Chris Lopez Slams Baby Mama Kail Lowry For Bringing “All the Men In & Out Of” His Son’s Life; Claims Their Son Doesn’t Respect Him Because of It

“Your pile of baby daddies is confusing to the kid!”

Chris Lopez says he can’t get any respect from his oldest son Lux— and his baby mama Kail Lowry and her Cornucopia ‘o’ Gentleman Callers is to blame!

During a rant on Instagram Live on Wednesday, the former Teen Mom 2 baby daddy— who shares sons Lux and Creed with Kail— reportedly blasted Kail for bringing so many men “in and out of” his sons’ lives. He also stated that his oldest son Lux views him as “replaceable” due to him having so many daddy figures in his life over the years.

According to The Sun, Chris admitted that he was struggling to parent Lux.

“I was having one of the hardest times recently. Just like I said one of my weakest moments was just recently because I’m struggling with my son,” Chris said, adding that he has addressed the situation with Kail already.

“I even expressed this concern to his mama and of course they don’t see it that way and I don’t have no shame in sharing that,” Chris said.

“I felt like my son didn’t –- or doesn’t –- appreciate me. You know what I’m saying? I felt like, as a dad I’ve been, for six years, going hard for my kids and s**t like that. My oldest son don’t appreciate me. It just feels like that.”

Chris went on to explain why he feels like six-year-old Lux doesn’t respect him.

“Surprisingly, it’s not because I wear this fishing hat and mumble on Instagram Live on the regular!”

“I feel like he feels like I’m replaceable [because] of all the men in and out of his life and that’s a fact,” Chris stated. “…People have noticed that, I’ve noticed that and you say that s**t.

 “To feel like you’re not enough for your own son is a low feeling in life,” he added.

Chris went on to state that he often feels like he has to be “the bad guy” when it comes to parenting Lux and Creed, in order to make sure they stay on-track. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Kail recently welcomed twins—her sixth and seventh children— with her live-in lover Elijah Scott. (She also shares an almost-one-year-old son, Rio, with Elijah). Kail is also mom to Isaac (whom she shares with Jo Rivera) and Lincoln (whose dad is Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin.) 

“Sorry about that, kids!”

Kail has acknowledged in the past that her frequent long-term–- and sometimes live-in—- relationships (which, in the past, have been with her baby daddies Jo, Javi and Chris, as well as semi-recent relationships with Malik Montgomery and Elijah) have caused trauma to her kids.

“I will go to the ends of the earth to try to help them heal from it,” Kail said earlier this year on her podcast. 

During a July episode of her Barely Famous podcast, Kail stated that she sees herself making many of the same mistakes her own mother, Suzi, made in regard to having lots of men around while Kail was growing up. 

“I very much did what she did, 100 percent, and I can’t deny that,” Kail said on the podcast. “It’s heartbreaking to see it, and know it and acknowledge it, and to know that at this point, the only thing I can do is acknowledge it, apologize, and try to help [my kids] heal through it.”

“I think that I did perpetuate the cycle of a lot,” Kail said.

“You’re welcome! And just be thankful you didn’t inherit my hankerin’ for cheap vodka, too!”

That same month on her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail addressed the topic of her having so many lovers around her kids, and admitted that she’s aware it has hurt them.

“If men [coming] in and out of my kids’ lives is the biggest form of trauma [they have], I feel like I can live with that,” she said.

Kail has not yet addressed Chris’ latest Instagram Live comments.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

41 Responses

  1. Chris’ idea of romantic relationships is serial and simultaneous sexual relationships. As a result, three unplanned sons cause he refuses to wear a condom.
    He might not take his hook ups home cause God forbid they might think he wants a serious relationship, that doesn’t mean Kail should do the same.

  2. Kail, you could have also not…have so many children?! I am in no way defending Chris, he is a POS who she still wanted even tho he got physical with her and whatnot…but dude, it was also YOU who slept with her twice…why are you talking now as if this is something that happened to just her and not you too? YOU ARE one of the baby daddies! And I think your kid is smart enough to realize his father is full of it. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget another woman birthed your child (also the reason why Kail didn’t want to go back to you…lol. You are both hypocrites)

  3. Even though I think that Kail has had all these kids to heal her childhood trauma, this fool screams deadbeat dad with no job so maybe he should look at himself to see why his son doesn’t respect him ?

        1. Applicable to either, although David Eason is a rare thing (not sure he qualifies as a person) that is worse than Chris. Ryan is worse than Chris too, but both set the bar very low.

    1. trying to be a damn victim. I’m no Kail fan BUT you don’t bad mouth your kid’s mom online for them to eventually read it!

  4. I think their sons don’t respect Chris cuz he’s not a father.

    Like he’s criticizing her, but he was an active participant. She already had two kids with two different men by the time she met him, and he fathered TWO of her children, and couldn’t learn the lesson the first time.

    He doesn’t take care of his kids. Issac and Lincoln do respect their fathers because they act like fathers.

    There are a lot of things to criticize Kail for, but Chris this ain’t it. Sit down.

  5. So you know Chris, that promiscuous behavior keeps her from providing a stable home. Don’t matter what she or anyone else say, specially the people on the internet. You get all kinds of trash on the internet. That behavior alone isn’t safe for the children and any judge will acknowledge that. Nothing else will matter to the judge but the fact that she keeps putting random man after random man in those children’s lives. The fact that she moves them in to her home is even worse. Most judges won’t allow a live in boyfriend in the home. If you get a good lawyer, like.. a really good one, there’s a real possibility that you could get custody of your kids, her every other weekend and have her pay you child support. You have the evidence. You certainly have a case.

    1. Lol! Come on. I hate Kail as much as the next person, but to say a judge is going to strip her of custody and give it to CHRIS is a joke. This is the guy who tried to get rid of his rights to Lux and judge is the one who said no. He doesn’t live near their school, he doesn’t take them to after school activities. They have a clean home, they have food, they aren’t being abused. Having a boyfriend doesn’t strip you of custody.

    2. lolololol my husbands ex wife tried that on us the judge shut her down so fast … maybe in 1950 they would take away your kid but now you can have a relationship. and also all these men??? 1 chris was one of those in and out men 2 shes legit had two reltionahips since him and 3 she has kida with her live in boyfriend now who shes been with for at least 2 yrs. they dont respect him because they see 3 other fathers taking care of their kids and then look at their own and go wth….. chris runs his mouth anytime Kail does something he doesnt like like being in another relationship

    3. Lol just no. There is a 0% chance that Chris would even pursue sole custody, let alone actually win sole custody. He is a deadbeat who has had other women (and another kid) since the boys were born. He is also a deadbeat whose kids don’t love him because he’s never around. Kail is a lot of things and has a ton of flaws, but the idea that she would lose custody to Chris is laughable.

  6. The Ashley……Page 6, Us Magazine and others are reporting that Kail is expecting twins and they’re both boys…. I’m confused bcz your story is different and said she gave birth already to a girl and a boy. You usually have accurate info. Any chance your story on this is incorrect??

    1. It’s most likely because of what Kail is posting to her social media. She released 2 of her 3 part mini-thing and the first video showed the blood test results as both being boys. Those tests aren’t always accurate. So my guess is The Ashley knows her source is right, and Kail is throwing everyone for a loop to announce her girl.

      1. I have one wish for her, I hope she finally got a baby girl. I mean hell at this point, she deserves one. Putting all the men aside, she is a good mother.

    2. Have patience. Kail is doing a three part gender reveal, part three is not online yet. There’s something to say/ share in part 3 and that might be that the twins were not two boys after all.

  7. What exactly does Chris do? Is he still living in his grandma’s attic, unemployed, with his pregnant girlfriend? He wasn’t around for the beginning of Luxs life, and didn’t even believe Creed was his kid…Alls he does is run his mouth and fight with Kail. What is he providing for his kids?

  8. Everyone says she’s a good Mom because she has money but when it takes a lot more then that to be a good parent & he’s true. Having different men in & out of your child’s life isn’t good parenting & definitely can be traumatic. Not to mention the constant separation of siblings

    1. Absolutely. But, that’s not the reason why Lux isn’t attached to Chris.That’s mostly on Chris who has been a shit father. He acts like we don’t know he tried to give up his parental rights to Lux when he was 2.

  9. How often has he even been in his kids lives? Honestly? Between couch surfing, and talking shit on the internet what has he done? Granted kail is no saint when it comes to this kids and the life she’s created. I mean… she chose him as her kidS father but how involved has he actually been

  10. idk, her bringing men in and out of her children’s lives didn’t appear to be a huge concern when he was hitting it raw and then turning into a deadbeat on national television. Now that there’s a man after him, he’s got concerns. It’s not a good luck for any of them men either, you know she got how many baby daddy’s and you come raw dogging and dumping your seed into her? I question her, but I’m not gonna have any of the guys turn around and talk like their crap don’t stink.

  11. Those poor kids. Making sure they have a roof over their head and a belly full of pizza with ranch does not make you a good mother, Kail. Getting over your addiction to dick would be a good start.

  12. Maybe Chris should step up and spend time with his kids every week. Go back to court and get more custody time.

    All of Kail’s kids will have trauma for her revolving bedroom door. But the father’s making an effort to frequently spend time with their kids are making strides to limit tgat trauma.

  13. Nah dude. If this were Jo talking about Isaac, I’d be on his side. Kails been with 2 dudes that Lux may or may not even remember. He doesn’t respect you because YOU aren’t around Chris.

  14. Lux, as in the child Chris tried to terminate parental rights to? That Lux? This dude has been a deadbeat and that’s why his kid doesn’t respect him. Meanwhile, didn’t Chris also have another baby with someone else? Oh and total bs on how he’s the one who has to keep the kids on track. That sounds highly unlikely.

  15. “If men [coming] in and out of my kids’ lives is the biggest form of trauma [they have], I feel like I can live with that,” she said.

    Mother of the year right there and yeah that trauma, that constant confusion, will do a ton of damage and affect their ability to have relationships when they grow up.

    She’s sending damaged males out into the world and needs to be shamed, not proud.

  16. kail bringing men in and out is a whole other issue but wasn’t chris a deadbeat dad for almost the first year of lux’s life???

    1. He’s still a deadbeat.

      If he were serious,he’d have steady income,a place to stay and an attorney instead of relying on Kails goodwill to see his children.

      He highly underestimated her reaction to him not wanting to be with her.

      But he alone has 100% control on his level of involvement and always has been.

      1. Exactly.

        Kail has her own issues. But just because she’s a mess, doesn’t mean Chris isn’t a deadbeat.

        He could easily get a proper job, and try to get at least visitation or weekends with his kids.

        He has TWO kids with Kail, he didn’t learn his lesson the first time.

        For god sakes, he could go to the school and get a copy of the school events to show up to, coach Luz and Creed sports teams like Javi does.

        He doesn’t have a proper job, so what’s his excuse that he can’t show up, oh Kail’s mean to him. Yeah, a lot of co-parents don’t like each other, you’re not there to see your ex, you’re there for your kids, so grow up, and start acting like a father, instead of a deadbeat loser.

        You think Gary enjoys seeing Amber, he pretends to be okay with it because it’s important for Leah. Miranda and Leah don’t like each other, but they show up to support the girlses.

  17. “ I’ve been, for six years, going hard for my kids and s**t like that”

    The lie detector test determined, that is a lie.

  18. Your kid doesn’t respect you because he sees you are a deadbeat. If you were an actual father figure he’d worship you like most 6 year old worship their dads

    1. Exactly. Lincoln and Isaac respect their dad. Also, didn’t he have a kid with someone after Kail? So how can he talk?

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