David Eason’s Ex Whitney Rich Gives Update On Their Daughter Maryssa; Says She & Husband Shane Are Concerned About David & Jenelle Evans’ Other Kids (Exclusive Details!)

“That youngin done peaced out!”

There’s plenty of drama around Jenelle Evans and David Eason, but according to David’s ex-wife Whitney Rich, David’s oldest child, Maryssa, is not involved in much of it.

Whitney and her husband Shane Rich recently released audio of David threatening them after Whitney released texts from 2022 in which David admitted to “dreaming” about her, while also bashing Jenelle. This release has spurred an online war between the fired Teen Mom 2 stars, and Whitney and Shane, causing the Richs to recently start a YouTube channel.

In the comment section of her first YouTube video, Whitney stated that 16-year-old Maryssa is safe and not currently in any danger, despite David’s threats and pending child abuse charge. 

The video posted to Whitney and Shane’s new YouTube channel includes the full audio of a recent phone conversation, in which David can be heard threatening Shane’s life. 

“I’m gonna show you something that’s gonna bring the end of your f**king life!” David roars at Shane in the audio of the phone call.

“Clearly David wasn’t threatening anyone’s life. Those were just TALKING words, dude!”

In the comment section of the video, Whitney claimed that the “law is aware” that the threatening recording exists. Whitney also assured fans that Maryssa is not currently in any danger. 

“She’s safe, that’s all I can say at the moment,” Whitney replied to a comment asking if Maryssa was still living on The Land with David and Jenelle. “She is safe. We are concerned for all the kids.”


“She’s not being abused,” Whitney told another commenter of Maryssa. “When we tell our story you’ll understand what has happened and what is going on away from the Swamp. But we appreciate everyone’s concern for all the kids.”

Whitney went on to agree with another individual who commented that Jenelle’s other children, Kaiser and Ensley, “need all the evidence they can get to help them out of the swamp and away from the abuse.”

“We feel the same way regarding all the kids,” she said.  


Whitney also noted that, despite some people expressing concern about her own safety from David as a result of her speaking out in recent weeks, she isn’t worried. 

“No, [David] knows better than to come around,” Whitney stated. “My husband don’t run his mouth, he just gets to the point.” 

According to The Ashley’s sources, “Maryssa does not spend much time on [The Land] anymore. She usually stays with friends or her grandma. She has stayed with Whitney but now that [the Easons] are angry at Whitney and Shane, David doesn’t allow her to stay with Whitney if Shane is there.

“David still has custody, but now that Maryssa is 16, she kind of comes and goes as she pleases,” the source said, adding, “Whitney won’t fight him for custody. Her and Shane can’t afford to go to court against David because he has Jenelle’s money to pay for it all.”

In the comment section of the YouTube video, a listener asked Whitney if she had a GoFundMe. Whitney stated that she doesn’t.

“We thank you, but if you want to help donate to your local domestic violence shelter,” Whitney wrote. “A lot of kids and mothers get help and guidance through these donations.

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

40 Responses

  1. For those ragging on Whitney, No matter her past, nothing excuses him sending flirty text, sending pics of Dunelles disgusting bedroom, and she has every right to share her truth. He sent the messages, it’s documented. You can’t handle the truth! Deal with it Dunelle. You wanted to be in the public eye, and we see it all.
    Now go strip for pathetic men, because no one with class wants to see that shit! Eeewww
    Anything for a buck huh?
    Shame you don’t give a shit how it effects your kids.

  2. I fear for Kaiser really. He has two shitty parents, plus this extremely abusive and viotile step dad who was a terrible example. Jace at least had Barbra who was supportive.

    His dad is an abusive alcoholic with severe agressiom towars women.
    . He has some type of rage hate towards them (I’m curious to know if it’s from his mom or another woman from his youth or upbringing) and needs severe therapy. I suggest brain stemming or EDMR once he goes to an intensive inpatient rehab.

    Where are the grandparents in this, meaning Kiasers grandpa/grandma? Where’s Nathan’s dad I don’t think I’ve ever really heard anything about him. What about David’s parents? I mean they probably aren’t too well off if David is way he is. Often the way people parent is a reflection how they were patented, like abuse.
    Yes there are those who recognized and changed, but then there are a lot who didnt. Clearly that wasn’t David’s concern.

    Going back to Nathan and his mom tho. Nathan’s family has been very quite regarding this. Do they not care or they doing something behind the scenes? Or just staying out the light

    Nathan being a vet and having these alcohol and mental health issues would definitely be able to get more assistance than anything. Doesn’t he get disability even?

    Nathan needs to heal from what brought him to this addiction before he would ever be able to parent Kasirr the way he needs.
    I’m saying this from experience. Nathan needs to be away from women to work on himself.

    Jace has Barbra luckily. I doubt she would take Kaiser or Ensely because the issues that that would create. I wouldn’t if I were her. I’d feel terrible but it would be so hard having to deal with David and jenell. Barbra dealt eith a lot from Jenelle, being ran thru the dirt all thiae years and she stood by her side when jenelle would get over it.

    1. Those children are turning 7 and 10. Barb is 70(?).
      Kaiser has his own behavior problems.

      I don’t think it’s wise either but they have no one. Doris has a million (legit) excuses why she can’t help. She’s elderly too.
      Nathan does have that sister, but idk if she’s ever even met Kaiser.
      Don’t forget Nathan has an older daughter he also abandoned.

      And Ensley has no one. There is no savior grandparent to help. No savior aunt or uncle. She has no one.

      There’s absolutely no contingency plan for when Barb is no longer available for these children, either. There’s no back up.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they become wards of the state at some point.

  3. I LOVE that Whitney and her husband are trolling Jenelle and David, however, if I hear any of them say “our side of the story” one more time, I’m not going to believe anything they say (I already don’t believe anything out of Jenelle and David’s mouths, but girl if you got receipts then drop those receipts! Stop saying “just wait”). Whitney said her husband doesn’t talk shit, he gets to the point…ok then. GET TO THE POINT.

  4. She definitely seems like she has her head on straight. Everyone has a past, but some people are able to overcome that and be normal human beings. Jenelle is not one of those people. Whitney is. No wonder he still dreams about her. Cringe.

  5. But will fill the street full of uppercuts after this, he will want you Harrested !!!! Them are fighting words BOY!!!!

    Oh those land dwelling, she shed smoking loonies won’t be happy, about this.

  6. All of these people are trash. It sounds like Maryssa has the freedom she wants already and if I were her I wouldn’t want to live with a mother who didn’t fight for me either. Whitney should have fought for custody years ago, the money excuse is BS. All you have to do is SHOW UP unless the other person can prove the other parent is unfit (which she must be and knows it) than it really doesn’t take much to keep custody, especially for mothers. With these people for parents Maryssa is better of with her grandmother or emancipation if she wanted to.

    1. That’s not quite how it works. If he has a good attorney and she represents herself, she will lose. She did try to get custody, but lost on the last court case… they lost because Jenelle spent several thousands of dollars to get the best family law attorney her money could buy. And he won the case. Custody cases can be simple if both have the same level of income. DE has access to an unlimited amount of money, or a lot more money then Whitney could ever have to spend on an attorney. He could file motions after motions and her retainer would be gone is three months.
      I’ve spent close +- 80k in a family law attorney.
      I will always get the best representation because I know my ex have the means as well. Honestly, she doesn’t stand a chance going against DE.

      1. My circumstances were different but with my case the judge told me all my ex had to do was show up and express interest in seeing my child. If anyone tried to take custody of my children I would do everything I could to fight it with or without money, I would try. I have yet to see any evidence that suggests Whitney is a decent parent, unless her selling all these stories about David and Jenelle are just some crazy scheme to make money for Maryssa’s college fund then I don’t understand why she is doing all this.

      2. I have to agree with you. Jenelle and David obviously spend a crap ton on attorneys considering how much they’ve gotten away with. It would be very hard for a regular person to freely spend that amount of money on attorney and court fees, and I wouldn’t put it past Jenelle and David’s attorney to have requested that Whitney pay for their legal fees. It’s really sad, because Whitney didn’t lose custody because she’s a worse parent than David, David just married the right sucker.

  7. I feel sorry for both Maryssa and Kaiser because their parents are always running their mouths but they don’t seem to ever want to fight for them. Money is not even an issue, because I am pretty sure a lot of people would be willing to help them fight for the safety of the children.
    The only responsible parent here is Kaden’s mom.

  8. Here’s a question. If David gets convicted of child abuse, would he lose custody of Maryssa automatically? They may be taking the option that is less headache and money to see if he gets sent away for it.

    1. He won’t lose custody of Marisa. But, if Nathan files for custody, Jenelle could lose custody of Kaiser.

  9. This will get me downvoted for sure, but I fear Maryssa, Jace, Kaiser and poor Ensley are already set up for life on the following principles: chaos, yelling, fighting, arrest records, pending charges “dude”, and zero stability in any relationship!

    I hope I am wrong.

    1. If they keep custody of Ensley, she is going to turn into a mini Jenelle. She is a already a spitting image of her egg donor, and Kaiser…that poor kid, I just hope that his trauma doesn’t manifest into a mixture of David, Jenelle and crazy ass Nathan when he’s an adult.

  10. She won’t try to get even partial custody of her 16 year old, which is a slam dunk if Maryssa is willing? A judge is going to take a 16 year old’s wishes into account. Does Whitney even want custody of Maryssa?

    And she could just tell everyone what’s going on. I suspect she’s waiting to be paid.

    All these kids really drew the short straws.

    1. Yes yes yes to ALL of this. Pure trash is all that’s involved. And you’re damn right, is maryssa wanted to move to her mothers I think that would be a huge boon for her, but clearly she just dont give a shit. Now they’re gonna be doing skits on youtube about the psyco that has custody of her kid? Real smart. Her custody of m is the exact same as jenelles with jace…they both dont give a fuck, they’ve made new, more “disposable kids.”

    2. Maryssa likely wants to be able to come and go with her friends, and stay at her grandma’s as often as she wishes. She likely wants that out, a custody case will put a stop to her current freedom. Maybe Whitney is actually following Maryssa’s wishes and not putting up a huge fight for custody because Maryssa doesn’t want that. Maybe Whitney knows she’s not a good mom, and with her/Shane’s issues may not be the best place for Maryssa either. All speculation of course, but I don’t believe I’m far off the mark on it.

      All of that aside though, in NC, a custody case now for Maryssa will not end before she’s 18. They literally take years there. Also, Maryssa is old enough to decide what SHE wants, and the judge will take that into consideration. A judge is more likely to award her emancipation than custody to anyone, even if it did finish before she hit 18. If by some miracle (slim to none, slim walked out the door five years ago for smokes) they did get a case going, it would cost Whitney tens of thousands, easy. UBT would drag it out until she hits 18 using Jenelle’s money, because that’s just who he is.

      1. But usually 16-year-olds should not have this much freedom. Of course, Maryssa is probably doing better than any of the adults in this situation so who the hell knows. I just wish she could have a nice, stable home life with a room of her own and two parents who got their shit together and took care of her.

        And how much money has Jenelle got? Wasn’t she bitching about how she can’t leave UBT because she can’t afford it just a few months ago (post boat, of course)?

      2. All of this sounds like a series of excuses when the reality is that Whitney probably just doesn’t care enough to raise her daughter and never did.

        1. Whitney didn’t care to raise her daughter, or get her shit straightened out in order to do so when Maryssa needed it, on that we do agree. Maryssa doesn’t need that now, though, she needs the freedom she has now so she can get away from the swamp. It’s not a series of excuses when you actually know how the system works.

          A custody case now would not be in Maryssa’s best interests, at all. It would cause her more harm and do her no good.

          Do you not remember the first (well known) custody case UBT and Jenelle had? The system is fucked down there. They KNEW Ensley was born high, with FAS, and they still did nothing.

          Do you really think the system is going to let someone like Whitney take Maryssa away from them, when even a newborn with drugs in her system didn’t? Do you think UBT wouldn’t push back at all and punish Maryssa for it? He has been charged with assaulting Jace just because he wanted to, and you somehow think it won’t blow back on Maryssa? Be real here.

    3. Maybe no…I read her husband has a record that includes domestic violence against as well as a domestic against a child

    4. I see where you’re coming from, but remember that time a few years ago Maryssa tried to tell the courts David was up to no good on the land, and the courts didn’t listen? Not sticking up for Whitney, because I do not know her or her situation, but the court system in the south is obviously effed up, just look at the article on the home page right now about Rhine getting yet another slap on the wrist for driving 145 mph in Tennessee. David and Jenelle have gotten away with every single terrible thing they’ve done because they’ve spent thousands on high power attorneys. I do admit, the timing of this is pretty weird, but David and Jenelle need to be exposed.

  11. Two Swamp Scum CUNexTuesdayS…how tf are these POS??still walking around free? Is fking BARNEY FIFE running shit where they live????

  12. I understand that fighting for custody is a lot of money but I can’t see myself letting my child spend any amount of time in a household like the one in the Swamp full of drugs and violence. If she started a GoFundMe, she surely would raise enough money to fight them in court, people would love to contribute

    1. She doesn’t want gofundme money, because she doesn’t actually want custody. Any mother would do whatever they had too, to protect their children from a child abuser. Whitney may not be physically abusive, but she sure doesn’t care about Maryssa either.

      1. Have any of you considered that Whitney is doing what she has to, by listening to Maryssa and doing what SHE wants? She’s not a five year old, she’s 16. Yes, she’s still a child, but right now, she has the freedom to CHOOSE where she wants to be. A custody case removes that choice for her and puts her square on the swamp until the case is decided.

        UBT would drag that case out until she’s 18 using as much of Jenelle’s money as he possibly can, just to stick it to Whitney because he’s an asshole. He doesn’t care what Maryssa wants. Maybe Whitney actually does and recognizes she’s not a good mom and wouldn’t be a good mom.

        At some point the child’s interests come into play here and she’s definitely old enough to decide for herself if she wants Whitney to fight, or if she’d rather have her not fight so that she can KEEP the freedom she has to come and go now. I don’t think people understand how custody issues work down there. Maryssa would no longer be able to just go stay with friends or her grandma, she’d be stuck, at the swamp, for good, until the case was over because he has legal custody right now. If someone puts up a fight against that custody, he’s going to push back and the only one harmed, is Maryssa.

    2. We truly don’t know what happened in Whitney’s situation with substance abuse. There might have been money owed for restitution, court fees, along with child support payments, and just trying to afford food and shelter (and any counseling).

      I’m not trying to speculate on things. I’m glad maryssas “safe” off the land. I mean she is trusting friends and their family members…

      I know, in Massachusetts, it cost $2k anytime a coworker had to take his ex to court over not abiding by court visitation. No doubt it would be expensive. Jenelle doesn’t make $400k a year like she used to 5 to 7 years ago. I don’t know if Whitney and Shane really wanted to be that involved..

      Whitney can say whatever she wants to the media at this point, every parent with minor children is in the doghouse imo…

      1. I’m truly not trying to shame Whitney, her addiction, or situation. Just point out facts. Just because Jenelle and David are trash doesn’t mean Whitney and Shane aren’t.

  13. More of this “when we tell our story” business.

    Shame Marissa does not have a stable home but at 16, shouldn’t she be able to choose? Especially when custodial has an active warrant for assault against another child in the household?

    Would Barb get the 10 and 7 yr olds? Seems like an awful lot for a woman her age and it’s really not sustainable.

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