Amber Portwood Rants After Having Her Relationship with Dimitri Garcia Compared to Troubled “90 Day Fiance” Couple’; Claims She Was Abused By Past Lovers & “Choked Out & Spit On”

“Oh hellll no! Fingers don’t fail me now, I’ve got some Instagram rantin’ to do!”

Amber Portwood and her Belgian boyfriend were recently compared to a couple from the 90 Day Fiance franchise and they were not happy about it. The comparison led to the Teen Mom OG star launching into a full-on Instagram rant late last week that has since been deleted.

Amber— who, as ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know has been dating her Belgian boo, Dimitri Garcia, since last year— came out virtually swinging after seeing her and Dimitri’s relationship being compared to that of “90 Day Fiance” stars Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina. The page asked its followers to choose “who had the better criminal love story?”

That caption clearly set Amber and Dimitri off, and soon Amber had launched into one of her infamous social media rants that quickly turned into a conversation about the physical abuse Amber claims to have suffered at the hands of past boyfriend(s).

While she didn’t specifically state which boyfriend(s) allegedly abused her, she did say that it was a man/men she filmed with for ‘Teen Mom OG,’ which basically breaks down to Gary ShirleyMatt Baier and/or Andrew Glennon

The rant comes after a long period of social media silence for Amber. Aside from a selfie posted last week, Amber has remained off of The ‘Gram (except to post clickbait, of course).

For this rant, though, it appears that Dimitri— who, as The Ashley recently told you, has claimed he will be coming back to the United States within the next few weeks— saw the post in question first. He stated in the post’s comment section that he found the comparisons to “90 Day Fiance” to be “humiliating,” and stated that he’s “fed up” with people comparing his and Amber’s love story to those on the “90 Day” shows.

“Why compare our romantic relationship with Amber to a show like ’90 Days Fiance?'” Dimitri wrote. “I have already spent 90 days with Amber and proof to the contrary we are not married. Because I am European and I am Belgian? We find it very humiliating!” 

Amber then hopped on the thread, threatening to force the Instagram page to delete the post, and sticking up for her geographically challenged love story.


“You are being very offensive to Belgian people and European in general just because one man love’s an American woman!” she wrote, later threatening, “Delete it or I will ‘find’ a way for everything to be deleted.”

When another person jumped in to suggest that Dimitri is only with Amber for money/fame/the ability to come to the United States, Amber apologized to her Belgian soulmate for the treatment he’s received from Americans. (Dimitri has repeatedly stated on his own Instagram that he is in the relationship with Amber only for love.) 

“I’m sorry for how our country is being portrayed by people like this today babe,” she wrote to Dimitri. “No worries though.”

She then turned her fury on the people who suggested that Dimitri is not with her “for the right reasons.” She reminded them that she made Dimitri take a lie-detector test during a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ to see if he was being genuine.


“He took a lie detector on the show and passed when asked if he was here for fame or money!” Amber stated.

From there, Amber argued with another person, reminding them that she has mental health issues, and insisting that she has grown since her domestic violence arrest last July for incidents involving Andrew.

“…I will stick up for my #mentalhealthcommunity no matter what people like you say,” Amber wrote. “I’m a 30-year-old woman and you’re speaking of 2 incidents that were very hard on me and everyone it affected. We learn and become better people; however I’m proud to be where I’m at and it’s in God’s hand. I stand for everyone with Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder as well as PTSD and anxiety…”

Obviously, not everyone was bowled over by Amber’s explanation. One person brought up that Amber’s two children were not filmed for’Teen Mom OG’ around her at all this past season, and added, “Can you not see YOU are the problem in ALL of your relationships? And enough with the ‘I have a mental illness, I’m a victim’ BULLS**T. Get off your damn couch, get a hobby, a job and get your life fixed.” 

The comments about Amber’s kids— she shares daughter Leah with Gary Shirley and son James with Andrew— struck a nerve with her, and she told one of the people in the comment section that there are reasons her kids aren’t filmed for ‘Teen Mom OG’ alongside her.

“I’m with my kid’s every single week!!! Every week!” she wrote. “MTV puts on television what they WANT you to see.”

She stated that James is not allowed to be on the show. (This is true. As The Ashley told you last year, the custody agreement between Amber and Andrew forbid her from filming with James and prevented both parents from sharing photos of the boy to their social media accounts.) As for her daughter Leah, Amber says she purposely limits the time she’s filmed for the show.

“Leah is protected through me because of all of this hate so I will not film with her usually or put pictures of us; however I see her every damn week,” Amber wrote. (Again, this is true. The Ashley’s sources, along with Gary, have confirmed that Amber sees both James and Leah regularly.)

Later in the comment section, someone called on Gary to come reel in Amber. (She has stated in the past that Gary has helped keep her off social media.)

Unfortunately for Amber, though, Gary didn’t come fetch her in time. Next, Amber ranted about how she was often the victim of physical abuse in her relationships, and often had to cover the signs of the alleged physical abuse in order to film for ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“My only problem is that I never opened my mouth first!” Amber wrote. “You heard that right! If walls could talk you wouldn’t say s**t. I’ve had my ass beat to the point of wearing long sleeve shirts on 90 degree days when I had to film because of bruises. Covering up my eye with full coverage makeup just to film as well.

“CHOKED OUT AND SPIT ON PLEADING FOR MY LIFE! Plus a thousand more yet I didn’t call the cops because I was stupid!”

She also insisted that “more than 80 percent of the time” she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Finally she realized that ranting on Instagram was getting her no where and she vowed to delete her comments, which she did soon after. 

“This isn’t good for the progress I have made so I’m just going to delete everything,” Amber wrote. “Disgusting people truly. Bye.”

“Amber. Put the PHONE down. I repeat…step away from the phone!”

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram) 


  1. you are disgusting Amber, an unfit mother and a whiner, always blaming other when it’s you.

  2. Dimitri needs to stop talking, because he’s going to be eating his words the next trip over here when Amber beats the brakes off of him. I actually think her being compared to Geoffrey, and him being compared to Varya is the perfect comparison…Amber is just like Geoffrey, an abusive crazed person, and Dimitri is just like Varya…looking for a meal ticket to come to America. She gets upset at the dumbest stuff. The girl is a ticking time bomb.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I’m tired of hearing about her. She’s a sociopath. Pathological liar. I stopped watching Teen Mom OG mainly because of her. I really don’t like saying such negative things like that. I hope she knows that she doesn’t always need a man in her life. Being independent and focusing on yourself is okay. I know it’s lonely sometimes and it’s hard. But trust me, once you take care of yourself, everything will fall into place. It’s not easy, but everything will be okay.

  4. She doesn’t have custody of her kids because she beat BOTH of her baby daddies but she’s the mother of the year because supposedly she says them “every week” LOL the nerve of this 30 year old brat!

    1. Don’t forget she also got physical with her infant son. She’s completely delusional about her “parenting”.

  5. She also insisted that “more than 80 percent of the time” she hadn’t done anything wrong.

    This girl wouldn’t know wrong if it crossed the ocean to be her boyfriend.

  6. I definitely have mental illness because I can hardly wait for The Ashley’s next piece on the trials and tribulations of the bun! Here’s how I see it. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – Teen Mon OG cancelled – and BLAST OFF. Dimitri is on next flight back to Belgium

  7. Amber is really mentally unstable. Can some institution take her before it’s too late? I know here she would go to a mental institution. Anyway I am so SICK of her always playing the perpetual victim (I’m not saying she wasn’t a victim of abuse, we all assumed Matt is an abusive asshole) but there is more proof she beat the shit out of her exes! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONCE for crying out loud, you can only cry wolf so many times before people stop listening to you. Yeah, go on rants and delete them, it’s what every 30 year old does! (LOL)

    Also European AND Belgian people?! You do know Belgium is in Europe, right? Also love’s and kid’s grinds my ears and I’m not even a native English speaker!

    1. I don’t know how she’s not locked up somewhere. I’m bipolar without the personality disorder. Speaking from my past, they usually put you on at least 72 hour evaluation holds whenever you are seen to be a danger to yourself and others. I don’t know how the hell that girl avoided a hold after the machete attack. If I had done something like that (I’m a hurt myself kinda bipolar when off my meds) I would have immediately been escorted back to the booby hatch.

    2. Off topic, but @A, your English is fantastic! I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by inappropriate use of *apostrophe’s!* 🙂

  8. Also, Amber does not seem to realize, despite all her court mandated counseling, that there are various forms of abuse. The forms are: verbal, physical, emotional, and psychological. Amber is a continuous verbal and emotional abuser, if you want to see her in action watch her “Marriage Boot Camp” season. She threatens just about every cast member, goes on tirades, and threatens to get physical. How quickly she pops off is scary.

  9. Maybe Gary should get Amber a journal for Christmas. Amber is just like David in that they are victims who never do anything wrong. Amber hasnt taken responsibility for anything bor has she ever changed. I think she just got better at covering her tracks for awhile (MTV did it for her).

  10. I feel bad for Dimitry. He is being abused not because of who he is, but because of all the losers, Amber has laid herself up with. At this point, Dimitry is guilty of nothing more than making the bad decision to get involved with Amber.

    1. I don’t feel bad for him. It’s not like people don’t know this girls track record. Andrew tried to pull the same opprotunistic move by dating and impregnating her, and you see where that got him. I don’t know why these guys try to pretend like she’s this sweetheart that would never place her hands on them, and then act so shocked when she turns violent…anyone who dates her knows what they’re signing up for, and when it blows up in their face, I personally have no sympathy for them.

  11. You see your kids every week? Wow, mother of the year! You don’t have a job, you have all the free time on earth you want, you should be seeing them every damn day! Loser.

  12. I don’t know who runs the tmmamadrama page, but they had better watch out for flying shoes and machetes.

  13. Amber should just become an MMA fighter and get it over with. This whole couch surfing/hollering on IG thing is boring. This way she can finally STFU about her laundry list of problems because she’s too busy trying to not get her ass beat. Getting punched in the face really sobers a bitch up quick.

  14. Speaking for all european people… we were not offended. No need to defend us, Amber. Oh..and also: a man who abandond his kids to live on a whole other continent with a „ reality star“ he met 5 min ago is considered a loser in every country in the world.

  15. You never called the cops because you knew your ass would go to jail too. And I think you meant to say 80% of the time it’s because you struck the first blow. Ambie we know better. Stop thinking we’re not in to you! It’s best for you to go away quietly because you destroy yourself every time you talk. You act just like Farrah. It’s never you. It’s everyone else. 🙄🙄

  16. Amber. No. One. Cares. You’re a known/proven pathological liar who will do ANYTHING to make you look like the victim! The only reason those abusive episodes at your hands was upsetting is because the world found out how gross and disgusting you really are. You and your 90 day fiancé don’t like it? Keep it private. We don’t want to hear about your disgusting hookups. Clearly American men are on to your shit so you had to outsource. And I don’t think anyone spit on you after you choked yourself out (and yes, people do that, you needed to pretend you were killing yourself for attention, remember??) but that was just you actually drooling in yourself during the moments you lost consciousness. Go away and stop embarrassing yourself and those who feel the need to cover for you! Disgusting!

  17. Loser!! always blaming her behavior on mental illness, you are not the victim Amber, STFU and go away already, tired of seeing your fake tears. Poor Dimitri he is your next victim

  18. I thoroughly and completely detest her! I have PTSD, anxiety and major depression yet I don’t beat people I love, abandon my children or be a lazy whining person sitting on my couch blaming my “mental illness”. She is exactly like Jenelle and Farrah in that when they talk they truly think they sound intelligent and they can lie pathologically & we’re just all too stupid to catch on. She has been a raging lunatic from day one to everyone! Even on marriage boot camp she tried to fight Chrissy Lampkin the first day! (I would have paid money for that!) She acts like everyone should be afraid of her and honestly I just find her pathetic but undeserving of any sympathy. As far as her dumbass new relationship goes, I honestly could care less. This dude is going to leave his kids to come be with this nut? Idiot. I promise you this though if they ever drop Teen mom, her thirsty unemployed ass will be begging to go on 90 days!

  19. She’s most likely talking about her previous bf Matt that relationship seemed like they both beat the crap out of each other. Gary and the jolly green giant were victims of her physical abuse. Either way it’s physical abuse and it is never okay!!!!

    1. @Anne I think you are 100% correct that Matt is who she is talking about. I think the real reason that she didn’t call the police is because they were mutual combatants and they both would have went to jail for domestic violence. But you are right that neither should have put their hands on each other for any reason.

      1. She never called the po-po while they beat each other up, referring to her and creepy Matt because they were both using drugs and the cops would’ve found their stash and arrested them both. She is a pig. Lazy, ugly and stupid.

      1. She gave us the right to judge her when she decided to sign a contract with MTV and do a reality show, then decided to act like a damn fool! No one is suggesting that we are perfect, but I can assume none of us are part of a reality show either. Cost of doing business.

  20. Choking is a bad thing? I’d say 19 out the last 20 girls old uncle Nibs laid it up on demanded to be choked during sex, and your boy obliged. Now, I don’t think I can nut without my hands being around their neck. I don’t spit on them thou, got to draw the line somewhere I guess.

    stay lit

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