EXCLUSIVE! Mackenzie McKee Responds After Her ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Star Catelynn Lowell Called Her Out for Not Reaching Out After Catelynn’s Miscarriage

“Oopsie, sorry, Cate!” 

Mackenzie McKee is speaking out in response to her Teen Mom OG co-star, Catelynn Lowell, calling her out for not reaching out after Catelynn revealed she had suffered a miscarriage.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Mackenzie says she had been unaware that Catelynn had miscarried, and that she feels awful that she wasn’t there to support her co-star.

“I literally had no clue,” Mackenzie told The Ashley. “I wasn’t even filming at the time and was pretty sad that MTV didn’t tell me. It’s a big deal.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Catelynn announced (via clickbait on her social media accounts) that she had miscarried on Thanksgiving Day, soon after finding out she was pregnant.

She later called out Mackenzie, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood for not contacting her after the announcement, adding that Cheyenne Floyd was the only one of her ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars who reached out. 

Mackenzie told The Ashley that she feels bad that she missed Catelynn’s announcement.

“I don’t read the tabloids, for my own sake, and there are so many false rumors that come out; I could have easily thought it was just another clickbait even if I did see it,” she said. “I did reach out [to Catelynn later] and apologize.”

“I knew I should have ‘clicked link in bio!'”

Mackenzie added that Catelynn and her husband Tyler Baltierra were very supportive to her when she lost her mother, Angie, back in December 2019. 

“I truly felt horrible,” she said. “Thankfully she is a very understanding human with a huge heart. Her and Tyler sent me several items when my mom passed.” 

While Mackenzie’s responded with regret, Amber had a different reaction to Catelynn saying it did “bug her” that none of her co-stars besides Cheyenne reached out. In a later interview, Amber insisted she did support Cate…but Catelynn “must have forgot.” 

Amber said she and Catelynn spoke on the phone about the miscarriage “a couple of months ago…and I guess she forgot a little bit about that, which is OK.”

“To sit there and to know that your co-stars are hurt … it’s tough,” Amber told Us Weekly last month. “There’s nothing we can do because of the pandemic. We can’t just get on a plane necessarily. I don’t know, it’s emotionally hard.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)


  1. “CO-Stars”? Meh, The only star associated with this bitch is a sheriff’s star. Go back to gel where you belong. Stars, pfft….

  2. I cannot stand how self important and selfish Caitlyn is. “How dare you not contact me!” Uhhh don’t you post on the regular about giving your kids up and getting divorced? Your next kid’s name should literally be Click Bait Baltierra. It’s got a certain ring to it, yeah? So excuse the hell out of people for living their own lives and not making you the center of the universe as you’re so desperate to be.

  3. There is no way I could care less about Mackenzie’s storyline, but I do like her, she seems like a genuinely nice person that has had a rough road. Hopefully the show ends with the next season because it’s a proven fact that the longer these girls stay on tv the bigger the asshole they become.

  4. Maybe this will teach Caitlynn not allow so many clickbait articles on her page so she can make money. Now when things really happen people can’t tell the difference.

  5. Caitlyn owes these girls an apology. I am sorry but I’m not a huge fan of Mack but her mom just died her life is in shambles but no Caitlyn make it about you by all means!

  6. “There’s no problem so awful, that you can’t add some guilt to it and make it even worse.”
    Sir Nibs

    stay lit

  7. I don’t think people are saying how she should feel, just that she’s really milking (what may or may not have actually been) a pregnancy loss on social media and that it’s odd behaviour, especially if she’s claiming to be so traumatised by it. Attention and sympathy seem to be the only things that make her feel better, or perhaps distract her from her boring everyday life. She really shouldn’t have any more kids imo, she doesn’t seem to enjoy it or function well as a parent, or spouse for that matter.

  8. Get over it Cate. Yes, a miscarriage is sad but life is not all about you. Grow up, get some support to heal, and focus on what you have (the children you already have who need you).

  9. If she only knew for a couple days and hadn’t had an ultrasound yet there’s a chance it could have been a false positive. Not trying to diminish what she went through because I have been there myself. But for me the last thing I wanted was to tell people, it was one of the hardest parts. And to use clickbait is a horrible way to share your records story if you want sympathy

      1. Good point. False positives do happen, a late period is not necessarily a miscarriage. Although Catelynn is such a martyr to her suffering and so convinced of her ‘fertile mertyl’ status it couldn’t possibly be that she was never pregnant in the first place, it has to be a miscarriage and everyone must commiserate with her, even if they may have their own life happening also (yeah, right! What’s more important than Cate and her enduring TRAUMA?).

  10. I don’t believe she had one .. Ratings and she can’t make the same amount of money without MTV .. Show must go on so you make up a storyline.

  11. Caitlyn is so needy . For one she was days pregnant correct? From what I have read she tested right when she missed her period and then started her period days later. Yes it’s a baby and a loss but had she probably not been testing non stop she wouldn’t have even known. The fact that she needs so much attention is more worrisome.

  12. Love the low key shade from Mackenzie “I could’ve easily thought it was just another clickbait even if I DID see it.” 🤣

    1. I don’t like McKenzie, she’s such an attention whore but this DID made me laugh…when another attention whore calls out the other, then you have a problem!

  13. Why are we still talking about this. This cow is just reaching for any kind of sympathy and spotlight something she’s already misused and abused as a storyline. No one owes her a damn thing. She probably missed a period had a false positive and then had a heavy period causing her “miscarriage”. Girl bye

    1. I think Mackenzie handled that well. When she realized her mistake, she apologized and took responsibility. I think what she said about clickbait is the honest truth. I didn’t find it too shady. This made me like Mackenzie. Amber got hella defensive.

      1. Mackenzie didn’t make a mistake, had nothing to take responsibility for, and shouldn’t have apologized for anything. It’s not her fault, or the fault of anyone else, that Catelynn needs to be the center of attention and uses clickbait to ensure she gets it.

        I don’t even think for a single second she actually had a miscarriage at all. I think her period didn’t start on the very day she expected, and she ran with it. The last thing most women who have miscarriages want at that time, is attention. I have had far too many of them myself for one lifetime, and they really don’t happen the way Catelynn says hers have. The HCG wouldn’t show up in high enough numbers for those tests to pick up properly that quickly. The only place they’d show up enough for an actual positive test, is in bloodwork. There’s not enough for even the best test strips to work that soon after conception.

  14. Omg Cate enough! Yes a miscarriage is traumatic. I have been there myself and it isn’t something to joke about. But you don’t need to try and guilt everyone you know into feeling bad for you.

    1. I am sorry for your loss. 💙 It’s a club you never want to be part of, but the harsh reality is, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Wether it’s before you even knew you were pregnant, or whenever. This looney tunes acting like she was 20 weeks along and had to birth it. She had nothing more than a heavy period, if that.

  15. I hate that Catelynn has publicly guilted these girls into feeling sorry for her. Then to share a pic of her and Cheyenne with that passive aggressive caption to further shade the other girls. Petty and immature.

    1. And these two DESPERATELY want another baby…I feel bad for their next child, whoever will it be but moreso if it will be a boy…then Nova and Vaeda will be forgotten in a snap.

    1. Honestly, this is insane. It’s unlikely that this miscarriage even happened and to continue to milk it for ratings is truly disturbing!

      1. Seriously. I hate to say this, but I just find it very odd that she finds out she was pregnant and then a day or 2 later claims she miscarried. That sounds like a chemical pregnancy at best. Or like she took a test right before her period started

        1. Exactly! She most likely had a chemical pregnancy. She probably took a test 3 days before her period was due and got a positive and had a heavy period 5 days later. NOT what I would consider a miscarriage. It’s not like she was 7+ weeks pregnant, even then I’d consider this behavior ENOUGH! She literally got her period right after a positive test, according to my high risk OB, that’s considered a chemical pregnancy, aka a very early loss.

          1. To everyone saying “it’s just a chemical pregnancy, not a miscarriage.”: A chemical pregnancy IS miscarriage, just an early one. It can be just as traumatizing. While I think this girl is ridiculous for continuing to go on and on about it in the media, I’m not down with everyone trying to tell her she doesn’t have a right to feel some sort of way about it.

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