Kailah Casillas Leaves Boyfriend of 3+ Years Mikey P for Her ‘Challenge’ Co-star Stephen Bear: Mikey Claims He Has “No Idea What’s Going On”

“Maybe no one will notice?”

Kailah Casillas has reportedly left her longtime boyfriend, “Mikey P” Pericoloso for Stephen Bear, her co-star on the still-filming season of The Challenge. The show’s fans seem to be confused about what happened/is happening, but Mikey wasn’t able to clarify anything for them…because he says he has no clue what happened either!

Kailah and Bear caused quite the stir on Friday when Kailah posted a photo to Instagram of herself wearing a ring that belongs to Bear. Bear followed that up by posting a video to Instagram Stories that clearly showed the very distinctive sleeve tattoos on Kailah’s arm, proving that Kailah was in London with Bear after being eliminated from Season 35…and not at home in the USA with her boyfriend Mikey P.

(Bear later posted videos to Instagram Stories that clearly showed Kailah hanging out with his friends and family in London.)

Mikey finally addressed all of the questions and comments he had been receiving since Friday from ‘Challenge’ fans who were confused as to why Kaila didn’t come home to him and if they are still together. Unfortunately, though, it seems that Mikey doesn’t know much more than everyone else.

“To answer a couple questions. I have no idea what’s going on. Like at all,” he tweeted on Saturday. “I’m as lost as you. Kailah and I have so many amazing times together over the past 3/4 years, I would never talk bad on any of that or her. No one is trying to be on ex on the anything.”

The last sentence was included most-likely because ‘Challenge’ fans were accusing him and Kailah of faking a breakup so that they could get cast on Ex on the Beach or another show featuring exes. Kailah also shot down this rumor by tweeting, “You really think I would do all this for a call that I’ve gotten in the past already? Come on use your brain.”

On Instagram, she made it very clear that she had no intention of ever trying to appear on ‘Ex on the Beach.’

“I literally would rather set myself on fire than be on that show,” she responded to one person who accused her of faking the breakup to get on ‘EOTB.’

Kailah then responded to Mikey’s tweet.

“Can we not make this a public spectacle? This is no ones business but ours,” she wrote. “You act like I haven’t contacted you at all & that is not the case. I’ve told you time and time again that we will talk when you and I are both back in Vegas. That’s the last I’ll say on that.”

“Me? Lol….” Mikey wrote back, obviously basking in the irony of the accusation.

The Ashley‘s ‘Challenge’ sources tell her that after she was eliminated “Kaila just didn’t come home.”

“She was eliminated a few days ago [from ‘The Challenge’] and went home from Prague [where ‘The Challenge’ was being filmed] to London with Bear and is just hanging out with him right now,” the source said. “She didn’t call Mikey to break up with him or anything. She left all of her stuff, her car, everything [at their shared home] in Las Vegas.”

“This all started Day 1 of filming,” the source added. “Kailah and Bear started flirting and it just heated up from there. It will be a major storyline [for the upcoming season].”

Mikey— who has appeared on American Ninja Warrior and MTV’s G’s to Gents— still has photos of Kailah all over his Instagram account, and he is still a heavy presence on Kailah’s social media.

“No one in this situation ‘deserves’ anything,” Kailah told nay-sayers on Twitter. “You all will have a better understanding eventually.”

She also stated on Twitter that she’s “contractually obligated to not speak” on the subject (most likely because her ‘Challenge’ contract forbids her from giving out spoilers.)

Jemmye Carroll— who is Kailah’s ‘Challenge’ co-star and best friend— made it clear that she would not be spilling the tea on her BFF.

“I’m going to say this & be done: The Kailah situation hasn’t even aired yet I can’t speak on something that hasn’t aired,” she wrote.

“You have no idea the conversations [we] have had in private,” she added. “Y’all wanting me to drag my best friend on social media when y’all don’t know the whole story yet makes yAll the dummies..”

She did clarify though, that the Kailah/Mikey/Bear love triangle was not fake.

“All I’m saying is that it’s not a PR stunt,” Jemmye wrote.

The Ashley reached out to Jemmye, who stated she had “no comment at the moment” on the subject.

The Ashley will update this story as more information becomes available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: Instagram/Twitter)

18 Responses

  1. Yea I see that relationship lasting. Bear can’t be faithful and Kailah will sleep with anyone. Which honestly isn’t what I have an issue with, I just can’t stand the girl. Hopefully her “golden vagina” doesn’t pee in bears bed.

  2. While I love The Ashley, Kailah isnt a major player on the Challenge. She rides the coat tails of other players that are on the rise hoping to elevate herself.

    Bear is just that, on the rise. This is a flash burn fling. Mikey needs to move 9n and she needs to grow up.

  3. I’m from the UK and have watched ‘Bear’ in a few reality shows. He is an absolute tool. I hope you Americans do not give him any status over there. He’s a narcissistic misogynist.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I know from a fact that kailah has cheated on Mikey P several times with my ex Steve Briggs. He even told me how she got pregnant before they even said it on social media.

  4. Known Bear for about a decade now and although he is funny, got no clue why any girl wants to date him or would ever trust him.

    1. RIGHT?! He is a serial cheater, not to mention kinda an asshole! (And he won CBB UK with that personality-LOL) I don’t even think he looks THAT good tbh, I just can’t comprehend why girls want him.

  5. That girl is so dumb. Looks like she went and got some fake tupperware titties, which is a shame because she had a fit, healthy body before.

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