‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Star Peter Hunziker Responds to His Firing; Jokes He’s Not Racist Because He’s “Very Sexually Active” with All Races

“All ladies love me…even if I’m unemployed!”

Peter Hunziker has broken his silence on his recent firing from Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean — and his response has angered the show’s fans almost as much as what Peter said to get himself fired in the first place!

As The Ashley previously reported, Peter was was axed by Bravo last week for posting an offensive photo to Instagram Stories that showed a naked Black woman tied up in bondage, along with the caption, “When black men been doin you wrong your whole life and you decide to date the nice Caucasian guy Peter from whole foods.” (Peter added the comment, “Pretty much” to the offensive meme.)

Even after being fired, though, Peter defended his post on Twitter…and bragged that he is not racist because he’s down to do the horizontal mambo with all kinds of women!

According to Reality Tea, Peter posted a series of tweets that minimized the offensiveness of his post. He also joked about what he did…and who he did.

“It was a meme. Relax, I’m VERY sexually active with all races,” Peter told one person on Twitter, who clapped back at him and explained why both his original post and his response are offensive.

“Take that, angry Twitter people!”

“U still don’t get it. Be socially active w/ ‘all races’ doesn’t negate u being condescending and feeling superior to another race,” the person told Peter on Twitter. “And instead of learning from it, u give an excuse. Learn from your mistakes!”

“Party Pete” was obviously not convinced, telling the person, “I understand my mistakes, I didn’t realize you [were] my teacher and I was being graded.”

Later, he responded to another tweet, explaining that his original post was “not racism.”

“I love all women, bondage is a sexual pleasure of all race.” 

Peter has since deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In its statement last week, Bravo explained that it took action against Peter immediately after his post was uncovered, announcing that the network was cutting ties with Peter.

“Peter Hunziker of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ has been terminated for his racist post,” the network’s official statement on June 17 read. “Bravo and 51 Minds are editing the show to minimize his appearance for subsequent episodes.


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“As soon as the post was discovered, the decision was made to sever ties with the cast member,” Bravo stated. “While the show is currently in post-production, Peter’s role will be minimized in the back half of the season.”

Peter started on the show during Season 5, which is currently airing. At the time of his firing, only three episodes from Season 5 had aired.  

His firing came on the heels of Bravo firing Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute for racist actions against their former co-star Faith Stowers; and Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni for their past racist tweets.

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  1. This is my thing with the “editing out” process….sometimes it screws the whole show up when poorly done like the Dee scenes in the Challenge. I’m not sure how poorly the editing will be to edit sad sack Pete out but hopefully it doesn’t take away from the show. Fire as many as you want but I’ve seen people be fired in real life…you can’t erase everything they did up until the day they were fired.😳

  2. Who are you kidding Peter? Absolutely no one of any race wants your little diddler, you are disgusting! Kind of reminds me of the kids when I was in high school who talked about everyone they were doing when in reality the only thing they were doing was their hand. Another little boy who will never be a man.

  3. When is all this crap going to end! You can’t say anything without someone being offended. This movement isn’t about race . It’s about destroying our history. But guess what you can’t erase what has happened. Put all the statues you want removed in a museum so we people who want to see them can!

    1. What history? The South was fighting for something atrocious. *And* and they lost. It’s shameful all the way around—what’s to celebrate (with a statue or a flag)?!

  4. Slave owners were very sexually active with their slaves. Does that mean they weren’t racist?

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