‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Reacts to Demolition of Karma Nightclub; Find Out What Is Being Constructed In Its Place

Gym, Tan, Laundry Leveling a Piece of Reality TV History…

It’s the end of an era. 

Karma nightclub, the infamous Seaside Heights hangout of the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore, was demolished this week, leaving clouds of Axe body spray and bronzer in its wake. (Probably.)  

Numerous cast members reacted on social media to the news of Karma’s demise. 

As The Ashley told you in March 2020, the Seaside Heights hotspot went to auction (along with Bamboo Bar– another favorite of the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast) after the clubs’ parent company, Saddy Family LLC, filed for bankruptcy more than a year earlier. The club itself, however, had not been open since 2018 due to police making several underage drinking arrests at the establishment. 

Back in 2020, the cast joked about going in together to purchase the iconic piece of reality TV history, though they admitted they had no business running the joint. 

Let’s be honest, there wasn’t enough disinfectant in all of New Jersey to thoroughly cleanse this place, anyway. 

“ … it would be such a disaster,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi said in 2020. “It would be a hot mess.” 

Jenni “Jwoww” Farley added that even if everyone in the group was given a job to take on at the bar, their venture would likely still crash and burn.  

Pauly [D] deejays, Mike [‘The Situation’ Sorrentino] works the door,” she said. “We would just be wasted behind the bar. I’d be peeing behind the bar. It would be auctioned off again.” 

Jenni, leaving her mark at Karma back in the day…

Any remaining hope for a Karma comeback came crashing down (literally) on Thursday as the 12,008 square-foot building where the ‘Jersey Shore’ roomies used to fist-pump, Jersey-turnpike, get into physical altercations, hookup and bust out some crotch-exposing cartwheels was demoed. 


While the cast had no interest in purchasing the venue back in 2020, some were still sad to see the establishment go this week, including Nicole, who took to TikTok to honor the club’s memory, joking that a pair of her hoop earrings remained in the club’s bathroom.


My hoop earrings are still in the bathroom. I MET BERNARD THERE! How do you think i feel?!

♬ How are you Im ok – thatjasmina555

Nicole– who happened to meet her future husband, Jionni LaValle, at Karma years ago– also shared a clip of the demolition going down with the text “RIP,” as did Jenni. 


“We got a situation,” Mike replied to a tweet showing the club being demolished. 

According to New Jersey’s News12, the demolition of Karma and the surrounding construction projects are part of Seaside’s rebranding vision to turn the party spot into a more family-friendly destination. 

Mike Loundry of Seaside Reality claims that the site once occupied by Karma is set to become a mixed-use condominium featuring rooftop ocean views, a gym and a swimming pool.  

“You had us at gym.”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; TikTok) 


  1. Sad to see “Sleazeside” go away. Bamboo Bar is also gone. lol even as a kid we never considered Seaside as a family friendly place. But I like watching the old Jersey Shore episodes to see the boardwalk pre-Sandy and fire.

    1. I don’t know, I kinda get it. When my old haunts were shut down, there is a certain sad feeling. Mostly you just feel old though

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