Jax Taylor Says Smoking Weed is Saving His Marriage to Brittany Cartwright: “I Probably Wouldn’t Be With My Wife Right Now If It Wasn’t for Weed”

“Weed helps, but I gotta give beer cheese some credit, too.”

Well, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: Jax Taylor is giving out marriage advice. 

On Thursday’s episode of the Daddy Issues podcast, the former Vanderpump Rules star revealed to hosts Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson his secret to getting through the work day and keeping his marriage to Brittany Cartwright intact is smoking weed. 

“I probably wouldn’t be with my wife right now if it wasn’t for weed,” Jax proclaimed during the interview.

Jax told inquiring minds that waking up with a good cup of coffee and “a couple hits of a joint” helps him get through the day since becoming “a new dad.” (No, Brittany did not secretly give birth to The Spawn of Jason Cauchi this week, we can only assume Jax has worn that “Dad” hat so many times that he’s finally convinced himself that his son is already here.)

“Sorry I didn’t have time to shave, guys. You know how busy life is for us parents!”

“Guys, listen, I’m a new dad,” Jax said. “I’m getting up early. I’m up at like five or six. I get up at like five or six every day cause I go to bed kind of early. So I get up [at] five or six. But I need that first cup of coffee and just a couple hits of a joint in the morning just to make my day … .” 

“I’m confused, Jax. How are you a dad if this baby has yet to shoot outta my hooter?”

Jax claims, according to The Sun, the coffee/weed combo helps level him out, noting that he doesn’t drink alcohol anymore or “do anything else” other than the occasional joint before bed and the morning routine mentioned above. Jax said he started partaking in this about three years ago after his father passed away and soon found that it helped a lot more than his anxiety. 

Unfortunately nothing could help Jax in this situation.

“ … it helped with my marriage, with my friends,” he said. “I’m just a calmer person. I don’t let things bother me. I have a very short fuse – very, very short fuse, like my father … 

“Someone come get this man before I go off and pop this baby out right here on the dang floor…”

While you’d think a blunt (no pun intended) comment such as that one would come with some clarification or maybe even an apology, seeing as how Jax’s wife not only has to deal with his man-child antics on the reg, but is also nearly 40 weeks pregnant with a baby that he literally can’t stop talking about…but, no.

This is Jax we’re talking about – he doesn’t have a job, a clue, any common sense any shame.  

Instead, Jax went on to talk about the great sleep he gets with edibles – something very important now that he’s ALMOST taking care of a real, live baby. 

“ … In my heyday, in my Hollywood fun days, I would take [edibles] during the day, but now being a father, I need my sleep,” Jax said. “I take it before bed, and I don’t wake up until six in the morning. And when I wake up at six, I’m like gung-ho ready to go … .” 

“…film some more Cameos. Who’s buying?!”

Last week, it was reported that Jax owes more than $1.2 million in unpaid taxes – a “bad tax situation” that the 41-year-old has since blamed on “a bad bookkeeper,” assuring fans, “I’m fixing it. It’s not a big deal.” 

Jax also admitted recently that Bravo was wise to fire him from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ back in December, despite both he and Brittany claiming at the time that they decided to leave the show on their own. 

“The show made a good decision,” he said last week on Instagram Live. “I stand with them 100 percent. I love everybody that was on it. I had a great run. Not too many guys can last nine years on a reality show. It’s not fair to the show because I don’t put any effort in anymore. I’m not interested in that lifestyle.” 

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(Photos: Bravo; Instagram) 

15 Responses

  1. These two are never going to make it as a couple and we’re just counting down the days until he leaves. Has anyone seen a more punchable face than Jax Taylor’s???

  2. I always enjoy it when people boast proudly about their inability to handle their lives, don’t you? I’m sure his kid will enjoy reading these quotes from their father in 20 years.

  3. So what I got from this, I smoke weed and stay high to tolerate my life and Britney. How embarrassing. He loves his sleep, well say goodbye to it for awhile lol. I have a 5 month old and maaaan I’m tired. My two older kids know I love my sleep so they laugh at every cup of coffee I slug down through out the day. I would think weed would slow down your daily function.

    1. He doesn’t care. Brittany and her family will take care of that baby. JaxAss will be gone by the end of next year.

  4. On another site says Rand had to keep his car from being repossessed.
    Miss Ashley, any scoop ..??..

    I don’t feel bad for Britney, when people show you who they are believe them.
    And, she believes a big liar.

  5. I don’t think my wife would care for it very much if I were to go around telling people I needed to get high to put up with her.

  6. “And when I wake up at six, [I snort a massive quantity of blow and then] I’m like gung-ho ready to go … .”

    There, I fixed it. The guy is a perpetually and profoundly dishonest douchebag.

  7. I smoke two joints in the morning
    I smoke two joints at night
    I smoke two joints in the afternoon
    It makes me feel alright!

    Well, Brittany, I guess the baby’s care is going to be ALL ON YOU while Jax lights up and gets his beauty rest! That s**t gets old real fast, trust me. Middle-aged men don’t change. Good luck to you!

  8. There is no way he gave up alcohol last summer. He’s incapable of telling the truth. I’d say I feel bad for Brittney, but I don’t. She chose this life and him. The fame was what she wanted and now this is what she has…

    They are never going to dig out of that tax debt. Imagine was 2019 and 2020’s debt will add to the total. Plus Brittney’s.

  9. What is wrong with this dude? Its so strange the way he’s acting like he’s parenting a baby that hasn’t been born yet. I can imagine he has a short fuse, he’s always got a vein popping out of his head or neck in every photo I see of him. He looks like a coke head personally and he’s probably pretty unbearable to be around without the weed.

  10. So if edibles keep him asleep until 6am whose gonna help Brittany with the baby in the middle of the night?

  11. So pretty soon Brittany will have TWO babies!

    Congratulations and good luck with those middle of the night feedings, when Daddy gets cranky when you screw up HIS sleep schedule!

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