EXCLUSIVE! Host Nessa Goes OFF on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans During Season 9 Reunion Taping Regarding Racist Social Media Posts: Get Details!

“Say something else about my man, Jenelle, and I’ll go Amber Portwood on ya!”

Another Teen Mom 2 Reunion, another fight! 

This weekend’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 Reunion didn’t result in the physical brawls between cast mates of YesterReunions but there was a smackdown of a different kind that took place on stage during the episode’s filming!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jenelle Evans found herself in a very hot seat when she came on stage to film her segment with Reunion co-host Nessa, who had a very big bone to pick with her and her husband David Eason!

An audience source tells The Ashley that Nessa— who is dating controversial NFL football star Colin Kaepernick—was ready and waiting for Jenelle to come on-stage.

“Jenelle had posted some negative stuff to her social media about Colin in the past. David, too. Nessa also had screenshots of a bunch of posts Jenelle and David have made over the past few months that she and other people felt were racist,” the source said. “Jenelle had no clue it was coming and was basically ambushed on-stage.”

“Oh….you saw that?”

Jenelle— who, the source said was being bombarded with text messages from David while she was on-stage filming—first tried to make excuses for what she has posted.

“Jenelle at first was saying that she has no control over anything she posts on social media, and that those weren’t her own posts,” the source said. “That set Nessa off even more, because Jenelle was trying to lie her way out of it.”

(The Ashley would like to clarify here that Jenelle does not, in fact, have control over the clickbait crap she posts. She and the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars, authorize a company to post those to their accounts. However, the stuff Nessa was discussing was not any of the clickbait articles.)

“Nessa was very professional about it all, though,” the source said. “She was not screaming or getting in Jenelle’s face or anything like that. But she was very firm and was ready for this. She was telling Jenelle, ‘You posted these things online about my man and you should have come and talked to me about it, instead of posting it.’ Jenelle would not take any responsibility for her words.”

The source stated that Jenelle then started crying and ran off stage. 

“I was just trying to fit in on The Land!”

“A few of the producers had to go and give her a pep talk but she finally went back on-stage to finish her segment,” a second source said.

But Nessa was not done roasting Jenelle!

“Jenelle came back out, and Nessa went right in on her again, pulling out receipts of some of the posts Jenelle made about Colin and people of other races in general,” the audience source said. 

(Some of the posts— made to Jenelle’s personal Facebook— were about Colin specifically, while others were not. In one post Jenelle wrote, ” “Donald J. Trump unemployment rate is so low, even Colin Kaepernick found a job! MERICA!” In another, Jenelle called out Nike for employing Colin as its spokesman, writing, “‘Let’s choose the most disrespected guy in the NFL for our promos,'” she allegedly wrote. “‘Lets add a slogan about sacrificing, everyone will love it. Let’s choose the man that kneels at our flag.’ YOU’RE WRONG. I will not be buying Nike anymore… Nike should change their ‘motto’ immediately. Nike needs a new PR person pronto.”)

After a few moments, Jenelle once again stormed off stage, yelling “I didn’t come for this, dude!” (She seriously said that; The Ashley is not just trying to be funny here.)

“The second time she stormed off stage, she went up to some of the producers and told them ‘I am having stomach pains and I need to go to the hospital,'” the second source said.

(Jenelle was not taken to the hospital, just FYI.)

As The Ashley previously told you, David was not allowed anywhere near the NYC studio the girls were filming in, but he made sure to make his presence known by constantly texting Jenelle to distract her. He has been surprisingly quiet on social media so far, and has not posted about what happened to Jenelle.

Tell us how many times you went in on Jenelle, Nessa….

“The producers of the show did not yell at Nessa for bringing up that stuff, because it was totally relevant,” the source said. “But the fact that Jenelle stormed off twice in one segment did piss them off.”

Stay tuned…The Ashley will have more Reunion stuff coming soon! 

UPDATE: While David has not yet addressed what happened between Jenelle and Nessa directly, he did scurry on over to her Instagram account yesterday to leave a comment on a post she made about the death of rapper Nipsy Hustle.

David (aka “BigOlHonky”) posted this under Nessa’s comment yesterday following the Reunion blowup…

“I feel so heartbroken,” Nessa wrote, to which David replied, “Oh you didn’t expect your gang banger friend to get shot? Probably because he wanted his own president to get shot and predicted it would happen…”

(Photos: MTV, Instagram) 


  1. I think the way Nessie called out Janelle was uncalled for and tacky and tasteless. She doesn’t see much of a woman. to sit there and use teen mom, Eric time to air her dirty laundry out that’s something she should’ve did on social media instead of using teen mom air time to air out her dirty, laundry, and gang up on Jenelle. you were a host on that show who acted like a guest on Jerry Springer. I feel like everybody has a right to express themselves on social media. However, they want if you get offended by what someone says, then you need to voice it on the social media rather what Jenelle said on social media is right or wrong. She still has the right to post anything she wants on social media, just like anyone else does but never should you go on a TV show because you’re offended by what something said on social media and air your dirty laundry at the very least or the very most the only thing you should’ve done besides posting a comment on social media about what Jenelle says is say something to her off stage off camera if you have such a problem with it and Jess must say something to her but I thought it was uncalled for a necessary, rude trashy ghetto for you to say something to Janelle on TV. You’re a grown woman who acted like a little kid you’re not very classy to have done something like that, you actually went from classy to trashy, grow up and quit using television airtime to air out your dirty laundry just because you don’t like what someone says on social media got your back Janelle I think nursing does not need to be on TV ever again because she is not professional I do not watch the reunion shows anymore or any other shows that has her on it but I will watch shows with Janel on them

  2. I have a comment for the people in the comment section…

    Why is it so hard for people to spell JENELLE correctly?

    It’s written the right way several times in the article. Whenever I see “Jenelle” spelled incorrectly I just thumbs down and keep scrolling down

  3. Never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Janelle on this one…it’s Janelle’s show and her story to tell…no one cares about trashy nessa and her equally trashy boyfriend! Many of the girls have talked trash about Dr. Drew over the years and he doesn’t call them out on it! She needs to grow up and get a new job if she can’t handle people talking about her boyfriend!

  4. Why the hell did the interviewer, a woman who’s close to 40yo I’m guessing, need to ambush a young woman who’s clearly not in a perfect mental state?!
    And about her “family “?! A current boyfriend is her family?!
    That man is such a piece of garbage, horses’ ass! What Jenelle said, was half as bad, as many Americans truly feel about that racist scum bag ex celebrity.

  5. I’m not a fan of Jenelle but it’s funny that a grown man (cowardly Colin), that played in the nfl (past tense hehehe) needs his gf to defend him because his feelings are hurt. To top it off it was aired on a Teen Mom reunion lol, because no one else is that ridiculous to air it. All this is so stupid. Nessa’s future hosting gigs for reputable shows and tv stations are now gone. On the bright side she can look forward to hosting this train wreck reunion once a year, and let everyone watching know why Colin’s feelings are hurt again. Maybe Nessa can pull some strings and get Colin in as the newest teen mom. He’d fit right in. Of all the issues going on in the world this girl chooses to defend her whiny boyfriend sad feelings but wants Jenelle to control her husbands actions. I’m done watching this circus.

  6. First of all I don’t think that anything Jenelle said was that bad – she used him as the but of her joke at a time where there happens to be a lot of people doing the same. The media has plastered the fact that he has not been able to get a job since this whole thing happened – with a team. Are they being racists when they report it? Are they called out for it? Jenelles whole problem with him had to do with the flag – not race. Standing up for police brutality is fine but not while on the TV because you are at work for a football team that is owned by people who don’t want you to take advantage of their time on national television by promoting your cause especially when doing so you are showing disrespect to the American flag and are on their dime. Go ahead and say something about being a racist or call me David – that is just exactly what you are trying to say about everyone that has an opinion that is not like yours – and that is bullying and racism as well.

    Nessa should not be using her job to air out her personal agenda– she must be taking a cue from her bf – didn’t work well for him I cant imagine why she would think it will for her either.

    I do think that she caught Jenelle off guard and that is why she left and I think that was smart because in the world we live in today if you make one mistake or your words can be turned in any way then you will never live it down. She knows this and chose not to play into Nessas attempt to ambush her in any way. This is so unprofessional of MTV – come on guys get your act together.

    1. Well if it was not that bad why didn’t she sit there, like an adult, and explain her stance and why she posted it? Instead of doing that she stormed off stage crying like a toddler. She also backtracked saying she had no control over the things she posts. If she is going to post controversial things then she should be able to discuss her stance if someone brings it up.

      1. First I am not Jenelle so I can only speculate as to why she might have acted this way. So I think 1) She was ambushed so she was not expecting to have confrontation 2) She also had to feel like everyone had to be in on it and that these people she has worked with so closely for years hung her out to dry 3) She was smart enough not to start an emotionally charged discussion with Nessa about this topic as a back and forth about this kind of topic can lead to misunderstandings, harsh judgement and implied beliefs.

        Now what she posted was not that bad because she did not attack what he was not standing for instead she was mad at the fact of not standing for our country which I understand and dont think being upset by this is bad. Had she made comments about his cause or that she was all for what he is against then that would make them bad. Its that he chose to go to work and use the air time for the football game to make a statement for his cause BUT did it while getting paid to be there doing a job NOT using that time to push his own agenda for anything. And then to top it off he makes his statement against the country by showing total disrespect for all the good in this country too. He should of held a press conference or done some interviews on HIS own time in the proper format for making such statements about this. He should not of involved the NFL by using them while he was getting paid to play not protest anything at that time.
        If I go to work I cant protest while on the clock – can you?

        Lastly, the MTV producers should be more professional and tell Jenelle what their problems are with her if they have them instead of leading her to a slaughter and acting like they support her behaviour as we see them do all the time. For them to say this is relevant is ridiculous – can you imagine if they called all the girls out at reunions for the crap they post on their social media all year long? They would never allow that. What they allowed was for Nessa to do exactly what her boyfriend did – use their airtime to push her personal opinion and or problem by attacking the reason she was there – to interview Jenelle about the life events shown in their show about her life period. This squabble should have been dealt with off camera and even could of been done publically if Nessa wanted JUST NOT on Mtvs Teen Mom Reunion show. Its no diff than Briana and Kail fighting and their problem was relevant as they both are on the show and Javi is too BUT everyone was mad and thought they should not of taken their fight to the reunion. So I see clearly that Jenelle is being bullied and while I dont agree with her bad choices a lot- I do not like nor will watch others do it too in a bully mentality while trying to put racism on them too.

      2. I think Jenelle made it clear when she left the stage the first time that she did not want to answer for what she put out there and Nessa should have left it at that – why attack her again when she came out the 2nd time? Why would the producers be mad at Jenelle for this and not Nessa? Did Nessa think she was going to act differently the 2nd time? I also think Jenelle made herself clear when she posted – so why ask her about it? Nessa should of just let her know that she disagreed and left it there.
        Really if Jenelle had told her that she did not approve of what he did – where do you think the rest of the interview could of gone from there?

  7. She post dumb shit and got confronted about it. If you didn’t want confrontation then leave the kitchen table talk in the kitchen and not on social media. Then again this is Jenelle and David. They have to post dumb shit to stay relevant.

    What gets me is that people still don’t understand what Colin was standing up for or kneeling if you want to get technical. That’s clear just by judging these comments. Which is hilarious cause it’s been like two or three years, maybe even longer, and y’all are still too ignorant to listen.

  8. Bottom line: Jenelle is a grown woman who needs to learn how to handle these sort of things maturely. Even for those who think Nessa was wrong, Jenelle could have sat there and justified her feelings on why she posted it if she really felt so strongly. Instead she throws a massive tantrum and storms off twice all while trying to appease her rabid husband. What an example they are showing for their kids. And David needs to shut up with his ignorant statements. He purposely does and says stuff for attention and his misguided attempts to justify it are ridiculous.

  9. I’m confused…wasn’t this a Teen Mom 2 Reunion…if I choose to watch this, I want to hear about things relevant to these moms and their kids. What does this chick’s boyfriend and what someone posts about him have to do with the show? That’s tacky and unprofessional that she would choose this format to air her personal grievances. But then again, I never watched MTV or it’s shows because they were tactful.
    Sweetheart Nassa, or whatever your name is, I’ve seen waaaaaaay worse about your bf than what that teen mom wrote. You got bigger fish to fry, babe.

  10. In the last few reunions where Nessa is co-hosting, I seem to recall dr drew saying Nessa “was backstage” getting more info. Now that I think about it, has she ever been on stage for Jenelle’s solo portion of the reunion? Or Bristol’s?

  11. Why is she annoying? For calling out a racist asshole who ran and cried when confronted over the hate that they spewed? Yeah..soooo annoying. At least she’s trying to hold Jenelle accountable for her shitty actions, unlike everyone else. Is Jenelle the only one allowed to defend her “man?”

  12. Jenelle thought she was bigger than the whole Teen Mom franchise. She has been pulling power plays by limiting filming and having tantrums trying to strong arm the network to allow David back. Farrah pulled stunts like this towards the end of her tenure too. The fact that MTV let Nessa go after Jenelle says they are tired of her. They didn’t stop Nessa or cut her Mic or anything. They expected Jenelle to return to stage and answer these questions. Jenelle realized MTV is tired of her shit and this was her swan song. She went into a panic knowing the money train is over.

  13. I am a little confused about having Janelle on TV’s Teen Mom when they just brought that Cheyenne, who has made white racist comments, on Teen Mom OG. Really? All they do is party and drink in her segments, and I just fast forward thru her and Corey. I just can’t see having her on the show and still allowing Janelle to be on.

    1. Cheyenne made her comments in the past and has grown and matured since then. And I honestly believe that she regrets having said that at that time, whereas Jenelle is saying this stuff presently and isn’t remorseful at all. Just my take on it though 🙂 . I may be just a tad bit biased because I like Chey, Ryder, and Corey lol.

    2. I stated this before I absolutely deplore Jenelle and David but people can say what they really feel on their social media accounts you don’t have to agree with him… I truly wish to Jenelle was made of stronger stuff and could of just defend heard her post and say that’s how I feel.. They are absolutely homophobic and Racist but a lot of people feel that what he did was disrespectful to the flag and are not racist… I do Love how Nessa never loses her composure you know she probably hates Jenelle and you could tell she dislike Farah but she was always professional.. I think Nessa had every right to bring it up but Jenelle had every right to defend her position whether you agree with it or not she has the right to say it.

  14. BTW, Jenelle responded by posting a pic of her with foundation that’s 3 shades too dark, Ensley in dirty clothes…kid’s shirt has a giant stain on it, and she looks sticky…and David wearing a shirt with a confederate flag…with a lame caption about family and being “put through the ringer” at the reunion. The racial undertones these 2 trolls are putting out there are disgusting.

    MTV…enough is enough…it’s time to fire her. Out of all those train wrecks from 16 and pregnant, I’m sure MTV can find someone who can match Jenelle’s life drama.

  15. Ok…That was the wackest “response” I’ve ever read…First of all, it’s disgusting that he came after a dead guy who was a philanthropist trying to make a positive change in his community…Secondly…gang banger?…That’s rich coming from a guy who’s been arrested at least 9 times, and who’s wife has been arrested 15 times…and the SECRET SERVICE never came to Nipsey Hussle’s house for threats made against the President.

    It boggles my mind that someone can be that stupid…I thought Nathan was bad, but Jenelle out does herself each time with these “soul mates”…she manages to find one dumber and more violent than the previous.

  16. What bull shit. You are just a reverse racist. People of color? What the fuck? It was a ambush in Janelle. Kaepernick wrecked pro football. He’s a unpatriotic beat who was getting paid millions of dollars to play a game. Brass was so wr wrong. I find it hard to call Janelle a racist seeing how she was in love with and still is in love with Kiefer.

  17. Seriously, screw Nessa. What or who gives her the right to be the PC police? It’s not hershow! Thank your boyfriend for ruining pro football. I really dislike Janelle and David, but maybe they are entitled to their opinion?

    1. Then she should be able to back-up her opinion, and not run & hide. She & Lurch are nothing but cowards.

  18. Boom, Jenelle, you’re an entitled brat that finally got called out! She even put her back up plan into action by claiming she’s sick AGAIN!! MTV, why does she keep using loop holes in her contract?

    1. Nessa is as big of a racist as they come. Her boyfriend is a JOKE! I don’t like Jenelle, but talk about a complete hypocrite Nessa.

      1. TRUTH! She and her entitled millionaire BF who was raised by a NICE white couple after his ghetto crackhead mom and who knows which one it was father abandoned him! He then enjoyed the NFL and ONLY got mad when he wasn’t the STARTING QB!! Do your research. And I’m sorry but Nipsey Hussle was in a gang had known gang affiliates rEPPED his gang yes he was giving money to try and fix his neighborhood but he was still open and excepting of gang culture so you had to know something was gonna eventually happen

  19. Yes. If your dumb or (brave) enough to post it then deal with the fall out. If somebody wanted to go to your moms page and write “WHORE” every day, they have the right to do it but should they? Good judgement is a survival skill. People better start monitoring what you put out into the world. I would ask why would you want to even post anything ugly,mean, spirited,vicious, trolling, etc. YOu would need to examine yourself as to why your full of such negativity. You dont have the right to pollute other peoples world and cyber space without them responding. Tough tiddays.

  20. Jenelle does have the right to say it and Nessa has the right to asked her about her opinions. The is a job for both Nessa and Jenelle however Nessa has talent and skills to fall back on Jenelle will be working at the Waffle House. Plus if MTV did anything to Nessa they would be boycotted. Id be the first to dropped their channel for supporting that racist,homophobic, child abusing, dope fien,lying, maggot Jenelle. MTV would be wise to chose their battles.

      1. come on someone finally called Janelle out on her crap I don’t care what the subject was about I think Nessa deserves a crown

  21. And before you crazies come for Nessa and Collin…scroll down your favorite teen dads IG to about 2016….Collins been nothing but courteous and nice to people.

  22. I mean….don’t write it if you don’t want it read Jenelle….can’t get mad at Nessa for calling you out about her man…when you get mad at everyone (including your mom) for calling out your man!

    Maybe tread more lightly on social media Jenelle and David.

    1. She is just mad her big olhoneky made a ass out of himself and got fired. Which made him much more of a loser than he ever was lol

      1. Jenelle wants people to think her life is rosy like Chelsea. How absurd. Jenelle is “trailer trash that hit the lotto.” Thanks Nathan.

  23. I hope they air this I want to see it. I noticed some people saying that Nessa shouldn’t have brought it up because its not teen mom related, but half of Jenelle’s segments this season had to do with various things on social media so I think it was relevant and justified. As an adult Jenelle should be able to hold a conversation and address the things she has said and posted. Throwing a tantrum twice just makes her look even worse.

  24. This may (hopefully) be the beginning of the end of Jenelle’s Teen Mom “career.” I don’t foresee David the Despicable Dingleberry allowing her to attend any future reunions. He is totally going to use this to convince her that she “isn’t safe” without him there.

    I hope Dr. Drew was taking notes on how to stop enabling these entitled whiners.

    1. I agree if it’s not the end it’s getting pretty close. Then we will get
      Jonestown and Waco on the “Land” I hope the kids are gone by then.

    2. Jenelle’s going to be her own demise. She creates her own storms, and gets pissed when it rains…Right now she’s brewing up a hurricane, and it’s going to end disastrously. All of these temper tantrums and trolling are FINALLY catching up with her…MTV has already proved TM2 can go an entire episode without her…if she keeps up with this shitty attitude, it’s only a matter of time before TM2 goes an entire season without her.

  25. Also, these comments remind me why I stopped visiting the majority of these TM blogs and fan pages. Mostly all the viewers are covert racists and by reading these comments, I was right. None of you care about POC. Let alone blacks. Any time a racial issue is mentioned, you all beat around the bush and instead of addressing it, you find a way for it to be excused or diminished in some way. Nothing but a bunch of white stay at home moms or obviously privileged white women/girls here.

    1. I am shocked by the comments that are against what Nessa did. As if Jenelle is ENTITLED to be a racist sack of shit, and has the “freedom of speech” on her side. F@ck that. Jenelle and her “views” are scum. I am sorry so many people here are such pieces of crap. Including white stay at home moms like me. I am outraged by these comments, and anyone who doesn’t find Jenelle’s behavior completely repulsive is a piece of crap, point blank. I am 100% here for Nessa confronting Jenelle, and think it’s about damn time someone did so.

      1. Well, she basically IS entitled to be a racist sack of sh!t. And everyone else is entitled to look at her and say “Wow, that’s some racist sack of sh!t right there.” They’re entitled to call her out for being a racist sack of sh!t. They’re entitled not to watch a show about a racist sack of sh!t. You get the picture.

  26. Nipsey was a business man, community activist and was big into bringing STEM to his community. It’s no surprise that the only thing David could think of was his past gang affiliation

    1. LAPD even made an announcement about the Nipsey & how he was a stand up guy….the LAPD
      He WAS in a gang but there is a reason most people from rival gangs liked him & respected him.
      He did more good in just the days leading up to his murder than those 2 trash heaps can think of

  27. Ok so since what Nessa is saying is all Teen Mom/MTV related drama. Who is the secret baby mama of Colin?🤔 otherwise, why would she care. It’S a TEEM mom show. Mostly about BABYDADDY/MOMMA Drama. Not about stuff about Nessa’s bf Colin. Yeah so who is his Baby mama or further one.

  28. Well if you stormed out of an important meeting at work you would be fire…I bet that’s what will happen, they will fire Jenelle
    Hahaha yeah right
    MTV will continue to bend the knee
    And I guarantee Nessa was reprimanded, you cant talk to their cash cow like that
    Jenelle = DRAMA = ratings = $$$$

    1. Jenelle doesn’t film any segments anymore and she limited how much filming Babs and Nathan can do. Jenelle also stopped her kids from being filmed. Chelsea has more of a storyline than Jenelle now. At this point she is costing MTV more than she’s worth.

  29. Crazy that people think Colin is anti-American, when Jenelle and David are the ones trashing everyone who doesn’t look like them. Apparently kneeling is more offensive than hate speech or threatening another person. Some people are so backwards

    And for people calling him washed out, he just got a Nike deal worth millions a year. Without further brain injury. Seems like he came out on top to me 🤷‍♀️

    1. I don’t think there is debate between who is better or more American Colin or those 2 morons.

      Just because people don’t agree with Colin doesn’t mean they like or think the morons are good people.

    2. David threatens to shoot anybody that comes on his property and even had secret service looking into his behavior because of his threats to,government officials. Theyve had multiple CPS visits for child abuse and they have an arsenal of guns and ammo and openly uses drugs but yet Kaepernick is supposed to be scrum for bending knee over the injustice to black men? Wow America has regressed racially and intellectually.

  30. If your gonna post controversial viewpoint then you damn well better be prepared to defend them. Same the post against LBGT David and Jenelle were asked to explain themselves. Ness can ask because she is African Descent and probably wanted to get an understanding. Also, yes Nessa can defend her man, we all know Jenelle defends her loser man of the moment.

    1. Jenelle and David are notorious for letting their mouths write checks they can’t cash…When Jenelle had to explain David’s homophobic comments, she completely danced around the questions, and Dr. Drew let it slide..I’m glad Nessa pressed her, it’s about time someone did. It’s past time to hold those 2 accountable for being horrible human beings.

  31. I am with Nessa on this one!! In the 4th grade I stopped saying the pledge with my class. Why? The kids were calling me the “N” words and when I told my teacher she said, “that’s what you are.” Guys I don’t live in the south and this happened to me. My mom went to the principal and they minimized and made excuses for my teachers comment. I was tortured until 6 grade. In 4th grade I realized that pledge and anthem didn’t pertain to me. I was made to stand outside my classroom during the pledge because I refused to say it. Here’s the thing, should I have walked in the school and shot up each of the racist b*thches that tortured me? Nope! Instead of violence I peacefully took my knee in protest in a sense. Remember guys I was in the 4th. Just a child. Again I am with Nessa on this one. It’s peaceful and affects no one else. While Jenell’s words are filled with hate, and for what? If Jewell and David are our America we are all in trouble. So much anger for someone peacefully taking a PEACEFUL knee in protest, yet we want to baby the hate filled words, and ugly behavior of these degenerates?

    1. Your words break my heart. You did not deserve that. No one could ever deserve that. You are STRONG for standing up for your RIGHTS at such a young and tender age, an age where you shouldn’t have even had any knowledge yet of this type of cruelty in the world, let alone already have experienced it. I am SORRY this happened to you. Never stop being inspiring, and never, ever, believe that their words were true. I am 100% on board with Nessa calling that shithead out, it’s about time someone stood up to those racist, bigoted, backwards CREEPS who MTV keeps falling all over. I hope life is more peaceful for you than it was during those younger years, and I am genuinely sorry that there are such shitty people in the world.

      1. Thank you! My life took an amazing turn! I am truly humble and blessed, and I still stand up for what I believe no matter what. I will let karma handle the rest. All I hope is those that tortured me have a different mindset today. It seems some may. As for the teacher her husband left her, she remarried while I was in junior high and he left her also. I hope through time she learned how mean spirited she was to a child and changed her ways.

    2. Sorry you went through that. In all honesty, any racist stuff that has happened to me has not been when I lived in and later visited the South. It’s been in the Northern states and parts of Canada (I am Canadian but lived in the US for a time). I cannot imagine going through what you went through at such a young age. Mine all happened when I was an adult and I still found it difficult. Kudos to you for overcoming!

  32. Their cell phones should not be allowed to be with them, whilst onstage.
    Very very rude.

  33. Nessa so professional of you. Someone finally trying to make Jenelle responsible for her actions. Touché! She is a selfish spoiled brat who could never make it without this sho. I wish the show would fire her too.

  34. Why did MTV let Nesse ask Jenelle questions about Colin? That has nothing to do with Teen Mom.

    1. Guaranteed this will drive up the ratings. The show was dull and there unions were duller. Nobody wants to see Brittany and Brianna pull Kail’s hair.Noboy wants to hear Kail and Chelesa whine aobut child support and visitation schedules. Leah, I dont even know what her story line was this season. People will tune in to watch Nessa turn the heat up on Jenelle.

  35. The real deal is, someone FINALLY held Jenelle Evans Eason accountable and didn’t cave, doesn’t matter who, it’s the fact it was done!!

  36. I don’t care about jenelles stance on social issues. I really don’t care Nessa is dating an nfl wash out and used this interview to blindside Jenelle.
    I want to watch reunions to see unseen footage of the cute kids or hear background info of drama of this garbage show.
    Time to scrap this Jerry Springer like garbage and get a new idea. Or just admit that’s what you’re going for and start having the girls first fight people they’ve wronged on stage haha

  37. Just goes to show Jenelle has a big mouth when she’s hiding out posting crap from The Land but when she’s confronted she can’t back her sh*t up. Glad she got what she deserved.

  38. She has stomach pains and needs to go to the hospital!!!! lolololol!!! This girl uses emergency services like normal people order pizzas. I think that this marks the first time anyone other than Babs has called her out on her bs to her face. Jenelle is the most pathetic specimen in the entire franchise and that’s saying a lot. Farrah is mentally damaged and she can’t help herself, Jenelle makes it a habit of getting in relationships with the absolute bottom rung of humanity and excusing any and all of their belligerent, anti-Christ behavior then bursting into tears when it gets too hot. She’s just as scummy as he is it’s no wonder they live in a swamp.

  39. Not to defend Janelle because I know she’s trash…but… if Nessa had a problem with Janelle taking bad about her boyfriend (who is also trash) that wasn’t the place to take care of that…that has nothing to do with teen mom…she could have taken care of that off stage!

    1. The posts weren’t all about Nessa’s boyfriend, there were many posts with racial undertones (per this article).

      Jenelle should be able to logically defend her point of view and not run off stage crying twice, and wanting to go to the hospital, when confronted. That’s a keyboard warrior and immature behavior.

      Also, why is it necessary for Jenelle to have her phone on stage with her (turned on) while filming a 15-30 minute segment?

  40. As much of a ding bat, dirt ball, idiot, racist, homophobe, etc., she has every right to say it. I don’t think that Nessa should be “ambushing” anyone. These after shows have become a joke and I haven’t watched one in over two years. I’m surprised the still have them. As bad as they are I didn’t think that many folks watched them and figured their ratings had bottomed out.

  41. Hold on here!!!! I can’t believe the support Nessa is getting here, what country do you live in?
    Colin’s whole ordeal was that his American freedom gives him the right to kneel during the anthem. Ok, why doesn’t Jenelle have her RIGHT to freedom of speech?
    What MTV and Nessa did to Jenelle was more a case of colluding than Colin alleged the NFL of.
    All of us are on here with our thoughts and opinions because we can, if you think Jenelle shouldn’t have the same right due to your dislike of her then give yourself a big thumbs up for hypocrisy.

      1. Generally it would be out of my character to do this , since you left the door wide open for it….
        Dear IDIOT,
        The right to speak and express how you feel with no consequences is the FREEDOM part of it. Maybe you are mistaken of the country I speak of, USA stands for The United States Of America 🇺🇸
        This woman had a right to do her job without “ being called out” on her views that are 100% irrelevant to teen mom. If we want NFL ( that stands for national football league) controversy we would watch sports center.

        1. Thanks David for explaining to us how backwoods and ignorant you really are. Now I see why Jenelle is homeschooling your kids. To you, Jenelle’s high school diploma and online medical assistant certificate must seem like a super power.

        2. That is not how that works. The irony of you calling me an idiot when you think that you can say whatever you want without consequences because you think that is what the 2nd amendment means is laughable.

          1. Not all speech is protected.

          2. For the speech that is protected it is from the government. As in the government can’t stop you from saying that you think whatever current president is an idiot.

          So no. Jenelle, or anyone for that matter, doesn’t just get to say whatever without consequences. People are fired everyday for saying stupid shit.

    1. Jenelle has the right to say those things, but Nessa also has the right to respond and confront her. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of your speech.

      1. Really? So it would be okay with you if you walk into work tomorrow and get confronted by someone who trolled your social media account and had a bone to pick with your feelings and thoughts?
        Further more, the WHOLE problem with her has been NFL athlete was how dare anyone call him out on his rights and how he feels! That’s right, he felt that he’s going to kneel on the anthem and nobody should say a damn word about it!

        1. If I was posting racist shit on my social media, I guarantee you my employer would most likely fire me. So it really wouldn’t matter if another employee wants to confront me.

          Now you want to go and speak about Jenelle’s freedom of speech. What about Colin’s right to protest….does that not matter? Is it because the hillbilly bumpkins of the US whined on and on about disrespecting the flag? Colin had just as much right to kneel in protest as jenelle has to write hate speech.

    2. Why do I, a Belgian woman, know more about y’alls “Freedom Of Speech” than you do? Freedom of speech means the government can’t come after you for things you say… I doesn’t mean no one can call you out on the shit you say? Also, freedom of speech =/= hate speech lmao

      1. Another Belgian woman here and SAME! Reminds me of a tweet I saw the other day about an American apologizing for flooding non-american timelines with all the candidats for the primaries, something in the lines of “people from Belgium shouldn’t have to know what a Beto O’Rourke is” 😀

      1. Yes, I’m aware. One of my neighbors is an NFL offensive coordinator so this has been a hot topic at parties and such. I didn’t say I agree or disagree with him. My point being is that he made So much controversy that snowballed out of control.. because he could. I’m not going to let any personal feelings that I may have toward Jenelle cloud my thoughts on how very wrong this was, you better damn well believe that MTV knew all about this and will say helllll no we didn’t , why do you think that is?
        This topic has nothing to do with teen mom or the reunion. There’s millions of people with negative comments over this kneeling, Jenelle got blasted for Nessa’s frustration, no wonder she lied and said she’s sick .
        Anyway, if your comment was posted to sincerely inform me of what I may have not known then it’s appreciated with much thanks😊

  42. Hats off to Nessa! Time to expose that racist POS, for what she is! It is time she was FIRED, just like that piece of human garbage she married! There is NO place for racist A**HOLES on television, we are sick of it! Nessa just called her out on her OWN words and actions…GOOD! Trying to play the ‘sick card’, typical of the racist, lying piece of crap she is! SHE NEEDS TO GO MTV!! STOP SUPPORTING RACISM AND HOMOPHOBIA!!!

  43. Somebody finally calls her out! Yes!

    And look, I’m not even a fan of Colin Kaepernick. I’m very patriotic and have many family members that are war veterans. I obviously support people’s right to protest but I don’t support disrespecting your country’s flag to do so. The flag should be a unifying symbol, not a dividing one. But Colin is Nessa’s man so I completely understand her being upset and calling Jenelle out. And kudos to her for being professional about it. I know that must have been hard for her to keep her cool.

    1. That is exactly what I thought after reading this! dr drew is such a coward, it’s really pathetic! Happy someone held Jenelle accountable for her choices.

      1. Not yet, but he go after one of the mom’s from the new MTV Moms Club.

        So if she isn’t a baby mamma she should just focus on them and their lives. It shouldn’t be a serious platform for anything. Lol wasnt MTV supposed to use 16 and pregnant as a platform to educate Against teen pregnancy… i dont want stuff that seriously doesn’t the show involved on reunions.

      1. People are angry with Kapernick until they get brutalized or mistreated by government officials. As described in the Martin Niemöller work:

        “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a socialist.
        Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a trade unionist.
        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    1. If Colin is such a POS why couldn’t Jenelle even state an educated reason as to why. She just ran off the stage crying. Why to prove a point

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