Jeff Lewis Cuts Off Communication With Ex Gage Edward & Bans Him From Speaking to His Employees at Jeff Lewis Design

“Enjoy walking and cleaning up toddler messes!”

Not long after Jeff Lewis revealed his co-parenting relationship with Gage Edward was once again on the rocks, new details of the exes’ feud have come to light. 

According to Daily Mail, the former Flipping Out star has not only cut off communication with Gage, he’s also banned him from using their daughter’s nanny as well as the vehicle Gage had been provided for their visits. In addition, Jeff says Gage is not allowed to talk to anyone who works at Jeff Lewis Design (where Gage used to work).

“You can forget about using the pool, too.”

Jeff took to his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live last Thursday to update listeners on the latest in he and Gage’s custody battle. While Jeff said the two were working towards splitting custody of Monroe 50-50, he said there is a provision in the agreement that they cease all communication not pertaining to their daughter. 

Jeff explained that he came to this decision after a recent talk with Gage, in which “there were no pleasantries.” 

“Skipping the pleasantries is my thing, Gage!”

“I said, ‘I no longer want to communicate with you, I want to raise my child as I see fit when she’s with me and you can raise her how you see fit when she’s with you. I don’t need to know anything. You don’t need to know anything,’” he said. 

Jeff went on to talk about the new “2-3-3” rotation schedule he and Gage would be trying, adding that as part of the new custody schedule, he will be withholding certain amenities from Gage.

“I was giving him full access to my employees — my nannies, my extra car,” he explained. “I said that is now off the table. You can now hire your own employees. You can buy your own second car with the nanny.”

Speaking of Jeff’s employees, the reality TV also stated that Gage is no longer allowed to talk to anyone who works at Jeff’s company, Jeff Lewis Design.

Lewis also forbade Edward for contacting the people who work for him at Jeff Lewis Design (where Edward worked until this past May).

“There will be no more communicating with my employees, trying to get information about what [I’m] up to,” Jeff said. (Gage worked at Jeff Lewis Design until he and Jeff split.)

As The Ashley previously told you, Jeff and Gage managed to come to a temporary custody agreement for Monroe in August, however, Jeff revealed a week ago on his radio show that things between he and Gage had soured yet again.

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  1. Jeff Lewis should think about their child’s needs and quit being petty.
    Jeff has burned just about every bridge with people in his life.
    I am not sure he is fit to raise his daughter.

  2. Jeff wants one set of rules for him and another for Gage. It’s not going to benefit their daughter. Jeff is being nasty by putting their co parenting and personal business on blast. It is not going to sit well with Monroe as she gets old enough and discovers the tapes. Jeff needs to grow up and stop being so selfish and put Monroe’s wellbeing first. Love your daughter more than you hate or dislike your ex. And remember that at one time the other person was good enough to have a baby together. Children need consistency and I would argue that they split the cost of the nanny and share her so that the nanny doesn’t change every couple days.

  3. Who the fuck has an nanny car ? Normal life may benefit your child. But I doubt she’ll get that. Shut your mouth for 1 year and you’ll get farther then ever. Learn and you to told to talk shit .

    1. Maybe this conflict is created to keep people talking about all of this? Actually, co-parenting requires consistent messaging from both sides. If you don’t want that little girl to grow up a confused mess, both father’s need to grow up and learn to put her first. Stop with the constant online bashing of everyone and everything.

  4. Oh, Jeffrey. You’ve got to learn to get along with Gage. Monroe is a baby, you have a LONG way to go in your co-parenting life. I too have had to say, “I made the choice for this man to father my children, so as long as he is a decent father, it is THE BEST FOR MY KIDS for me to get along with him!” Put a smile on your face and pretend, that’s what I do. You don’t have to give away the farm, but you must be amenable. FOR MONROE. Tattoo her sweet little face on the back of your hand, so you can focus on her while you’re talking to Gage on the phone. Monroe must be your sole focus in all things for the rest of your life. Everyone else is gravy. Getting even with Gage cannot be a factor. Praying for you, Jeffrey!

  5. I think best interest of Monroe should always be considered 1st. Different car probably no big deal, but to have different nanny seems unfair to both Monroe and her nannies. Let the little girl have some continuity in her life.
    Who pays and in what amount is grown folks and court business not a child.

  6. I still think gage needs to get an injunction that Jeff stops talking about him on the air and social media. It’s kind of ridiculous that every single solitary thing that goes on is discussed ad nauseum. Unless they have an agreement to use it as material for said radio show and gage gets some of the profits, he’s be stupid to continue opening himself up for Jeff to talk about on the daily.

    1. IF Gage hadn’t chosen to open his personal life up for filming prior to the breakup, then I’d agree. However, he signed off to film his life and relationship for many years-and profitted from that decision. He also chose to be with someone for years, who also was in the public forum. For years, Gage and Jeff have publically shared their lives and relationship on TV.

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    You need to love Monroe more than you dislike each other!

  8. Wonder what Gage is up to professionally. Breaking up with Jeff left him jobless and homeless. No more cushy life. He is going to have to foot the bill for his own nanny and car.

    At this point, they just need to be adults and co-parent. They don’t have to like each other, they just need to be civil during the hand off.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Jeff you push everybody away. I think you need some more serious mental health help why do you feel you have to talk about it on your show stop stop stop anything to do with your daughter shut up

    1. The relationship is over. When they separated, then communication etc has to evolve to fit the new co-parenting only relationship. So Gage’s access to Jeff’s personal schedule, employees,business leads, nannies and extra cars needs to reflect their new relationship.

  10. Seriously guys. Let’s be adults here. Life is too short to carry all this anger. It’s not good for your health and whether or not you realize it, Monroe can feel it. Think of what you’re doing to her. You don’t have to like each other but you both brought this precious gift into this world don’t ruin her because of your hatred towards each other. Grow up, put your differences aside, let go of the past (you can’t change what was) and forge a new and different friendship/relationship for your daughter. Bring her up in love. If you guys truly love her you will find a way. It’s gotta suck to live with that hatred infiltrating your insides daily! You’re cutting your own life short by doing that day in and day out. Always looking for a new way to spite someone instead of working together.

    1. They both are pretty. However, I understand not wanting Gage to have access to Jeff’s personal schedules/assistants/nannies and cars anymore. Such is the nature of a break-up. Once the relationship ends, so do the perks of that relationship.

      1. Agreed but the problem is that with the end of the relationsihp, so ended Gage’s employment as he worked for Jeff. So it is a bit complicated.

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