Kail Lowry Says She’s In No Rush to Marry Boyfriend Elijah Scott Despite Having Just Welcomed Twins with Him: “We Don’t Need to Rush Into It”

“We need something to look forward to. Besides raising all these kids, I mean.”

Kail Lowry’s family may be growing at rapid speed, but the former Teen Mom 2 star claims she’s in no hurry for her boyfriend/fourth baby daddy to put a ring on it. 

The mother of five seven told People that, while her relationship with Elijah Scott–- with whom she recently welcomed twins and also shares son Rio –- is going well, she’s “hesitant” to get engaged at the moment. She told the magazine that her failed marriage to Javi Marroquin (aka Baby Daddy No. 2) is partially to blame for her reluctance to marry again.

“[Elijah’s] been pushing for it,” she said. “But I’ve already kind of done marriage once and I f**ked it up royally. So I’m a little hesitant.” 

“One mini-series-worthy life event at a time, ya know?”

Elijah also has one failed marriage under his belt. He married to a girl named Kayla in March 2018 and the couple separated in June 2020. Elijah officially filed for divorce from Kayla in May 2021 in Hawaii, and the divorce was finalized one month later. The couple share no children.

Elijah moved to Delaware in December 2021. Kail moved into her custom-built home next door to Elijah one month later. 

While Kail is in no hurry to take the next step in her relationship with Elijah, she hasn’t completely taken marriage off the table. 

“I kind of would like to have something to look forward to in the future instead of doing everything all at once,” she said. “I think we have time. If we’re meant to be together, then we don’t need to rush into it tomorrow.” 

“Sure, I’ll have three babies with the dude, but marriage?! That takes REAL commitment!”

Despite her hesitation to marry Elijah, Kail told People that their relationship is doing well.

“It’s been good. It’s been very different from my other partners and my kids’ other dads,” she told the magazine. “…[He’s] just a real family man. He’s very, very much connected with his own family, with our family, and so he’s been a really good partner to me, and I feel like it’s a really good match.”

Kail has previously mentioned Elijah’s desire to get married and her reluctance to do so. On an August episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail told co-host Lindsie Chrisley she wasn’t interested in getting married again, despite Elijah allegedly wanting to tie the knot ASAP. 

“I’m having a hard time now because Elijah wants to get married like, yesterday, right?” Kail said to Lindsie. “But I’m like, I already made my vows to somebody and I didn’t even follow through with them.” 

Kail also noted at the time that exchanging marriage vows with another person after already having a “big f**king wedding” to Javi–- in which the couple wrote and exchanged their own vows–- just didn’t feel right to her.

“Once you walk down the aisle with Big Papi, ya never go back.”

“I don’t know if it’s just because of this place that I’m in in my life right now,” she continued. “I just feel like I’m a hypocrite if I get married again and I have no f**king grounds to get married again or [have any] business getting married again because I didn’t [follow through on my vows].” 

Later that month on a different episode of Coffee Convos, Kail revealed to listeners that her and Javi’s split has had a lasting impact on Isaac, who was about six years old at the time. 

Kail was pregnant (naturally) at her wedding to Javi in 2013…

“Truthfully, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing has hurt Isaac more in his life than my divorce with Javi,” she said. “ … nothing has affected him the way that my divorce did … to this day, I see the emotional turmoil my divorce created in Isaac.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


36 Responses

  1. She doesn’t want to rush… lol they know each other for two seconds already have three children and he is living in her home, trashy! She makes no sense.
    I would say that she is lucky to have someone to commit to her after four kids with and multiple baby daddies. But at same time, what make stubborn Kail such a catch to make a man feel so desperately to want to marry her a$ $on a$ po$$ible? I guess we will never know….
    They certainly deserve each other.

  2. I think Karl secretly still loves Javi. But will never admit it. Which is why she refuses to marry again. And keeps having kids to self sabotage any chance of Javi wanting her back.

    She’s a player. She won’t settle.

  3. I have no problem with people who don’t want to get married-you do you!
    But to say “there’s no rush”…when you already created 3 human beings in the first 2-3 years of knowing each other…
    That’s where you start to sound pretty dumb.

  4. The divorce was so harmful to Isaac that she figured she’d just continue to destabilize his life? Instead of focusing on giving Isaac a stable home, she added five more siblings and two baby daddies (in addition to the other men). Makes perfect sense, Kail.

    1. THIS!!!!!
      She is so damn selfish. Isaac is the greatest kid and she just ignores his little pleas for attention.

  5. That’s still another guy jumping in and out of their lives. Marriage doesn’t change that when you’re already living together and have kids. I think what it really comes down to is money, but she doesn’t want to publicly admit that. Even if she has Elijah sign a prenup, her relationships have always ended badly. I don’t think there has been one where they ended up on good terms. They may eventually get there, but it’s always a messy breakup. That would be one expensive divorce.

    Also, thinking about it, I wonder if she has been ramping up her self promotion because she is already feeling the strain of raising 7 kids. I mean, I can’t blame her for trying to secure that bag. She has always been the most motivated and determined teen moms. But, she also put herself in this predicament. After 10 pregnancies, she knows how this works and simply tracking ovulation is not a form of birth control.

  6. Wait: didn’t Isaac beg her to stop having kids and use condoms? Isn’t her own selfish toxic behaviour is what is hurting him the most? He shouted it out for the world to know fgs.

  7. No rush to get married, but rushed to have 3 kids and love with the man.

    Is anyone else confused by that? Just me?

  8. I remember when teen mom started and I thought Kail was the most level headed of all the teen moms, now I think she’s gross. Suzy’s addicted to alcohol and Kail is addicted to having kids.

    1. Kail was on her own and made it. She didn’t have Randy or Dawn or Barb.

      My favorite part was when she bought that $2000 green car off the mechanics lot. Like she was gonna do it and escape the statistics. I felt her at that point bc back then I was in her same boat. Cars breaking down, no money, new baby.
      If she can make it, so can I.

      She was why the show succeeded bc she was relatable.

      Now??? Chile boo.

  9. She doesn’t wanna get married because he’s gonna leave her eventually, just like everyone else does including her own parents.

    1. She can wait to get married because if they’re meant to be, there’s no rush. But has literally had 3 kids with the man already and they live together.

      Am I the only one confused by that?

    2. That’s low to say about her parents. She is not to blame for her parents being deadbeats. I do think she helps to sabotage her relationships because of her childhood & if she is in therapy then that needs to be worked on.

  10. Dude probably wants on the official payroll and the only way to make that happen is marriage.

    He can’t have that much going for him. Men with a lot going on wouldn’t deal with someone like Kail.

    She won’t marry him bc she doesn’t want to be with him long term. She’s still in love with Chris.

    1. ABSOLUTELY?! I completely agree with everything you said. Especially her still being in love with Chris.
      He posted the other day about how he wanted more time with Lux but he prefers Kail and the freedom, he was also annoyed that Kail gave the other dads extra time with their kids while having the twins, but wouldn’t allow him the time. She left his kids with the nanny instead. She is still punishing him for not choosing her and having a kid with someone else. She needs to get her money back from that therapist because it ain’t working.

      1. And this Elijah guy has to see this is how she acts about Chris. He has to see that it’s not all Chris being the bad guy, it’s Kail being petty. If not by now, he’ll figure it out at some point. Smh.

        She’s definitely mad that he got away. She thought she had a tight grip on him. It’s only hurting the kids.
        She has at least 4 highly traumatized kids. All this bed hopping and bringing strangers in every few years is hurting them.

        It’s clear her therapist tells her what she wants to hear. I feel most do bc telling folks the truth about themselves, well someone like Kail couldn’t handle that and she wouldn’t go back.

    2. I completely agree with this- Kail isn’t a likable person. Period. She hasn’t dated anyone that *while they were with her* was really doing much with their life… I know Jo has moved on and Javi makes a living for himself and all, but I mean, Chris and then this dude? Ulterior motives, baby! She knows once her money runs out- which I imagine it is, quickly- he will be gone too.

  11. Like I keep saying this woman has money and a home for her kids but she is not mentally present for them. Her focus is on men and herself.

    1. 100% which is why I get almost heated when I see people defending her and congratulating the pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong- I love kids and I do think they deserve to be celebrated, but her situation isn’t something that should be celebrated and I really think the people saying “Good for her! She takes care of those kids” either aren’t parents or have little understanding with how attention works- especially when you have three kids age two and under… Plus those kids are still young- I Guarantee they will have issues or do now, and she just hides it well. And it’s not really due to anyone directly EXCEPT her- She is the constant ONE person in each of their lives and she’s the ONE bringing in the chaos by bringing different men in and around and also, having children with them. The fact that she was using just ovulation tracking as a means to not get pregnant is the dumbest shit I have ever heard!

  12. I love the caption with Javi’s photo! xD

    So let me get this straight: You were ready not to have only one but three (although two were twins tbh so a single pregnancy) kids with this guy, yet you are hesitant to marry him?

    I don’t know about you but I feel like marrying isn’t such a huge step as having children. Some people even get married before having that, imagine that Kail!

  13. Money aside, Kail has become the teen mom stereotype/statistic they were trying to prevent with the show. She’s got all those kids by all these different dudes. The kids have stability in that they all live with her and she’s financially stable, but they have instability in that they’re all going to different houses for different lengths of time to be with their fathers. Hope she’s got them in therapy.

  14. I don’t understand the mindset of having kids with someone like it’s no big deal, but tying oneself up in knots over the thought of marriage. I didn’t give much thought to getting married since I knew it was to the right person and we were already living together, but having a child was the most serious decision I made in my life. I agonized over the decision for years.

    To each their own I suppose?

  15. I don’t think it’s the divorce, causing turmoil in Isaac’s life, could it be all the kids that she’s squeezing out every year causing that? This girl is delusional.

    1. Yup. Isaac already told her to please wear a condom, yet she got pregnant twice by this guy. Oh sorry, it was a “surprise”! You can claim ‘surprise’ with one kid, hell, maybe even two…but not SEVEN!

  16. So, Kail chose to have 3 children with a man after only knowing him for a few months and moving him in? Where Elijah was around 4 kids from 3 different fathers at the time. Regardless if Kail and Elijah get married or not, their relationship will affect all 7 of Kails kids; especially the last 3 (Elijahs).

    I got married at 21 years old but never had kids. I’m glad that an innocent child wasn’t affected.

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