‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Rages After Being Compared to Jenelle Evans: “Don’t Ever Compare Me to a Twisted Little Nothing!”

“We’ve both been to ‘gel,’ but that’s where the similarities end, guys!”

It doesn’t take much to get Amber Portwood fired up these days (as her fans have seen in her recent Instagram Live rants), but after she was compared to Jenelle Evans on Tuesday night, the Teen Mom OG star became absolutely livid.

Amber— who spent quite a bit of time ranting on Instagram Live on Tuesday night— did not take kindly to a follower telling her she was acting like Jenelle. She soon launched into a tangent about how she’s nothing like Jenelle, and how the former Teen Mom 2 star and her husband David Eason “disgust” her.

As you may remember, Amber has ranted on The IG about about Jenelle and David in the past. In 2019, Jenelle and Amber got into what may have been the most epically vicious back-and-forth social media feud ever, but they have not feuded publicly since then. However, Amber was downright infuriated when someone compared her to Jenelle.

“Don’t f**king call me Jenelle! I’m gonna tell you that right now. Don’t ever compare me, in your f**king life, to Jenelle,” Amber yelled. “Do you understand me? There is nothing of comparison.”

“…and you know, the ability to slaughter the English language, you guys actually have more in common than you think!”

Amber said she isn’t like Jenelle because she lives in Indiana, not North Carolina.

“I don’t live in the same state where you can just apparently get away with anything…apparently you can just kill dogs right in front of children…and you’re fine…I don’t know what the f**k happened, but you can just beat the living s**t out of a dog,” Amber said, obviously referring to David killing Jenelle’s dog Nugget in 2019 and Jenelle covering for him.

Amber then stated that she wants no ties to Jenelle whatsoever.

“Don’t ever compare me to a twisted little nothing!” Amber said.

“Um…HELLO! I’m not a ‘nothing!’ Have you not heard about my Girl S**t s**t?!”

“I don’t care what the f**k she has to say about me. I don’t want to be associated with her. I don’t want to be associated with other people that’s been off the show. They disgust me, like some of the things they’ve let happen,” she added. 

When a follower accused Amber of being narcissistic, she denied those claims.

“I’m not full of myself at all in any way, I’m just honest,” she said, later adding, “I’m not a narcissist, I’m a person that tells the truth. If that makes me a narcissist, I don’t care.”

You can watch some of the the rant footage– which was captured by the TikTok account @Mrs.WeedLove and the IG account @@brownieshitts. (Be aware, though, that the videos contain plenty of naughty language!) 


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  1. I hope that Leah is keeping a journal of all this shit and her feelings. I would love to read a tell all book in a few years.

    Same with Sophia.

  2. Saddest part of all is that if Ambie took Gary to court for one on one visitation today (like right this minute) she would unfortunately probably win because the age to listen and give a damn about a child in Indiana is 14.

  3. Ambie, you are the kettle calling the pot black .. You are a sad, lazy, pathetic excuse of a parent who only have eyes for your own needs
    – just like Jenelle …

  4. Amber wants Leah to be grateful to her. Grateful for what? She can’t even show up to her kid’s birthday because it might make her feel “a little uneasy”. Is she kidding? She can’t even make an effort for the daughter that she neglected all these years.

    Because yes, Amber, you did neglect her, even your mother and brother tried to tell you this. Nobody tried to manipulate your daughter into thinking this, she’s a smart little one that realized it herself. Kristina is her real mother in her heart and your current behavior isn’t going to help to change that. I understand that there are mental health issues at play here, but at some point it has to stop being an excuse. You didn’t stay home for her birthday because you had crippling anxiety or depression, you stayed home because you were mad at Leah, a 12 years old kid.

    I had parents like you, who blinded themselves on the sh*t that they had done to their kids and tried to play the victim card. Can you guess how often I’m seeing them and how often they’re seeing their grandkids? Twice a year, at Christmas and Easter, with extended family because they’re the people I want to see. There is no bond. There is no relationship. And you’re going on the same path, from what I saw. You don’t have much time left to tried to redeem yourself, if still possible. The reason why she is distancing herself from you that much is to avoid being hurt by you, because she was in the past. Stop focusing on how you feel and what you want. You’re not the important person here, your daughter is.

  5. Gary?? Andrew?? Are you seeing this high, off-her-meds-judgment-impaired bio-mom who has unsupervised visitation with your children?! Get in front of the judge and get her visitation revoked, especially for little James! Is she allowed to drive with him in the car??? Isn’t she supposed to submit to drug tests??

    Amber and Jenelle are two of a kind, but I don’t think Jenelle ever tried to assault any of her kids with a machete! I think Amber might win in the pure evilness category.

  6. I find Amber worse now, only just because her attitude for someone who has lost custody of 2 children on separate occasions because she beat their fathers and chose prison over completing probation because it was easier being told what to do in prison than completing probation at home but will say she did it for Leah. Has blasted the people raising her children countless times and calls herself a good mother. And don’t get me started on her sending love crap. Jenelle is equally as horrible but right now Amber pisses me off more, give it few weeks and Jenelle will probably do something to make me hate her more again.

  7. No one ever said looking in the mirror was always pretty.

    There’s a reason people are comparing you to Janelle. You may not have killed an animal but you both CONSTANTLY do things at the expense of your kids well being. You’re both selfish. Both put men first. Both live in a fantasy where you’re “good moms, fucking great moms”, and you both have spent YEARS with little to no contact with your kids.

    If they disgust you it’s time to change your ways because they’re a perfect reflection of yourself.

  8. Amber’s right. She didn’t shoot the family dog. She went after her boyfriend and her baby son in a fit of blinded rage with a machete. How dare anyone get that twisted.

    1. Lol she totally doesn’t slam the people taking care of her kids regularly either 🤣😂🤣 oh. Wait.

  9. It’s awful that David and Jenelle are able to abuse animals and children and North Carolina doesn’t seem to care.
    It’s also awful that Amber can pull a machete on her boyfriend and infant, and Indiana along with MTV, doesn’t seem to care. Redemption story, my ass.
    You’re both terrible.

    1. Yup. One is not better than the other when it comes to Amber and Jenelle. Both are crappy human beings, and the fact Amber thinks she’s better than Jenelle just further proves how delusional she truly is.

  10. At this point I have to assume she will never have unsupervised visits with either child and Leah is about to be done with Amber’s shit. At what point does she get booted off her money train that is Teen Mom?

    1. I used to love Gary, why is he pushing for the mom/daughter bond and relationship that a freaking 12 year old doesn’t want and knows that if it hasn’t happened by now, it probably won’t?!

      1. I would think there is money tied up in there somewhere… maybe he has to appear to Amber as an ally to continue getting spousal support? It’s the only reason that I can think of… gotta be a monetary motive- no doubt.

        1. I’m sure there is, but How is Gary getting spousal support from Amber when they were never spouses and according to him she doesn’t pay him any child support. So, I don’t know how there is a monetary motivate.

          1. I think actually he’s doing the right thing and it’s not motivated by money.

            He’s trying to make sure she doesn’t regret writing her mother off and he’s giving Amber every chance for Amber to show up. And each time, she disappoints for some stupid reason or another. What Gary is doing is actually the mature thing to do. Keep your mind open in case she does get back on her meds and off the couch. He and all of us know she never will, but…

            I think some of it comes from his own parent related issues. I feel so sorry for Leah, but she is really so smart, she sees right through it and doesn’t want to waste her life with someone who is wasting theirs.

          2. I kind of see it as a good thing, but there’s only so much this poor child can take!!!

            I just think he needs to back off a little and let what’s supposed to happen happen.

    2. Tbh I’m sure he is afraid of the narrative that he is “keeping” Leah away. If he doesn’t appear to be encouraging the relationship it could come off really badly like he’s doing it out of malice or spite.

      1. Agreed. Amber has been accusing Gary of poisoning Leah against her for years. Even on the last episode, she accused Gary and Kristina of causing Leah to be mad at her. It seems like Gary is giving overboard trying to prove that it’s not true. But, he does need to let Leah feel what she’s feeling. It’s not her job to make Amber show up.

  11. They both suck at being humans and mothers and there are far too many similarities to list. Differences include:
    – Jenelle having custody of 2 out of 3 of her kids and Ambo is 0 for 2
    – Jenelle’s spouse is (more often) the attacker and Ambo is the attacker against her mates
    – Jenelle gets off the couch to go to her she-shed and chase people with guns
    – By some miracle Ambo is still able to co-parent with Gary, but Jenelle doesn’t with her ex’s
    – Looks like Amber’s daughter is on-track to be a successful member of society (because of Gary and Kristina) – the future doesn’t look to bright for Jenelle’s kids

  12. that’s what sets amby off? how about getting out of bed and using that energy to see your children

  13. I actually think she is a worse person than Jenelle.

    Jenelle is awful, but what makes her more awful is David (and previous soul mates). She’s immature and not a good parent, but Amber is another level.

    I’ve been watching early Teen Mom episodes and she is just horrendous. She is SO mean and lazy.

    1. Agreed! Amber is worse because she’s never tried to get Lead or now James back and raise them. As white trash as Junelle is, she wants her children. She shouldn’t have them, but she wants them. Amber doesn’t want them or should have them. She is the most disassociated mother I’ve ever seen. Why she had children makes no sense to me, but the world is a better place with someone as smart and wonderful as Leah.

    2. Jenelle at least consistently sees Jace and takes her children places even if it is mainly to brag online about it, Amber is too lazy to even get off her couch and fake it for Instagram. She is like Jenelle choosing drugs and men over her children but also has Farrah’s I’m better than everyone so I will talk to them like they are dirt attitude.

  14. Not gonna lie…I chuckled at “twisted little thing”. HA! That is a perfect description of Jenelle, but Amber needs to realize her and Jenelle are way more alike than not. Both are violent trash moms who choose loser men over their children.

    1. I laughed at the “twisted little thing” also. As opposed to what, a twisted BIG thing?

      Speaking of Amber, did anyone watch last night’s episode where Bubby (aka Shawn) was literally trying to map out all of her faults? I was like, “Oh damn, another fuse just got lit!!!”

      I thought they was gonna come to blows on freaking Facetime!!!

      Gotta give him props though!! Hes FINALLY standing up to her and seeing she ain’t as “misunderstood” as some people think.

      Dont get me wrong, I do think there are some of her actions that are misunderstood, like the strong verbal lashing outs but DEFINITELY not the violent actions. You dont lay a hand of anybody NO MATTER WHAT they say!!!!

      1. Bubby was stating nothing but facts, and Amber wanted to hear none of it. She pissed me off in that episode. She sits there and blames everyone but herself for why Leah doesn’t like her. And I get Gary trying to get Leah to be gentler on her mom, because if something happened to Amber Im sure Leah would be upset and he doesn’t want her to regret anything, but it shouldn’t be up to Leah to establish a relationship with Amber. Then she was like oh, I wanna do something just the 2 of us for her bday, meanwhile it’s like it’s your kids birthday, if your kid invited you to come over for dinner then go over for dinner, you don’t do what YOU wanna do, then act all butt hurt because you didn’t get your way. Meanwhile the episode before this one she kept repeating “Im a good mom” over and over like she was really trying to convince herself and God knows who else, that she’s a good mom. She’s disgusting is what she is.

        1. Yes! Omg! I literally said when I heard her “who is she trying to convince, the therapist or herself?”

        2. Oh yeah I totally agree Shawn was just pointing out the facts.

          And I understood Gary attempting to keep things civil when Leah was younger but now she’s 12, let her decide how to handle things now. Let her do or not do things at HER speed.

          And I believe she was trying to convince her mom Tanya that she was a “damn good mom”

          My prediction is that all the ally dominoes Amber thought she had are gonna start collapsing and she is LITERALLY about to have NOTHING.

          That’s usually rock bottom for most, maybe she’ll see the error of her ways and grow up. I doubt she will but miracles happen everyday so I guess time will tell.

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