been more than paid for by Catelynn’s clickbait and social media ads. I think they are just using it as a storyline tbh because they have beyond the financial means to ensure they could have had a boy.

    1. Counting Carly, this is #4: Nova, Vaeda, Rya.

      But like I said before, what if she spends the 20 grand only to find out the fertilized boy egg(s) aren’t viable and don’t take?

      There she is out the 20 grand that she could spend on a proper education for herself or the girls?

      What then?

  7. Super recap, Ashley, thank you! Surprise, surprise, non-parents Amber and Rhine are finally faced with kids who give no effs! This day was coming, and I am here for it! Amber was high as eff in her rants, I hope Andrew will show those in court to keep Baby James from EVER having unsupervised visits with Amber! Cait and Ty just gross me out— be thankful for every baby God blesses you with! Total ingrates! Glad ALL the Teen Mom Industrial Complex ratings are the LOWEST evahhhh!

  8. Leah is intelligent enough and old enough to make her own decision to stay away from Amber. Amber is no Rhoades Scholar, but how can she be so devoid of self-awareness that she doesn’t know how much of an embarrassment to Leah. There’s no way this is the last pregnancy for Cait. She is already completely terrified of Tyler walking, so she’ll always have it in the back of her mind that she didn’t give him a son.

    1. I reckon Ambie must think Bew-Bew is a 2 year old, I don’t think she realises neglecting her kid the last 5 years has Bew-Bew sized consequences.

      Never forget she saw her daughter THREE times over one whole summer. I’d be heartbroken if I did that to my child….sheesh Amber!

  9. These kids are a few years away from being old enough to be cast as the parents on the show… for god sake Leah is going to 13yrs old soon. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Taylor Lumas 14 when she was pregnant and 15 when she had her baby? Pretty sure these kids are completely entitled and old enough to realize what dipshits their parent are.

  10. Denial Is not just a river in Egypt!

    Seriously tho…. These people are in such denial!

    Amber, you are the reigning Queen. You even took yourself to another bed to try and run from reality, but there it was waiting for you in some Holiday Inn Express. Until you admit to yourself and especially your daughter, you’ll never be a better person. You want an easy fast fix, and you gotta do the work. Leah owes you nothing. Start your apology tour, and start with Kristina, the woman that you owe everything to!

    Cate and Tyler….

    We’ve watched you throw money at all kinds of things, good and bad. Why not take 20k of that MTV money and use it to make this dream come true? You have wanted a boy for years and know this is your last child. It might not be ideal to use what some might see as “unnatural” methods, but you two have never seemed to care what people think. Sell a horse or two!


    Please take a minute and realize that Bentley cant be your whole storyline anymore. Do you know you have two OTHER kids? He’s too old to have all his life on tv once a week for all his friends to see. Since you wanted the Edwards off the show, why not have more of your younger kids and their lives on camera?


    After your kid decides to launch a butt shuttle on your bosses garage floor, the only way left is up!!


    I don’t pick on pregnant women.

    Seriously….I live for these recaps Ashley, youre hilarious!

  11. First off, Ashley, thanks for jumping on this grenade and actually watching this.

    Top 3 picks of best and worst talents who ever appeared on these series


    1. Amber, no one is even close
    2. Hulk, most unhappy, drag everyone down, why why why me.
    3. Maci, vindictive, empty, ginger, soulless

    1. Mimi Jen, the women is an angel, this is not disputed.
    2, Chelsea’s dog who got eating by the neighbors dog, RIP, what a little hero
    3. Ke$ha

    These are the facts.

    stay lit

  12. Josh’s heart to heart with Mackenzie’s dad Brad just melted my heart into a freaking puddle…I’m tearing up!!!!

  13. I feel like I’ve waited 12 years for this. Now the shittiest parents on the show have kids that hate them.
    Of course, they blame everyone else, but the karma due to Ryan and Ambien, for being horrible parents, is finally coming for them.

  14. Tyler’s bipolar????

    I’m not surprised, with the way he grew up…damn!!!

    I’m only surprised that there just now figuring it out!!

    And again with the “gender disappointment”??

    I mean come on, it’s a real thing, dad’s want boys and mom’s want girls but at the end of the day they still what they got (or at least some do)

    And I didn’t know Amber actually talked to Gary about going to counseling and he said no. So idk…maybe shes trying!!!!

    I know Leah asked Gary about getting social media accounts and after he, Kristina and Amber discussed it they decided she should wait until she was like 15…but the girl ain’t even 13 yet and she has an Instagram and a Facebook!!!

      1. Bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance and can run in families. Family issues can make it worse but don’t cause it
        Gary is against counseling for Leah because she doesn’t want to go.
        Amber only wants Leah to go so she can get get own needs met, not Leah’s.
        Once again, it’s all about Amber.
        BTW to the poster ..not you .
        who wrote that Mimi.. Ryan’s mom was a saint should rethink that
        She’s highly manipulative and an enabler. Very warm & loving but uses the tears when it suits her and is very weak.

  15. I remember the days when my heart used to break watching Cate and Tyler deal with placing Carly for adoption. Their episode of 16&P made me ugly cry. Who would have thought, 10 years later, they are both so disappointed that they are going to have a healthy baby girl. It’s just very sad to see, and I do not miss actually watching this show anymore.

    Put a fork in it, it’s done. These people do not deserve anymore money or attention for being like this on national television.

  16. Bless you The Ashley, for reading these recaps is the best part of watching these god forsaken shows.

    Amber is truly the most disgusting person. I hope she realizes one day the damage she is doing to her own daughter. Leah is old enough to form her own opinion on things and she can see exactly what’s going on and who’s been there for her throughout her life. Amber is so selfish it’s hard to watch.

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