‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ Ends Season With Horrible Ratings, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Weigh In

“So does this mean we have to get real jobs now?”

Despite MTV’s best attempt to birth another successful series within the Teen Mom family, Teen Mom: Young Moms Club failed to deliver… again. 

The failing show, which originally debuted in August of 2018 under the title Pretty Little Mamas, was discussed this week on Lindsie Chrisley and Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry’s Coffee Convos podcast, as guests Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra weighed in on the show… or as Cate so eloquently put it, “oh yeah, that bombed.”

“I don’t know what it was,” Tyler added. “They tried a couple different titles, slapped some stuff together and it failed horribly.”

“Sorry girls, I guess showbiz isn’t for everyone!”

As The Ashley previously told you, the show’s poor ratings and low viewership have basically been a mainstay since it first premiered. Even this year’s repackaged second attempt ended up bringing in less viewers than the show did under the ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ name—136,000 less, to be exact.

While the premiere episodes of ‘Pretty Little Mamas’/‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ were bad enough—440,000 and 304,000, respectively—viewership for the finale was even worse.

According to ShowBuzzDaily.com, the May 20 finale episode ranked 59th in the all-mighty adults 18-49 category, with only 277,000 viewers. To compare, that night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ (Season 9 Reunion, Part 1) ranked 11th and brought in 805,000 viewers.

During the podcast episode, Cate revealed that some ’Teen Mom OG’ fans had expressed their disinterest in the rebranded show to her, claiming it wasn’t relatable.

“A lot of our fans were like, ‘Why are we going to watch this when they all live with their parents in the pool house and have nannies,’” she said.

“It reminds me of one of those shows that is real dramatic,” said new ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member Jade Cline. “It was like MTV/’Teen Mom’/soap opera. I don’t even know.”

“See ‘Young and Pregnant’ was relatable because it’s real,” Tyler said. “It was like nannies and Beverly Hills…it didn’t make sense!”

Tyler and Catelynn were very critical of ‘Young Moms Club’ when the show was first announced by MTV a few months ago. In a response to The Ashley’s tweet about ‘YMC’ having bad premiere ratings, Tyler tweeted, “WHAAAT!?!? No way! So the attempt to make #TeenMom (which is only a success because of the consistent raw unfiltered format they have used for the past decade) into a semi scripted drama controlled Hills/Housewives show, DIDN’T WORK!? *pretends to be shocked*”

Although ‘Young Moms Club’ was lumped in with the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, it is has totally different production teams than the franchise’s other three shows— ‘Teen Mom OG,’ ‘Teen Mom 2’ and ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’— do.

MTV did not respond to The Ashley’s request for a comment on whether ‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ will continue with another season.

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  1. TM OG and TMT2 are not relatable either….16 and Pregnant was relatable and maybe the first few seasons of OG and TMT2. The reason the rating are still up is because we got attached to the storylines of each person so we continue to watch. If both of these series just started from where they are now, the viewers would be as low as Young Moms Club and Pretty Little Mamas.

    1. But the story lines are played out now too on both TMOG & TM2 don’t you think? That’s why the have this stupid inter story drama between some of the moms now. There is more coverage of the reunion shows now than anything new! I stopped watching after the Nugget story broke, and only read this to keep up on anything new, which is really only Jenelle’s story, which won’t even be covered since she’s been fired. A little ironic since it’s the only new story in years!

      1. I agree about the story lines being played out. We have just been hooked on these train wrecks for ten years so there are some that continue to watch bc of habit. I stopped after the nugget incident too.

  2. I don’t see it as a big mystery. The market is played out for glorifying these entitled, dumb girls irresponsibly having kids. Lately MTV has consistently chosen the most despicable people, then had us watch as they’re rewarded for being disgusting. Are they really surprised people no longer tune in?

  3. TEEN Mom OG & TM2 are in no way relatable to any young people either. They all are always on vacation, none of them work or know what’s its like to struggle to pay the rent and daycare etc. and have brand new homes built…Its ridiculous.

  4. Ah yes, because if there’s one thing you can say about Teen Mom OG, it’s super relatable. Everyday teen moms can afford multiple houses, brand new cars and repeated trips to rehab. Tyler, you are truly the everyman.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Stop trying to make this show happen, MTV.

  6. Why are Tyler and Cate making comments like that? Have they not seen Teen Mom OG rating last season? They are next!

  7. I actually didnt mind the show. I found Nicole completely unrelatable and annoying, the other girls were more interesting and relatable as young moms

  8. I personally know a dog that has more followers on Instagram than that show. Actually, he’s much more interesting. And relatable for that matter.

  9. Tyler is still salty MTV canceled his show about adopted kids meeting their birth parents. I wonder how many he’s pitched and been rejected

  10. Like TMOG or TM2 are still “relatable”! I don’t own 3 houses, live in a mansion, drive a brand new luxury car every year, own a horse or take 4 plus vacations a year! GTF out of here Cate and Tyler!

  11. When this show first launched when it was under another name (can’t even remember it) i will NEVER forget how one of the girls was in labor and her baby daddy took too many pills or WHATEVER and was dumb high in the delivery room…… who the fuck would want to watch a show with that in it???? About girls and kids?????

    1. That was the only episode I actually wanted to watch! & of course it went off air right before it aired & he was doing heroin/dope just FYI

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