Teen Mom News Pile: The Beavers Get in an Epic Online Fight, Kail Addresses Her Haters Directly & More

“…but I’m going to take a few minutes to think about it first!”

From getting into fights online to getting their learn on, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately!

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so.

Malorie Beaver got in one hell of an online fight with her baby daddy’s new wife & the entire Beaver Bunch jumped in

Boxing Beavers: an MTV special coming this summer….if only…

When the ‘Teen Mom’ news gets a little lackluster (due to no one going to jail, getting knocked up or pulling machetes on each other), we can always count on the Beaver Bunch to bring the drama!

This week’s dose comes courtesy of Malorie Beaver, who got into a nasty online spat with Kylie, the wife of Malorie’s baby daddy Lane Fernandez. Kylie and Lane posted a birthday tribute to Emerson, the daughter Lane shares with Malorie and Mal was not happy about it. She took to Facebook to call Lane and Kylie out for trying to pretend to be Grade A parents…and that’s where the Beaver Bunch Brawl began!

“In case anyone was unaware, my daughter has not seen her father in months,” Malorie wrote. “The last time she saw him was for Easter because I worked a double & wanted her to be with one of her parents. After she got back she told me she never wanted to go back.”

Malorie wrote that someone had called Department of Child Services five times and reported that she was an unfit mother and that she was on “multiple drugs,” claims Malorie denied. 

“I have never touched any drug but alcohol in my life. I come to find out it was Lane & his new wife (the girl who is posting birthday pics of my daughter). Emerson is terrified of her father & that is the reason she no longer sees him. He called for her birthday while we were at Sea World & she didn’t even want to speak to him. She started crying when I tried handing her the phone.

“You best not make my grandbaby cry or I’m a-comin’ for ya!”

“Her father has traumatized her & has been no help whatsoever. He has done nothing but hurt us & our family. This is the reason she has not seen her father & the reason she will not be seeing him again until she is ready. I am sick & tired of them going around acting like they love MY CHILD when they have done nothing but hurt her…I am tired of seeing these posts & need it to be clear that this may be her biological father; but he is not by any means her father.”

Apparently there isn’t much to do in Beaver Holler, because Kylie got word that Malorie was trashing her and Lane on Facebook so she then jumped into the online conversation, accusing Malorie of being a terrible co-parent and many other unsavory things. 

“She wouldn’t know the definition of ‘co-parent’ if it slapped her in the face,” Kylie wrote, telling another person that she feels Malorie is not properly caring for Emerson and that she and Lane are “getting that situated.”

“Court will be able to fix all of this I’m sure,” Kylie wrote. “I’m not worried. But I won’t deal with false accusations on me. At all. Ever.”

Kylie went on to accuse Malorie of illegal activities.

“I have proof of her drinking with Emerson in the car. She doesn’t want to try me…My case worker is seeing these messages as we speak.”

That’s when Mama Beav— Stephanie Polo— jumped into the mess to make her own legal threats!

“I’ll find out who your caseworker is I’ll go ahead and make a phone call my cell phone you for all these harassing statements that you have put on absolutely everybody. Emerson has never been in danger, never been in the car with Mallory and never been in any type of situation that will harm her…” Stephanie wrote. “But it’s okay I’ll make note to and turn these into my lawyer and I’ll make a call up there and find out who your caseworker is and I’ll be talking to them myself…Malorie Kay Beaver all of the defamation of character in these slanderous lies sure does look like a lawsuit to me. Maybe you should go get a restraining order against this girl.”

Kylie continued to state that Malorie does not want Lane parenting Emerson.

“He constantly asks about Emerson,” she wrote. “Constantly. Malorie has he and I both blocked and just ignores us. Because she’s ridiculous. So sad.”

Then…Mal’s sister, Rachel Beaver, entered the chat.

“She has y’all blocked because… y’all said Malorie was on METH…You two are ridiculous making up HORRIBLE lies about our family trying to steal her from us? Get the f**k over yourself. You will never be Emerson’s mom.”

Stephanie continued to blast Kylie, telling her, “Get some mental help you have seen her like three times in your whole entire life. You don’t even know my grandbaby. Who are you and where the hell did you come from? And crawl back in from under the rock you came from.”

“Rachel, you get the shovel and the Great Value trash bags. I’ma pull the car ’round front!”

Kylee was not afraid of Mama Beaver’s threats. In fact, she said exactly what she needed to do get the Beavs all riled up!

“Leave me alone let me be a mother. Thank you. If you learnt to be a mother we wouldn’t be in this situation now would we?”

Naturally, that set Steph and Rachel off and, soon, the insults were flying!

“All you did was babysit!” Rachel wrote. “You are NOT nor will ever be her mother, step mother. What tf ever. Lane literally[barely] wanted you. He begged for Malorie back and said if she didn’t take him back he was going to marry you. Mal said marry her.”

Malorie ended the conversation by reminding everyone that she left Lane after he was arrested in December 2019 for domestic assault against her.

“Lane knows what he has done to me & Emerson. He tried to kill me when she was six weeks old & she was in my arms,” Malorie wrote. “Which I have a police report for & many witnesses. He threw my brother threw my closet & hit him. He hurt both of us many times & I have told Kylee all of this. She is just too idiotic & stubborn to admit it. I did everything I could to make sure my daughter had her father in her life since I didn’t have mine. Eventually I realized it wasn’t even worth the heart break for her & I both & that is why she’s never with them.”

Kylie continued to poke the beaver bear.

“Call a hearse! There’s ’bout to be a funeral up ‘er in the holler!”

“Emerson never has an issue at our house. She tells us about how you cuss all the time and how she’s always at your mother’s (Steph’s) house. In case you all are wondering lane and I love Emerson and do everything we can for her when we have her…She’s always smiling and laughing while with us. She does call me Momma Kylie, she also knows I’m the step mom and she’s the step baby. I do not force her to call me mom. There are times where she has just called me Kylee. And I’m completely ok with whatever she is comfortable with.

“Mal you’re more worried about partying and running around than making sure your daughter is safe. I have messages from your mother saying SHE keeps Emerson about 4 days out of the week. Really? And you’re doing what in Emerson’s best interest. Sit down. No wonder she’s so close to me. She doesn’t have a mother figure to look up to. So sad. Let’s watch who we are taking about because I have never done anything but love and protect and help that child to my greatest ability.”


Kail Lowry Addressed Her Haters Directly 

“I’m trying to be better. Now shut up.”

Kail spoke out on the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, talking directly to the online trolls she said criticize everything she does. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star told her nay-sayers that she knows she used to do act out and do awful things when she was angry. 

[The trolls] keep saying that they want to hold me accountable for things and that I’m not acknowledging things, but that’s why I’m in therapy,” Kail said. “I don’t owe you an explanation; I owe my therapist an explanation. I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘I f**ked up. I said this, I did this,’ whatever that looks like, and say, ‘I am accountable, and I am going to do better.’

“But I’m learning to apply my therapy to how I react to things. I know in the past I’ve been explosive and don’t really know how to handle my emotions. [I have] knee-jerk reactions…”

“Ya don’t say…”

“Now I’m learning how to take a step back, think about it, and think about what I want to say and things like that,” Kail added.

Kail said her mom– “Smirnoff” Suzi— had a lot of the same issues she has.

“I just want to learn to undo what I’ve done for 28 years,” she said. “My mom, she raised me to the best of her ability but there was probably so much trauma that she endured…there’s like generational and familial cycles of trauma or toxicity that maybe they didn’t even know was toxic. When you know better you do better.”

Still, Kail claims that the online trolls will hate her no matter what she does.

“It’s funny because, whenever there’s rumors about me and stuff, I feel like no matter what I do, I get blamed from the [online] trolls,” Kail said. “They’re just never happy. I could literally save the entire planet from global warming and they’ll find something wrong with me doing that.”

Amber Portwood Provides Us With an Update on Her College Learnings

“I’ll go ahead and start the applause…for myself!”

Amber has stepped away from social media for a while— giving us a reprieve from her threat-filled Instagram rants. (I feel like The Roundup should have a running online counter stating how many days it’s been since Amber threatened to karate-kick someone on Instagram.)

It appears that the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star has actually been putting her free time to good use. Ambie reappeared on Instagram on to give her followers an update on her learnings.

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber announced back in March that she would be taking classes at Indiana’s Purdue University. (Naturally, the classes are online.)

The moment the people at Purdue told Amber she was not allowed to bring her couch into the lecture hall…

Amber reported that she is doing well in school and is excited to continue to get her learn on! 

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions about school and I wanted to give you an update,” Amber said. “Yes, I did pass my first term with a 3.7 GPA in Bachelors of Science in Applied Psychology and Behavior Analysis. I also passed Composition 1. Now I’m in Composition 2 and I’m starting Introduction to Psychology.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Amber Leann Portwood (@realamberlportwood1__)

Back in March, Amber went on Instagram Live and explained that she wants to study psychology because she feels that it would have helped her when she was younger to have someone like her to speak to.

“I’m so happy to go, seriously…Psychology popped out to me at first,” she said at the time, adding that she wanted to choose a very specific type of psychology— applied behavior analysis—to make her more valuable.

“To have something with it is a bonus thing,” Amber said. “[This field is] something I feel is necessary because as a young child I think it would have helped tremendously if I could have had something like that.”

The Ashley suspects that Amber is actually planning to do Purdue’s “Global” online college program. A check of the university’s website reveals that Amber’s program, Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis, is offered by Purdue Global. While the classes are online, she will still be required to obtain 180 credits, do 15-18 hours of coursework per week. 

“This is way more harder than when I got my GED in jel!”

Amber seems to be adapting well to “college kid” life.

“It’s been a journey, an amazing journey. I doubted myself for a while, but that’s OK,” she said on Tuesday.

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

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19 Responses

  1. Can someone explain why Stephanie is misspelling her daughter’s name? (Malorie/Mallory) I am so confused.

  2. I think I’d be able to give Amber some props for what she’s doing if her motivation for doing it wasn’t such a cluster. She’s talked about planning to ‘help’ her fans even more than she already does, you know, the ones she counsels in the middle of the night from the comfort of her closet (as she used to do when Andrew was still on the scene), the ones she gives scary, unhealthy advice to, the ones she brags about and feels she’s so important to.

    If she is doing this to gain personal insight and better herself and her relationships with others, then go for it girl! But, she’s going to have to prove to this skeptic that she actually learned something (which she so far hasn’t managed to do despite years of therapy) and has applied it in a healthy way. Time will tell.

  3. Malorie might want to shut the fuck up and clean herself up. She might actually lose her fucking kid if Lane and Kylie can prove they’re better parents to Emerson.

    And Kail needs more therapy for her delusions. She has not grown as a person as she is STILL assaulting people.

  4. Ah, Kail is pulling the old No Neck Ed “I’m in therapy” defense. Pathetic.

    Therapy is great if you actually apply yourself to it and are willing to truly face the things you aren’t doing right. Narcissists like Kail and Ed simply go to therapy as an out. Pay a few hundred bucks, focus on finding loopholes as to why you are such a shitty person, and you are free and clear, like going to confession at church. There’s no merit in saying “I’m working on it” if you aren’t putting in the actual work.

  5. Kail, Kail, Kail. It’s so ironic that you can provide such great physical care for your children, but you’re totally fucking them up mentally and emotionally. You aren’t ‘breaking’ or ‘destroying’ any generational trauma. You don’t seem to understand- it stops with YOU. The ‘trolls’, as you describe, are only continuing to hold you accountable. YOUR actions will keep the generational trauma alive and well, passing it onto your boys who will then have to shoulder the responsibility of trying to stop it. And when your boys want distance from you and the constant bullshit you keep stirred, you’ll lash out at them. Play the victim card & talk shit about them to make yourself look better.

    Simply put- she needs to shut the f*ck up and learn how to CO-parent. Attention-whoring and stirring drama is only hurting your kids.

  6. If Kailyn can agree finally that her mother did the best she could to her ability at the time, why cant she reach out to her and try to form some sort of relationship? She is so judgemental towards her mother. Time to move on and grow up and accept her faults.

  7. The Beavers are heated and salty

    Amber can get a degree while assaulting those couch cushions with a steady barrage farts is the best case scenario for everyone

    stay lit

  8. I don’t know about US laws but in my country you can’t be a certified psychologist/counsellor if you have a record, been in jail, etc. Is that a thing in the US?
    But aside from the law aspect, this woman is a recovering addict, physically assaulted two of her boyfriends, has custody of none of her kids, been in jail, threatens her followers regularly and is on probation currently. I’m amazed she thinks she’s fit to help others. Jesus God Leah.

    1. In the US, usually you can’t get a professional license (such as a counselor) if you have a record. Amber is a felon, which means there’s no way she can get a license to practice. She can go to school and get the degree, though. The vast majority of people who get a bachelors in psychology don’t use them anyway. You really have to get a masters or a PhD for the defree to be helpful.

      1. Thanks for the info! I sure hope she won’t be able to “help” people as she clearly needs help herself. Even if being a felon ain’t illegal LOL.

  9. Malorie, Rachel & Stephanie are the way Teen Mom should be!
    An actual “family” (ok, we’ll sort of) with actual money problems and below the poverty line issues.
    Now that’s way more real than Kail telling us she’s “working on her anger issues” as she’s beating up Chris and has so much money that I think she only gets off her ass to drive the boys to their dad’s so she can go back home to sit on the couch again!!
    And Amber as a psychologist?!?! ??‍♀️
    Maybe she should just work on fixing herself before she goes near anyone else!!

  10. I’ll give credit where credit is due. Amber’s doing a good job so far in school. It doesn’t matter where she’s doing classes, the point is she’s doing something constructive with her time. I’d rather see her trying to apply herself than threatening people any day.

  11. Sorry to say but “The Beavers” are bringing the REAL drama! The stories on Kail & Amber here are just like the last 3 seasons of TM..total snooze fest!

  12. If it’s accredited and a full degree, thats a huge step for Amber, a HS drop out.

    Hell, even doing a MOOC would be a big step for her.

    Terrible person, shitty mother, but maybe MAYBE she is trying.

    Idk. Maybe I’m naive.

  13. As much as I dislike Amber, and it’s pretty intense, I can’t hate on her for taking college courses online. I’ve been contemplating doing the same, I just need her $ to pay for it lol

  14. Of course Amber is going to study ABA. Everyone in the autism community agrees it’s basically abuse. Amber’s good at that shit.

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