David Eason’s Ex-Wife Says He Once Gifted Her a Bag of Feces for Christmas; Claims ‘Teen Mom 2′ Dad Offered to Buy Her A Gift with Jenelle Evans’ Money

David’s really having a Porta-Potty of a month, isn’t he?

David Eason has been accused of a lot of rotten things lately, but on Monday, his ex-wife spoke out about one of the fired Teen Mom 2 dad’s crappiest actions ever! 

In a new interview with The SunWhitney Rich— who was married to David for six years and shares daughter Maryssa with him— revealed that David offered to buy a birthday gift for her last May— despite him being married to Jenelle Evans.

In a leaked text exchange allegedly between David and Whitney, David brings up his ex-wife’s birthday and writes “maybe I’ll get you something this weekend to make up for Victoria’s Secret poo poo surprise.”

“Actually, I don’t think there’s any way to ever redeem yourself after something like that,” David continued in texts, according to The Sun. “I was an a**hole and I want to say I’m sorry for letting you down. I seem to let everyone down without even trying or something like that.”

Whitney— who previously told The Sun that David admitted in texts that he still “dreams” about her, while also slamming Jenelle in text messages— then explained what David meant by the “poo poo surprise” comment.

“Jesus God Leahhh, do we even want ta know!?”

“It was Christmas, and David and I had been arguing,” Whitney told The Sun. “I wasn’t expecting a gift, because he never got me anything, so I was surprised when I saw this nicely packaged Victoria’s Secret bag under the tree.”

Whitney told The Sun that her family watched as she opened the bag, only to find what may be the world’s crappiest present inside.

“In the bag was some kind of s**t. I think it was dog s**t. I was so embarrassed in front of my whole family.”

“The only thing worse to find unda the tree is a CD of David’s ‘rap’ tunes!”

Whitney and David’s alleged text exchanges took place around May of last year, during a period when David and Jenelle were fighting. (This is right around the time when Jenelle flew to Florida to attend Briana DeJesus‘s “lawsuit” party and spoke poorly about David on-camera for scenes that aired on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1.)

Whitney stated that she didn’t want David to buy her any type of present, calling the offer “inappropriate” since both David and Whitney are married to other people. 

(Whitney told The Sun she left David back in 2012 and doesn’t want him “dreaming” about her. She is currently married to Shane Rich.) 

“Clearly David meant to send those texts to me but his girthy paws accidentally sent them to the wrong baby mama!”

Whitney pointed out that, had David bought her a gift, it would have been purchased with Jenelle’s money. (Jenelle has stated frequently in the past that David does not have a job.)

“I didn’t think the gift was actually going to happen, and I didn’t want it to happen, but it’s Jenelle’s money,” she said. “I don’t think Jenelle wants to buy me a birthday present… I really don’t.”

As of press time, Jenelle and David have not commented on Whitney’s claims, nor have them publicly discussed her other statements about David had been texting her about missing her. After the stories came out last week, though, David and Jenelle unfollowed each other on social media. 

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(Photos: MTV)

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  1. I’m assuming David has some serious dirt on Jenelle. No one is THIS DUMB. How has she not divorced this dude? There’s something major. There has to be.

  2. How absolutely foul and disrespectful that A) he gave her, his girlfriend, a bag of dog shit but B) that he KNEW she would potentially open it in front of family and he did it anyway. I mean- he disgusts me in general but this is just wrong and I just do not understand what Janelle is doing with this POS

  3. So this literal shit head never bought Whitney a gift while they were together, but NOW he wants to treat her right and buy her a gift with Jenelles money. I know Jenelles losing her mind over this. Sick that she couldn’t be this upset about David choking out her 1st born.

  4. I’ll say it again, why the fukk is she airing this all out nearly a year and a half later?? I can’t think of a single legitimate reason to sit on screenshots that long unless it’s just a money grabb because Jenelle and David are a hot topic right now. I feel bad for the kids with this all being shared. Between this, not fighting for custody, and staying married to David for 6 years, I have a hard time believing Whitney is any type of decent person.

    1. She may not have wanted all this attention.

      I get what you’re saying but she probably got sick of Jenelle and David acting like they have it together and stop defending David.

      She clearly waited for appropriate time to air thus. This could’ve caused issues for Maryssa at a certain point or had toher implications.

      1. This can still cause issues for Maryssa, though. Also, why hasn’t she pursued custody? She’s allegedly been sober for years and as a teen, Maryssa’s opinion would be given weight. She could have at least pursued shared custody.

        David is the obvious villain, but I doubt Whitney has tried to be any kind of semi-decent mom to Maryssa.

      2. I believe she actually tried to get custody when CPS removed the kids last time but couldn’t afford to go up against Swamp Queen’s money. I feel like I’m remembering a GoFundMe being started…or was that his son’s mom who did that?

        1. No, that was Kaden’s mom who has done everything she can to keep David away. Whitney has never tried to get even visitation with Maryssa.

    2. Plus this woman is very questionable. Who gives David custody especially if a little girl? If he was deemed the better parent that tells me all I need to know about her. She’s no better than him or Jenelle.

      1. I don’t know her situation, but I think she was kind of SOL financially compared to Jenelle and David when it came to losing custody of Maryssa. When Jenelle and David had that MTV money they clearly spent it on some pretty decent lawyers considering how much they got away with. I do think that there is something very wrong with anyone who has a long term romantic relationship with such a horrible person though. Says a lot about their character.

  5. Barbs always tried to warn her. I’m sure again she just had to prove her wrong lol
    Hopefully she signed a pre nup like Barb probably suggested if you look at all the times she’s tried giving her financial advice

  6. Putting any arguments with his wife aside, how on earth can you do this with zero worry what your in-laws are going to think of you when she opens it? Like I practically freeze up if I let a swear word slip out in front of my mother-in-law. I can’t even wrap my head around doing that knowing my wife’s parents and siblings and other relatives are going to watch it happen. Again, it’s horrific and disgusting to do to your wife, but I couldn’t even do it to my worst enemy knowing their family members are going to witness it. Wild.

  7. The consequences to Maryssa for these interviews is nowhere near the hell she has faced just being in the custody of her father and step mother.

    Hopefully Whitney is putting some of this cash aside for a college education.

    Hang in there ladies. At least it ain’t OnlyFans.

  8. We all know David is a POS, but why is Whitney doing this? To what end? Pretty sure she still doesn’t have custody of Maryssa and hasn’t even tried. You’d think that would be the priority.

    1. Why? Maryssa is almost an adult. She has a license and can go visit her mom whenever she wants to. David won custody with Jenelles money during a shitty time before, but Whitney now gets to let the current shit show happen. And good on her for making a few bucks off these assholes. I hope Whitney puts some in savings for Maryssa. David sure hasn’t done anything for his daughters. Or his son.

      1. She’s 16. She has two years left with her psycho father if her mother doesn’t (or can’t) fight for custody. And even if she has a licence, who says she has access to a vehicle and can go visit her mother whenever she wants? Whitney’s being reckless, she’s putting her daughter in danger to make a few bucks

        1. Jenn is the same person who called Maryssa and Ensley “brats” and said something along the lines of why didn’t Maryssa step up and speak out too when Jace ran away the last time. 1. SHE DID last time CPS was involved and she was only like 11 and still was returned to the abuse. 2. You don’t call abused children brats. Period. I could care less what she has to say about anything because no one playing with a full deck talks about children like that or says some of the truly idiotic things she routinely says here. She seems to favor Swamp Queen’s boys and ignores the trauma of the girls. We drive later in the UK than people in the US but I can’t think of a new license holder over here that would just automatically have full access to a car whenever they wanted at 17 to run away from abuse. That’s ridiculous. “We abuse you but here’s keys to the escape hatch.” Okkkaaayyy ?

      2. Almost an adult is not an adult. And we have no idea what kind of ability she has to leave the house. Do you really think David let’s her go wherever she wants?

        And what’s weird is that, since she’s “almost an adult,” it should be pretty effing easy for Whitney to get at least shared custody. If Maryssa told the judge that, as a 16 year old, she wanted to live with her mom, that would carry a lot of weight. But, Whitney hasn’t bothered. Why??

      3. Jenn I agree with you, and I read a couple weeks back Maryssa left The Land awhile back and is living with a friend. If you notice she isn’t in any of the recent post showing the kids.

    2. Well part of the issue was that David had access to jenelles money ($400k a season, just for her to appear). I’d like to hope Whitney is sober and involved with maryssas life, in a positive way. I think Whitney is exposing David for a purpose. It might be revenge, for things he put her through. I’m not sure how Maryssas custody factors into sharing these details, unless it’s to make him completely broke after jenelle leaves him (which we know she won’t do).

      1. It’s not hard to at least get visitation of a willing 16 year old. A huge bank account is not necessary, at least not if Whitney is sober and gives a shit. I’m not convinced she does.

  9. I mean…this bozo chose to stay with him SIX years and he somehow is a more fit parent than her in the eyes of the law…..Im sure they’re equally yoked and not sure why she is sharing her embarrassing tales of losery to the press..

    1. iirc, she has a history of substance abuse, which he used against her in court. After she got completely clean, he used JE’s money to lawyer up against her and she couldn’t afford to fight back.

      As for not leaving him, it’s not easy. I was with a man like David for 12 years. Didn’t agree with his behaviour. Didn’t want to be with him. But he abused me and humiliated me and I was too scared to leave him. Statistically it takes victims an average of 9 times to leave their absuer and it’s statistically the most dangerous period and when you’re most likely to die. I don’t blame victims for feeling like they have to stay with their abusers.

      I hope she’s making bank from these interviews and saving the money for Maryssa

  10. Casey Anthony and Jenelle are now tied for the most hatted so called mothers of the years. Why turn off comments Jenelle? Can’t take the heat? Not following David anymore because of these texts but not because of the abuse of Jace. SMH wake up Jenelle. Hurry up and do some more photo opportunities of the kids to act like a good mother. Hopefully cps rescued the kids and that’s why your not posting any lives or resents of them. Sitting here waiting for your karma to hit and the kids get their happy ending

  11. I really felt that humiliation for her. Smh.

    He’s truly evil. Like through and through. Zero redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  12. Although I enjoy every new information about what an absolute POS he is, I wonder if it’s wise for her to reveal these kind of details. Being the complete psycho that he is, I think it’s pretty likely that Maryssa will suffer the consequences of her mother’s interviews.

  13. I know she has a history of drug abuse but if she’s been clean, why isn’t Marissa’s mom going to war to keep her away from David?

  14. I can’t believe that no one in her family got up and knocked David out until New Years.

    What a SOCIOPATH.

    Jenelle, you chose “Shit Surprise Guy” over your son? I guess we know what you like in the bedroom huh?

    Yup, you really do stink.

  15. I am torn..on one hand I think it aids to showing his true character during a time when the court system really needs to see how disgusting and depraved he has always been.
    However, the other part is humiliated for Maryssa-it’s just another article and news story that her classmates will read and she will carry with her.
    Truly all of these children need saving.

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