‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Chris Lopez Slams Kail Lowry for “Exploiting” Her Kids; Bar Smith Gives His Thoughts on Ryan Edwards’ Early Release From Jail & More

“Let’s get ready to ruuumble!”

From bashing their baby mama to bulking up for OnlyFans, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Chris Lopez Slams Baby Mama Kail Lowry For “Exploiting” Her Kids & Causing Mental Health Issues For Everyone In Her Life

“You need a hobby, Chris….or, dare I say, A JOB!?”

Chris took yet another online swipe at his baby mama, Kail, on Thursday, calling the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star a “foul bitch” and accusing her of exploiting her many, many kids for money.

Chris— who is no stranger to taking his baby mama drama to Instagram Live— apparently got angry after Kail didn’t answer her phone when he was calling to talk to one of their sons. (Chris and Kail share sons Creed and Lux.) It appears that Kail eventually called Chris back after he hopped on The Interwebs and started bashing her.

“Now that I’m on here, speaking my mind, now you wanna call me back?” he said in a Live video captured by @TeenMomFanz. “You should have let me talk to our son when I wanted, like our court order says. I can talk to my kids.”


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Chris went on to claim that, since Kail’s potential solo reality show “fell through,”, she now has to think of other ways to keep the money coming in.

“Now she’s got to make as much money as she can off this s**t,” he said. “How are you gonna exploit your kids for some money?”

Chris brought up the fact that Kail hid her pregnancy with her fifth son, Rio, and then hid that he even existed up until his first birthday, and was mad when online accounts exposed details of the birth, etc. (On the most-recent episode of her Barely Famous podcast, Kail and her boyfriend Elijah Scott finally opened up about Rio’s birth.)

“You kept that boy a secret for a year straight!” Chris said. “How are you gonna have the nerve to come out here and say, ‘They robbed me of it!’ So you mean to tell me people ‘robbed’ you for a year-and-a-half straight of telling the truth? Make that make sense. A year-and-a-half straight to tell your f**king truth?”

Chris then stated that Kail does a number on everyone she meets.

Kail, talking to herself in the mirror in the morning…probably.

“You f**k with everybody’s mental health. Everybody that comes into your life, you f**k with their mental health…you’re foul,” Chris said. “You’re a foul motherf**ker. You swore on your kids [that you didn’t have a fifth baby]. No, you’re lying. Multiple times you swore on your kids lives that you only had four kids. You swore on your kids lives when you had seven kids. 

“You is a foul bitch,” he said to conclude his rant.

Just a month ago, Chris took to Instagram Live to advise mom-of-seven Kail to “stay off your back,” and to lash out after he claimed Kail refused to let Lux and Creed see him over their Thanksgiving break.

“My first baby mama, Kail Lowry, ain’t nobody more miserable than that chick! How you got mother f**king seven kids?!…You miserable as hell, Bro, and you just wanna make everybody else f**king miserable…You need to grow the f**k up, seriously, and stay the f**k off your back!” 

David Eason Threatens Promises More OnlyFans Content Will Come After He Tones Up; Admits He’s “Insecure” About His Current Body 

“I’m fixin’ to take it all off…just as soon as I get this constant burpin’ under control!”

Mrs. Jenelle Evans is getting ready for his close-up.

David, the employment-challenged soulmate of Jenelle, recently updated his (mercifully) long-abandoned OnlyFans site to inform his “fans” that he plans to upload more sexy-time content to his Not Safe For Work Anyone site– just as soon as he gets his body in camera-ready shape. He also stated that he needs to take care of his pesky indigestion that only a diet of stale beer, Great Value hotdogs and a side of local roadkill critter can induce!

“Sorry I haven’t been active in here for awhile,” David wrote earlier this month. “I’m pretty insecure of my body being that I haven’t been in shape for a few years now. I want to get more fit so I will be more comfortable posting on here.”

David— who can surely work on his fitness via excessive raking, filling the streets with uppercuts and running his mouth online— then informed everyone that his stomach has been “not well” as of late.

“I reckon there are plenty of girls who want to do the sex to me that would love some new PITCHERS!”

“I need to start some kind of diet anyways because I have really bad indigestion recently,” he wrote. “Hopefully that will help me trim some fat at the same time and help me get back on here for y’all! Let me know what kind of content y’all want to see!”

The Ashley will allow you a moment to go upchuck your most-recent meal at the thought of David posing in his tighty whities  while burping up gas station taquitos.

Unlike David, Jenelle has remained semi-active on her Only Fans site, posting photos of her fanny and furburger for the masses. 

Bar Smith Accuses Ryan Edwards of Receiving Special Privilege After ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Is Released From Jail Early

“I don’t know you, Bar, but dang, your name kicks ass.”

Bar Smith took to social media this week to comment on fellow ’Teen Mom’ dad Ryan Edwards’ recent release from jail, claiming Ryan’s shortened jail stint was an example of white privilege. 

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, on December 23, Ryan was released from the Tennessee jail he’d been incarcerated at since his December 8 court date, despite the judge previously ruling that Ryan was to spend the holiday season behind bars (at least until his January 17 court date), due to Ryan repetitively getting into trouble and not completing court-ordered requirements.  

Bar, the estranged husband of Ashley Jones, has since shared his thoughts on Ryan being allowed to bust out of the big house before the Christmas holiday in the comment section of a post from @teenmomfanz on Instagram, writing, “YT [privilege.]” 

Bar went on to expound on his comment, while acknowledging the personal connection the Edwards family has with Judge Gary Starnes, the judge overseeing Ryan’s case. 

“I think they know the judge but it’s still a privilege on many levels we blacks don’t have those chances,” he wrote. 

In response to some of the responses he received to his original comment, Bar clarified that he wasn’t “wishing jail” on Ryan and hoped Ryan “gets his life worked out honestly.” 

“ … but just as a Black man to see someone get so many chances at the same crime is insane,” he continued. “I shouldn’t have chimed in but it was just a little crazy to me. Hope he gets the help he needs and hope he enjoyed his Christmas.” 

Bar also went on to own up to his own run-ins with the law, while reiterating the privilege he believes Ryan has received as of late. 

“I also don’t have much space to talk because I’m a f**k up as well and have been arrested numerous times times, I was more so looking at the privileged side of it,” he wrote. 

Kail Lowry is Adding to Her Mansion to Accommodate the Newest Additions to Her Litter ‘o’ Kids 

“A measly six-bedroom house? Never!”

Kail recently spawned two more kids, and now she’s making space for them in her Delaware mansion.

Kail— who moved into her current home custom-built a few years ago— revealed in a recent Instagram Q&A session that she is about to start construction to add several more rooms to her already huge home

When a follower asked how much space Kail is planning to add onto her six-bedroom house, she replied that the house will be about 1,500 square feet larger than it currently is. (In addition to the six bedrooms, the house also includes a playroom and a dog room.)

“[I’m adding a] hallway, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom,” Kail wrote. 

The additions will bring Kail’s home to eight bedrooms— enough for each of her seven kids to have their own– and seven bathrooms.

Kail admitted that “this sounds crazy and looks crazy but the way this economy is right now… [my kids] may all live here until they’re 35.”


To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!



  1. Bar is not wrong. The voters of Chattanooga need to pay attention to this. Ryan has benn slapped on the hand time after time…because of his families relationship with the judges. He has put peoples lives in danger numerous times and HE DOES NOT CARE.
    And why did the judge not lose it when he didnt know the exact date his medication appointment was…because “my family made the appointment ” ie: my momma made it because she does everything but wipe my butt for me. Anyone else he would have said why didnt you do it, why is it her responsibility.
    But the Edwards have money and power so they apparently can do whatever they want. Apparently screw the law and judical system.
    Those judges need voted out….corruption and social privilige have no place in this case.

  2. Chris is spot on about Kail. She keeps lying and hiding things then goes around and popping off at the mouth about other peoples lives she has no right discussing such as leaking about the upcoming pregnancy by her ex. Yes it’s one of her baby daddies but no she had no right bringing it up.

    But she does this because she has no reasonable and decent content to talk about and why she keeps popping more kids so she can have something to talk about. I wish she did something with that education she worked hard to get.

    1. Ah shoot, there were no down votes when I went to upvote this and I think I accidentally downvoted INSTEAD … meant to agree with the comment. Ughhh

  3. Bar is 100% right! Ryan being able to be sprung from jail early by a befriended judge is white privilege. Whether you admit it or not

  4. Make it stop! No one wants to see your hush puppy eatin’, hot flamin’ Cheeto dusted Mountain Dew drinkin’ body. Not now, not ever. Get 👏 a👏 job👏!

  5. To the swampmonster
    Noone wants to see any bit of your body or pay to see it.
    What you doing pumping more iron cause the kids are getting bigger, so that you can hit them harder. If you want to do something for the public, give the children to someone that deserves them and then disappear now that would make a fantastic 2024

  6. Chris has two sons with Chris but he always say my son so clearly he’s only interested in one of his son sounds like a deadbeat dad to me.
    Imo he’s always attacking kail to try to make him look good but all I see is a deadbeat dad constantly verbally abusing one of his baby mamma’s.

  7. It’s more nepotism/crony privilege than just white privilege.

    If it were JUST based on his skin cullur, all the whites would have gotten out that night.

    They know this judge. Like, KNOW him. I’m sure they’re friendly on a whole different level than what’s even being reported anywhere.

    Either way, he should have excused and recused himself the split second this case landed on his desk.

  8. That gorilla needs to get those tubes tied! How long do we give this relationship? Then off to the next one. I do believe she is toxic and ruins her lovers mental health. Makes me wanna puke

  9. I’m not sure which makes me more nauseous. Thinking of David in any capacity on Only Fans, thinking of bumbling Chris being not self aware enough to realize he isn’t any better than Kail, they both suck for different reasons. Or Ryan once again escaping consequences for his repeated instances of breaking the law. You know it’s truly screwed when Bar actually makes sense.

  10. Say what you will about Chris Lopez, if you watched Kail’s inception on 16 & Pregnant and throughout her run on Teen Mom, you see that everything he’s saying is TRUE and ACCURATE. She has burned every single bridge she ever touched. Her own family, people that TOOK HER IN when she was a pregnant teenager and she turned around and started boinking that poor boy from Target. She has run a freight train on every soul in her life, why should her kids be any different? They are ACCESSORIES to her. They are DOLLAR SIGNS to her and if you disagree with that, you’re just as delusional and vapid as she is.

    1. I always wondered what happened to that poor boy from target (Jordan), but he was the smartest one of all her boyfriends. He’s the only one who was in a relationship with her and didn’t leave a souvenir (kid).

  11. I’m not a fan of Chris, but he’s not wrong about Kail. LOL. And wow- swearing on your kids lives when you KNOW you are lying. That IS foul. Then again, it IS Kail. She IS miserable and it shows.

  12. I mean….Bar isn’t lying. It’s insane that Rhine gets chance after chance after chance. Not many minorities in Tennessee would have the same privileges/chances Rhine has been given. He’s never going to learn his lesson if they keep giving him slaps on the wrist. I also feel like Rhine is a decent looking guy, he looks worse for wear when he’s strung out, but back in the day and when he’s kinda sober, Rhine can be handsome-ish, and doesn’t have the stereotypical “look” of a criminal, and I think that adds to his privilege. It really is a shame, because I don’t see this ending well for Rhine. Every post The Ashley makes about him, I think it’s going to say he’s passed away or that he’s killed someone.

  13. David knows he is gross.
    Too bad he thinks it’s just his body.
    No David, it’s not just your out if shape body, it is all of you.
    You are a disgusting human
    Being inside and out.
    Can’t wait to read all about your upcoming trial. Psycho.

  14. I know Kail is petty but I do think chis just likes to be miserable and get attention. I bet he called 30 times in a row while she was busy then blasted her. Why does he care about her drama after him? And they have well established custody rules. He’s surprised she didn’t want to split holidays? I haven’t seen her give him the time of day to blast back, but I guess with 7 kids she doesn’t have the time for that

  15. Chris seems like the type of baby daddy who always talks bad about his baby mama while still loving at home with him mama.

  16. Bar’s tweet of “I don’t have much space to talk because I’m a fuck up too” had me laughing. I recall the episode when he could of went back to prison for losing his paperwork from Good Will or something.

    1. 1. Why is Lopez mad? Kail moved on & she supports her children. What’s it to you? 2. We can all upchuck about Janelle &David Eason exposing themselves. Not pretty! 3. Bar has a point.

  17. You know who is more miserable than Kail, Chris? YOU. What she does with her other kids is none of your business but I bet Lux and Creed will be very proud of you when they are old enough to learn that you called their mother “foul b*tch” online. Stay classy, deadbeat

  18. 1500 sq feet for two bedrooms and one extra bathroom. My home is 1600+ sq ft and it’s a good size 3 bedroom 2bath. This chick is crazy. Anyway idc for how Chris speaks but for real, Kail IS a miserable human. No one likes Chris cause he says the truth and Kail doesn’t like him because he’s not afraid of her. Keep talking Chris, I’m enjoying it.

      1. She just is a difficult person and has never hidden it. She complains of others and what they do to her but she does the same back. She is just so hypocritical and miserable. She has not been able to keep ANY man! She IS the common denominator. I don’t like my ex and I hate sharing custody but I would never make it this difficult or allow my ex to have a hard time when it’s about the kids. Sheesh we just had a serious convo about drop offs and pickups. He moved 2 hrs away and I have a toddler from my current partner. I’m not meeting half way. He even said “he moved he knew the drive would be long and is not expecting me to cater or make things convenient for himself”. He brings them home and picks them up. I drive those kids everywhere allllll year long, he can drive the FOUR hours to and from. That’s the LEAST he can do. Chris is just LOUD about his frustrations and I’m sorry but I get it. Some of these BM are difficult because they’re bitter. It’s not cute.

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