EXCLUSIVE! Lawsuit Filed Against ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood For Unpaid Home Owner’s Fees

“But apparently, love ain’t enough for these people!”

Amber Portwood is being ordered to pay up! 

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom OG star was served a court summons for a civil collections lawsuit on Thursday, after the Home Association her Indianapolis, Indiana, home belongs to sued her for unpaid homeowner association fees, as well as court and attorney costs!

The home in question— which has been featured on ‘Teen Mom OG’— is owned by Amber but not currently inhabited by her. Her baby daddy, Andrew Glennon, and their son James currently live in the four-bedroom, three-bath home. Amber has been living in an AirBnB for over two years, since her arrest for domestic battery on Andrew.

Anyway, according to court paperwork obtained by The Ashley, Geist Harbours Property Owners Association Inc. states that Amby hasn’t made a payment to them since last October, despite the fact that she is aware that, as a home owner, she is required to “pay periodic, mandatory assessments and other sums to the Association for the operation of the Association.”


The Association claims that Amber owes them $620, as well as “late fees” and “past due unpaid assessments and other charges.”

“Defendant has failed to timely pay the mandatory assessments, late fees and other
charges on their property as required by the covenants,” the complaint filed by the Association states. 

In addition to the money they say Amber owes them and the associated fees, the Association is also demanding that the court award it interest, all administrative fees that have resulted, and “reasonable attorney fees and other expenses of this action and court costs, and for all other relief the Court deems proper in the premises.”

In another document, the Association asks for an addition $554 in attorney fees, plus additional court costs. 

Amber— who received the summons in person— has 20 days to respond to the Complaint. It does not appear that she or her attorney has responded yet.

“I swear, if I have to get off this couch to pay this, someone’s about to catch HELL!”

This is not the first time Amber has been sued by the Association. In August 2020, the company filed an almost identical Complaint, stating that Amber owed $620 in unpaid fees. A month later, the Association filed a motion to dismiss the case, as Amber had paid all of her debt and the associated fees. That case was dismissed in September 2020.

This is just one of several legal battles Amber is fighting currently. As The Ashley has previously reported, Amber is locked in an ugly custody battle with Andrew over time with their son James. In February, Amber had requested a change to the pair’s custody agreement that would allow her to have overnight visits with James once he turned three, which he did in May. One month later, the couple was ordered to resolve their custody issues out of court within 60 days, but they were unable to do so.

Amber and Andrew have been fighting over custody of their son since 2019. Andrew filed for full custody of James in July 2019 following Amber’s arrest for domestic battery. According to The Sun, Andrew recently hired a new, high-powered attorney to fight Amber in court. 

“I’m coming for you AND your couch, Amber!”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

45 Responses

  1. Funny, Matt told me he is the one who owned this house and that he was “being a nice guy and letting James and Andrew live there”.

    1. Matt had nothing to do with that house. He was out of the picture by the for like two years by this point.

      You’re as weird and unhinged as Amber, and ya kinda look like her a little.

      So maybe it’s you. HI AMBER!!!

      1. I’m confused, people can call me out for being Amber when I say something stupid and they get an upvote. I call someone out for saying something stupid and looking like the bitch and I get a downvote.

        I dont get it…smh

          1. 2 ? to 9 ?, that’s what I was talking about. I appreciate the 2 upvotes but it’s the 9 downvotes that piss me off

            Like I said if I’d have said something stupid and got called out that person would have gotten ALL upvotes though

  2. She is being sued for $620.00 dollars? Are you kidding, I spend more then that on protein powder each month. Pay your bills dead beat.

    stay lit

  3. Amber is such a lousy person, I’m sure this is just a little karma coming around to throat punch her for previous transgressions. I’m not mad about it.

  4. Oh, Amber. You’ll do anything possible to further mess up your kids’ lives! Pay your bills on the house you are responsible for where your 3-year-old son LIVES! It’s YOUR FAULT that James is a motherless child!

    1. Master bedroom, James’ bedroom, Leah’s bedroom, Guest bedroom…not really that excessive honestly…yeah Leah didn’t live there but I’m sure she’d still want her own room when she was over there…so 3 bedrooms would be the minimum I’d expect her to have.

    2. I lived in a double wide trailer that had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

      My parents had a room, my oldest sister had a room and my middle sister and myself shared a room. Then when my oldest sister turned 18 and moved out my middle sister and I each got our own rooms.

      And one bathroom was my dad’s and the other was used my mother, sisters and myself. ‘Cause lets face it, a Male’s bathroom is most usually unshareable.

  5. i feel like amber purposely stopped paying to spite andrew even though james lives there. i can see her being that petty since she did similar shady stuff to gary. and y’all need to remember that amber CHOSE to leave the house

  6. This is why you don’t get pregnant with randos you hardly know. What a mess! Poor James. These idiots need to get off TV and learn how to live a normal life without all this drama and pay your fucking bills.

  7. I agree Andrew is a loser, a lazy tub of lard, who was in his 30’s and living with his mother, when they met. But who can she get? Amber is gross,a convicted felon, terrible anger issues,she has no career, had all the tools but did nothing with herself, no normal man with their life in order would ever have anything to do with her. She is only going to get homeless losers who are looking to use her. In the end when her only source of income gets cancelled, she will end up homeless or living with her alcoholic mother Tanya.

    1. Hey, at least he had a job! A temporary upgrade for Amber, I think her last “beau” who was employed was Gary.

  8. These hasbeens think they are so rich without realizing, having no one to tell them, that they need to deduct their taxes from said amount therefore living off what’s left. Which is why so many have all this back taxes ..that being said they really enjoy the ” large sum” of money they get and eyes light up like xmas to think of all they can do and buy. And somehow still missing the PAY your BILLS piece as the sum of money looks too good to dip into to actually use it for good. Idk what she needs a whole house for .. she needs a shed with a couch and bobs your uncle

  9. Ok this is going to be an extremely unpopular opinion but why the hell is Amber suppose to be paying these? She’s not living there. You don’t split up with your ex, get a house, child support AND they continue to pay your bills. Andrew’s ass is shady af and this just reinforces my opinion on that. He figures I don’t have to pay that bill, she’ll get sued. He’s a piece a trash. And yes in certain situations both people can be the bad guy. He 100% set her up.

      1. I’m rather sure who pays what was laid out In legal papers when he was grated custody. Stupid to end up in court over what is, given the money she rakes in for being worthless, almost nothing.

    1. I mean she owns it she pays for it. That is how it works. Same would go if he owned it and didn’t pay. Andrew would have to pay it.


    3. It’s her house, not Andrew’s. Just because she doesn’t live there that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to pay.

      1. I think they bought the house in HIS name?? They were living in a one bedroom rental until he got on the MTV gravy train by knocking her up. She moved out and he’s living their with James…FOR NOW. I honestly foresee him moving back in with Mommy where he was when Amber found his slob ass!!!

        1. If the house is in her name and not his (idk who owns the house) shouldn’t he be paying her a little something us normal people call…RENT?? I mean he’s living there because of THEIR son (she said that herself)!!

          I’m with Amber on this one. She’s giving him a place to lay his fat ass at night…the least he can do is pay her a little something in return for that!!!! I wouldn’t pay the homeowner’s fees either.

          1. I would imagine it’s part of the child support agreement. Like rather than trusting Amber to send him a regular check on time each month, he agreed to her paying for the house instead. That way, if she doesn’t pay the mortgage, he’s not out any money, he still has the place to live, the bank is out of money. And the bank deals with negotiating with her and sending her bills rather than Andrew having to beg her for what she owes. And it’s a stable place for his son to live, the home that the baby has always known. If he were getting a child support check, he’d likely be using at least some of it to pay for housing anyways.

            I also think I maybe remember something about Amber voluntarily moving out and leaving the house to him and the baby… maybe part of it was so that he wouldn’t move away and take the baby with him? Or maybe it was just one of those things she does because it makes her feel magnanimous, like she’s doing this big huge favor for him and the baby that she doesn’t technically have to do. She can brag to everyone about how she’s a “damn good mom!” because of it and hold it over his head. There is nothing a borderline personality disordered person likes better than being able to throw things in their victim’s face: “I pay for your housing! You owe me…. (whatever Amber wants).” Then he would reply with: “you *wanted* to do it this way. *You* moved out! *You* insisted that James live here! I didn’t ask for this, I’d much rather move back to my family!” Etc, etc.

          2. I was really getting into your story! LOL! It’s like you left me on a cliff hanger! ?

          3. But HE’S living in HER house and only because of baby James, he’s reaping the benefits of a roof over his head and as I said earlier “a place to lay his fat ass at night”

            I’m sure the selfish bastard thinks the something for nothing is a pretty sweet gravy train that he’s been able to hop on by knocking her up.

            Their both idiots and it’s sad to say but James is better off with strangers than his own parents

          4. She is the legal owner of that house so she’s responsible for it. She was paying that bill but obviously stopped.

            As for who gets to live there, the judge probably set that straight as most times they will let the child remain in the house with the parent who has custody of him, which is Andrew. I think I recall something about Andrew wanting to take the child to live with him in California but couldn’t because Amber was allowed visitation. So I think this is how the judge settled the matter.

    4. Amber will always be the absolute worst, but this guy fell in love with her when she was on a marriage boot camp show with another man. Her crazy was on full display, and has additionally been fully documented and is easily accessible for anyone to review.

      He’s a different brand of effed-up, but effed-up nonetheless!

      Poor James.

      1. Exactly, she picks shitty guys. They all know her background, but they get with her and knowing her limits they push her over the edge instead of shutting the hell up when they know they should, so in hindsight they ask for it. Then its poor pitiful (Gary, Matt, Andrew)

        Payback is a bitch.

        And as for the house issue, CPS needs to get involved and take James (’cause everybody knows he’s better off with a stranger than either of his parents) and Andy’s sorry, fat, slob ass needs to be out on said ass. Like I said before, I forsee him being back with Mommy where he was when Amber found him, looking for another gravy train/trainwreck to jump on.

      2. Spicy, I dont know that I’d necessarily call Amber the “absolute worst”.

        What about Farrah, Jenelle, Kail (to name 3)?

          1. I never said she wasn’t bad, but Farrah’s a ho, Jenelle’s been physically abusive…albeit not with a deadly weapon (YET) and I firmly believe Kail hasn’t been physically abusive is because she hasn’t found nobody dumb enough to tango with her fat ass.

            I seriously dislike all of them with the exception of Maci, Cheyenne and to a degree Mackenzie McKee and Leah.

            Maci is amazing to put up with what she puts up with by Baby Daddy #1. I think she has an amazing drama-free storyline when Rhine and the Edwards clan isn’t around. I hope she leaves TMOG and starts her own family oriented series…I’d TOTALLY watch it.

            Cheyenne’s storyline is amazing all the way around I think, shes a wonderful mom and she coparent’s BEAUTIFULLY with Cory.

            The only flaw I can find with Mackenzie McKee is that she picked a dud for a baby daddy. It has to suck to be married to someone and still essentially be a single. Like she has said, Angie was the glue that held things together and without her things would shatter. And I expect she’s 100% right about that.

            And Leah, well she basically the only left on TM2 that’s decent and her storyline is seemingly drama-free when it comes to her baby daddies. They didn’t work out as a family but everyone seems to get along.

        1. Amber was in jail for assaulting her first baby daddy in front of her daughter. Then she assaulted her second baby daddy with a deadly weapon WHILE HE WAS HOLDING THEIR CHILD. You can’t compare that to Farrah or even Jenelle. And I don’t know why did you include Kail in that list. I don’t particularly like her but she never endangered her children (apart from the anti vaxx stuff, of course)

    5. I think they’re costs for the home owner to pay, so even if you were renting it to a stranger you would still have to cover these costs. I live in England though, so it may be totally different in Indiana ??‍♀️
      Either way, if it was me I would pay it just to avoid embarrassing situations like this haha

    6. I still don’t understand why Amber isn’t living in her own damn house? I understand it’s partially because of James, but seriously?! Why can’t Andrew get his own for himself & his kid?

      1. It’s only because it’s what James is familiar with…hes used to the surroundings. Amber realized things are already messed up enough for him and didn’t want to make it anymore confusing by booting him and his daddy out so she moved out and let them stay there.

        I understand about James but I HATE that that fat slob Andy is reaping the benefits of Amber’s stupidity.

    7. She is the legal owner of that house so she’s responsible for it. She was paying that bill but obviously stopped.

      As for who gets to live there, the judge probably set that straight as most times they will let the child remain in the house with the parent who has custody of him, which is Andrew. I think I recall something about Andrew wanting to take the child to live with him in California but couldn’t because Amber was allowed visitation. So I think this is how the judge settled the matter.

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