‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Announces She’s Pregnant With Her Fourth Child

DeBoer party of 6: coming soon!

Break out the plaid flannel baby blankets – Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are expecting! 

Chelsea revealed Wednesday on social media that “one more DeBoer” will be making its arrival in early 2021 – making baby number four for the Teen Mom 2 star.

Cole shared the same announcement on his own Instagram, adding “The Grand Finale! (We Think) Baby #4.”  

Chelsea told MTV News everything has “been going very smooth” and she confirmed the baby is doing good.

“Everyone is very excited,” she added.

Baby DeBoer #4 will join 10-year-old Aubree, three-year-old Watson and Layne, who turns two later this month.  

Despite this being her fourth baby, Chelsea said this pregnancy is different and definitely “a little harder.”

“This has definitely been the most ‘pregnant’ I’ve ever felt, like the most classic pregnancy symptoms with this one,” she explained. “This is most likely our last baby, so we joke that this one is making it a little harder — making me a little sicker so that we are okay with being done after this one!” 

While Chelsea and Cole planned to wait until the pandemic had ended before trying for baby number four, they changed their minds after talking to Chelsea’s doctor. 

“She said that no one knows when [C0VID-19] is going to be over, so if you want to start trying, you should!” Chelsea said. “And here we are!” 

Chelsea added she’s doing “just fine” and doesn’t seem to mind being pregnant during this unprecedented time.

“I love having a reason to stay home,” she said. 

Just last week, Chelsea’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Kail Lowry welcomed her fourth child, a son, with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez

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38 Responses

  1. She had a good family to help her, that’s why she is where she is. How long did it take her to get that damn GED?!
    I will never forøget Aubree having a tantrum in the car and Chelsea having no idea what to do, so she CALLS daddy to calm her child down OVER THE PHONE.

    But yes, congrats ?

    1. Oh good grief, every parent has a meltdown when their kid has a tantrum and I thank God she has such amazing parent to lean on. And who gives a damn how long it took to get her GED,at least she got one. That’s more than some can say!!

    2. Oh, WOW! 10 years ago she had a meltdown because she couldn’t calm her child down. No motehr has ever been there before.

    3. And Jenelle had her mother TAKE CUSTODY OF HER CHILD because she couldn’t handle it but she turned out to be a disaster of a human being. So what’s your point?

    4. and Jenelle has her mother TAKE CUSTODY OF HER CHILD because she couldn’t be bothered to stop partying. So what’s your point?

    5. Are you a parent??? Just wondering?!? Because sometimes a PARENT needs some backup! It doesn’t not matter if you have a “good family” (as you stated) or not! No matter if you are a single parent/or not there are times your child has fits, and you can’t get them to calm down! So having any sort of other supportive adult figure your child respects (beside their parent) is a great option to have! Sometimes your kid needs to hear from somebody else they are being or acting out of line! It’s better to have that than losing you cool with your child. ?‍♀️

    6. Wow you sound super jealous. You might want to talk to someone about why you’re jealous of someone that is attractive, seems to have a good marriage and is a good parent. You have ZERO reason to hate her so your post seems odd.

  2. Congratulations! And look, she even said this is her last! Take notes, Kail! (It would be great if baby boy #4 was her last but we all know he won’t be)

    Chelsea’s best decision in life was to put that POS Adam out of her life (I’m so glad he got a vasectomy…no more oopsie babies for him!) and find someone like Cole. (Who I must admit, is the best looking out of all of Teen Mom 2 dadies…yum)

  3. I just hope Aubree grows up and is so appreciative of Cole for stepping up for her! I’ve always felt for her while watching the show bc, now, she’s old enough to realize how little POS Adam actually cares! IMO, Chelsea does the right thing by letting Aubree see his true colors for herself! That way, when she’s older, she does not hold onto false hope! Sometimes, no matter how much moms want their baby daddies to step up & want to be dads, it just doesn’t happen! Sadly, this has been happening to Aubree her whole life and is nothing new. I hope she knows how much she is loved and that it is not her fault!! I think Chelsea & Cole both do a great job of letting her see that for herself without forcing it on her! It’s sad to watch her get her hopes up season after season only to be let down in the end!! You have to have respect for Cole and all he’s done! I think he gets upset bc Aubree still holds out hope for Adam but, over time, that will fade and resentment will set in. That’s so sad for her but thank God she has the support and love she does!!

    1. I just loved the episode where Adam showed up to his mom’s house with Aubree there and Cole told Chelsea “I’m going to pick up OUR daughter.” I melted.

  4. Congrats to the DeBoer’s. They are such a cute family. That little Watson is Cole’s mini-me, while Layne is Aubrey’s mini.

    Of all the TM cast members (past and present), who will be the most salty about all the love we give to Chelsea? I would totally say Janelle. I think Kail and Chelsea are good enough friends that she wouldn’t be super salty towards Chelsea but I could be wrong. Brianna might also be salty.

  5. I bet kail is fuming right now, since the attention has shifted from her “we didn’t name the baby yet/look at me I’m doing it all by myself with 4 kids/Chris abuses me boo boo” to Chelsea’s happy news

    1. When I read the headline, I thought the same thing. While these girls are friends and Chelsea probably didn’t post her news to one up Kail that definitely what happened.

    1. The reasoning why she got pregnant now – in the middle of a pandemic- seems a bit ignorant though… in the next months to a year there could be a vaccine… why the rush to get pregnant now? She is young, her younger kids are still so little, needing a lot of attention. A pregnant woman has a down-regulated immune-system to prevent an immune reaction against the foetus… there are reports of Covid infections of pregnant women, unborns, … why taking this risk? Her doctor seems not uptodate…

      1. Should people stop living life because of this pandemic? It has the same death rate as the flu, I honestly don’t know what everyone’s got their panties in a twist over this whole thing.

        1. Oh dear God. I used to like you. It DOES NOT have the same mortality rate as the flu. You’re one of those? And I thought you were one of the smarter than most posters here.

          No one take this idiot seriously. Trust the CDC, not the random online comment. I lost my HEALTHLY aunt to Covid-19 this week. Shove that bullshit up your ass.

          1. If you don’t like facts, it’s your problem … People are probably allowed to have opinions, if they align with yours, but if not, they overstep bounderies . Talked to a top European virologist recently, and trust me, it might not be a brilliant idea to get pregnant now on purpose… they are still collecting data now, but they worry already about effects on unborns.
            By the way, don’t the hospitals in the US have enough things to do at the moment? Is it too much to ask to postpone baby plans a few months, if these girls have 15-20 more fertile years left?

          2. Without risks there would be no reward Siri.

            My best friends mother was told to abort her because of all the issues she was gonna be born with and would only live a few weeks IF she was born at all and she will be 18 in October.

            God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to behold.

  6. I will never forget watching Chelsea cry to her dad on the phone after Adam texted her saying tell me when and where to sign over my rights for that mistake or some terrible shit like that. That was so unbelievable. She deserves all the happiness she has in her life, and her and Cole are amazing parents.

    1. I think that was the scene that solidified her spot in the spin off. Her episode was already kind’ve crazy because she was always crying over Adumb and Randy could not hide his disgust of him, but that scene was so dramatic, outrageous, cruel, and like you said unbelievable…The perfect recipe for TM2. It is impressive to see how far she has come since then though, compared to her cast mates. She’s one of the only ones who actually did what you’re supposed to do when you get older…she matured and got her shit together.

    2. Yeah I remember reading that; Poor Chelsea was absolutely shattered. The reality of that though was that “critter Adam WAS THE MISTAKE!
      I’m so happy for Cole , Chelsea and gorgeous little Aubrey…..they have the beautiful loving family they all deserve. ??????

  7. They are my fave family! Cole is so sweet with Aubrey and has the same love for her as he does Layne and Watson. I feel like they’d be fine once this all ends xx

  8. I may be down voted but does anyone else think that Cole and Chelsea’s relationship is a bit “too perfect”? I believe MTV gives them the best edits. There was one episode though where Chelsea lost it and was screaming at Cole. Chelsea has a remarkable composure when she is being filmed usually.

  9. I just watched Chelsea’s 16&P episode last night and she’s come such a long way!! I’m so happy for her and Cole!! From the beginning she’s had a good head on her shoulders and knew what she had to do for herself and Aubree! Thank God she got rid of that POS Adam!! I can’t believe the nerve he had to talk to her the way he did when Aubree was a baby!! Cole is a definite upgrade! They make absolutely beautiful babies and I’m so happy they’re adding another one to their family!! Unlike some of the TM girls, Chelsea knows when enough is enough when it comes to kids! Even though they have the means to take care of them, they’re not going to keep having kids just to have them!! I agree, 4 is enough!!! Unlike Kail, she has the sense to realize that!!

    1. I agree!!! Chelsea is the ONLY person on TM2 that has her head on straight!!! SO HAPPY FOR HER, COLE, AUBREE, WATSON AND LAYNE!!!

  10. I have never been a fan of Chelsea or Cole, but Aubree has always been my favorite kid on any of the TM shows. I do think they are a nice couple and are doing a good job with all of their kids and extra kudo’s to Cole for being a Dad to Aubree so credit where credit is due. Remember, Chelsea ALWAYS had hugely positive family support, both financially and emotionally which is something that I don’t believe any of the other Moms had. Congrats on the good news to your happy family.

    1. Of all the girls I like Chelsea the best. Unlike the other girls her family wasn’t/isn’t a dysfunctional mess. Having a strong family behind you makes a huge difference. Also her family having the means to help support her and the baby helped as well.

    2. Yay, Happy for them. Love their family and segment on TM2. It is possible to be a Teen Mom and grow into a responsible caring adult that doesn’t scream, fight, and swear in front of the children. The DeBoer kids have a good support system thanks to Chelsea and Cole. The other kids on TM2 are going to need intense emotional therapy.

    3. I haven’t ever had family support financially or emotionally. You can still not be a shit parent regardless.

      Chelsea has always seemed like a nice person with a good head on her shoulders. You say that they are a “nice couple and are doing a great job with their kids”. Why wouldn’t you be a fan of that? Very curious which mom(s) you actually are a fan of.

      1. Not a fan due to her personality, the baby talk etc. I don’t have to like her and voiced my congrats and kudos where due. I actually don’t like any of the Moms and think it’s long past time from them to be thrust out into the real world. P.S because of my disdain for them, I no longer watch the show and haven’t for years. If I am on the Roundup, and see something of interest to me, whatever show it might be I will read it. It is very easy to admire some aspects of a persons life without being a fan.

  11. Out of all the girls in the franchise, Chelsea is the best one to make a big family, so congrats to her and Cole and their growing fam.

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