‘The Challenge’ & ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Star Stephen Bear Arrested on Suspicion of “Actual Bodily Harm” Following Alleged Argument With His Girlfriend

Maybe it’s time to hibernate for a little while, Bear.

Stephen Bear‘s self-proclaimed “Grizzly Bear” persona made an appearance recently, allegedly resulting in the reality TV star’s arrest last week. 

The Daily Star reports that The Challenge and Ex on the Beach star was arrested May 20 in the UK on suspicion of actual bodily harm, allegedly following an argument with his girlfriend. Bear was allegedly taken into custody after cops responded to reports of an assault on a woman.


Essex Police confirmed in a statement “a 30 year-old man was arrested on suspicion of ABH” on May 20 and that “he has since been released on bail.” 

A source told the Daily Star the incident between Bear and his girlfriend allegedly began when Bear accused the woman of cheating on him. When his girlfriend went to explain the situation, Bear allegedly took her phone and started reading her messages.

“Bear found out she had allegedly been speaking to another guy and he lost it,” the source claimed. 

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s acted irrationally…

Bear, who was recently sent home from the currently-airing season of “The Challenge: Total Madness,” seemed to confirm this narrative last week when he shared a video on Instagram of police officers standing outside of his home. The short clip reportedly began with Bear cordially greeting the officers before going on to air his relationship drama. 

“Would you be angry if your girlfriend f**ked someone else, brother?” Bear asks one of the three officers. 

“Not my place mate,” the officer responds to Bear, to which he asks again, “Would you be angry though?” 

When the officer tells Bear he doesn’t have a girlfriend, Bear pans the camera over to the second officer and asks the same question. He then asks the third officer as well. When the third officer attempts to stop Bear, Bear cuts him off. 

“She’s left my house last night and she’s f**ked someone else,” he says. “And she’s then come round mine afterwards and denied it and I see all the messages.” 

“Wait a tick… I thought I was the only one allowed to be unfaithful in my relationships?!”

Bear then says, “I want to be left alone,” before the video stops. 

While the identify of Bear’s girlfriend remains a mystery, it’s definitely not his ‘Challenge’ co-star Kailah Casillas, despite the two hooking up while filming this season. 

“Sorry again, Mikey P!”

After having cheated on her longtime boyfriend “Mikey P” Pericoloso with Bear, Kailah has since started dating Sam Bird, a DJ from the UK.

One week after the arrest, Bear seemed to be trying to put his run-in with the law behind him. On May 27, he tweeted out that, “the comeback is always greater [than] the setback,” along with a ‘Challenge’ GIF.

He has not yet spoken directly about the incident or his arrest.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter)

11 Responses

  1. This guy was a joke way before he came to The Challenge, in UK he was a dick to other contestants on Celebrity Big Brother and somehow won, dated Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore among other girls, cheats on basically every girl he ever hooked up with…and somehow women still go for his “bad boy” persona. Not to mention a horrible personality so I’m not even surprised he is a violent prick too. Oh, she cheated on you?! Have some piece of your own medicine, asshole, it’s called KARMA! (In the background I imagine Ronnie yelling: “Karma bitch!” to his face xD)Needless to say, I hate this man’s guts. He was always a loser.

  2. This guy is a grade a asshole, its a wonder that he hasnt been fkn body slammed, he is such a cock womble.

  3. Domestic violence aside, I think it’s karma if his girlfriend did cheat on him considering he does it to every single girl he is with.

  4. This is one of my husbands and I’s favorite shows and have been watching it for years. Love to see it when you cover it on here! These people have so much drama on screen and off. Good grief, Bear.

    1. He’s what we would call a “prat” over here in the UK. He doesn’t come across well on any of the crappy reality tv shows he’s been on

        1. He’s not been on any tv shows recently, no photos of him stumbling out of a strip club, so he’s probably thought he would get back in the “limelight” by doing this. He’s a knobhead ???

  5. Don’t sweat it Bear, MTV has absolutely no issues with domestic abuse brother. You are part of the team now, you go Glen Coco

    stay lit, and don’t hit women bros

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Okay- this is one of my favorite TV shows. My husband and I have watched it for as long as we can remember. Even several of my male coworkers love it. Would love to see more behind the scenes drama covered here. Love your site- Its a daily must visit!

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