LIVE UPDATES From Josh Duggar’s Child Sex Abuse Trial: Day Three

Trigger Warning: This story contains mentions of child sex abuse materials and other disturbing information. 

Day three of Josh Duggar’s child sex abuse trial is underway and The Ashley is currently in the Fayetteville, Arkansas, courtroom reporting the events as they unfold. 

(As you may know, the former 19 Kids and Counting star is being charged with receiving and possessing child p0rnography.)

The John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Building where Josh’s trial is being held…
  • Josh’s wife Anna Duggar is in the courtroom for day three of the trial (wearing the same dress she wore on day 2). Anna’s uncle is also in attendance. 
  • Justin Duggar is also in the courtroom, along with his mother-in-law, Hilary Spivey. 
  • Derick Dillard, husband of Jill Duggar Dillard, is sitting with family. (Jill is set to take the stand sometime this week, as is Jedidiah Duggar.) 
  • Austin Forsyth, husband of Joy Duggar Forsyth, is in the courtroom, though he is sitting by himself and not with family. 


  • Joy showed up to the courtroom and held hands with Austin; later on she was seen hugging Justin, Hilary and others. 
  • Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are not present.


  • Special Agent Faulkner continues his testimony. Some moments of note in his testimony include Josh’s attorney mentioning to Agent Faulkner that Josh is “an intensely religious man,” to which Agent Faulkner scoffed and replied, “Somewhat.”
  • Agent Faulkner stated that Josh refused to provide them the passcode to his iPhone 11, so the phone was not able to be cleared.
  • UPDATE 3: Matthew Waller, a former employee of Josh’s car lot gave testimony. (His brother his married to Anna Duggar’s sister, Priscilla.) At one point, the prosecutor accused Matthew of “hiding something,” due to Matthew stating in court that the office computer’s password rang “a faint bell” in his head, although he had never stated this before in his discussions with Federal agents.
  • UPDATE 4: An expert from accountability and filtering software Covenant Eyes described how Josh circumvented the software to deceive Anna. (Click here for full story.)
  • Two computer forensic analysts testified about Josh installing the Linux and a torrent browser.
  • UPDATE 5: James Fottrell of the Department of Justice Child Exploitation in Washington, D.C., testified that someone attempted to download 5 child p0rnography files over several days in May 2019, but they were only fragments and therefore, not viewable. (Most files had disturbing names, including a file called “pedomom”; another file name specifically mentioned 14-year-olds.)
  • UPDATE 6: One juror, a female, became emotional as the file content was described. She was seen dabbing her eyes several times during the testimony.
  • UPDATE 7: James also testified that Josh’s iPhone 11 and MacBook showed no evidence of child p0rnography when the devices were analyzed.
  • On Linux portion of the computer, a single work document was found, with Josh’s name on it. This is relevant because nearly all the other files on that partition of the computer were CSA files.
  • Josh and Anna left the courthouse, hand in hand once again.

The Ashley will continue to post live updates throughout the day. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: Twitter; The Ashley’s Reality Roundup) 

31 Responses

  1. I find it very telling that Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t attend court today. Could they be re-thinking their blind support of the piece of garbage?! What Was the pressing matter that kept them from court? I don’t want to get up my hopes that they FINALLY saw the light as to evil inside their eldest child but maybe?!?!

    1. I don’t think their absence is anything other than them not *wanting* to hear any of the evidence, so that they can continue to delude themselves about Josh’s culpability.

  2. Sad thing is, even the family members who are in court seeing all of what he did, will just blame it on “the devil”. They’ll say the evil ol’ devil got into his body and took over. That he was powerless to the devil’s hold on him. And that everyone should pray for him and ask god to walk with him through this. That’s all they ever say. Then later they will talk about how great god is for carrying their family through this “difficult” time.
    So I guess f-ck the actual victims and how their lives will forever be affected.

    1. 100% that’s evangelicals for you. When it’s one of their own it’s “the devil got to him”, “we all sin”, “grace of god”, blah blah blah. When it’s a non-Christian it’s all “those horrible non-godly people, “they need god in their live”, blah blah. Fuck josh and all his “Christian” supporters

      1. Then it’s not really live, is it? I’ve seen other outlets saying they have live updates but I don’t see how that really possible.

        1. After reading in a different article the descriptions of what Josh had downloaded I’ve come to realizehe belongs under the jail. I’m absolutely horrified and sickened. How Anna stays is beyond me.

        2. this trial has to do with children who aren’t even teenagers yet being exploited and abused and all u care about is if the updates are actually live?? stfu and get your priorities straight dumba$$

    1. I am astounded you can make that comment considering the subject matter of this case. If you are looking to wreck someone’s credibility, aim it at the monster sitting at the defense table.

  3. If I was a juror, all this family “support” would probably convince me even more that if this guy is not locked away, he will be allowed to do this again with family who clearly turns a blind eye to it all. I don’t know if they are trying to portray a loving, supportive family but I feel like as a juror this would do the opposite for me….

  4. Can you imagine being the Husbands of the Duggar daughters, seeing the ish Josh looked up being shown in court and realizing your daughter(s) have been around that perv, possibly unsupervised?! I wonder if any of them have that thought in the back of their minds. #sicksadworld

    1. Do the Spiveys have additional connections to the case besides their daughter being married to Josh’s brother? Just wondering why Hillary is there.

  5. This is like a crime procedural drama.
    Why is Derrick with the family? And why is Austin by himself in the back? Is he just realizing what happened to Joy? Why is Justin there and with his MIL?
    Everything is so odd

    1. The testimony of Bobye Holt put out there what Josh did to Joy. It’s not hard to piece together which child is which Jane Doe. What Josh did was sickening, and it’s no wonder that Austin is in the back by himself. That’s his wife. Joy is not testifying so there is no need for him to be front and center when he’s probably seething over what has been revealed.

      1. I don’t get why is he there at all. Does he want the sick details? I was a victim of SA as a child. The first person I told about it was my bf when I was around 20. He asked for all the sordid details over and over again. It was awful and I don’t know why TF did he do that the same as I don’t get why is Austin there and why Derrick is not with him in the back but in the front

        1. Every person is different and handles situations differently. He could be there because he needs to know the full story or he could be there because Joy wanted him there. She was so young and probably never told what truly happened.

          This trial sucks for the Duggar girls because they are all being victimized again. Every little thing is being scrutinized. Hopefully they have access to real counselling. And Josh gets thrown in jail.

        2. A lot of people think that if the victim had to live through it, the least someone can do is force themselves to listen to what happened. It’s how they show support. I’m kind of like that; i wouldn’t want to be a juror, but I would tell myself not only is it my civic duty, but that I owe it to the victims that had to go through far worse than hearing disturbing things.

        3. Joy has gone though a lot of trauma, some of which she may not even remember, but is possibly affecting her relationship. Being able to know what she went through, what this monster is capable of and what Joy was forced to live every day, just by staying in the same house as her abuser, it’s a good way for him to figure how to help her heal without having to question her. Honestly, if it was me, I would be there too, representing her.

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