David Eason & Jenelle Evans Threaten David’s Ex Whitney Rich & Her Husband Shane After Whitney Leaks David’s Flirty Text Messages: Hear the Audio of the Phone Call!

“These aren’t just talkin’ words! I promise you that, boy!”

David Eason‘s ex-wife Whitney Rich has been steadily leaking flirty text messages David reportedly sent her over the last year or so— and David and his current wife Jenelle Evans are not happy about it!

In new audio released by The Sun, David and Jenelle can be heard screaming at Whitney’s husband Shane Rich about the leaked texts and photos (which included David admitting to “dreaming about” Whitney, and bashing the fired Teen Mom 2 star for her behavior and messiness). 

In the audio, David is heard threatening to have Shane harrested arrested, while also warning him that he will lose everything, including his “trailer” and his “nutsa*k”…

As you do….

(Whitney— who shares daughter Maryssa with David— is not heard on the audio clip.)

“I’ll get you my pretties—- and your little TRAILER too!!!!”

“Mother f**ker, it’s gonna be completely brought out to the light if you don’t tell the God-d**n truth and you’re gonna lose your mother f**king trailer, your f**king nutsa*k and everything you’ve ever dreamed for in your mother f**king life, bitch! I promise you that, boy!

“You’re gonna go to jail!” David— who currently as a charge of child abuse pending against him— threatened.

Shane seems unbothered throughout the conversation, even telling the ranting couple that “It ain’t lyin’ when there’s text messages.”

Jenelle then pipes in, urging Shane to send the text messages in a way that shows David’s number on them. (The Sun claims it has verified that the texts were, indeed, sent from David’s phone number; however, it appears that Jenelle and David believe that Shane and Whitney doctored them to appear that way.) 

“Do you want to see that Jenelle?” Shane asked.

“Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I?! Wouldn’t you, since you’re married?” an enraged Jenelle replied. “Send it to me!” 

“Does this look like a man capable of lying to his current wife?! UM NO, DUDE!”

Shane agrees to send the messages, telling Jenelle, “See, the thing about it is, it’s the truth and I have no problem with you knowing the truth.”

David tells Shane to “get off the God-d**n phone and send it” before the call ends.

According to The Sun, “Shane and Whitney have tried to get a hold of Jenelle to offer their support to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star and show her the texts in person. According to the couple, Jenelle has not responded to their offer.”

Whitney and David’s alleged text exchanges took place around May of last year, during a period when David and Jenelle were fighting. (This is right around the time when Jenelle flew to Florida to attend Briana DeJesus‘s “lawsuit” party and spoke poorly about David on-camera for scenes that aired on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1.)

“But clearly MTV edited it to make it look like I said those things.”

In recent days, Jenelle has made several sad social media posts claiming that she feels “betrayed” by everyone in her life. However, on Wednesday, Jenelle and David appeared together in Jenelle’s TikTok video, showing that she is still standing by her man.

(Also, for those wondering, it was legal for Shane to record this phone call, as North Carolina— where all parties were during the call— is a “one-party consent” state, which means that only one party on the line has to agree that the call can be recorded. All parties on the call do not have to consent and/or be informed that the call is being recorded. So, because Shane consented to the call being recorded, the action was legal under North Carolina law.) 

You can listen to the audio below.

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UPDATE! Jenelle has posted a response to Whitney leaking David’s text messages. On her website, Jenelle’s “staff” who are certainly not Jenelle and David posted some of the paperwork regarding custody of Maryssa that claims that Maryssa’s mom Whitney lost custody to David due to her substance abuse issues. 

“They have been in the news a lot lately but one reason is due to family or friends selling stories to the media about them,” Jenelle’s website reads. “One person in particular that has remained quiet during her daughter’s life and not even an active parent is David’s ex wife, Whitney Johnson.

The story goes on to basically accuse Whitney of prostituting herself for drugs while Maryssa was present. The website somehow obtained an “exclusive” statement from David (insert LOL here)

“David Eason EXCLUSIVELY tells Jenelle-Evans.com that Whitney Johnson’s location was found during one of his daughter’s visits and the daughter’s iPhone location revealed Whitney Johnson at an older man’s house he didn’t know,” the article states.

Finally, the article praises David for his parenting.

No, seriously…

“I’m trying to get All Saints Day changed to David Eason Day in North Carolina!”

“David Eason has been viewed by the public in a negative light but there is a lot we are finding out about him, he’s a great parent and protects his kids,” the article states. 

David Eason’s Ex-Wife Says He Once Gifted Her a Bag of Feces for Christmas; Claims ‘Teen Mom 2′ Dad Offered to Buy Her A Gift with Jenelle Evans’ Money

(Photos: Facebook; Instagram)

57 Responses

  1. Janelle could have seen him texting Whitney herself and she would still make an excuse and not believe it she’s never leaving him she’s only concerned about him cheating on her and throwing Jace under the bus she doesn’t care about anybody but herself

  2. She’s so in denial.

    Jenelle, if it weren’t for the past 14 years of documentation on your life, how you treat people, and how never learned from mistakes, we wouldn’t all collectively dislike you.
    We’d probably feel sorry for you. Some do until they remember who you are and what you do to.people.
    You have MADE the choice to be a victim. Victims usually don’t.
    Your opportunity was when you could’ve stood up for jace, but chose to stand up for this asshole.

    You’re probably use to digging Graves for the animals Your husband kills, but time to start digging yours. Can you even come back from this?
    Just leave social media.

    The only reason you won’t give up your kids that you clearly don’t want is because of your pride. You only wanted Jace because of your pride. Hou couldn’t stand up for Jace because of your pride.

    Sit down girl.

  3. What a colossal piece of shit the two of them are. First off, the truth is already out about Whitney. Posting it now is stupid, pointless, and needlessly hurtful to Maryssa. And this is in retaliation for what, exactly?! Exposing David’s unfaithful, aggressive, violent ways? While that man has custody of her child? Of course she wants people to know. Further, how does exposing Whitney’s past drug addiction do ANYTHING to refute the audio recordings and text message receipts she is sharing. Jenelle didn’t do this to clarify or tell her side. She did it to get even.

  4. “I’m trying to get All Saints Day changed to David Eason Day in North Carolina!”

    This 100% made my day ??

    Keep on keeping on, The Ashley!

  5. OH Jenelle don’t mix up CONTROL issues with protecting his kids. You both of trash, bottom feeders and all kids need to be removed from your care indefinitely.

  6. I always feel the need to shower after reading any story related to these people.

  7. Nutsack? David is a worthless POS! Jeanelle I would run away fast. Sell the swap, get divorced, move away and take care of the kids

  8. PROTECTS his kids?! He hit your kid Jenelle!!! When will you FINALLY stop being delusional! I wholeheartedly believe Whitney and Shane btw, she seems to have a great man by her side who is not a psycho now! For the sake of Maryssa tho, I hope this is where this story ends. She’s a teen and has every right to be embarassed her POS father and her mother fighting over sth stupid like text messages.

  9. Jenelle isn’t allowed to see or contact Jace and David isn’t allowed to see or contact Kaden, but these two are exposing Maryssa’s custody papers? That’s pretty rich.

    Also, Jenelle was able to secure an EXCLUSIVE interview with David for her website?? Amazing!!!! These two are such clowns.

  10. Has anyone checked on Jenelle? Could this all be David going off the deep end? Like, hacked her accounts to post good stuff. Especially the last part about how they are finding out he protects his kids…? oof; that’s an eerie feeling.

  11. It’s really not that hard to be like hey, here’s the text messages and hold up, here’s my phone bill showing this number text me at this time matching the shit I just showed you. I swear. She’s dumb as fuck. She’ll get what’s coming to her.

  12. Jenelle is such a child releasing custody papers. She acts like she and David both haven’t lost custody of their children. She couldn’t even go a whole year without once again losing custody of Jace and David still can’t see his son so Jenelle is in no position to release anyone else’s custody papers but of course she’s too dumb to realize this.

  13. Jenelle Jenelle Jenelle. You think it’s illegal for someone to share texts, but not CUSTODY PAPERS? Your trashy life has been documented heavily, and this is all you can come up with? I never in my life thought anyone could be worse than Farrah but Jenelle takes the cake. She is the dumbest person on the planet, well, second dumbest. She’s married to the King.

  14. I hope the Easons lose custody of all the kids and Maryssa ends up back with her mother where she rightfully belongs. The only reason David got custody is because Jenelle paid the hefty legal fees. David didn’t have custody before he got with Jenelle because he was in jail! But Jenelle forgot to add that little tidbit of info to her middle school exposé, didn’t she?

  15. Why are we mad at the person who leaked them as opposed to the person who reached out and wrote them?
    Duhnelle do better.

  16. These two will do just about anything to deflect the truth. The statement from jenelle-evans.com put out by”staff” ?! Since it’s grammatically correct we can assume one of the children wrote it. All of this when they are actively being investigated by CPS and the swamp thing charges pending. It would be funny if the welfare of four children was not a stake. Can you imagine the poor teachers that have to deal with these to ?a, bless them.

    1. I hope the Easons lose custody of all the kids and Maryssa ends up back with her mother where she rightfully belongs. The only reason David got custody is because Jenelle paid the hefty legal fees. David didn’t have custody before he got with Jenelle because he was in jail! But Jenelle forgot to add that little tidbit of info to her middle school exposé, didn’t she?

  17. The monsters can’t say anything about Whitney as she’s been honest about her past mistakes and owned up to them something that the monsters clearly don’t know how to do.

  18. hahahahahaha

    this is hilarious. i especially love the stuff about Jenelle having staff and pretending not to write her own “interview” with David. This is beyond funny.

    Thanks for the laugh, Jenelle.

    1. Remember when — for a brief time — she had her own podcast? She promised special guests and in depth discussions about important topics and the only guest she ever had was that ugly, lazy deadbeat she’s married to. Her “In depth discussions about important topics” were always her and David bitching about how CPS took their kids because David is an abusive POS and Jenelle is the most negligent female to ever give birth. And to top it all off they did all their so-called podcasts from their bed! Yeah. Jenelle wrote that article. She’s so salty she should be stuck to pretzels!

      She’s mad at Whitney because David tried to get into her bed again, but she’s not mad at David. I will never understand that mentality. For her to say that Whitney hasn’t been an involved parent is sheer bitterness. The day David was texting Whitney, she kept trying to set up transportation for Maryssa’s weekend visit. DUH.

  19. Glass houses Duhnelle.
    Your kids were born with drugs in their tiny little systems, but you love them?
    You have been shown on tv strung out on drugs while your mother took care of your kid.
    You allowed David to torture and kill animals.
    You called the cops after he abused you multiple times.
    You watched David harm you children.
    You sell yourself on line for a few dollars. I ca not imagine the caliber of men who watch your videos.
    You can not get or keep a job.
    You are not allowed by law to contact your son.
    Wake the hell up, he is a loser, and you are pitiful.
    You are just pissed Whitney is telling the truth to the world.

    1. It’s the audacity. They’re throwing anything around about Whitney in this pathetic attempt to discredit her, but everything they’re claiming she did, Jenelle did on national TV.

  20. Hey Duhnelle, he dreams of HER at night.
    And you continue to defend him.
    You lost your child to a man who abuses animals , children, and even you.
    The world no longer has sympathy for you, you deserve everything coming your way.
    Praying your arrest warrant comes through soon.

  21. Jenelle’s over asking for more proof as if the photos of her dirty bedroom weren’t enough. How else would Whitney get photos of your bedroom Jenelle?? But knowing how delusional Jenelle is, she probably thinks Jace, Maryssa and Babara are all in cohorts with Whitney and her husband, and sent the texts and photos to her from a different number. Jenelle is such a loser, David is such a loser, and I hope Whitney and her husband keep trolling and exposing them.

    1. Exactly! Whitney would have no other way of obtaining the bedroom photos and text scree shots.
      I do not know much about Whitney or her motives, but I do feel she has every right to release this info. Duhnelle wants so desperately to be a public figure, well here you go, you got your wish. And trying to drag dirt on Whitney makes her sound like a spoiled teenager, nothing Whitney has done erases the fact that David was attempting to cheat, even if it was just emotional cheating. I am thrilled these new details came out, because it paints a more clear picture of what kind of person David is. Duhnelle is trying to deflect attention away from the assault charges pending. And by the way Duhnelle, your bedroom looks like a pig sty. You might want to clean your freaking house before CPS comes knocking to take your kids. Dumb Ass. And once se again I want to say much respect Barb. You are keeping quiet, and handling business.

    her staff must have went to the same school jenelle did. The grammar is spot on jenelle. It’s like she is typing this statement herself.
    Oh wait..

  23. I hope this was turned over to CPS as evidence of David’s volatile behavior. They’re creating a lot of evidence against themselves when there’s an open CPS and criminal case.

    1. Somebody down below commented why are they taking so long to arrest him. Maybe because of things like this.

      Maybe they’re building something bigger because they keep dogging themselves deeper?

      Fingers crossed.

    1. Can we all just collectively agree that it’s very concerning that Jenelle is now in charge of raising a young girl who’s the same age that she was when she got pregnant with Jace? & also I think we can all agree on how embarrassing this must be for Maryssa cuz you know she sees all of this. I never hear about her in any of the articles that are written about them that involves the kids, I wonder if she’s trying to keep her distance & remain cordial with them for the next 2 years until she can move out on her own.

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