Babies No. 6 & 7! Kail Lowry Reportedly Gives Birth to Her Twins; Vows To Not Have Any More Kids

“…err…I mean, seven.”

Kail Lowry has been popping out babies for the last 14 years, but the former Teen Mom 2 star says she’s finally done having kids— following the birth of her twins earlier this week.

The Sun confirmed that Kail and her live-in boyfriend Elijah Scott recently welcomed twins — Babies No. 6 and 7 for Kail. The couple also shares son Rio, who will be one soon and whose birth was only very recently confirmed by Kail.

The babies are reportedly a boy and a girl.

This marks the first time Kail has birthed a female baby. (As fans know, she is already mom to sons Isaac, Lincoln, Lux and Creed, in addition to Rio and the twins.)

“The Kail spawn just keep on coming out!”

She hinted that she was (finally!) having a girl in a recent Instagram Stories video that showed her and Elijah setting up a crib with a pink mattress.

Kail and Elijah have yet to officially confirm that their twins have arrived. However, on Friday’s episode of her Barely Famous podcast, Kail announced that she is officially closing up her high-functioning baby chute once and for all.

“Those tubes should be in the Smithsonian!”

“No more pregnancy, no more pregnancies, no more surprise pregnancies, unplanned pregnancies, pregnancy, surrogacy, none of it,” Kail said on the podcast on November 3 in an episode that was presumably taped before the birth. “It’s all done. The chapter of motherhood will be closing as far of baby-making, but I’m excited for my kids,” 

Kail stated that she plans to have her “tubes tied,” a procedure she had planned to get done once before, only to find out that she was pregnant and couldn’t have it done. (She had previously said that she wanted to keep her fallopian tubes in a jar in her office…as you do.)

 “I’m excited to get my tubes cut out. Because I said this last time and I found out I was pregnant and I couldn’t,” Kail said. 

While Kail has yet to confirm the twins’ birthdate, she stated on the podcast that they were due on the same day she had been due with Rio.

“We got the same due date as Rio’s original due date. The exact same date, not a day off,… We’re going to have Irish triplets, all born in the same month.”

The twins were due to be born via a scheduled C-section, due to Kail suffering complications during Rio’s birth last year. 

Before the twins’ birth, Kail said she doesn’t think she will get any more baby fever.

“Now I feel like our family is complete — I won’t have anything missing. I won’t feel like, ‘What if we had another one?’ I’m excited to explore this motherhood journey in terms of privacy and putting out what I want to put out. I’m excited for that,” she said.


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  1. Congratulations glad you’re doing good and have happy healthy babies. So excited for y’all to have a little girl in the family to. Lol. Enjoy your babies all of them and keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing a great job.

  2. congrats Kail. I don’t know why they keep bashing her. if she wants to keep making babies is her body. Can’t please people meson.

      1. The Ashley is correct. The blood test was wrong. They probably discovered this at a subsequent scan. Kail had a girl and a boy.

        She’s naming them Javi Christopher and Briana Jenelle.

        1. Hey Sasha,

          She said the video is 1 of 3 and that there’s big news in video 3. So I’m guessing it shows her finding out it’s a boy and girl. That plus what I said above is just my interpretation. Could be wrong, we’ll see.

  3. She can’t possibly be done having kids. There’s something in her that is obsessed with pregnancy and she’s not going to let it go. And having your tubes tied doesn’t stop more pregnancies. She can easily afford the IVF process where they harvest your eggs, fertilize in a lab & implant them. I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of Kail being pregnant. I feel for her kids. She has so many that she can’t possibly give them individual attention & with each new pregnancy she’s telling her other kids “You’re not enough for me”. It’s sad.

  4. Karl is the worst. I am just stunned there are so many dads and so many kids. I feel sad for Isaac and Lincoln (and the others) but mostly the older two who understand what is going on in their lives. How embarrassing for them. Elijah must be an absolute idiot.
    Karl will be thinking it’s all about the power of the pussy. She’s so entitled and self absorbed.

    1. And Kail’s BS about surprise pregnancies — she knows very well how pregnancy happens and she’s always been very calculating. You know she planned every one of those pregnancies, even if the fathers didn’t!

  5. we’ve all heard brood mare ?’s tired “not having any more kids” spiel before. ??
    sure, jan…

  6. So I am really sick of people coming to her defense saying “Well she takes care of all her kids and has the money to do so- good for her!”… This isn’t about HER. And being a “Good mom” doesn’t have much to do with how much money she has or if she’s feeding them and keeping them alive LOL. That’s easy and I could probably handle ten kids if that was all it was about. First off, that $ is going to run out- quickly. She’s not on the show any longer and no one wants anything to do with her. I’m honestly shocked so many people listed to her podcast. I imagine it’s because of Vee. I’m sure she collects a LOT of child support though. Anyway- what I came here to say is this: I have three boys. Twin 11 year olds and a 4 year old. I have a HELL of a time giving the three of them equal time with me. Granted I am a single mom and I work full time and I have a side floral design business for extra money. Naturally, the youngest gets most of my time as he isn’t self sufficient. My 11 year olds are still kids too and I do NOT make them help me with their brother. Are they nice to him and do they play with him? Sure- but I don’t ever ask them to, say, watch him while I take a nap or something. Kail has SEVEN kids. SEVEN. She has FOUR under the age of four, three under the age of two… that is a recipe for insanity. You can tell Issac is and has been fed up with his mom continuing to pop out these kids like she has never heard of birth control. Babies are hard work and toddlers are even more difficult. So, while RIGHT NOW, she may take care of them (*and continue to), and “pay” for them- I guarantee you that this new dude and her will split eventually, she will be on her own and she’s going to have to get a good job to support everyone and the lifestyle she’s accustomed to. There is NO WAY in hell that she will be able to spend time with all of them. There is definitely issues on the horizon for these kiddos and it’s sad.

  7. 7 children with 4 men. In 2023.
    I just..can’t. ?

    Smirnoff Suzie and her padlock-on-the-fridge daddy sure did a number on Kail. Her emotional immaturity runs deep. Thankfully Jo and Javi are good dads to their boys. I can’t say the same for Chris, and as far as Elijah goes, dude can’t be the brightest crayon in the box if he willfully had 3 humans with the big K. Having money and a big house doesn’t make you a good parent. MTV should be on the hook for all the Teen Mom kids’ lifelong therapy.

  8. If you look at comments on any of Kail’s ig posts, there’s tons of women dog piling anyone that has an opinion that having so many kids isn’t a great thing. It’s always the same comments, “she can have as many kids as she wants”, “she’s financially able to provide for them”, etc. Since when is being financially able to provide the only criteria for being a good mom? With each new baby the attention each child gets lessens. As someone above pointed out, she can’t attend all the important events for each child, there’s no way. I have a little brother and we were both involved in a lot of things but my parents were always there for us. But I can remember the feeling of one of my parents missing because my brother had something going on at the same time. Isaac has already expressed his displeasure of her having more and more babies. How often are these siblings even all together? I’m sure they’re not all on the same visitation schedules with their dads as the other siblings so it’s got to be a constant revolving door of kids coming and going. And every dad except Elijah have other kids as well,so that’s got to be confusing and chaotic to get their time together as siblings. I just feel sorry for the kids. She thinks because she’s present that there won’t be any trauma to her kids but yet she said she had trauma from her mom having multiple men in and out of her childhood. She’s repeating the cycle. Kids need more than just financial security.

  9. If that baby was not a girl, she would’ve gone for an 8th. Those poor children, to have her as a mother is a travesty.

  10. I think all of these children that she keeps popping out was her whole plan from the beginning. The more kids she has, the more child support she gets from her various baby daddies. She’ll probably never have to work a day in her life. Her ridiculous little radio show or whatever the hell it’s called isn’t a real job. She’s not getting the kind of paycheck where she has medical benefits, so I wonder where that comes from? And I doubt she has to pay any kind of taxes, with this many kids. I think I read that after 6 kids, you no longer have to pay Federal taxes. Who knows. But I believe she knew exactly what she was doing.

  11. Can’t wait until she gets a new boyfriend and we hear about how her tubes miraculously “grew back” and she’s pregnant again.

    I have five (three singletons that are 4.5, 6, and 7) and four-month-old twins. The first three are by my ex-husband, but he’s 100% out of their lives due to his choices and my husband plans to adopt them soon. I cannot imagine having a baby (or two or three) with every guy I meet and having to figure out all those schedules. Or having random guy after random guy around my kids. Just because she can afford them, doesn’t mean she’s not messy.

  12. She’s completely full of shit. If she was set on not having anymore kids, she’d have had the tubal ligation completed when she had the C-section. Lying cow.

  13. For the kids sake I do hope it all turns out for the best. I won’t lie it was weird seeing creed yesterday and remembering that he’s not yet 4 years old and has three younger siblings from a whole other dad. To each their own but I’ll never understand rushing to make mini families. I wouldn’t have given up the time my husband and I spent alone for anything.

  14. I really can’t understand people that have more than 2 kids. Seriously. Let alone 7!! 3 of them being babies and other 2 being very young. Isaac and Lincoln must be fed up with all the baby stuff lol

  15. I just feel bad in a sense for the older kids. Luckily Jo and Javi have always been good DADS (not going to mention anything else), they will be able to give all they need to for the two older ones.
    You know Jo and Vi everything they need to be for Issac. It’s just sad because it really seemed like he wants a mom, but not this type of mom from the little things he’s spoken about, like he’s tired of unplanned pregnancies, leaving her toys out etc.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Isaac and Lincoln choose to spend more time at their dads’ homes. There probably constant screaming and crying at Kails house.

  16. “I’m excited to explore this motherhood journey in terms of privacy and putting out what I want to put out. I’m excited for that.”

    Does that translate to, “I’m excited to see what money I can get on the various articles about finally getting the girl, doing better than my mother, how I manage it all?”

  17. It’s her life, who cares, but the only thing that’s truly sad and concerning is for all the older kids. She cannot possibly be involved in each of their lives as much as a mother should be. There is absolutely no way for her to be at all school events, sports, preschools activities AND manage 3 babies. The kids are all going to have a half ass mom who can’t be involved in anything. That’s what’s so selfish and awful, that kail is happy and her life is “complete” because she had tons of babies. But what about the kids themselves?? I could never imagine having so many kids that I can’t physically be part of all their important stuff.

  18. I HOPE she is really finished now. (Also the whole finally having a girl and putting a pink mattress in pisses me off…did everyone know blue used to be a color for girls in the past?! This whole nonsense with pink for girls and blue for boys has always made me mad…prob why I love the color blue and hate pink)

    But…this is Kail we are talking about so who knows. She said before she is finished having kids, even claimed she CAN’T HAVE anymore which is laughable now that you look at it (Same as Maci who claimed sth similar…and then she had Irish twins)

    As someone childfree by choice I guess I just don’t get it? I don’t know, for me that’s too many kids with too many baby daddies. And who says she will stay together with Elijah?! She really put herself in a future mess for all her children.

    1. Don’t know why you’re getting so many downvotes.. I always thought I wanted 2 kids and then I had 1 and was incredibly unprepared for how much work it is – physically mentally emotionally…. It would be so selfish of me to have any more since I know I would be stretched to a breaking point and beyond. Just focusing my energy on my one child and trying to have some leftover for myself and my interests and hobbies and responsibilities as a grown up.

      1. I am betting the downvotes come from the whole “seems to be really pissed off about someone being happy to finally have a pink mattress” thing.

        Like, yes, most of us reasonable human beings realize that blue does not equate with male nor does pink always equate with female, but some people get a little too angry about the whole thing. It’s okay for girls, and boys, to have pink or blue things. It’s okay for a mom who has all boys, or all girls, to get the opposite gender and be happy about it. We don’t have to vilify everyone for having those feelings, whether or not we agree. Being “pissed off” about it is just a bit out of touch too, lmao. People get a little too irrational about it (as irrational as the people who think pink is ONLY for girls, blue ONLY for boys).

        On everything else, totally agree. While I do think she tries to be a good mom, and on some fronts she does do a good job, I don’t think she’s really thought the impact having so many kids will have on the kids themselves, and that’s disappointing, to say the least. I hope that, together, they figure this whole mess out (whether or not any of the baby daddies stay in the picture, although we know at least two will for certain). It’s a lot to take on, and I wish she had her head screwed on a bit better in that right.

        But being happy about having some pink in the house, come on now, she’s allowed to be happy about that, FFS. There are so many other things people can focus on to be mad at her for, that’s just an asinine take, lmao.

  19. They not reversible.
    They aren’t really tied but there are several different options. It’s the drs choice . I had mone removed.

    1. My daughter had her fallopian tubes removed in 2005. Then she got divorced & remarried. In 2015, she went through IVF. Her own eggs were harvested from her ovaries, fertilized in a lab & implanted. She had twins in 2016. Removing your tubes isn’t a guarantee that you won’t get pregnant.

      And, to add to this — I had my tubes cut & cauterized in 1978 after the birth of my son. Two years later I had reversal/reconstruct surgery and gave birth to my daughter (mentioned above) in 1982. It most certainly is reversible.

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