New Series ‘FBOY Island’ Has 3 Single Ladies Looking for Love Among 12 “Nice Guys” & 12 “FBoys”

Me, reading the synopsis of this show.

FBOY Island is a new reality series coming to HBO Max will throw three single women in a house with 24 single men – 12 “nice guys” and 12 self-proclaimed “f**k boys.”

Yes, the single ladies willingly signed up for this… 

In case you’re not hip to the kids’ lingo these days, a “f**k boy” is described by Urban Dictionary as, ” boy who is a player and is only in a relationship for sex; A boy who plays with girls’ feelings and doesn’t really like them and would do say anything a girl wants to hear to have sex with them or to get something they want.”

“Bro, that’s SO us!”

Filmed in the Cayman Islands and hosted by Nikki Glaser, ‘FBOY Island’ features singles in paradise, a cash-prize twist, (probably) a lot of poor judgment, gratuitous muscle flexing, and an overuse of the word “bro” and anything “bro”-adjacent. 

According to People, the two dozen dudes bros traveling to ‘FBOY Island’ range in age from 22 to 35. In true reality TV dating show fashion, a couple of real estate agents and firefighters are in the mix, as well as about seven bros who work in fitness or modeling. 

As if they actually packed any.

Not to worry, there’s a few bros with rather unique careers thrown into the group, too. Looking at you three, “Cryptocurrency Guru,” “Fridge Mover” and “Cirque Du Soleil Performer.” 

“No TikTok-ers or former reality TV stars? This is gonna be harder than I thought.”

There’s also a bro who goes the name Rhino, as well as a Garratt and a Garrett – note the distinction. 

“We may have the same taste in protein shakes and be able to benchpress the exact amount of weight, but we’re all VERY different from one another.”

As for the single ladies trying to determine which of the men are FBoys and which are just “nice guys” wanting to kickstart their future career as a social media influencer byway of reality TV, we have 30-year-old CJ Franco, a content creator and model from Los Angeles, who likes drinking wine and taking photos. 

“Assuming we can get past the cloud of Axe body spray first…”

CJ reportedly signed onto this show because her therapist said it would be a good exercise in mental endurance and resilience. (Um…?) Also, CJ says she has a history of taming FBoys. 

Also traveling to the Caymen Islands to face the FBoys is 28-year-old Nakia Renee, a hair and makeup stylist and singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. 

The moment you realize the men in this house listed “entrepreneur” as their job description as a coverup for “unemployed.”

Nakia typically dates the same kind of guy and has made the mistake of falling for an FBoy in the past. Still, Nakia is a hopeless romantic searching for true love and a partner to build her life with. She joined this show as a way to step out of her comfort zone and date in a way that focused on women empowerment. It also offered her the opportunity to travel outside of the U.S. for the first time. 

The third and final single lady is 25-year-old Sarah Emig, a social media manager from Chicago. Sarah’s hobbies include working out, drinking, going to festivals and learning how to DJ. 

“I’d like to find someone to share my heart— and my protein powder— with…”

Sarah landed on ‘FBOY Island’ after learning in 2020 to take risks and live life to the fullest. She’s looking for someone with a similar mindset who believes in getting the most out of life and never settling for anything less.

‘FBOY Island’ premieres July 29 on HBO Max. Check out the preview below! 

(Photos: HBO Max/YouTube) 




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