Former ‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis Responds to Ex Gage Edward’s Lawsuit; Calls Court Docs “10 Pages of Mistruths, Exaggerations & Mischaracterizations”

This will not end well…

Former Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis is firing back after his ex Gage Edward served him a hefty lawsuit last week regarding the continued custody battle over their three-year-old daughter, Monroe. 

On Thursday’s episode of his Sirius XM Radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, Jeff called the legal document that Gage served him with “ten pages of mistruths, exaggerations and mischaracterizations.” Despite his apparent frustration, Jeff claimed he did not plan to formally respond to the legal filing.

“Oh darn, I guess I’ll just have to vent my frustrations on the radio!”

“You know what, I just don’t want to get dirty,” Jeff said. “This feels disgusting. [My lawyer] just went back to [Gage and his attorneys] and said, we’re not even gonna respond to this. We don’t agree with anything that was said.” 

As The Ashley previously told you, the lawsuit filed by Gage is requesting legal support, 50/50 shared custody of Monroe and that Monroe’s name to be legally changed to include Gage’s last name, despite Jeff revealing that “Edward” is not actually Gage’s last name, but rather Gage’s middle name.

People reports that the lawsuit also alleges that Jeff has negatively interfered with Gage’s professional opportunities and design career. Though Jeff has denied this accusation, he did admit that he had urged one client who had expressed interest in working with Gage to hold off on hiring Gage until the former couple’s legal issue was settled. (Jeff also admitted last year that he barred his employees from speaking to Gage.) 

Along those lines, Jeff also threw some shade at his ex on air for the time he believes Gage has spent toward this custody battle instead of focusing on his own career.

“How much time must you spend writing a 10-page fictional novel,” Jeff said. “It’s a lot of time. Maybe you should be out there getting some more clients and you won’t be shaking me down for money.” 

While Jeff and Gage’s co-parenting relationship has been rocky for some time now, the two actually managed to come to a temporary custody agreement for their daughter in August. By October, however, the truce between the exes was over and to date have still not worked out a permanent custody plan for Monroe.

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(Photos: Instagram; Bravo) 


  1. I’m sorry but that child biologically belongs to Jeff. Gage needs to just go already. He’s so unlikeable and I’m surprised they had lasted as long as they did. Unless Gage did some sort of adoption thing (which he very well could have), then he has no case. The fact that he’s dragging this thing on and thinking he should be entitled to “legal” support is outrageous.

    1. Wish I could give your comment here 100 thumbs up! 2020 and so many ppl are still about canceling people out rather than understanding that we all need each other. If you are coparenting you make it work. Stop the bs fights to promote your own self ego and get into therapy. Put the alcohol, drugs, and most of all EGO away and do what you have to do. KIDS come FIRST!

  2. I wonder how each of them has parenting time with Monroe since there is no formal custody agreement and they aren’t on good terms? This is so toxic and hopefully they get this worked out before Monroe is old enough to understand

  3. If these two end up together again cancel Christmas 2020 pleeeeeeze! What is going on with that nice gal Jenny (sp?) And the funny maid that got a boob job from Jeff? What happened to them?? We need some comic relief from the comic relief Ashleys!

  4. Are the grandparents involved in Monroe’s life? I can’t remember what happened to the parents of Jeff but what about the parents of Gage? Jeff watches too many mafia shows when he says “shaking him down.” The last name thing is really stupid (Gage). Even “Jax” from VP admits that when he and Brit have children that the REAL LAST name is NOT “Taylor.”

    1. Jeff’s mother passed away when Jeff was a teen , But I know he talks about Taking Monroe to spend weekends ( Jeff & Monroe together) Go stay at Jeff’s Father & Step mothers house. He speaks of his family (brothers & their wives etc) often.
      I never heard Jeff or Gage for that matter speak of his parents ( even when Monroe was born I never heard them speak of Gage’s family.
      I have never liked Gage & I dislike him even more as this continues to drag on.
      Jeff has his fault’s, but I truly believe he does want what is best for Monroe & it seems like Gare is being petty & bitter.
      oh & the 50% thing…I’ve heard that he doesn’t even use the full 30% he has now ( and he could have had more at any time, Just doesn’t use it.

      1. Thank you so much Imantyl. This is just sad. At one time that crew looked to be so close knit. But then when Jeff and Jenni Pulos (?) were at odds and not just fun banter, it started to look like the end of the show before we viewers started asking Bravo about the renewal. I so appreciate the time you took in explaining all of this as I just have not had time to do my homework and look this up. You are a great writer and explained this so well. Have a great rest of the week and weekend! Kudos!

  5. I agree with jeff about her last name because Gage chose that name with him when Monroe was born but I think he should give him 50/50 and child support just like any other divorced couple… that are capable of course.

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