Former ‘Little Women: LA’ Star Briana Renee Gets Engaged a Week After Her Divorce From Matt Grundhoffer is Finalized

“Second time’s a charm!”

Despite just going through an extremely drawn-out divorce, Briana Renee is ready to walk down the aisle again! 

The former Little Women: LA star revealed on Thursday that her boyfriend Tim Manning popped the question October 5 while the two were taking family photos on the beach. She shared the news on Instagram, along with photos of the actual proposal and the reactions of her two kids and Tim’s son.

“Our official family, turned surprise engagement, photos (October 5, 2019),” she wrote. “Soon I will be marrying my best friend, my greatest supporter, most incredible father, and my best jinx opponent. I can hardly wait.. and I think our kids are just as excited.” 

The news of Briana and Tim’s engagement comes just a week after Briana’s divorce from Matt Grundhoffer was finalized, according to Radar Online. After splitting in November 2017, Briana went on to file for a domestic violence restraining order against Matt, citing verbal abuse, Matt’s frequent drinking and an incident in which Matt allegedly threatened to kill himself and “kill everyone in the house,” according to Starcasm.

“Can ya believe she didn’t want to stay with me?!”

Radar Online reports that Briana also claimed to have discovered graphic sexual messages between Matt and another woman that allegedly involved bestiality and the “proposals of sex acts with minor children, including the proposal of involving sex acts with [Matt’s] minor child, age 12, from a previous relationship.” 

A judge ultimately granted Briana a restraining order, which required that Matt stay 100 yards away from both her and the couple’s son Maverick. The order was reportedly granted for five years. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Briana left ‘Little Women: LA’ after Season 6 in order to focus on her children while she and Matt’s messy divorce played out. 

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(Photos: Instagram; Lifetime) 

16 Responses

  1. Brianna!!! Really?!?! Girl, you seriously need to take a parenting class. Is your self esteem and self worth so low that you have to jump from man to man? That’s pretty sad that you put your selfish needs before your kids. Shame on you! I was hoping that you’d have learned your lesson after Matt!

  2. I am so happy you finally got him out of your life I hope you see you deserve so much more and to be treated so much better I do miss see you and the Kid’s. They are just so adorable I hope all your dreams and wishes come true may this be your happy ever after.

  3. Brianna, girl..slow way down! You’ve known this new dude for six months! He may be the greatest guy in the world or he may be like a freaking abusive pedophile like Matt. You don’t know because you jump in with both feet! If it was just you, fine whatever but as a mother you have a responsibility to protect those kids and put them above your own needs!

    1. How dare you make fun of someone because of how they look!!!

      What’s on the outside DOESN’T matter. It’s what is on the inside that counts. If you want to judge someone, do so based on that.

      1. I dont know why these idiots just marry and divorce like they change underwear !
        Obviously their pathetic desperation of not having a partner is more important than their childrens , welfare, safety and stability.

    2. Yeah if you’re gonna judge her pls judge her freaking terrible parenting skills and inability to put her children first, ever.

      1. I can’t stand this show. Coming from a little person they make us look so bad. Plus a lot of little people can’t have children and these girls are popping kids out like candy due to being so trampy and then being shitty parents.

  4. I’ve never watched the show, but quick engagements after divorce and engagement/pregnancy after divorce seems to be a theme with these women. Am I wrong?

  5. Have all these shows been canceled? Atlanta Little Women was the worst. I really liked Jasmine on LA Little women.

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