‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Shares Details of Son Ace’s Birth: “Days on Days of Pain!”

“Say hello to our new co-star son!”

More than a month after giving birth to her second child, Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd revealed all the details of her labor and delivery journey during an episode of her Think Loud Crew podcast

On May 27, Cheyenne and fiancé Zach Davis welcomed son Ace Terrel. (Cheyenne is also the mother of daughter Ryder, whom she shares with Cory Wharton.)

During the podcast, Cheyenne said she was excited to no longer be pregnant, with her sister and co-host R Kyle Lynn adding that Cheyenne had a “successful eviction.” 


“I pre-labored for about three days and it was the worst possible pain ever,” Cheyenne said, noting that her plan (as advised by her doctor) was to not go past 39 weeks due to her blood pressure, Ace’s vitals and Ace being a larger baby. 

Cheyenne said she was initially apprehensive about being induced, but quickly realized it was for the best. Though her doctor decided it was best for Cheyenne to be induced May 27, Cheyenne started pre-laboring three days earlier. 

“When I tell you I was beyond ready to go to the hospital … but my contractions never got close enough and they weren’t consistent enough,” she said. “So it was like days on days of pain. I could not get out of the bed, walking was just like, a s**t show … just pain. I wasn’t sleeping. I was just so, so miserable and so uncomfortable.” 

After a visit with her doctor, Cheyenne was told that she could go into labor at any minute, which made her even more accepting of the idea of being induced or doing anything to get things moving. Cheyenne admitted to concocting a modified “Midwife’s Brew” that would cause her to go into labor without being “McSh*tty” during Ace’s delivery.

“Good luck with that, man.”

Her doctor suggested she have a lot of sex to get things going, but Cheyenne said she was very much not in the mood, despite Zach being on board with the idea. 

“The last thing in me was like, ‘Let’s have sex,’” Cheyenne said. “Like, I’m as big as a whale and I’m in pain, like, my body just hurts. You don’t wanna have sex.” 

When it was time for Cheyenne to be induced, her and Zach’s families got together for breakfast and a morning prayer before the two of them (and Cheyenne’s mom) headed to the hospital. Cheyenne said saying goodbye to Ryder was very emotional, knowing that she’d be coming home with another baby. 

We’re sure Ryder is a very loving big sis…

A couple of hours after checking in at the hospital, Cheyenne was given Pitocin – something she said she was nervous about, having done some research during her pregnancy. (Fans of 16 and Pregnant may recognize Pitocin as the thing they give the girls right before they start screaming and cussing out their baby daddies.)

Something else Cheyenne was nervous about, was having her future father-in-law, Terry, in the delivery room, as she was only planning to have her mom in the room with her and Zach but was informed at the hospital that one more person was allowed to join them. Cheyenne said she wanted to bring her sister in the room, but knew “Zach needed his dad to be there for him.” 


(She did, however, mention that Terry told her he planned to “look away” whenever the doctors or nurses came in to do anything, and during Cheyenne’s actual labor, he planned to stand behind Cheyenne and “still look away” until given the all-clear.) 

Unlike her pregnancy with Ryder, the epidural Cheyenne received during her second pregnancy “hurt like s**t,” and though she was told everything would be smooth sailing from there, it wasn’t. 

“It didn’t work this time,” Cheyenne said of her epidural, revealing that while it did “take a layer of pain away, it didn’t take it all away.” 

Cheyenne’s nurse came in eventually and asked if she wanted her to bring the epidural team in to check out her back as it was “obvious [the epidural] was not working.” Cheyenne was then administered another epidural, at which point it was almost time for her to start pushing. 

Due to the limited number of people allowed in the delivery room, Cheyenne’s family created a link to allow other family members to watch baby Ace’s delivery remotely. Those that tuned in included R Kyle, Cheyenne’s dad and stepmom, and Zach’s mom. The live feed ultimately didn’t last very long. 

The gangs all here!

“It took me two contractions to get Ace out,” Cheyenne said. “He was out in about, like, four minutes. If that.” 

Cheyenne even did some of the delivering herself, as her doctor gave her the go-ahead to pull Ace out of her once his head had already appeared. 

“I’m like, ‘OK!’ So I reached down and I pulled him out,” she said. 

“I can’t wait to tell this story at your first birthday party, which by the way, I’ve already begun planning.”

“It was really something to see,” R Kyle added. “I had never seen that. It took me a second to realize, ‘Cheyenne just pulled her baby out!’” 

“R you gonna pull my baby out too, Chey?”

Cheyenne called the moment “beyond crazy.” 

“It was just so, so emotional,” she said. 

After Cheyenne was moved to recovery, she was only allowed to have one person with her, giving her and Zach a chance to spend time as a family and for Zach to get skin-to-skin time with his son. 

“Overall, beautiful, beautiful experience,” she said. “Something that I’m happy I got to experience because I love Ryder, y’all, but getting Ryder into the world was a tough one. It was so hard. So it’s definitely like a night and day experience with the babies, but it was great … It was weird. It was weird that it went so well.

“But that s**t still hurt,” she added.

The couple also shared a video of Ace’s delivery on their YouTube channel. 

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV)


  1. No way in hell would I have allowed my potential father in law in the delivery room! I delivered before COVID and only allowed my SO. I pulled my son out too, once his head and shoulders came out.. then he pooped all over my stomach. Yes ladies, those of you that have not given birth, all your dignity and shyness about someone seeing ‘down there’ goes right out the window. When I was pushing, my top of my gown was down around my waist, and the bottom was up at my waist. I did push for 2+ hours though. Cheyenne was lucky AF to have him out in 2 pushes. Mazel to her & Zach, he’s a beautiful baby!

  2. He’s a gorgeous baby. I’ve birthed 4 times. No way I am having a party in there looking at my smashed up bits while I push a baby out. It always amazes me how it seems so common in the US for a crowd to form in the delivery room.

  3. Her story seems contradictory about how it was so smooth but also not smooth at all. Oh well. Glad baby and mom are healthy.

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