‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jade Cline Announces She’s Back with Baby Daddy Sean Austin By Posting Sexy Couples Photos; Talks About Having Another Kids, Sean’s Music Career & More

“Wanna give it yet another try?”
“Yeah, sure, what the hell?”

Jade Cline made it clear over the weekend that she and her off-and-on baby daddy Sean Austin are very much back on!

The Teen Mom 2 star posted some sexy-time couples’ photos to social media on Sunday and answered questions about her renewed love for Sean, as well as Sean’s dreams to “do music,” and if they plan to have any more kids.

In the photos, Jade and Sean— who share daughter Kloie—are shown stripped down to their skivvies, with plenty of red satin and props that look like they came from the Valentine’s Day clearance aisle at the Walgreens.

“And the best part is , all these props were 75 percent off the day after Valentine’s Day!”

Although Jade broke up with Sean (and kicked him out of the house and called the cops on him) last season, it’s clear from her photo caption that the couple has worked out their issues. (The 911 operators in the Indianapolis area are all surely breathing a collective sigh of relief.) 

“Loving you has always felt so right,” Jade wrote to Sean. “I’m so proud of you… You’ve proved people who’ve mad mistakes can change, evolve, improve, and learn. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s always been worth it. cheers  to us and forever.”


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After the photos were posted, Jade turned off the comments (as she was getting a lot of negative feedback.) She also allowed her followers to ask her some questions. Naturally, most of the questions were about her getting back together with Sean. She told one follower that the reconciliation occurred a while back, but she and Sean decided to stay quiet about it.

“I just keep my personal life private on social media,” Jade wrote. “[Sean and I] lived separately for a while and I think that definitely helped us both. We both really worked on making our relationship healthy and better.”

She added that despite their problems (and frequent breakups), they didn’t want to end things for good.

“At the end of the day we love each other so we didn’t want to give up on our relationship,” Jade wrote. 

Jade says she gave Sean a second chance because he’s very much a changed man. 

” …this week.”

“He loves himself more and is living such a happy life,” Jade wrote of Sean, who struggled with substance abuse issues in the past. “It’s hard to love others correctly when you aren’t loving yourself. Now he is always smiling, has multiple GOOD friends and he’s following his dreams.”

As for what those “dreams” consist of, Jade said Sean has made his desires to “do music” (as he expressed during the last season of ‘Teen Mom 2’) a reality. She says he is working on his hip hop and rap career (as you do), and also working on music production. (It does not appear that he’s actually working a regular job, though.) 

“He’s been making music,” Jade wrote. “Him and his friends from Cali are actually performing at [the hip hop festival] Rolling Loud in May. This is super big for him and his career and I’m SOOO proud of him. Rolling Loud is a huge event and it will open up even more doors for him. He’s super talented. I knew he would go far.”

Fans also wanted to know (especially after seeing those sexy-time photos) if Jade and Sean plan to have more kids. According to Jade, it will be a while before they have another (with a randomly spelled name).

Sean’s feelings on having Klhoii Number 2 and Klowey Number 3…

“We don’t want more kids anytime soon,” Jade wrote. “We both are focusing on Khoie and our careers.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

30 Responses

  1. At the “end of the day” we love each other ??
    At the end of the week, the police will be called
    At the end of the month, it’ll be a restraining order
    At the end of the year, her whole family will live with them……
    But at least mtv will pay / film it all. ???

    Oh yea and a landlord eviction ?

  2. Those photos are just like everything else in their relationship. Jade puts in all the effort and Sean sits back and awkwardly does the bare minimum.

  3. These photos are cringey. And the fact we’ve seen how they treat each other on tv makes it worse. Sean looks so awkward and uncomfortable, he looks like a prop for Jade. Like there’s zero chemistry happening here.

  4. She just wants to show off her plastic surgery…I hate when people pretend like they’re all “empowered” or whatever they say they’re doing, when really they just want compliments about their new ass.

  5. “I want my private life private and I will just as soon as we pose for these pictures in our underwear and I edit and filter the Hell out of them and then post them.”

  6. Gross. those cringetastic photos made me throw up a little. No body wants/needs to see jade’s big Frankensteined ass all over that loser string bean. Put some clothes on and get a job.

    1. While I DONT agree with the pictures, is there really any reason for body shaming and criticizing what they look like on the outside? Calling Jade out for having a “big franksteined ass” and calling Sean a “string bean” is actually really mean if you think about it.

      1. I’m never cool with shaming someone’s natural body, but Jade chose to have her butt surgically stuffed.

        1. That’s her business, but it dont look any different unclothed as it does clothes.

          It’s funny to me how a model (either skinny or plus sized) poses for a picture half clothed with nobody talks about what they’ve had surgically enhanced and that’s “art” but an ordinary person does it and its trash.

          Isn’t it ALL trash??

          1. When I said “it’s her business” I wasnt being mean, but lots of people say they have had an enhancement of some kind or a reduction but all they’ve really done said it and filtered a picture to make it look like they’ve done it but never did.

            When you cant trust a person it’s hard to know the truth.

  7. I used to not like Sean, but when she graduated he showed up with flowers and when she got angry that her parents were late with her daughter she got angry about how she wanted to walk with her daughter and he said, “I’ll walk with you habe.” I thought that was sweet but she snapped at him “NO I WANNA WALK WITH MY DAUGHTER!!”

  8. Following your dreams is nice and all, but we adults also have something called “living up to your responsibilities.” For a father, that generally includes working to provide financial support to one’s offspring.

    1. You dont thing working for his music career is “providing financial support for his offspring”?

      Some people work 9 to 5s and people come about honest money a different way.

      My guess she’ll blow up on him in a month or two about “cheating with a groupie” or that he’s “back on drugs”.

      I mean honestly, how did this trainwreck graduate?? Shes such a hot mess!!!!

      1. If his “career” is not bringing in actual cash dollars, then no. That’s not a matter of my “thinking” it’s so, it’s an inevitable implication of the meaning of the words “financial support.”

        1. This is true. But with that being said, what exactly is Jade doing to put herself through college? It’s a cinch she isnt working.

          Everyone is so preoccupied with what Sean may or may not be doing or with what her parents may or may not be doing, but what about HER??? I have to wonder what Jade may or may not be doing.

          1. What did I miss? Made is in college and not working as a hair stylist/cosmetologist?

      2. Only if he makes actual money. I’m a writer. I enjoy it. I’m alright at it. I sell small pieces to educational publications a few times a month. That doesn’t mean I tell people I’m a writer for a living because I’m not making a living doing it, just earning fun money. It’s mostly a hobby. Most creative jobs require you work other jobs to pay your bills. No one is judging this guy for “doing music.” We judge because we know he’s not living in the real world and providing for his family.

        1. Why are we judging people we know nothing about aside from what we see on TV and what we read on gossip sites?

          Forming OPINIONS is one thing but since when is it our job to JUDGE?

          1. First you have Mackenzie McKee. If the everyday run of the mill person had marital issues, those people would be felt for. But because she’s on tv, it’s all “made up”

            Then there’s Ambular, MOST courts would delve into and investigate BOTH parties. Not just the girl or guy. But because shes on the tv, she’s automatically the ONLY guilty party…when in all actuality the ONLY innocent party is the child.

            And finally there’s Cate and Ty, that just because they changed there ambitions from when they were teenagers they are bad people/parents. Nobody knows the filming schedule, it’s entirely possible that they work behind the scenes and when they are on camera they just want to chill with their kids.

            Oh and news flash, baby #4…ANOTHER girl is on it’s way.

            I could go on but to be quite honest, these are the only storylines I truly give a damn to follow.

  9. What, exactly, does she like to keep private? I

    I would die a thousand deaths if I ever saw pictures of my parents during sexy time. She may want to believe that he “loves himself more” now, but these photos are proof that neither one of them has an ounce of self-esteem.

    Poor Khloie

  10. I’d honestly be very surprised if Sean was good at music and actually stuck with it instead of mooching off Jade. That poor child though, there’s so much chaos around her.

  11. idk why jade keeps enabling everyone in her life. i understand she doesn’t wanna give up on the people she loves but this is a repeated cycle and she’s letting herself get hurt at this point

  12. She says the same shit every single time they get back together. They may deserve each other but their daughter deserves a stable home.

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