EXCLUSIVE! Briana DeJesus Says She’s Praying Certain Scenes Won’t Air During Upcoming Season of ‘Teen Mom 2’: Here’s What She’s Likely Talking About

“Which editors do I have to bribe to keep certain things off the show?”

Briana DeJesus is not looking forward to the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2…. and The Ashley knows why!

In a series of now-deleted tweets posted on Thursday, Briana revealed she is dreading the airing of Season 10, and that she is hoping certain scenes that were filmed don’t make it onto the show. 

“This season will be trash for me,” Bri tweeted. “I cannot take it. Ready for everything to be over with…I’m praying it won’t even air but whatever, it’s out of my hands now anyway.”

By Friday, Briana had deleted the tweets and had not indicated which scenes in particular she was worried about. However, The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources tell her that Season 10 will feature some very cringe-worthy scenes involving Briana and Luis Hernandez, who is the father of Bri’s second daughter Stella!

The Ashley’s sources tell her that one of the scenes/story lines Briana is likely talking about was filmed last fall. 

“Back in October, MTV was with Briana when she and her friend went to the club one night,” one source tells The Ashley. “They went because Luis was DJing. The cameras were rolling when she and Luis went to talk outside and then Bri left in an Uber with him and they went home together.”

“What can I say…the ladies love me!”

While a hookup after a night at “da club” isn’t exactly scandalous, things get even more cringeworthy in the scenes that followed.

“They filmed Briana the next day having a very graphic conversation with her friend about the hookup, and how they didn’t use any protection. Briana was worried that she may have contracted something from that encounter.

“She says on-camera that she’s going to go get tested,” the source added.

MTV was also there they day Briana got a phone call, letting her know that she had contracted something “special”…the kind of “present” that requires you to take antibiotics!

In mid-November, Briana provided a special pubic public service announcement via Twitter, warning others who may have had a post-club romp with Luis to go get tested.

“If you f**ked my bald baby daddy in the last two years– go get checked cause he got the clap!” Briana oh-so-eloquently posted to her Instagram Stories. 

(Although she didn’t specifically name Luis in the post, he is the only bald baby daddy she has. At the time, her other baby daddy, Devoin Austin, had a full head of hair.) 

“I prefer the term follicley- challenged, OK?”

In her tweets from Thursday, Briana stated that she pretty much knows the scenes she’s worried about will be shown during the new season.

“MTV shows everything,” she told one fan. “I haven’t had issues with editing.” 

While The Ashley is not sure this is one of the story lines Briana was specifically tweeting about, she can confirm it happened, was filmed and is ready to be used for Season 10. (Whether or not it gets left on the cutting room floor is yet to be seen.) 

The Ashley has not yet heard when the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ will premiere but she will report it as soon as she hears.

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Looks like he finally got her back all those crickets she filled his apartment with. Honestly, she is so immature in all of her behavior this does not surprise me one bit. She is just lucky it could be treated with antibiotics and not something she will have for the rest of her life.

  2. It’s one thing to do that when you’re a teenager or in college, but stupid Bri’s a mother of two and still making dumb decisions! I know Chelsea gets a lot of crap for her past behavior with Adam, but she also always put her child first instead of chasing random dong around! Then she met a great man because she was patient and matured. Bri, Kail and others need to take note and grow TF up!!!

  3. The trials and tribulations of being a human c^m receptacle. That’s what happens when you have no self control or self respect. These are the traits and values her children are raised with. smdh

  4. The joke isn’t on us KARL. You do look like a man. Your dad is your twin. Putting lip stick on a pig. THE pig is still a pig. 🐽 🐷 🐖 u

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I know getting ANYTHING is not kosher but use it..You have some drinks had unprotected sex *Boom* It happens to girls all the time..Be Blessed it wasn’t worse, in some cases it is.
    Educate girls..let them know 1 night could’ve killed you

  6. Agree with others here who say this is probably just a made up new season story line — in lieu of Briana not having one.

    If you’ll recall, Baby Daddy# 1 Devoin slept on Briana’s couch for months when he was down on his luck, and supposedly NOTHING ever happened. Yet all of a sudden she decided to hook up with Luis? Who she always claimed is even a bigger deadbeat “suck ass” dad than Devoin ever was?

    Sorry, but I’m just not buying this one.

  7. I usually love your comments Sir Nibs, but this one made me laugh si much that I rather strangle myself with my coffee.
    😂 Thanks.

      1. Habituellement, je les aime.
        Parfois, ils me choquent.
        De temps en temps, ils me donnent des envies sales 😉.

        Bisou d’une grenouille.

  8. I’m 28, been with my bf for years and neither of us have kids. As a woman I cannot imagine what goes through her and Kail’s heads. It is disgusting to be even remotely attracted to the ‘man’ who treats your child (his child) like a disposable accessory. Literally I feel like I would be repulsed by that therefore never able to sleep with them again. I just do not understand it.

  9. Briana and Kail should be besties. I am certain Chris is walking around with an std. This is for publicity. She already put all this information. I guess she wants at least Two of her kids to have the same father. Just lik like Kail. Kail is a tax dodger now. Lol. Would love to see her go to the pokey.

  10. Brianna EVERY season: “God he’s such a deadbeat loser that doesn’t take care of our child! I feel so bad for her”
    Club night: lemme get that peen.

    It is so disrespectful not only to herself but to her CHILD. If he’s not doing anything for her, how dare she go back for another go around? Her daughter will grow up and see this. I hope she’s happy knowing that. Disgusting. Her and Kail are birds of a feather. Keep complaining about deadbeats that they keep running back to for sex. Get a vibrator if you’re really that hard up.

    1. I 100% agree! Low self esteem in your 20’s leads to lots of bad life decisions, but they have those MTV checks to fall back on so they don’t think twice! The rest of us just have to be poor and regretful! Haha

  11. Sooooo this is guy that she rips for being a deadbeat dad to their baby She had unprotected sex with him again? I don’t understand why she and Kail aren’t friends – they are so similar.

  12. Oh you can not tell me that was her first go-round with “the clap.” Lord o mercy you know she’s a walking STD!

  13. What wait your calling him out,how about you call yourself out you nasty. You slept with him NO protection and you call him out your wrong keep your legs closed.You put your life out there your kids will watch this when they get older have do respect for yourself.

  14. I can just picture Roxanne’s shocked and horrified bug eyes when her happy clapper daughter told her the news

  15. IMO, The way these cheap MTV chicks jump in and out of bed from guy to guy how does she even know it was Louis………. hmmmm.

  16. Oh come on, I don’t believe a word of this! This is all a promotional scam so everyone tunes in to watch it, I’m sure Briana and Luis got a nice pay day for it. Why would she do any of that on film and just now , 8 month later ( soon before show time) decide to bring it to everyone’s attention… to juice up the coming season , just like Leah and her book.
    We are to believe : she hooked up with Luis , who she despises
    Used no protection
    Got an STD
    posted it all online
    This is stooping to level lows MTV, all their story lines are fabricated or complete lies because there’s nothing interesting left from these grown women that got knocked up in their teens, they’re all has-beens

  17. What did she expect?! She got pregnant the first time she slept with him, I imagine he is sleeping around so it’s not a surprise she contracted something from him. LOL and you’re trying to warn other girls now?! You should have thought twice before YOU slept with him again.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks she has the worst taste in men? Like…not just their looks but their awful personality too!

    1. Not only does she have bad taste in men, she continually makes BAD decisions, over and over again. You want to like this girl, who takes care of her family, works, etc…but then she does this kind of shit, and you just can’t. What is the allure of this guy? He has no money, deadbeat dad, STD’s — Can’t you do better Bri?

    2. @Bailee agree 100%. This is made up bullshit, just like the adoption storyline was. She would have never even considered adoption I’m sure. The things these girls are willing to do for money just blows my mind.

      1. Thank you! Who in the world gets anSTD and posts in on line??? I wouldn’t do that on a private page and she’s telling the whole damn world, nah.

        They all know that they get edited to look bad, anything they do Disgusting on their own is sure to be shown , they know this.. she all “ hmm, I hope they don’t show it, I guess I’ll wait and see”

      2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        If you don’t want ur business aired don’t do it. You know you have cameras following you around, for God’s sake you get paid for it. Do these women not think about their children? Your children will watch this one day, start being a role model now. Because your child(ren) will be the next generation of reality tv. Teen moms OG isnt reality because they are getting paid where would they be without MTV money. Let me guess not in them fancy houses. Now Bri that’s reality going to a club hooking up with an ex. Not smart but reality.

  18. So, if you have the clap and spread it around, is it called applause?

    I’m here all week

    stay lit, like Briana’s clam

  19. She’s fucking gross. Lucky all she got was a treatable std than something more serious or another damn baby with no dad! She’s an embarrassment to the Hispanic community and deff not a real woman. She makes me sick. She’s dumb as rocks and running around making kids with men as dumb as her. Disgusting 🤮

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This is no surprise. Everybody was already talking about what she tweeted. The whole teen mom crew are/were let’s say “Loose”. Next time throw a fit and scream you’re not going to film. Like Kail when she refuses to film.

  21. I’ve always thought that Briana has some mental deficiencies (which is why her mom and sister stick soo close to her), but I just don’t understand how she doesn’t seem to be able to learn from her mistakes at all. First of all, do people really run around having unprotected sex like that at her age? Second, does she not realize that just because she deletes something from the web doesn’t mean that it disappears from the universe. She is so so stupid, it’s a shame that she’s raising girls.

  22. As a mother to two girls she needs to show some class. What are they going to think about that? The biggest think I choose to teach my daughter is having self respect for herself. It shows a lack of self control and lack of self esteem to do what she did and either one day her girls will feel embarrassed of her or will repeat her behavior. Stella is like what 3? And she’s already had about 4 guys around her. That’s sad.

  23. Idk why she and Kail butt heads all the time.

    They’re the same freaking people, continuously sleeping with these deadbeat losers knowing full well from their actions that they are in fact deadbeat losers. Lol

    1. My thoughts exactly! Both sleep with the dead beat fathers of their kids MULTIPLE TIMES after complaining about how crappy of dads they are, then sleep with them AGAIN then complain again!! They both put themselves in this cycle (kail especially) then expect sympathy when they run their mouths about how their kids have no dad around (“Chris claimed lux on his taxes and kept the $1200+ $500”) boo hoo, kail.

  24. I thought their “job” was to promote safe sex and to help cut down teenage pregnancies? Yeah right?

  25. Doesn’t Brianna and the other teen moms, who aren’t teens anymore pay attention to that infomercial at the end itsyoursexlife.org? (Even though we all know it’s BS so MTV can justify renewing this season after season) Pretty sure they mention you need to protect yourself from STDs too!

  26. Unrelated but related to next season, anyone else wondering if Chelsea is pregnant again? She takes care of her kids so personally I don’t care but I thought it was interesting that she’s starting sharing profiles prenatal shakes again. And during a Q&A recently said they wanted another and previously she said she wanted more but in a while. Just curious if anyone else got that vibe.

    1. I don’t think she is. She recently posted in her Instagram stories her drinking margaritas with her friend.

      1. Fair enough. I must’ve missed that one lol that’s why I mentioned it I wanted to see if anyone else had insight. Thanks!

    2. Why won’t Bree come out and name her learning disability , she could be a great advocate for whatever it is. And then she will gained some respect.

  27. WHERE are her kids while she’s out at the club all night/ sleeping at a dudes house???! I mean obviously the Coven was babysitting, but cmon, have some class and boundaries! My mom would beat my ASS if I stayed out all night and went home with a guy, let alone the dead beat father to my child, while she watched my kids at home!

  28. Ok SO I never wanna hear Brianna complain about Luis again. She ruined all credibility now

  29. Does she even care about her children having fathers? Luis has not been there for Stella at all, yet Briana goes and has unprotected sex with him AGAIN. She can have sex with whoever she wants, but use a condom. The last thing she needs, is another child with a dead beat loser.

  30. Does she EVER learn?! She’s lucky that she ended up with a treatable STD, and not another pregnancy.

  31. Well Briana, you’re on a show about the dangers of unprotected sex. If anything, this is the first relevant storyline MTV has had since Chelsea pissed out her IUD.

  32. This season will be trash for her? Girl, your whole life has been a trash season.

  33. Eww, the pickins in Orlando are so slim, that she’d sleep with deadbeat dad Luis, AND let him hit it raw?! Come on now Briana, you’ve gotta have higher standards than that! Ick.

  34. Good lord. This woman has two darling daughters who are getting older every day, has she ever heard the word discretion??

  35. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Of course MTV will show it. HELLO Brianna, you gave MTV a reason to air it

    I’m sorry, but anyone who signs on with MTV has sold their souls to the devil. — Just my opinion. I will own up to the fact that I’ve been watching since I was 16/17. I’m hooked but only because I want to see what happens next, their fall. The crash and burn.
    Like junkelle. 😄

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