‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9 Episode 16 Recap: Saying Sorry & Spitting at Brunch

Describe this episode using only one facial expression…

Welcome back to Teen Mom OG, where the uteri work overtime, but the show’s stars well…don’t.

It’s been a few weeks since The Ashley has had time to check in with our posse of poor-decision-making non-teen moms, so let’s see what’s new!

We kick things off with Maci, who is attempting to go to the gas station. Luckily, Javi and Kail aren’t in the background going to the boneyard in the WaWa parking lot, so Macican concentrate on the task at hand. She is still trying to get over the trauma of being involved in The Great Gas Station Shootout last year, so her and Taylor are heading to the scene of the crime so that Maci can see that she can fill her tank without getting filled with bullet holes.

Maci stares down the gas pump, knowing that she must conquer her fear of it. (If I drove that beast of a vehicle that Maci drives, I’d fear the gas pump too. It probably costs her a few hours worth of complaining about Ryan on-camera to fill that thing!)

It takes her a while to build up her nerve, but finally she ends up successfully filling her tank, and then jumps back into the car.

“…before MTV makes me pay for my own gas!”

Maci is proud of herself for conquering her fear…and for doing it on-camera so that she finally had a storyline that didn’t have anything to do with Ryan and/or Bentley’s personal issues.

Next we check in with Cheyenne. She and Cory are preparing to celebrate Ryder’s birthday, so we can only assume the fam has ordered some helicopters to drop pink glitter over the backyard, and maybe a pony to carry Ryder into her party. (If this happens, can it be Farrah‘s horse Starburst? I miss the ol’ gal!)

Cory does his best to act excited about his daughter’s big day, but with the next season of The Challenge coming up, his mind is clearly elsewhere. 

Raise your daughter if you can’t wait to go on— and lose— the next ‘Challenge.’

While Ryder is happy to give her mom lots of input about her birthday party, Cheyenne can’t help but to focus on her sister and Cory and the fact that they’re “departing” soon, which she worries Ryder will struggle with.  

“Maybe you should ask the face painters at your party to stencil some tears on your face to let your dad and aunt know how much their choices are upsetting me– I mean YOU.”

On the day of Ryder’s party, Cheyenne reminds viewers (again) how important it is for Ryder to enjoy herself since her dad will soon be going away for work going away to lose another reality show.

A few days later, Ryder tells Cory she’s going to miss him while he’s away filming ‘The Challenge.’ Cory reminds Ryder they will be able to video chat while he’s away, and Ryder says she’s down, but only if she’s allowed to play with her Barbies at the same time. 

“Face it dad, you’re not getting my undivided attention OR a ‘Challenge’ win.”

Before saying his goodbyes, Cory sits down with Zach to thank him for being there for Cheyenne and Ryder while he’s gone, but not before Zach takes a moment to cement his spot in Cory’s good graces… just in case Cory does (ever) happen to win a final. 

“Not that I’d want to rock a pair of shoes that say ‘CORY’ on them, anyway.”

Next, we head over to Indiana, where Amber reminds us, yet again, that she is taking classes at Purdue University (in case you didn’t realize that from her Purdue sweatshirt and the fact that Amber’s house looks like the University Gift Shop exploded in her living room.) 

Amber is still upset that Leah BooBoo refuses to talk to her. She’s tried just about everything to convince Leah BooBoo to like her again– from crying, to reminding the kid that she went to GEL for herStill, that Leah BooBoo’s holding strong in her grudge against Ambie.

Amber decides to call in Producer Larry so they can brainstorm on how to win back Leah BooBoo’s affections. Larry walks into Amber’s house and is downright impressed that she actually cleaned the kitchen and lit a candle and everything. (Anyone wanna bet that the Purdue online store was having a sale on candles?) 

“I’m impressed. Leah said the only time you pick up a broom is when you’re riding it…”

Amber goes on to tell Producer Larry that it’s been a couple of months since she’s spoken to Leah BooBoo, because the kid ignores her texts. Amber is upset that she no longer co-parents successfully with Gary and Kristina. (Of course, she fails to mention that the main reason for this is because she threw on her rantin’ kimono and called Kristina a lying, homewrecking ho-bag on The ‘Gram.)

She says things between her and the Shirleys “became weird”…for some reason.

“It’s like…geez, some people are SOO sensitive!”

She claims Leah BooBoo “turned on” her, and that she must be being brainwashed by Gary and that dern Kristina.

“This is not her!” Amber says. “She does NOT ignore me like this!” 

Amber is absolutely convinced that Gary and Kristina are making Leah hate her. (You know, because there’s no way that you absolutely blasting the only woman who’s ever actually taken care of her could possibly be the reason Leah BooBoo wants nothing to do with you, Ambie.) 

Amber wails that, even if she apologizes, it will never be enough for Leah.

“Even if I take responsibility for every single wrongdoings I’ve ever done,” she says. (This is, by the way, something Amber has never actually done…)

Amber tells Producer Larry that she’s written a letter to Leah BooBoo to try to convince her to be her friend again. Producer Larry, knowing that the ratings are sinking faster than Jenelle‘s house on The Land, suggests Amber do a video letter for Leah instead, since that will be more interesting for viewers to watch. (It’ll be kind of like those 1980s video dating services, except instead of trying to get soulmates, you’re trying to get your kid to forgive you for all the trashbag things you’ve done to her since she was born.) 

“Is there any possible way you can read the letter to Leah WHILE wrestling Farrah, by chance?”

Amber agrees to read the letter on-camera. She is planning to send it to Gary, since she suspects Leah BooBoo may have blocked her. Amber starts to cry because she’s apologized and no one is forgiving her this time.

Finally we head over to Florida. Catelynn and Tyler have taken their kids there for a family visit. Ty is all hopped up on the Special K therapy, so sitting on a plane for hours with two toddlers and Catelynn didn’t even seem that bad. (He didn’t even need to take a Therapy Horse!) 

I picture rave music just filtering continuously through Tyler’s brain during this treatment…

Catelynn’s grandma (who is named Deb, of course) arrives to pick up Catelynn, the kids and Tyler (and his glowsticks). Debz (Not) OG tells Cate that she’s fine to watch Nova and Vaeda but she’s nervous to watch Vaeda, because she’s a kicker.

I think Granny Debz (Not) OG is gonna be dipping into Tyler’s Special K stash at the end of this…

The gang arrives at the grandparents’ house and soon, plates are breaking and hearing aids are being shattered by kids’ screams. Granny Deb looks around in bewilderment, and asks Cate why the hell she’s having another kid when she’s due to give birth.

They corral the kiddies into the pool, because they figure the rugrats can do much less damage if they’re submerged in water. 

Later, Cate suggests that she and Ty go visit Mackenzie and Josh, who live in Florida. Catelynn calls Mack to see if they can meet up for breakfast.

“OK, but if their kid craps on the restaurant patio, I ain’t cleanin’ it up!”

Mack is thrilled that one of the “OG” Mean Girls wants to finally include her in something, since Cate, Maci and Amber have been leaving her out for literally years. They agree to go to brunch, but Mack warns Cate that she may have to take Broncs (and his loose bowels) with them because he keeps getting booted from school for hitting teachers and whatnot.

Back in Tennessee, Maci and her litter are playing in the Dick’s Sporting Goods store that is their basement. (Of course it had to be “Dick’s,” since that’s essentially what got Maci this gig on ‘Teen Mom.’) 

Maci and Taylor are preparing to speak with Maverick’s teacher to see if he’s ready to go to kindergarten. They talk about how he has problems writing and speaking.

Geez, if Maci’s not bitching about Ryan, she’s an absolute snoozefest, isn’t she? Who could have imagined that we’d someday be longing for the episode where she pissed herself while running!

Later, we are literally sitting here watching Maci and Taylor sit there and stare at the phone. 


They finally call up the teacher to find out what the plan is.

“Tell us the truth…just between you and I– -and a continuously dropping amount of viewers— is he ready?”

Since I know you guys are all at the edge of your seats, I’ll go ahead and tell you— spoiler alert— the teacher says the kid can go to kindergarten. Maci and Taylor are relieved, and the teacher promises them that the schools are “well” in Tennessee, and Mav will learn all the crap in kindergarten that Maci and Taylor should have been teaching him at home in between their trips to the beer fridge. 

Back in Indiana, Amber has been working hard on her letter to Leah BooBoo. She tells us that she’s having the ‘Teen Mom’ film crew “help her record” the video on her phone. (Um…ol’ Ambie didn’t need any MTV assistance to record a video of her screaming on The Instagram about what a big ol’ slut Kristina is, did she?) 

Amber texts Gary to inform him that she will soon be sending her personal video diary for LeahBooBoo to watch. Amber mentions that “whoever else” can watch it as well. 

Kristina does not look amused. She knows that she is the “whoever else” here and doesn’t look surprised that Ambie can’t even mention her name or apologize to her for what she did, like a “rill woman” should do.

“Um, I’ve had enough of this biotch’s ‘videos,’ thank you very much!”

Gary, knowing that he has to at least remain connected to Ambie in some way in order to keep his place on this dumpster fire of a show, agrees to show the video to Leah BooBoo if Leah wants to watch it.

Kristina asks Gary if they should be worried that Ambie’s mystery video could have offensive content in it, given “all the negativity going on.”

Gary, bless his ding-dang heart, hits back with a zinger.

“If it were something negative, she’d be posting it online,” he deadpans.

(I don’t care what anyone else says; after Butch, Gary is my favorite Teen Momer!) 

We are then treated to a short clip of one of Amber’s many rants aimed at Kristina. In this clip, Ambie reminds us that Kristina snatched GarBear away from her, while she was rotting away in “gel,” and essentially wrecked the dream Amber had of returning to living in a trash-filled apartment with Gary and Leah. 

Gary brings up the fact that, each time Amber has ranted on Instagram, Leah has seen the videos, as her friends show her the clips. We know that Amber has finally pissed Gary off, because Gary tells us that he no longer wants anything to do with her, her Instagram rantings and her assorted couch-dwelling hijinks.

“I gave her another chance when she kicked me down the stairs, and when she threw a TV at me, but call my wife a wh0re and I’M DONE!”

At Gary’s farmhouse, Gary sits Leah BooBoo down and informs her that her mom sent over a video for her. Leah BooBoo is not amused, and seems to be doing everything she can to refrain from rolling her eyes on camera.  Gary is rattling on about all the different viewing options Leah has, and she’s already sooo over it and just cuts him off and is like, “Um, can we just watch it together?”

She clearly wants to get this whole charade over with as quickly as possible.

“Just stay here, make it easy,” Leah says.

“Not to steal my mother’s famous quote but… I’m DONE!”

(She clearly knows that there’s nothing Amber is going to say in that video that is going to make up for all the time Ambie lost with her kid while she was poppin’ Fentys in drug court, or poppin’ her soulmates for disrespecting her or whatnot.)

Leah is over it before they even start the damn video. She looks like she even wants to laugh as a crying Amber pops up on the screen. As soon as Amber squawks out, “To my beautiful daughter,” Leah looks like she’d rather eat one of her father’s sweaty T-shirts than listen to any more of this nonsense. 

Amber is breaking down, begging for Leah’s forgiveness and this kid is STONE.FACED. LeahBooBoo is not moved by Ambie’s video diary whatsoever. In fact, she seems absolutely annoyed that her mom made her sit through this whole thing. Kristina, however, does seem to feel for Amber. (I’ll say it again– this woman is an absolute SAINT.)

Leah seems even more angry when Amber vows to never stop trying to get Leah to like her again.

“The fact that you said the same thing to Matt Baier at some point kinda lessens it, Ma.” 

The video ends, and Leah looks at Gary like, “Can we be done now? You got the scene you needed.”

Leah tells Gary that the video did nothing to change her opinion of her mom.

“I’m sure we have good memories but I couldn’t tell if they were high or if that was fake,” Leah said. (Wait…did she just accuse Ambie of being HIGH! HIGH!?)

Leah mentions that she did see the videos of Amber ranting about Kristina being a homewrecking wh0rebag, and that she can’t forgive Amber for saying mean things about the woman who has raised her for most of her life.

She then calls her “Amber” instead of “mom.”

“Oh boy… Portwood’s gonna be screaming into the Instagram when she hears this…”

“Amber said bad stuff about Kristina!” Leah said. 

Gary, bless his heart, is trying to get Leah BooBoo to consider forgiving Ambo for all the bad things she’s done. 

“But I love Kristina and she tried to hurt somebody that I love!” Leah protests. “I can’t love somebody that tries to hurt other people.”

“Amber better hope Leah never gets her mitts on Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Teen Mom’…that’s all I’m gonna say!”

Gary says that, maybe Amber can promise not to trash Kristina via Instagram, but Leah’s like, “Um, yeah, no that’s not gonna be enough.”

Gary offers to let Amber know why Leah’s not talking to her, but Leah basically turns into The Godfather and tells him, “No. No one tells her anything.”

Leah BooBoo did not come to play y’all!

She tells Gary she doesn’t want to fix her relationship with “Amber,” no matter how many videos Amber creates for MTV cameras. 

“I don’t need that,” Leah says flatly. 


Finally, we head back to Florida, where Catelynn, Tyler, Mackenzie and Josh are all meeting up for brunch. The first thing they talk about is how disappointed Cate and Tyler are that they’re having yet another girl. 

I think that’s nice…

Next it’s on to more heartwarming topics, such as how both couples have gone through separations in the past. Cate mentions that their separation didn’t work out well because Tyler couldn’t stay away.

“He and his girl-baby-maker just kept coming…literally!”

Mackenzie points out that the couples have a lot in common. In addition to their somewhat trainwrecky marriages, both couples were high school sweethearts who had an Oopsie Baby at 16.

Tyler goes on to tell Mack and Josh all about his new Special K therapy. For the first time in the conversation, Josh actually perks up and looks like he woke up out of the coma he was in.

“You had me at ketamine…tell me more…”

Next, Mackenzie tells the gang that their youngest son, Bronchial, can’t stop hitting his teacher on the butt. They all laugh about how wacky kids are, but Josh soon asks the waiter for a plastic cup.

Tyler looks around, and thinks that maybe Josh is going to propose some sort of a toast or something. But…no…

“I just need to spit!” he announces.


Ty looks like he’s worried Josh’s expelled saliva might land on his designer tee, but he does his best to keep his cool.

“That whole ‘kid pooping in the garage’ thing is making a lot more sense now…”

Soon, the brunch has to end because kids are falling off couches and stuff. They all joke that they can’t wait until their offspring are 18 so their fecal matter is no longer their problem.

Later, Cate and Ty are back home in Michigan, and talking crap on Josh and Mack’s relationship. Tyler mentions that they seemed like they were “barely friends” and “disconnected” from each other. Tyler says he feels bad for Josh because he obviously wants to talk more but doesn’t feel like he can. (I think honestly he just wants to spit and sit in silence.) 

That’s all for this episode of ‘Teen Mom OG!’ Check out The Ashley’s other ‘Teen Mom OG’ recaps here!

(Photos: MTV)

31 Responses

  1. I’ve never watched an episode from this new season, but after reading the recaps I’m glad I didn’t waste my time! It’s seriously time to put these old cows out to the butcher. Teen Mom 2 is also boring as all hell and most of the kids are older and embarrassed to have their lives on camera anymore. Chelsea did the right thing by leaving, but its pretty clear they’re all only still here for the money!

  2. Isn’t it just around the corner for the children to start having their own babies? Then MTV can start a whole new series with the children of the losers.

    I do not watch. It was all so vile and wrong on every level.

    None of the original moms have grown into adulthood. Bad role models for all the babies.

  3. It’s dumbfounding to me that Amber seems to think that the entire issue between Leah and Amber is Amber going to jail. It seems to me that Leah could not care less about the jail years.

    Amber, allow me to state the obvious here, since you clearly can’t see it. Leah hates you for choosing men over her and bashing Kristina. Stop using jail as the catch-all blame for the state of this relationship. Stop bashing the woman who has loved and raised your daughter. Do you have any idea how fortunate Leah is to have such a wonderful stepmom?! Kristina is a saint. Start showing her some love and appreciation for doing the job you were too selfish to keep.

    Again, it seems to be that far greater results in your relationship with Leah would occur by actually showing up to spend time with Leah. Being present trumps a hysterical (and manipulative) video message.

    I think it’s great that Amber has decided to go to school and learn something but it’s hard for me to imagine her being a therapist, being how deeply she lacks empathy and self-awareness. That said, I truly hopes she proves me wrong.

  4. 1) When Amber’s Teen Mom story first started, I kinda though Gary was a goober. He has matured so much, and really struck gold with Kristina. They are both what Leah needs. I agree, they do need to leave the show, and whenever they do, we’ll know Leah is being raised by some pretty decent people.

    2) Schools in Tennessee don’t require kids to know their ABCs or how to write before starting kindergarten?? Did this strike anyone else as strange, it’s totally required where I live before my kids can leave preschool.

    1. Preschool isn’t even required in the US. So many kids’ first contact with any type of school is kindergarten. They’ll get enrolled when they’re 5, and it’s truly not expected that they’ll know anything. It’s considered a bonus if your kid has been to preschool and knows their letters or how to write their name.

  5. Does anyone else think that Maverick could be behind because Maci drank for most of her pregnancy being that she found out so late?

  6. You can tell Leah is OVER Amber and her fake tears, and broken promises, and excuses and her antics. If it were up to Leah, I bet you she woulda cut Amber off a few years ago. If Amber is serious about reconciling (which lets be real, she’s not…she’s just crying for the cameras), she’s only got 6 or 7 years left to make this right with Leah, because as soon as Leah turns 18, her parents Gary and Kristina aren’t going to be able to force Leah to have a relationship with her anymore.

    I also noticed how MTV is trying to force us to not fast forward through McKees scenes, by putting her in scenes with other cast mates…I’m sorry but she’s gotta go. She’s so BORING and a total ditz who does nothing but whine and cry, and Josh just sits there like a bump on a log and spits out loogies or whatever the hell that was that he coughed up, AT THE TABLE, and her kid literally shits where they sleep. This isn’t good TV, and the ONLY reason why I didn’t skip over them this time is because Caitlyn and Tyler were in the scene.

    1. I agree about Mac, but Cait is very similar. They’re both very needy, and depend on their SO to fulfill them, even though if they had both never gotten pregnant Tyler and Josh would of bolted years ago! It’s kind of sad to watch how much they’ve held themselves back with bad relationship decisions.

  7. Oh GarBear, I am so proud of you!

    Going from some teen spending a month’s rent on a gaming system to a thoughtful and respectful husband and father. Working a good job, his wife is going to school, and have clearly raised a beautiful, strong, and intelligent daughter.

    While Leah is clearly over the show, for what it’s worth it doesn’t appear Gary or Kristina are forcing her and seem to respect her opinion and boundaries. I have high hopes for this family. Maybe Ambie will wake up, but even of she never does it looks like Leah has a bright future ahead of her despite her birth mother

    And not to steal Sir Nib’s thunder, but Stay Fluffy GarBear

  8. Wow how mature is Leah, shes grown up to be a lovely level headed young lady, she really is a great sensible and loyal to the mom who actually brought her up, she has a great bond with Kristina, who loves leah as much as leah loves her.

    Kristina really is a wonderful mom.

  9. Chelsea and The Ashley, super-de-duper recap! Thank you! We’ve all been waiting for our girl Leah to do this for YEARS! She shut down Amber like a champ! Amber needs to back the hell off and leave Leah alone. She can send birthday and Christmas cards, and hope that someday when Leah is an adult they can be acquaintances, or something. But unless Amber gets real help, her personality issues and her addictions will always keep Leah away. That’s just fact.

    1. I too was amazed at Leah !!! I don’t watch anymore, but did see a little of this.
      Christina is a great mom.
      Amber is an egg donor

  10. Amber needs to understand and admit she is NOT Leah’s mom. Maybe that will help Amber to stay in her own lane.

  11. Considering who she has as a bio parent, Leah seems very intelligent for her age. It’s really impressive that she has learned how to set boundaries and stick to them at a young age.

  12. I thought I would gag when Josh asked for that plastic cup. For once, and one time only I felt what Tyler felt…..how fast can I run out of this room before he actually spits that crap.

    Also, did anyone notice last night’s episode where MacKenzie started talking like Leah to Bronc? That was ridiculous. Talk to him like the 4 year old that he is and stop trying to give him life lessons. Obviously it isn’t working. Also, the little boy is running wild because you all do not have a set routine and you all run wild. Get a grip people!

    1. Seems like Cate setup that brunch so she and Tyler can go “see, where not so trashy afterall nor are we as neglectful with our kids.” Spitting in a cup at a restaurant- now that’s class! If that’s the example that Josh sets then no wonder why their son defecates in public and hits his teacher.

    1. Her voice drives me over the edge. That vocal frye thing she does is annoying as all get up. That family is way too involved in EVERYTHING!

  13. Chelsea & The Ashley hit this recap out the park! I read HIGH! HIGH! in Barb’s voice, I missed Butch’s salt n pepper mullet, I heard Debz OG’s voice (unfortunately) in my head saying Baby Goo.
    The snark is just right in that sweet spot – I love the recap as much as Bew Bew’s ova-h her bio mother!! Perfect.

  14. Good for Leah – taking a stand for Kristina, her real mom. A strong family bond that’s thicker than blood.

  15. Amber stop crying those crocodile tears b/c it’s too late to tell your daughter Leah sorry!! You have chosen numerous times men over her and thank goodness for Gary and Kristina putting her needs first and realize that Leah is old enough to make her own decisions when it comes to YOU!!! Only forcing Leah will make things worse and those numerous accusations that you are making against Gary and Kristina is not helping either especially since both of them have admitted that Leah has social media accounts and she alongside her friends are reading crap that you put Amber and has seen it first hand growing up all those years you have been both physically and emotionally abusive towards Gary and Andrew!! Grow up and go get some serious help! Yes I know that you claim that you are seriously ill mentally but is it possible that you could making it up to get your hands on some illegal medication even your OWN BROTHER is RIGHT so stop blaming everything on Gary and Kristina not to mention the few times you even blamed your OWN DAUGHTER when in reality you need some SERIOUS HELP without relying on illegal medication!!!

    1. I bet that Leah feels like Amber expresses so much emotion that there isn’t room for anyone else to have an emotion. Starting the video straight off with crying (manipulation, sadness, angst, guilt, sorrow, etc) and “to my beautiful daughter” (manipulation, overly familiar, overly sweet and loving when you know that is not welcome at this point, claiming a familial bond when one barely exists anymore) is a lot. I have a mother like this: so emotional and over the top all the time that you really have to just go straight gray rock/stone faced when dealing with her because showing any kind of emotion or reaction just sets her off further. Whatever you say or do or however your face looks is wrong, it’s not the response she wanted, and it makes her even more emotional and drives her further over the edge. I learned the gray rock thing when I was maybe 24, though. The fact that Leah *already* is going stone faced when she’s 12 (11?) is so sad to me. She must have already dealt with so many Amber emotion explosions over the years, and she doesn’t even live with the woman full time.

  16. As much as I enjoy this shit show, I think Gary needs to call it quits and give Leah some peace and privacy. That poor kid, it would be so embarrassing sitting in class knowing all of your classmates around you saw this mess. I bet kids from her school send her news articles about Amber all the time. Same for poor Bentley, imagine being in middle school and your mom broadcasts your private therapy sessions on national television.

    1. I agree. Leah and Bentley are so over the show and don’t need their personal lives on TV. They are preteens and deserve privacy.

    2. Gary has other income and Kristina is in school to have other income.

      They don’t need this show.

      Know who needs it? C&T, Kail, Leah Messer.. They can never leave the show bc they make poor decisions. Gary made good decisions and leaving should be his next one.

    3. I was thinking the exact same thing. The comments she made like “there you have your scene” and “does this for MTV.’ Time to get her off the TV.

      So glad Leah has Kristina in her life.

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