Kail Lowry’s Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Accuses Her Of Trying to Make Everybody Miserable & Slams Her For Having So Many Kids: “Stay the F**k Off Your Back!”

“Let’s get ready to ruuumble!”

Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez have been battling on social media for years, and Chris started Round No. 2,337 on Monday when he came out swinging at Kail for allegedly not letting him see the two sons they share… and for having so many kids.

Chris— who shares sons Creed and Lux with the former Teen Mom 2 star— took to Instagram Stories to air his grievances with Kail. 

“My first baby mama, Kail Lowry, ain’t nobody more miserable than that chick! How you got mother f**king seven kids?! You just got three f**king kids under the age of one! And yet you want to keep holding my motherf**king kids, and yet you want to keep passing them off to nannies and s**t like that,” Chris said.

(As The Ashley told you, Kail recently gave birth to twins— a boy and a girl— whose father is her live-in lover Elijah Scott. She also shares one-year-old son Rio with Elijah.) 

Chris went on to slam Kail for allegedly trying to keep their sons away from him, while also taking a dig at her tendency to shoot out kids on the regular.

“You miserable as hell, Bro, and you just wanna make everybody else f**king miserable,” Chris said to Kail. “‘Cause I be on your ass, the f**k is you talkin’ about? You lame as s**t. [Your] kids are on Thanksgiving break and you don’t even let them kids be with their dad? But it’s technically Dad’s week? 

“You need to grow the f**k up, seriously, and stay the f**k off your back!” Chris said.


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In another story posted later on Monday, Chris assured fans that he has no reason to be bitter, as some fans were stating online.

“I’m bitter and jealous, why? Because I want to spend time with my kids? You know there’s n**ggas out here that is not spending time with their kids? You got this girl telling you I’m this, I’m that, yet she’s out here legit lying and manipulating this whole story?”

Chris went on to say that Kail has been “making it a problem” for him to see Lux and Creed, and that he has no reason to lie. Speaking of lying, he brought up the fact that Kail denied that she had her fifth baby, Rio, for almost a year after his birth.

“This motherf**ker was lying about having kids!” Chris said of Kail. “This n**ga swore on her kid’s life [that she didn’t have a baby].” 


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A few weeks ago, Chris took to Instagram to slam Kail for having so many men in their sons’ live, stating that their son Lux doesn’t respect him and feels he is “replaceable” because of this.

“I feel like he feels like I’m replaceable [because] of all the men in and out of his life and that’s a fact,” Chris stated. “…People have noticed that, I’ve noticed that and you say that s**t.

Kail has yet to respond to Chris’ statements. 

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57 Responses

  1. Why does he have to say the “N” word like that? Disgusting to say the least. African Americans don’t like it when other races say that word, so what make him using okay? He clearly has issues and no respect for the mom, so who cares? You have your turn with her, so let her lay on her back with whoever she wants to.

    1. Kinda hard to have respect for someone who doesn’t have respect for herself or others (especially men).

      And as far the N word is concerned it has others definitions and connotations than a racist phrase.

      It’s a big difference in saying “‘sup nigger” than “look at that nigger”…you see the difference?…it is subtle but there is a difference between the first usage than the second one.

    1. Why should he be the one to go away?

      She’s the one that can’t keep her legs closed and went back for seconds even after she bitched about him when it came to Lux?

      Yeah, he was wrong but she’s the one that ain’t stop breeding yet and that’s his point…he has two kids with this ho-bag skank who thinks of men as nothing more than someone who can put a bun in her oven then she throws him out like a piece of garbage!!!

  2. We all saw for years how Kail was as a coparent, and he decided to have 2 kids with her anyway. Chris made his bed, time to stop complaining and lay in it. I do agree with him on the too many kids comment though…This popping out a kid or more every relationship is giving mental illness of some sort. She’s collecting these babies as souvenirs of her relationships at this point.

    1. The only thing I’m mad about is the mental picture he gave me with that comment. And cue baby 8 coming through from behind.

  3. The look on Isaac’s face in the photo above for me is telling. Almost as if he’d rather be somewhere else, while thinking about the next round of questions he’ll have to address from his friends on why this particular baby daddy is always publicly trashing his mom.

  4. They are both trash. Kail has serious mental issues and those issues result in why she’s having so many kids.

  5. I mean. He’s not wrong. ??‍♀️

    I also want to bring up the fact that she left a 3mth old baby (not mention 4 other kids) with a sitter/nanny to go galavant around Thailand on holiday!

    But KaIL iS A gOoD MoM ?

  6. I do not like Chris but a lot of what he is saying is true. She has a revolving door when it comes to men in & out of her children’s life. She also is physically & mentally abusive when she doesn’t get her way which includes holding her kid’s over her baby daddy’s head if they make her upset. Money isn’t the only thing children need. They BOTH have major issues

  7. The real loser here is Chris. It’s a big fat L he try to prove he a man without her and she showed him that life goes on. I don’t approve of her lifestyle but she’s financially successful and provides for her children. I didn’t forget the tumultuous nature of their relationship and was disgusted that she’d breed with him twice but he should stop trying to blast her to the media and appreciate that his boys are cared for. If he has issues with custody he can spend some of his own money and take his ass to the court house instead of trying to blast her on social media. He’s salty and he knows it.

    1. Amen…let the man see his kids. She has 5 more around there to keep her busy. Otyy, Kail is something else. Stop being so controlling and bitter.

  8. Chris can take several seats. This man is the classic deadbeat dad. Not seeing his kids much, not contributing much, still focused on his own needs vs his children’s much, yet blames the mother for everything. Yes, she has 7 children and multiple baby daddies, but she is the one that takes care of them. Not him.

    And I’m not saying this as a Kail’s fan.

  9. One of my sons frinds has this exact thing going on. I have these boys over playing as much as possible due to his mom busy with her new family and taking care of her new babies-kids and playing her mind games their dad. Kail, please just let Chris be the dad he can and stop, let him step up over some blasted nanny. I see first hand what it does!

  10. He’s hurt and loves those boys, his frustration is coming off in anger. He’s up against big guns y’all… I’m talking about monnnneyyyy!! He doesn’t stand a chance when she has money to control the power of all. Elijah, take notes.

    1. He posted a conversation between him and Kail to convince everyone she’s horrible and the problem.
      Except, the only proof was that she wasn’t. She was nice, just suggested a very reasonable trade of days and when he said no, she said “okay, have a great day”.
      She offered him Halloween, Christmas, extra week during Christmas in exchange for Thanksgiving. Cause she only really celebrates Thanksgiving. But he wanted to stick to the order and not have his kids with him for an extra week.
      There was nothing wrong with the entire conversation.
      Except that Chris didn’t manage to get an emotional reaction from her perhaps.

      1. Yeah. See. He wanted to stick to the orders. She didn’t. Who got their way? Karl. If it’s not agreed between parents to change/swap/deviate from the order, it should be kept to the care plan.
        She’s a C you Next Tuesday. Kails way or no way.
        Whether he’s a perfect dad or not, she needs to take responsibility for her part in creating two kids with him. And if he wants his kids on HIS scheduled week, she should damn well send them to him!!

        1. You are right! She admits in the text that she understands that Thanksgiving is his week and if she did not release the boys to him, she is withholding. Instead of blasting it on social media though, I wish he would just file for contempt. She’d get a slap on the wrist the first few times, but eventually it could stick! She’s what was call a high conflict baby mom and with them you have to stick to the schedule and call them out when they don’t (through courts of course!)

      2. But if she acknowledged that it IS his week and she kept them anyways, then she’s in contempt of court. It’s just like the 4th of July holiday that she decided to take Isaac to Hawaii instead of giving him to Jo for his mandated holiday time with the statement “f*** it they can arrest me for making sure he goes to Hawaii”. Jo should have pressed the issue then instead of dropping it and Chris should press the issue now. She wanted the custody orders, but only expects the dads to follow them like they don’t include her.

  11. Wow. You know what is REALLY sad? The look on Issacs face on that IG post for World prematurity day. How awful. It’s more like “Here we go again… and again”. I bet Chris isn’t the only one that would advise Kail to stay off her back LOL. Look, I think Chris is a POS too, but he does have a good piece of advice for her. Kail is a disgusting person.

  12. No parent should be posting this stuff about their child’s other parent. You 100% should not be posting on social media that you think your sons mother should stay off her back. Only losers do these kinds of things.

    1. I mean she’s on her podcast talking about the size of his junk and how he’s the best lover she’s had..And speaking of podcast, whats the difference in her giving her side on her 3 podcasts. Queen Petty?? meet King Petty??

      1. There isn’t a difference imo, Kail is just as shitty. They’re both too self-centered to realize that trashing one another publicly hurts the kids more than it hurts their ex.

    2. I disagree when he’s not allowed to see his kids, not because of court, but because of a bitter and toxic mother.

  13. I don’t like Chris but he has a solid point that Kail is narcissistic and uses her kids as weapons, she seems damaged emotionally and needs therapy ( maybe meds) like she doesn’t know take her other children’s her older children, children’s opinions, and consideration, while making these life-changing decisions is just the ultimate in selfishness… how many times does that older boy need to say enough is enough I mean, it’s just kind of crazy at this point, I know she’s not good with how birth control works so perhaps she should have her tubes tied

  14. They’re both losers. Kail sucks, she lies, she’s a narcissist, and a ho. Chris is a pile of dung, a shitty father, and needs to learn English. Poor kids.

  15. This f*cking joke of a human, thinks that she’s the problem having so many kids, but he’s the father of two of her kids when she already had two kids with two different men at that point.

    Chris have you not learned your lesson, sit down and shut up.

    No one wants to hear anything you have to say. For a man who said he didn’t want to be on TV, and didn’t want fame, now that Kail has removed his ability to be on TV, all he does is try to become famous. But one wants to hear it.

    Go get a job, and start actually parenting your kids.

    1. He really does have a full time job, which is awesome. Hurt comes out in anger ( I get it’s not right..plus, when your up against her$$$ it’s gotta be hard) but, it’s his time with the boys, let him have it..lol. Heck, with 3 kids under one I’d be like, go for it. I never denied my sons time with their dad, I love the bond to this day even though I didn’t care for their dad..lol.

      1. Did your husband also try to give up his custody of one of his kids because he didn’t look enough like him?

        No… yeah, so it’s not the same.

        You trust your ex that your kids will be safe when you’re not around, Kail doesn’t because she hasn’t had that track record.

        Also, if she isn’t following the custody order why isn’t he going back to enforce it, probably because he’s not taking all the custody time he is supposed to and/or not paying child support, Chris isn’t stupid. He can go on SM and complain about Kail because he’s not going to actually enforce anything, but going to court if he’s not using all his mandated time, well she might get more custody and he’s paying more in child support.

        Chris also makes fun of Kail for having too many kids with too many men but he has three kids with two different women. So people who live in glass houses and such.

        There’s a lot to criticize Kail for, but he’s in no position to, since he was an active participant in it. Can’t make fun of Kail for having 7 kids with 4 different men, when he’s the father of two of her kids, and she already had two kids with two men at that point.

      2. It took forever for him to have a full time job, and when asked about it in the early days he basically said he didn’t want to work full time. I remember when it was mandated he had to at least provide a few basics like white onesies and when he finally did that.

    1. Jo saw who Kail was at 17 and wisely got away from her.

      But yes, Elijah needs to pay close attention bc he will undoubtedly be in this position in a year or 2.

        1. And these guys need to wrap it up.

          Google does exist.

          I would hope this wasn’t like before Chris when guys were looking for IG followers off of Kail. She really has nothing to offer but a headache.

  16. It is kinda hard to feel bad for this baby daddy since he knew how Kail was after baby #1 but no you went back & had baby #2 with this same person that you are running through the dirt today. As the old saying goes “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” !

  17. Kail doesnt want you to have her favorite(lux) child. Its no secret Kail lies. She lies about all her baby daddies. The bottom line is she still has feelings for Chris.

    1. I totally agree! Why give a father hell if he wants to see his kids? I know a lot of people don’t like Chris for valid reasons but this guy wants to see his kids and others (in general) don’t. Kail does use her kids as weapons and that alone is so wrong! She’s gross. Never liked her.

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