‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Says She Wants More Kids, Even Though She’s Currently Battling with Both of Her Baby Daddies

“It may be about time to re-open the ol’ baby chute…”

Amber Portwood‘s battles with both of her baby daddies haven’t stopped her from wanting to keep procreating!

The Teen Mom OG star recently revealed that she is hoping to eventually have more kids—- if she can find the right guy to become Baby Daddy No. 3. Amber— who already shares daughter Leah with Gary Shirley and son James with Andrew Glennon— told Us Weekly that she hopes to become a mother again someday. 

“If I found the right person that educated themselves a bit on a few things, yeah, I would definitely want more kids,” she told the magazine.

“If only I could figure out a way to make Gary do my child birthing, too, that’d be great!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber is currently at odds with both Andrew and Gary. She is in the middle of a court battle with Andrew, after getting a restraining order against him last month to prevent him from further impeding on her visitation time with James. As for Gary, Amber recently took to social media to blast him and his wife, Kristina, whom she called “liars” and “two-faced” after they called Amber their “teenage daughter” on the most-recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Anyway, Amber— who for some reason was dressed like Michael Jackson for the interview, which she gave on her couch, naturally— told Us Weekly‘s reporter in a video chat with Maci Bookout that whoever she spawns with next would have to be “empathic” and be a “soulful man” with “good energy.”

“I will light a candle and pray for whoever that ‘soulful’ man ends up being…”

“I do want another child; however, unless there’s somebody out there who can understand and be educated on a few things, then, yes I would,” Amber said.

She described her ideal baby daddy as someone “who wants to be a caregiver, just like me and likes to take care of people, just as much as I like to take care of others.”

“It has to be mutual [caretaking],” she added. “I want to have 50/50. If I don’t have 50/50, which I don’t believe I’ve ever had, ever, then no.”

Amber recently revealed that she and her Belgian boo, Dimitri Garcia, have broken up, so she’s currently single. 

Watch the full video interview below! (Amber’s portion of the interview starts around the 1:35 mark.)

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40 Responses

  1. Just because you WANT something, doesn’t mean you should go for it. Amber needs to do herself and her kids a favor and tie up those tubes.

  2. She seriously said it will have to be 50/50 because it hasn’t been in the past? Does she seriously think we didn’t see Andrew doing 90% of the parenting, and Gary doing 99.99999% of the parenting?

    Amber, you have some great qualities. You have a big heart, you’re strong, you’re independent, you’re smart. On your good days you’re really funny. Take your meds consistently, even when you are feeling great. Stop the other drugs. Stop therapist-hopping – find a good one and stick with it, even when they say something that is hard to take. Therapy is supposed to be hard. You need to work through your issues, not keep switching therapists every time they say something you see as a criticism. It’s not normal to have been through 14 therapists. Get off social media. It’s toxic as hell. Stop with the excuses, stop blaming others for all your problems. Get it together once and for all. Prove everyone wrong. Make Leah and James proud to be your kids. Life is short. Fix things now while you still can.

    1. That was exactly what I was thinking. They did all the work, she mostly did nothing. I can’t believe that she is so delusional that she thinks she has ever helped. All she has done is be abusive and make it harder for them to parent.

  3. She can join Farrah and Jenelle with her delusional thinking. She has two kids that she honestly doesn’t give a shit about!

    “I do want another child; however, unless there’s somebody out there who can understand and be educated on a few things, then, yes I would,” Amber said.

    Educated in what way exactly? How to dodge a machete, how to take a sucker punch, how to lock yourself in a closet so you AND your mutual child won’t be hacked to pieces?

  4. I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to get Machete Mama pregnant! Bitch’ll kill you in your sleep and go back to bed like nothing happened. And again, what the fuck is on her head??!!

  5. Bro’s. if you absolutely have no choice but to bang Amber please play the back nine with her. Children deserve better.

    stay lit

  6. Its not the daddy’s who are wrong it’s Amber she think her men have to do what she says or she wants to try to beat on them and abuse them .

  7. Oh wow, I am sure that Amber’s local social services will have a different opinion. I have said it before but Amber wants a decent. well educated, caring man, that type of man won’t be attracted to her-decent men, like decent women are into women who are interesting, work, have morals and have no dramatic problems that will make their life worse-essentially they want someone to make their life better, not worse-ie the opposite of Amber. This is why she can only get tragic bottom feeders with problems. Sadly Amber has a very high self esteem and very low emotional intelligence so will never see this-luckly for her that is exactly the type of personally a romance fraudster looks for. This will lead to the inevitable’a fraudster stole my money’ storyline in the near future.

  8. essentially what she is saying is that she wants to find a man who will put up with her abuse because shes using her mental illness card.

  9. Amber, you talking about more babies. Are you kidding me! What you need to do is get your life together girl. you want more babies that’s another man in your life for you to treat like trash with your anger problems. Every man that you have had you have treated so poorly an. d threw them away like a piece of trash. What you need is therapy and Jesus. You can’t give something to somebody that you don’t have for yourself. You have serious anger problems and nobody from MTV is try to help you get the help you need. Don’t think about babies or men girl get your life! I have watched you from day one and honey there’s nothing pretty about it. You can’t tell a man you love them because you don’t even love yourself enough to get help. when I see you on TV with that bun in your head I know what it means.. you had such a good thing going with your last baby daddy. You treated him like he was trash under your feet. And every single guy you’ve you’ve had you’ve had you have abused them here. Every single man that cared about you you abused them like crazy I watched you beat up Gary that’s how long I’ve been watching get your life together get therapy girl and get your life together.

  10. Well all men should be educated enough not to have intercourse with her and not becoming the next beat up baby daddy

  11. Really Amber! why don’t you try getting your life together before you think of babies. You go through men like changein a tampons. Besides the fact that you have never had a positive relationship and I’ve been watching since day one. You need Jesus honey. You got to work on yourself before you can give anything to anybody! you need a whole lot of therapy and a whole lot of prayer! You jumped from man to man to man and you ruin it every time. When seeking therapy, maybe you can find out why you’re so angry and miserable. All the time. Amber,, when you put that when you put your hair up in that bun that’s your lazy I don’t give a s*** attitude. That man loves you so much and you throw me away like trash like you have the rest of them. I will pray that God Saves your soul and changes you from the inside ou t. How can you tell somebody you love them when you don’t even love yourself enough to get your life together. I’m gobsmacked

  12. “Well educated” are the first words that come to mind when I think of Amber Portwood.

  13. This is the funniest shit I have ever read. Is Amber a stand-up comedian now?! She doesn’t even have custody of the two kids she has now! And both fathers are the primary caregivers. This is the same woman who cancelled visits with her son because there was a CHANCE of rain? I’ve never seen her take care of anyone or anything in the over 10 years she has been on television. I would really like to know what she means by “I want him to be educated on a few things.” What things Amber?

  14. She doesn’t need more kids and damn sure doesn’t deserve the ones she already has. I don’t know much about Andrew since he wasn’t on the show very long but I love Gary. He’s a great father and it’s a damn good thing he is since Amber is a piece of shit mother. She needs to get her tubes tied and stop having kids.

  15. She really wants another check…ummm i mean baby.

    Translation: i am running out of money, another baby gets another check & maybe a raise.

    Plus she can leave the check/kid with the baby daddy

  16. She got lucky that Gary and Andrew are responsible dads and have taken on 100% of the parenting responsibilities. If there’s a next time (and hopefully there WON’T be) then she probably won’t be so lucky and she’ll get knocked up by a deadbeat who peaces out like she did to her kids. What the hell would she have done if Matt knocked her up? He has litters of children spread out across the country he never raised.

    1. Yep! She got really lucky that they father of her two kids where good enough men to step up and take primary responsibility. I could not imagine what would happen to a child if she had a baby with someone like Matt that does not step up and the baby is left with her. That would be awful! The child would likely be raised by a nanny but she probably wouldn’t be able to keep a consistent nanny due to her abuse of people. James’s previous nanny did some interviews and she said Amber was not involved with James at all. Maybe a few minutes once a day and it was all Andrew doing everything with the baby and the house. She also said she was expected to work around the clock. I pray she does not have anymore children.

  17. I wouldnt let her own a dog at this point much less think she should have ANOTHER neglected child.
    Also, she looks awful in that interview- lockdown obviously just meant more time on the couch stuffing her face with Gary’s groceries and being her own caretaker.

  18. Amber likes taking care of others?! She doesn’t even take care of herself, and has certainly never taken care of her own kids; she doesn’t even take care of her pets! Gary and Kristina were getting her groceries and cleaning her house, that’s how little Amber does!

    Every relationship she’s ever been in consisted of a man cleaning her house and taking care of her and her kid(s) while she lays in bed or on the couch. She only gets up so the boyfriend of the month can drive her to therapy and/or her court dates. Amber, a caretaker….her characterization of herself would be comical if it wasn’t so damn sad. She’s so far removed from reality that’s it’s not even funny.

  19. Maybe she could start by spending time with the two she already has, both of whose fathers do a lot more than “50/50” nd always have.

  20. What. The. Fuck?
    This sorry excuse for a mother, who doesn’t have custody of EITHER OF HER CHILDREN, thinks that SHE is a caregiver and needs her imaginary partner to be empathetic and educated???? What? Has the world gone absolutely mad?
    Please DO NOT have more children Amber. Seriously why? What is the true reason she’d want more?
    I have one little toddler I love to death and think I could maybe handle one more and that’s it. It’s so much work and I am there every second of the day. I wouldn’t ever have more since I know I couldn’t stretch myself enough to care adequately for or be responsible for more lives. Amber is barely responsible for herself.

  21. She loves being a caretaker and won’t have a child unless she’s guaranteed to have 50/50 custody, (so she already knows the relationship would not last, and the custody would be shared) Andrew can’t even get her to show up for her several VISITS A WEEK. And she would expect 3-4 overnights a week?! Any family court judge (probably the same one she’s dealt with previously, as she’s lived in the same area since 16&P I I believe) would look at her prior custody arrangements and bikinis and laugh her out of the courtroom. I wouldn’t trust Amber to be a primary caretaker for a cat, let alone a child. Newsflash Amber, you can’t parent a toddler from the couch/bed, they’re very active, keeping you on your toes (and feet) all day, except naptime. And despite all the cabinet locks you install, toilet locks you put on, TV’s you tether down, and dangerous stuff you keep out of their reach, they still manage to get into stuff. You can’t take your eyes off a toddler, but you wouldn’t know that. Because Andrew has James now during his toddler years.

        1. Damnit, HIJINKS!!! I need to start proofreading before I hit submit comment lol
          And as for your above comment Re toddlers, I have a very energetic little boy that will be 2 on March 8. You’re right that it’s so much work and you gotta be there every second. Several women I know who had babies around when I did have had another since. I just could NOT! I’d feel I was taking away from him somehow. He’s my first child, and will be my ONLY child! I was never in a position in my life to have kids, due to drug issues. After being xlean 5 years, at 37, I told my SO that I’d regret it if I at least never tried to have a baby. So, we tried and I was pregnant 3 weeks later. I was extremely lucky in that regard, that I am well aware of. He is the light of my life, the best thing that ever happened to me, and just seeing him give me his happy proud smile when he figures out or learns something new just melts my heart. Oh, sorry. I’m talking too much about my personal life, some people might take offense and downvote me, oh no! ?

          1. It’s so funny that you say that about your baby!! I have a baby girl who just turned 3 in December and the thought of having another baby is so scary to me!! Not because I don’t think I could do it but because I am scared of how she would feel and that I’d be taking away from her!!! I did get pregnant and miscarried a year or so after she was born but all I could think about was if she’d be sad and how I wouldn’t be able to give her enough attention!! Lol I’m rambling now too but, when I read your comment, I couldn’t help but think of that!! I always thought I was crazy for that but am glad I’m not alone!!!

          2. It’s nice to hear from you two about your only children. I am an only child myself and when I watch my daughter I don’t find myself thinking that she NEEDS a sibling. She’s only 16 months and the idea of having another baby right now is overwhelming. If it continues to be overwhelming in the future we just won’t try because that wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

      1. It won’t let me reply to you about only children so I’ll do it here. My SO was an only child, as was a my dad. Both were very close with kids in neighboring houses or other houses in the neighborhood. The census has shown that the average family has less children than the decade before, so more couples are only having 1 kid. Can’t blame them with the skyrocketing cost of college, and just raising a child in general. You’ve even gotta pay fir your kid to play sports in school now!!! We never had to do that, except hockey with all the passing and skates, and swim team, because you couldn’t share a bathing suit, ya know? ?

    1. I think she meant 50/50 relationship wise. You care for me and I care for you type shit.

      But, no. She doesn’t give even 5% in any relationship, including the ones with her children.

  22. She’s off her meds for sure. She’s never on social media or talking this much to the media. She needs to STFU, start taking her meds again, and crawl back into the indent on her mattress or couch, and stay off social media for her CHILDRENS SAKE.

  23. Jesus God Leah. You already don’t have custody of your first two kids! Focus on them! Don’t worry about the next child for you to neglect. A replacement baby is NEVER the answer.

    Also, Amber identifying as a caregiver? Ha! Absolutely not! She doesn’t want 50/50. She wants someone to take care of her and her kids. Might as well just hire a nanny or housekeeper. She already burnt her bridges with Gary and Kristina.

    1. Exactly. She’s gonna have to sign up for amazon prime and Walmart+ or Instacart to deliver her groceries to her now. I wonder how Kristina felt about her husband driving an hour ONE WAY to bring his ex of over 10 years ago to buy her friggin groceries!! It’s not like she’s poor and can’t afford $90 a year for Walmart+, Instacart., Amazon Pantry, whatever. If she has the $$ to brag about giving them $7,500 to clean her house, she’s got the $$ to hire a maid service to come in once a week, and a handyman service to come in change lightbulbs and other random shit helpless people like her who’ve had everything done for them jn life don’t know how to do cause nobody’s ever showed them. cause you know she had Gary doing that shit) She probably doesn’t even know how to put windshield wiper fluid in her car.

  24. Lololol what does Amber know about caretaking ?? She has never taken care of her children even, I doubt 3 will be the charm for her finally acting like a mother

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