EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Injured in Accident, Plus: MTV Forces Leah into Rehab

Jeremy in his RZR before the accident, and Leah on the day of her failed rehab attempt.
Jeremy in his RZR before the accident, and Leah on the day of her failed rehab attempt.

It’s been quite the week for Teen Mom 2 stars Leah and Jeremy Calvert. Their lives are always somewhat of a Southern soap opera, but the last few days have been particularly eventful: Jeremy went to the hospital and MTV finally stepped in to force Leah to go to rehab.

Let’s start with Jeremy…

The Ashley can confirm that Jeremy Calvert was injured in an off-roading accident in Ohio a few days ago. A source very close to Jeremy tells The Ashley that Jeremy was riding in his new RZR four-wheeler at an off-road park when he flipped the vehicle and got seriously hurt.

“He flipped about seven times and broke his collarbone,” The Ashley’s source told her.

He was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries, according to the source, who added that he’s since been released.

The accident isn’t the juicy part of the story, though. Multiple people have confirmed to The Ashley that Jeremy’s new girlfriend, Brooke, was riding shotgun when the accident occurred.

The Ashley is not releasing Brooke’s last name in order to protect her privacy, but she will say that she is a college student from St. Clairsville, Ohio. She was once engaged and appears to have a young daughter. And, of course, she’s a fan of ‘Teen Mom!’ The Ashley is not sure how Brooke and Jeremy met, but they have been seeing each other for a little while. She is the latest in a string of flings Jeremy has had since he and Leah split.

Leah on the day of her failed rehab attempt.
Leah on the day of her failed rehab attempt.

As for Jeremy’s wife, Leah, she is currently in rehab. As The Ashley exclusively told you earlier this month, reports that Leah was in rehab in early May were FALSE. She was scheduled to go to rehab in early May, and even headed to the airport, but never got on the plane. The Ashley’s production source tells her that Leah left for rehab last Thursday, and it is likely being filmed for the sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Leah didn’t exactly go willingly, however. The production source tells The Ashley that the show’s producers had to essentially force Leah to go. They used something in her contract terms to force her to go to rehab, and from what the source told The Ashley, producers basically refused  to continue their contract with her until she went.

The Ashley is not sure where Leah’s three children are staying while she is away. Radar Online is reporting that Addy is staying with Leah’s sister, Victoria, while the twins are with their father, Corey Simms. The Ashley can’t confirm or deny this. In the days before Leah went to rehab, however, she had made a few questionable choices in terms of parenting in terms of where she was living with her children. (More on that later!)

The Ashley will keep you posted!

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UPDATE: The Ashley has been informed that Brooke was seriously injured in the crash with Jeremy. A friend of Brooke’s tells The Ashley that Brooke is still in the ICU in a Pittsburgh hospital. As stated before, The Ashley will not release Brooke’s last name in order to help protect her privacy during this hard time.

UPDATE #2: Since Radar Online has chosen to expose Brooke’s last name, The Ashley can confirm that Jeremy’s girlfriend is, indeed, Brooke Wehr.

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  1. Maci was living in a party house with her son……What living arrangements could be more questionable than that?

  2. Am I the only one who thinks it’s so weird that he keeps dating girls who are super Teen Mom fans? This girl’s FB is full of likes for various Teen Mom fanpages, for years. It’s so strange.

    1. Not weird, just disgusting. These girls have watched the show and think he is a good catch. Like vultures, as soon as they heard his marriage was in trouble they jumped, and he is taking full advantage of the situation. These sad girls probably think they are getting a good boyfriend while he thinks he’s just getting some action.

  3. Yeah Brooke broke the majority of the bones in her body. Because Jeremy was driving drunk. What a fantastic human being he is!

    1. They were probably in Wellsville when this happened. It’s a crazy weekend where basically everyone drinks, so I’m not real surprised.

    2. Well she knew he was drunk when she decided to ride with him. Hope she recovers, but both of them are stupid.

  4. Wait…so Jeremy is off work and 4 wheeling with his new gf instead of being with his daughter that he sees once a week????.

    Sorry Jeremy – you’re becoming more and more unlikeable everyday

  5. I hope Jeremy’s parents step in, and take over care of Addie. That poor baby was only conceived for the child support Leah knew she’d eventually collect. Victoria is a lousy choice of guardian. Especially, if the rumors of her husband being abusive are true.

    I’m glad the twins are with their father. Hopefully, Corey and Miranda can make that permanent. They seem to be more stable than Leah ever will be.

    1. And everyone thought Corey was the horrible one….. He’s the most sane one of this crazy banjo clan!

  6. I wish her success. She has obviously been struggling with self worth issues for years. Hopefully she can address the core of her issues get sober and begin working towards a better happier person.

    1. Agreed. She also has serious codependent relationship with her mother that is unhealthy. Aside from her drug issues, she really needs to examine her inability to be single. She’s all about the D. I fully expect to hear that Leah is pregnant and getting married (third time is a charm, ya’ll!), sometime in the next seven to twelve months. She can’t be alone.

      Instead of finding a new man to tie herself too and entrap with another baby, I hope she will get well and just focus on herself and her three daughters.

      Leah was once one of my favorite TM girls but now all I see is a whiny, lazy entitled person. I feel for Corey, dealing with her must be a huge stree.

  7. I guess the rumors are true. Lmao His new gf is Brooke W. Shes on his moms facebook friendslist lol

    1. At Least his new gf is pretty and not trashy looking like all the girls hes been flying out for hookups.

    2. Haha yeah, she’s easy to find. Her full name will be soon known, I just don’t want to be the one to do it lol

      1. She the girl he was tweeting saying 40 60 And everyone assume he was talking about custody. Her twitter is Brookelyn2008

  8. Staying with leahs sister? The one getting beat up by her husband? Ugh. Why doesn’t her father have her? He obviously has time to be off roading in ohio

      1. While Jeremy is off four-wheeling, Corey is actually taking care of his children. Leah made the biggest mistake of her life letting Corey go. It worked out well for him though; he was too good for her. And his new wife is fantastic!

          1. Well she wanted him to rush into making a decision on whether he wanted to get back with her or not. He said he wanted to take it slow and he wasn’t sure what would happen, and she wanted to go fast. So she’s an idiot for not going slow once in her life. If they slowly started dating again, they prob would have made it work again (until she cheated a third time of course).

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